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Other useful links

Archaeology in general

     Below are links to websites which serve as good starting points for delving deeper into a specific topic wtihin archaeology. Many of them work as reference sites or databases / archives.

Archaeological Settlements of Turkey Project
          Not associated with any excavation, this website is dedicated to collecting information on the publication of any archaeological project in Turkey. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) (2011)
          Overarching website of the Archaeological survey of India, which had links to numerous excavations conducted in India. All have only a cursory introduction but it is an impressive amount of information collected into one website. [cJC. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

The Archaeology Channel (2014)
          Videos from archaeological sites around the world. Has a map where you can click on dots to access videos from specific sites. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

Archaeology Web Sites (2001)
          Expansive list of links to websites relevant to various aspects of archaeology. Note however that the page was last updated in 2001 and many of the links are no longer active. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

          General site, mostly in French but also English version. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

ARCHI UK (2014)
          Database of archaeological sites in the UK, including maps and GPS coordinates. [cJC. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

CAIS - Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (1998-2014)
          Compilation of numerous articles, images, seminars and news about Pre-Islamic Iran. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

          A French outfit that organizes trips and conferences, and posts online (in French, under the entry “Bibliothèque”) the text of high quality, thoughtful papers delivered by some of the most prominent French scholars, on a variety of topics including archaeology and the ancient Near East. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

Digital Archive Network for Anthropology and World Heritage (2004)
          Similar to Open Context idea but has not been updated recently (since 2004). Broad scope includes archaeology, physical anthropology and world heritage. It was an attempt to bring together data housed at different institutions into one digital space. [cJC. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

The Gertrude Bell Archive (2014)
          An exemplary archival presentation, that includes photos, diaries, and letters of Gertrude Bell, who travelled extensively in the Near East at the turn of the twentieth century, and had great influence on the political and cultural life of Iraq, where she was instrumental in founding the Iraq Museum. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015]

          Website listing sites in the Near East, each with a short entry including description, geographical location, history of excavations, and bibliography. In German. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook (1998-2000)
          A comprehensive bibliography by Paul Halsall, Department of History, Fordham. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

Israel Antiquities Authority Scientific Archive
          Repository of archaeological documentation from 1919-1948. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

Lascaux - A visit to the cave
          Take a virtual tour of Lascaux cave in France. Can click on paintings to look at them closer. Runs fast and seamlessly. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

          Virtual tours of archaeological sites in Greece. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

The National Geographic (1996-)
          The premier organization for the dissemination of technical knowledge at levels that are both authoritative and widely accessible. A portion of its website is specifically devoted to archaeology, with various case studies. [gB. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

Ochre Data Service (2013)
          Database designed to incorporate different excavations. The idea is to create a place/platform for multiple projects and types of data. This project developed the ArchaeoML language. [cJC. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

Open Context: Data Publication for Cultural Heritage and Field Research
          Open Context is primarily aimed at the dissemination of primary field data and documentation. While the system in itself is not a long-term archive for such data, Open Context does help prepare datasets for greater longevity. Uses the AchaeoML as language, "AchaeoML uses an item-based information model, where individual atomic units of observation are related to each other and their descriptive attributes. Each item does not belong to a predetermined class (pottery, bone, deposit, grave good, etc.), but is, instead, an abstract entity that can have multiple descriptive properties and different forms of linking relations with other items." [cJC. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
          Website of the institute, with links to their extensive publications, the museum and descriptions of projects undertaken. [rL. Accessed 28 January 2015]

tDAR: The Digital Archaeological Record
          Repository for different kinds of archaeological data. [cJC. Accessed 27 January 2015, rL]

Theban Mapping Project (1997-2013)
          Website focused on mapping the Valley of the Kings and area around Thebes. It presents many visuals, and requires the user to interact with the maps in order to retrieve information. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

VROMA - A Virtual Community for Teaching and Learning Classics
          Interactive tour of Rome, designed for students of the classics to visit and tour Rome as well as to practice Latin. [cJC. Accessed 28 January 2015, rL]

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