Communication from Talal Moualla

May 2, 2012

Kingdom of Urkesh- Tell Mozan  – "Local community initiatives"
Governorate of Al-Hassake  – 2 May 2012

     Within the initiative of General Directorate of Antiques and Museums- department of developing national museums and Syrian cultural heritage sites, with participation of local community in the villages of Mouzan and Oum alrabii, Syria Trust for Development, Syrian Business and Institutions Centre, Moubadroun group, Toumohi institution and mobile funds for supporting the countryside.
     During the activities of the open day-" Local community initiates", society initiatives planned by activists from local community during the workshop of effective citizenship held at the end of the last year, funded and implemented by its partners and volunteers from local community in the villages of Mouzan and Oum alrabii during the first half of the current year was lunched and Orkish gate for society development based on heritage was opened to form the developmental space of the region, depending on Syrian cultural heritage as an entry in which cultural, environmental, economic and social initiatives are interacting aiming at improving life quality of areas near the archaeological sites based on their resources, tangible and intangible heritage.
      Moreover, Future Children Club project which targets pre-school ages, building capacities centre ( educational courses, computer and languages), Orkish workshop of handicrafts, animals wealth working group, two commissions representing both villages to run mobile funds for supporting the countryside and provide two scholarships for two ladies from local community.
     Cooperation between national partners and local community represented by its activists and a group of volunteers who exerted great efforts to renovate sites given by inhabitants of both villages was remarkable, it is expected to extend the project t covering villages all round the archaeological hill, about 22 village.
     General Directorate of Antiques and Museums- department of developing national museums and Syrian cultural heritage sites is working in a number of intervention areas this year to include 7 sites in Mouzan and Alhasake, Brad and Aleppo, Ougareit and Lattakia as well as Damascus aiming at forming a national strategy for society development of heritage covering 5000 archaeological sites, 34 museums and new components which are intended to be built within the national cultural heritage network.
     The department's working groups, national, local partners and local community are interacting to achieve the comprehensive vision of the project, that is to present a complete narrative of Syrian history, improving Syrian culture and creating close links connecting it with other cultures in the world which prompt comprehensive economic, social and cultural improvement.
     The vision is considered as a stimulus and motivation of economic and social development through creating a rich, varied and cultural heritage sector. It will be empowered by a strong society participation.

[Below are photos taken on May 2, 2012 at the inauguration of the temporary visitor center on the road approaching the Tell]