specialized synthesis

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1: G. Buccellati, March 2003


2. Specialized synthesis

     First approached as the amorphous mound of Tell Mozan, Urkesh is gradually becoming an intelligible site.

     This is what publication is all about: to transform a mute mass of material into an articulate body of data.

     We can then reflect about these data, propose interpretations, argue about their meaning. That is the task of scholarship, to which are devoted the second and third part of the website.

     The broader frame for this conceptualization is addressed in the second part, which offers a specialized synthesis of our work. It provides the intellectual constructs in which our results are couched. Together, these constructs represent the reassembled vision of all the pieces of the puzzle that have come, and progressively keep coming, to light.

     Click to see a synopsis of the four sections included in this second part – METHODOLOGY, STRATIGRAPHY, TYPOLOGY, and INTERPRETATION.

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