Communication from Hala al-Dakkak

August 28, 2011

     Dear Prof. Buccelati,
      I hope my email finds you well, I am happy to share with you latest progress of the project, particularly activities related to Mozan Culture based community development programme, members from the Syrian National Team have prepared - as discussed previously with you- a workshop at Mozan village titled"" who we are .. what brings us together?", first, allow me on behalf of the team to thank you for your great collaboration in contributing to our programme and providing us with the venue where the male sessions were held. On the other hand, female sessions were held at the Mukhtar place in Mozan. One of the very important takeaways was the influential and supportive role that "Abu Eskandar" demonstrated among local communities around Tell Mozan, therfore, we ambitiously look forward to further cooperation with you and your team and for mutual plan in enhancing Mozan's awareness about it's culture, history and archeological importance.
      Building on audience engagement and the level of participation and interaction, we see that the workshop had successfully reached it's objectives and expected results. The workshop consisted of three areas of discussion : Cultural, economical and development. Major achievement was the establishment of Mozan Ladies Committee for Development, the committee was established by the ladies themselves, objectives and tasks were distributed upon their initiatives and needs and the way they see themselves contributing to Mozan's development plan.
      We are now developing final report on the workshop, observations, recommendations and next steps. We will provide you as soon as possible with the report and start exploring how can we together accelerate the work to reach for a more tangible results in the area.
      Thank you again and looking forward to meeting you in the near future in Mozan
Hala Al Dakkak