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L. Recht, 2015-

Other useful links


     Here is a list of blogs with posts about Near Eastern archaeology and history, and archaeological matters more generally.

Ancient Near East (2002-)
          An elegant blog, devoted to “exploring and resourcing the Ancient Near East”, with some useful categories not found on other sites, such as events, academic centers, exhibitions. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

ASOR blog
          Blog of American Schools of Oriental Research with regular and recent entries pertaining to the archaeology of the Near East. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

AWOL - The Ancient World Online
          Regular updates on resources on the study of the ancient world, including extensive list of open access resources. Mainatained by Charles Jones. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

Digging Digitally
          Blog dedicated to discussions and thoughts about digital and open access publication of archaeological data. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

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