IIMAS and Urkesh

Exploration Fund

     IIMAS – The International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies was founded in 1981 to foster research in Syro-Mesopotamian archaeology, history and languages. In 2009, its Italian counterpart was etstablished, known as IIMAS – Istituto Internazionale per la Mesopotamia e l'Alta Siria. It has developed a large support base, from Foundations, governmental organization, universities and museums, as well as from the commercial sector and from private individuals.
     Particularly with regard to the commercial sector, we have developed a high standard for mechanisms of collaboration and recognition. Collaboration in the sense that we feel we are partners in a common endeavor, with a reciprocal commitment to achieve important intellectual results. Recognition in the sense that we provide our partners with distinctive material that highlights their role in making our common goals possible.
     What emerges is a profound and reciprocal sense of worth. We as scholars feel that the cultural "product" we offer has an intense, if somewhat intangible, value – by showing the great significance of the past for our common societal advancement. Conversely, when supporting us, the business world becomes a part of the unmatched sense of discovery that archaeology always brings. Our logo (taken from a seal excavated by an IIMAS team at ancient Terqa) signifies just such a relationship: two deities are shown supporting jointly a standard – symbolizing the two worlds of business and academia holding up our shared cultural values.