1: G. Buccellati, March 2002

Main contents of the website

     The urkesh website is divided into three parts – separated by a hyphen on the top bar.

     The first part offers a general introduction, and is meant to provide easy access to all new visitors. It contains four sections: a broad Overview of the site, the Project, Website, and Education.

     The second part provides a specialized synthesis that defines our work and our data. It is also divided into four sections: Methodology, Stratigraphy, Typology, Interpretation. A set of Digital Monographs develops certain topics in greater detail.

     The third part deals with the detailed documentation and dissemination of our results, and consists of three sections: Preservation, the Record, and Studies. The Record subsumes a number of separate websites.

SEARCH provides the standard tools and utilitites for working online within the web site

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