1: G. Buccellati, December 2010

Video clips

     The ease with which it is possible to produce video sequences allows to increase manifold the range of information. The nature of the website allows us in turn to call on video clips from a variety of points of view. The overall organization of clips within the website reflects this variety.

     A complete list of all clips is found in the pertinent section of the Mozan sitewide book.
     For each clip, separate links are provided to those portions of either the general website or the UGR which the clip illustrates. For example, the clip VC4 (on the use of a jackhammer during excavations) is accessed from both J3f76 and the section on methodology.
     Analogously, the clip VC1 (a sandstorm) illustrates: (a) climatic conditions; (b) the process of wind blown natural build-up; and (c) a type of accumulation we find in the excavations.
     While the links referred to so far are all of documentary interest, some of the clips address as well the general interest especially of first time visitors  – for instance the sandstorm clip. These are listed in a separate portion of these section.

     The overall supervision of film and videos is entrusted to Rick Hauser, as section editor.