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1: G. Buccellati, Januay 2008

Version 0
The Public Website (2003-2008)

     Work on the Urkesh website started in earnest in the Winter of 2002, at which time Federico Buccellati began to develop the technical scaffolding that we use now as our standard. Before that, Fanxi Xu and Ong Kar Khalsa had worked on earlier versions of the site. I followed each step of the process, and became especially involved beginning in November 2002. I also worked on most of the data included herein, and finalized the format.
     Given the complexity of the intended final product, in particularas a result of the Global record, it became apparent that it would take a long time before if could be open to the public. As a result, I decided to prepare a public website that could be opened immediately. This is the one that has been availale to the public since 2003. The overall format is quite different from the one which I had designed originally, and which is now embodied in the current website. Among other things, the version was not indicated, the individual pages were not dated nor was the author identified. This public website is now labeled as version Zero, and so is the corresponding Ephemeris.