Communication from Hala al-Dakkak

December 11, 2011

     Dear Prof. Buccelatti,      I would like to express the team's greatest gratitude for all the support you put into the success of Mozan Active Citizenship workshop.
     Today is the last of the workshop, I have attended the first day and would like to share the attached photos with you.
     This workshop aims to communicate with the local communities in order to discuss essential concepts covering Identity, belonging, constructive dialogue and projects' planning. Participants came from Mozan and 4 other villages around the Park.
     At the end of the workshop local communities will be able to identify number of possible initiatives that could be implemented in the area within the context of socio - economic development, all initiatives will be then presented in Aleppo infront of a jury composed of independent figures, the Unit and SEBC where top 3 initiatives will be funded and managed by the Active citizenship programme.
     Thank you again and looking forward to meeting you next week.

[Below are photos taken in the Expedition House in Mozan]