1: G. Buccellati, June 2002


     The dominant color scheme adopted is meant to echo the earth tones that most characterize the excavation
  • the mottled light beige of the clay matrix for the background (*)
  • the reddish dark brown of the soil in the fields for the text
  • the green of the vegetation in spring for secondary tiers in the left sidebar.
     A smaller font, in black, is used for the more technical portions of each page.
     A brighter blue color is used to call attention to active links, while a lighter purple is used for visited links – the intent being that the visited links might be recognized, but without distracting the flow of the argument.
     Palatino Linotype, Georgia, and Times Roman are the font families used throughout.

     (*) The background is the scan of a sherd's exterior surface from the excavations.