STUDIES \ BROWSER EDITION \ 83-01 – 1: G. Buccellati, November 2002

Urkesh Global Record

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     The Urkesh Global Record provides the fullest documentation available, sorted by excavation units.
     The central portion of the display contains the Data Page, with all the relevant information sorted according to stratigraphic and typological criteria which are explained in detail in the section about The System.
     The two side bars are subdivided into six sections as follows:

  1. The setting: this section offers introductory information about the system and about the specific excavation unit being treated.

  2. The finds: a presentation of the major results in a format that follows conventional categories commonly understood in the discipline.

  3. Correlations: tabulations with statistical implications.

  4. The system: a detailed explanation of the “grammar” that provides the theoretical justification and the operational details for the new categorization applied in the Global Record.

  5. Constituents: this is the core of the entire system, with the full stratigraphic, and partial typological, documentation of every single piece of evidence that was excavated, observed and recorded. The constituents are listed according to the categories explained in section 4, The System.

  6. The individual constituents of any given class from section 5 are listed here.

     In the current interim version, we privilege the last section, the constituents.

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Current books

     Two units are currenlty available in a browser edition.
     A12 is the area that includes the monumental underground structure that has been interpred as a Hurrian ābi, i. e., a Passage to the Netherworld, where deities were summoned through special rituals.
     A16 is the area that includes the southwestern portion of the paved courtyard H3 of the formal wing of the Royal Palace, and a substantial amount of later accumulations corresponding to the settlements of the late third and early second millennium.
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