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Other useful links

Near Eastern archaeology

     Below are links to websites concerning Near Eastern archaeology. For websites on individual archaeological sites, see archaeological sites.

ABZU (1994-)
          A guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet. This is the premier list for the Ancient Near East as a whole, but so complete that it may be difficult for a beginner to select relevant items. It is now housed within the Etana project. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

AMAR: Archive of Mesopotamian Archaeological Site Reports
          Links to pdfs of excavation reports from Near Eastern sites. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

ETANA – Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives (2015)
          A consortium of institutions that aims to combine philology and archaeology, with a substantial re-issue in electronic format of pre-1925 “core texts” in our field. It now houses the ABZU project as well. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

Okeanos. Ancient Near Eastern Studies
          A directory that includes a variety of resources including practical information about books, jobs, etc., maintained by Scott B. Noegel of the University of Oregon. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

SAPPO - Seminari d'Arqueologia Prehistòrica del Pròxim Orient (2015)
          Spanish website of the University of Barcelona (with English version) focusing on the prehistory of the ancient Near East. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

UTARP: Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project
          Website for surveys and excavations conducted by UTARP 1999-2008. Includes links to pdfs of articles and reports. Some maps. Not comprehensive. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

The West Bank and East Jerusalem Searchable Map
          Elaborate searchable map of archaeological sites supported by the Israeli-Palestinian Archaeology Working Group. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

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