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Other useful links


     Websites about preservation and conservation of archaeological sites and objects.

AATA. Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts
          Abstracts of technical articles with a special section devoted to archaeology. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

Conservation. The Getty Institute Conservation Newsletter
          The online version of a premier newsletter in the field. Listed below are the issues that deal more specifically with archaeology. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]
           1997 12/2 Preservation of Archaeological Sites
           2001 16/1 Earthen Architecture
           2003 18/1 Integrating Conservation & Archaeology

ICCROM. International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (2015)
          Established in 1956 within the framework of UNESCO, and based in Rome (hence the abbreviation for "International Center for Conservation" in "Rome") this is a vast organization with a wide range of activities. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

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