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-DYT725We started removing f208 in k105 and removing 5 more cm of f158 in k106, looking for a possible layer of ash already visible all along the western side of k105 up to the corner of the Mittani wall. In the north-western corner it begun to appear instead the same kind of silty soil already found inside the channel, f206. We moved eastward and we exposed the reddish escarpment already identified in the past season, f184. We started to remove f209 in k105, the natural accumulation in the western part, to gain more space for a better comprehension of the area and to have a better view of the new staircase from the panorama. At the end of the morning we took a picture of the new situation in k106 with f210 and f211 (v157), and we removed the first one. [T725SE.J]
-DY.riT719In the morning the unit archaeologists went to the field to decide the position of the new markers for the upcoming excavations. Then we came back and worked at home at the UGR. Late in the afternoon sE went to the field with jN and dM to take the first pictures of the area, v145 v146 and v147. [T719SE.J]
-DY.riT720At the very beginning of the first day of excavation we defined the locus k104 and put the strings that will represent its northern edge. We stretched the rope from the old baulk keeping it as near to the section as possible and we put two nails that have been relayed (r1171, 1172), together with all the other boundaries of the locus. At the beginning of the morning the workmen started cleaning the whole area and after that we begun to remove the dirt in k104 giving it a new feature number f201 as natural accumulation due to the past winter. Near the southern section of k104 an almost complete animal skull was found, so we recorded it as i33. We took photographs of both the areas south and west of f3(v148 and v149) to show k104 before the beginning of the excavation. Then we removed f74 and at its bottom we found a new, sandy feature f202; this brings to the conclusion that f74 is not the equivalent of the Ninevite 5 escarpment of J1, but a part of the sequence of accumulation and sand visible in the western section. Almost at the end of the morning, excavating the south-eastern corner of f74 we noticed that f41 is a multiple-layer stone wall. [T720SE.J]
-DY.riT721At the beginning of the day we removed the western berm of J5 for security reasons and we divided k104 in two new loci, k105 west to the revetment wall and K106 south to it. We fixed the new eastern baulk of k105 about 70 cm wide, that will be also useful in the next days for the shaffat. fAB suggested to excavate also k100 in the two small areas that were not fully excavated the past year, to follow the f239 of J1 that has been interpreted as an escarpment; we asked the surveyor to put some new control points and we took a picture of the locus before the removal of f204, v150. In f74 we found spots of ashes and reddish burnt soil, visible also in the western section; lens of ashy material has been also found in k100. In k106 we went on removing f158 and we also started to remove f203 in the S-W portion of k105. We gave new feature numbers to a big, flat stone west of the wall f41 (f205), and to the sandy soil that runs N-S through f74 (f206). We took a photo of the northern part of k105 to show the relation between f205, f74 and f206: v151. At the end of the morning we concluded that this f206 must be the same as f202, the point of contact has been found beyond the three stones f200. More stones are coming to light south of f205, but we still didn't give them a feature number; we took a picture of this area, v152, after the removal of f206 to show the new situation of k105. [T721SE.J]
-DY.riT722This morning we removed part of the southern berm for security reasons and we put some cement blocks in the western part of the area to form a staircase, in order to protect the stones of f71 and f28. We took relays of f200 that we are going to remove in the next days (r1201 to r1211). In the northern part of k105, we excavated first the western side of f74 and then the eastern side: in this area more stones came to light, forming at least four steps of a staircase that is oriented parallel to f41. At the top and south of the second and of the third step we found four patches of sling balls (i39, i40, i41, i42), 31 of them were complete and there were several more fragments; they were lying horizontally and were surrounded by spots of a clay that seems similar to the material with which they are made of, so we kept a sample (q299.1). We took a photograph of the situation whit some of the sling balls already excavated, v153, and we created a new aggregate, a8, to indicate i39, i40, i41, i42 and q299.1; maybe this aggregate can be connected with the ashy spots, the two pestles and the bronze slags (i34 and i35) that have been found near the western section of f74 and can indicate a kind of factory area. In this feature were also many medium-size and very smooth pebbles. We excavated also f203 from the south-eastern section of k105 toward west and we found a piece of metal, i38. In k106, after jN draw the eastern section (also photographed, v154) we kept on removing f158 that presents the same layers of compact soil and sandy material that are visible in the southern section. [T722SE.J]
-DY.riT723We went on removing f74 in the northern part of k105 along the edge of f41, for a better comprehension of the accumulation above the staircase; in this way we also exposed the intersection between f205 and f41, dated respectively to the Mittani period and to the third millennium. We measured the slope of the first two steps: the first slopes 8 cm toward east, the second 3 cm. The small section of f74 north of f161 shows alternating layers of brownish and greyish soil, but there is no evidence of mudbricks: we took a picture to document it, v155. South of the third step a kind of surface with a patch of medium- and small-size pebbles and a fragment of grinding stone (i45) came to light. In the south-eastern part of k105 an ashy layer begun to appear, so we moved toward north to explore the ash. In k106 we removed more 20 cm of f158, that doesn't show any change. At the end of the morning, we removed f161 and f155, the latest addiction to the Mittani wall f3. [T723SE.J]
-DY.riT726Today we went on removing f209, the accumulation in the western part of k105. We took a photograph of the eastern section of k106 nearby the revetment wall, that has been drawn yesterday afternoon. We started excavating f169 looking for the escarpment f184, working carefully with the trowel and the small pick: we could expose f184 in the north-eastern corner of k106, but we couldn't find it in its southern side where evidences of the presence of an old wadi are coming to light (difference of the soil in color, hardness and texture, and presence of lamination). We moved then to k100, where we started to remove f204 as a consequence of the last findings in J1 where a new surface has been found, that should continue below this square. [T726SE.J]
-DY.riT727In k105 we continue to remove f209 with the big pick, while in k100 the goal is to find the continuation of the surface with sherds and bones already uncovered in J1f313. This locus will be also important to understand the relation between this surface and the stone-installation f188. Removing f204 a new layer of a sandy material came to light, similar to the ones visible in sections, that shows the presence of water in antiquity. The staff of the unit had a meeting in the field with gB and fAB about the stratigraphy and the possible strata sequence, especially in the area W of the wall f41 and of the staircase f21. In k105 we assigned new feature numbers to a silty layer f212 and to a yellowish lens f214 that cover the ashy f215. We also assigned a new feature number to a floor uncovered in k100, f213. [T727SE.J]
-DY.riT728Today we took relays and photograph (v159) and then removed f212, the natural accumulation in the western half of k105, and the two features below: first f214 (the baqaya-like soil) and then f215 (the ashy layer). In this locus we have so exposed the top of f74, that as we expected is sloping down toward south. In f214 we found i48, a bronze pin, that must be in connection with q315.1, another piece of bronze found nearby. In k100 we took relays and photograph (v160) and then removed two big stones, f216 and f217. We removed their pedistal carefully, looking for the same floor already exposed in J1f313, equivalent to f213, but it seems to end, sloping up right below f216 without extending further west. We also removed the last patches of f158 in k106 and f211 (one big stone with several smaller ones underneath), looking for the escarpment f184. At the end of the morning we moved 10 cm north the section in k105, and we uncovered more stones that are at the same level of the higher step of the staircase f205. [T728SE.J]
-DY.riT730This morning we drew the northern section of k105 and we photographed it (v163); we gave a new feature number to a soft, sandy soil seen in the western part of the section, f222. In the southern half of the same locus we removed the last part of k214, and we uncovered a patch of a very black ash with few sherds: we gave it a new feature number, f220; in the same area we found also evidence of an old channel that runs SE-NW through f218, and we called it f221 (v162). In the southern section near the western corner now are visible two layers of different soils: the first is black, ashy and very soft (f223) and underneath there is a brownish, harder soil (f224). In k106, we photographed the floor surface f213 (J1f313) completely uncovered, with some patches of reddish soil approximately in the area where the big stone f217 was. Then we started to remove the floor collecting all the bones and the sherds: we found also a figurine of a chariot, i49. We gave new feature numbers to the accumulation under the pavement, f226, and to a new stone-installation, f225: this consists in two more rows of flat stones probably connected with f188, sloping down toward south. From the removal of f226 we found i50, a stone tool. [T731SE.J]
-DY.riT801At the beginning of the morning we took pictures of the southern part of k33, to document the area on top of the first step of f205 (v164); we photographed also the western section of k105 (v165) and the two rows of stone f225 now completely uncovered in k100, (v166). In k106 looking for the southern face of the escarpment, we found in the south-western corner of this locus a pit (f228) that cuts f184 with sharp edges: we started removing its fill, that is a soft and brown soil (f227) in which we found i51, a wheel. In k33, beginning from its southern section we removed the soil on top of the staircase f229, and f218 in the western half of the same locus. At the end of the day we took v167 to document the new surface uncovered, a very hard and compact surface (f230), and the continuation of the wall f41 under the stones of f126. [T801SE.J]
-DY.riT802This morning we cleaned and photographed both k33 to show the new stone-installations (f231, f232 and f233) and their relation with the hard surface f230, and k106 with the pit-cut f228: v168 and v169. Then we finished removing f229 in the northern part of k33, in order to expose f230, and we moved northward to the height of the second stone and a half of f21. In the western half of the same locus, we removed the last patch of the channel f222, that contained many sherds and bones, and f218. We noticed in the northwest corner of this area a harder, brown accumulation, we gave it a new feature number f234 and removed it. We made a probe under the staircase f21 between the first and the second stone, and we collected few sherds that may help to define the stratigraphy of this area; we have also been able to understand the relation between f21, f41 and f230. At the end, we placed two cement blocks to support the stones: we documented all this phases with views v171, v171a and v171b. In k106, we went on looking for the escarpment f184 removing carefully f158: we found a hard layer, reddish-brown but certainly not baqaya, with some charcoals and ashy spots; in both the southern section and the section of the pit doesn't seem to be any evident trace of f184. We found i52, an almost complete cup, lying between the escarpment and the Early-Dynastic wall f189: this maybe will help to date with certainty f184. [T802SE1.J]
-DY.riT803This morning we photographed the new area of excavation (v172) and begun to remove the high southern baulk of k100, in the area east to J1k7.We gave a new feature number to the natural accumulation that was on top of it, f235, and used big picks and a new shafat installed in J1k7 to remove the dirt. In k33, we kept removing f299 from the western half of the locus trying to follow the floor surface f230 already uncovered in its eastern side; we found instead new evidence of a water-course with a softer soil that contains many sherds and small pebbles, f238. It is possible both that f238 cuts f230, or that it covers it: we will investigate this area in the next days. We removed also part of f70 in k34 (a square about 100x100 cm), to have more space to study the relation of the different features in this area and to eliminate a step left from the last year's excavations. [T803SE.J]
-DY.riT805In k100 we keep on removing f235, the natural accumulation on top of the baulk, maintaining the three different levels present in J1k7. We wanted to follow the escarpment f184 from east to west in k106, so we removed 2 cm. of the accumulation on top of it due probably to its exposure on weather in the past years, f236; then it appeared a clear line that divides the reddish material that abuts the wall f189 and a greyish soil south to it, where the escarpment slopes down. In k33 we removed the last part of f229 in its north-eastern corner, to expose the surface f230: it slopes down both toward west and south, and it ends east of f239, while the western half of this square shows clearly the presence of an old channel. We cleaned the probe made in the past days under the staircase f21 and we could see that f230 abuts the wall f41, showing a relation between this two. During the morning the unit staff met with gB and mKB for a stratigraphic review and for the strata assignment. We finished working at 12.00 to let the workmen free to take part in the general explanation of the site made by gB and fAB. [T805SE.J]
-DY.riT806Today we removed the last step of f70 in k34 left from the last year, in order to expose f128 in front of the first step of the staircase f21 (v176). In k33 we removed the two stones f232 and f237 together with its pedestal f240; moving southward, in k105 we removed f200 to gain more space for a better comprehension of the area west to the stone-installation f205. Cleaning the area at the bottom of the third step of the same feature, we uncovered some horizontal bricks (v178). We then started removing the higher part of f74 in the west part of this locus. In k106, removing f226 we found a surface with big sherds and pebbles, f242, in wich i55 was embedded (v 175). To investigate the relation between this new floor and the escarpment f184, we cut a small section in f241: that showed alternating gray and red layers that may indicate different phases of the re-building of the escarpment itself; mKB looked at the pottery coming from this feature and recognized it as phase 3. In k100, we are still removing f235. [T808SE.J]
-DY.riT808In k105 we removed f74 west to the steps of f205, and under a brownish and softer accumulation f244 we uncovered a pebble-stone pavement that may be connected with the third step (f246, v181). In k106, we cleaned the surface f242 and we gave a new feature number to a soft, brown accumulation at its south, probably due to water: f243. Then we removed f226 starting from its easternmost side, and we found a pavement covered with rather big pebbles and bones, f247, that is equivalent to J1f322: we took a picture (v180) and then started to remove it; from the same f226 came i56, a bronze pin. After a meeting on the field with gB and fAB, we decided to enlarge the section of f241 already cut last Thursday, to understand better the relation between it and the escarpment f184. Cleaning the southern section of the escarpment itself, we saw the same alternating layers of gray and red materials already visible in f241, and in particular two rows of flat sherds that separate the three layers at the bottom. Since this may change our comprehension of f184, we will investigate this area in the next days with a particular attention on the pottery, trying to avoid any contamination between feature 184, 141 and the others around. In k100 we are still removing f235. [T808SE1.J]
-DY.riT809This morning we uncovered completely f247 and we photographed it (v183), to show its continuation in J1 and its relation with the stone-escarpment f225. In k106 we also cleaned the southern section of f184 toward east, looking for the two layers of sherds visible in the western section of k241. We found the sherds, but their presence doesn't seem to be regular along all the escarpment. We investigated the material between the two rows of stones of f186 (f248) to look for an eventual presence of an old channel as fAB suggested; we didn't find any trace of water, but a reddish soil and some lower stones. In k105, we removed the features on top of the floor surface f246 (v184), to expose it; accidentally, during the excavation of f244 we removed also part of the pavement itself and exposed a harder, gray and flat surface that will be investigated in the next days. In k100 we are still excavating f235; we removed also the higher baulk between this square, k106 and J1, to open the view from the panorama to J1. [T809SE.J]
-DY.riT810In k106 we excavated a probe in f184 going S-N to the wall f189, to investigate the nature of the escarpment and to verify the presence of baqaya in it, since the small section cut in f241 in the past days doesn't show any pure baqaya. We removed the different red and gray layers one by one, and they all abut the revetment wall without any internal "core" (v189). We removed all the sherds lying on top of the pavement f242, to avoid any contamination of pottery during the excavation of the next days. In k105 we photographed f246 at the beginning of the day, v185, and after we completely uncovered it, v187. Then we started removing it, and we removed also the accumulation under the pavement, f250: this feature was a fill with many sherds and bones, used to bring at the same level the surface that under it was sloping down probably toward west, to build the pavement f246. In k100, we removed the two eastern and northern baulk, opening the view from the panorama to J1. [T810SE.J]
-DY.riT811Today we removed f242 from the probe that we already excavated yesterday running N-S through f184, and under it we could see a flat stone, probably part of the stone escarpment composed by both f188 and f225 (v190). We removed f243 south to the floor surface f242, to avoid any contamination of pottery and looking for the relationship between the two; then we removed also f242, going east-west toward the western section created by the step of f252. We investigated also this accumulation, for a better comprehension of its nature and to get some sherds for pottery analysis; our aim was also to find the southern surface of the f241, that is part of the second escarpment together with f184. In k105 we removed the last part of f250 in the north-western corner, and then a brown compact soil f253 that covered a pavement made of many middle-size and big pebbles in the northern area, f254, and on the southern half a reddish soil, f246. From f253 came two items, i57 and i58. f254 and f256 are separated by a mudbrick wall running NW-SE, that is probably the continuation of f235: they have the same elevation, orientation and widht, but they haven't any point of connection because the water probably made the wall collapse, and so the pebbles of f254 continue through the breaking of the wall (v191). At the end of the morning we started to remove f254, that seems to be rather thick and full of stones and sherds. [T811SE.J]
-DY.riT812In k106 today we kept on investigating the first and the second escarpment, removing the softer f241 south of the revetment wall. We uncovered part of the higher row of stone of ^esc1, f255, and we found the end of the lower stone; since in the eastern side of this installation the stones are organized in a similar way, we will concentrate on this area in the next days trying to find the point of contact between the first revetment wall f189 and its the Mittani extension, f3. We also recognized an unusual concentration of sherds in the portion of f242 that was right on the west of the flat stone uncovered today, q407 and q409. In k105 we excavated the area south to a11 removing f251 and a dark brown soil f258. We then removed f256, looking for the southern face of the mudbrick wall f245 and f255; we measured the bricks and they are 40 cm wide as we expected, for a total width of 102 cm (two rows and a half of bricks). We uncovered some stones in the southern corner of the locus that seem to be organized in a kind of installation, f261: we'll try to verify if they are part of the structure of one of the two escarpments. At the end of the morning, removing f256 we reached what seems to be the bottom of the wall f41: we gave a new feature number to the yellowish-brown soil that abuts some smaller stones right under the last big row of stone of f41, f259. [T812SE.J]
-DY.riT813We keep investigating the two escarpments south of the revetment wall f189: today we removed first a new feature, f264, and then we opened a new probe that runs NE-SW following the western baulk of k106, going against the wall. We stopped as we saw the same red soil of the layered escarpment f241, and we moved east to uncover it. In k105, we excavated the last patch of f254 uncovering f266, a fifth "step" connected to the stone-installation f205 that seems quite different from the others, since it is made of one big stone and some smaller ones. We investigate the area between the brickwall f245 and the corner of the stone-wall f3, to see if we can find the bottom of the wall f41: we removed f259 and we collected some sherds that mKB looked in the field and recognized as phase 3. Then we excavated the feature below, f264: from this q-lot q416 didn't come any sherd, but we uncovered more stones: one big and flat, f265, and some smaller and more irregular, f267. [T814SE.J]
-DY.riT815Today we excavated the area east and west to the eastern baulk of k105, to clarify the relationship between the features of the two loci and trying to find the continuation of the stone escarpment. In k106 we excavated the probe that we opened yesterday (v195) removing the stone f273 and the soil f268, and we uncovered two rows of big and flat stones that we think are the continuation of f188 and f225 and that seem to make a corner going north-west (v197). Since we still don't have any point of connection between the two, we decided to enlarge east the probe to find it, but first we removed the part of 242 that was exposed, to avoid contamination of pottery. In k105, we removed some floating stones that sit on f271 (f261 and f269, v196) and a big stone in the baulk (f272) and we removed also f271, from wich came i60. Then we removed f259 below it, looking for some connection between this area and the western portion of k106. In k105 we also removed the last part of f254, in the north-western corner, and we cleaned this area from some pebbles left from the past days. [T815SE.J]
-DY.riT816In k106 we removed the last portion of f268 in the probe running NE-SW near the section, uncovering the connection between the stones of ^esc1 and the two rows that we begun to see yesterday. These big, flat stones make clearly a corner that goes toward north-west, following the direction of the revetment wall and going under the western baulk of this locus. Then south to this newly uncovered stones we removed f274, that contained many sherds and bones. In the northern area of k105 we removed more pebbles still part of f254, and at the bottom of this feature we found a natural accumulation and two rows of stones: f276 that runs N-S west to the stairs f205, and f277 that runs E-W under the bricks of f255. The two don't have any point of connection or clear corner. South of the brickwall of a11 we removed f259 and we uncovered two more rows of flat and big stones going SE-NW, very similar and possibly still part of f265. South-west of this stones, at the beginning of the morning we begun to find a surface covered with small pebbles, f278, that will be investigated tomorrow. During the day we also draw the western section of k106 (v199), and we removed the two stones of f270 (v198). [T816SE.J]
-DY.riT818In this last day of the excavation period, we focused our attention on two areas of the unit: in k106 we removed the very last part of f242, including a big stone that was covered by the ^esc2 (f283), while in k105 we wanted to understand the relation between the fifth step of f205 and the ^esc1 that seem to continue going north-west. We collected great quantities of sherds coming from f242, together with many bones, as we expected, and we exposed completely the stone escarpment; between the first line of big flat stones of f188 and the revetment wall f189 we uncovered a line of smaller stones. In the same locus we also finished to remove the western baulk. In k105 we took a photo to document the relation between the surface of f278 and the stone escarpment that is underneath (v204), and then we removed f278. After a meeting in the field with gB and fAB, we decided to excavate also in the afternoon with a smaller number of workmen. We removed part of the brick wall f245, looking for the connection between the steps of f205 and the ^esc1: we found a big, flat stone south of f266 that seem to be still part of the fifth step and that is not-founded or high-founded: the two stone-installations don't seem to be directly connected with each other. [T819SE.J]
-DY.riT824Today the unit staff went to the field to excavate some areas that may give a better understanding of the stratigraphy, in particular of the ^esc1. In k106, we gave a new feature number (f287) and excavated the natural accumulation between the stone escarpment f188 and the line of smaller stones f284. We found some deeper small stones, and we collected few sherds that will be analyzed by mKB. In the western portion of the same locus we removed 10 cm of f274 to expose completely the third row of stones of f255, and we uncovered a fourth line of big, flat stones. In k105 we finished to remove all a11: under f255 we exposed the stones of f277, while under f260 and f245 we went down at the same level of the ^esc1, that seems to continue with a surface paved by flat stones and that goes on north-west. We removed f231 on top of f205, and in k33 we made a small trench following the line of the stairs of f205 moving north, to investigate the relationship between the steps and the southern stones of f239 and to understand the nature of f205. We removed the shaffat and took relays with the surveyor of all the area excavated during MZ22 and of the stones of f205, f257,f266 and f275. [T824SE.J]
-DY.riT825Today in k106 we removed more of f287 to comprehend the nature of f284: we found that the stones are quite big and deep, and have a southern face that may suggest that it is a wall. Between the stones of f284 and the ones of f188 we uncovered three more flat blocks, that seem to be allineated but with a different orientation than the other two installations. In k105 we documented with photos the situation in the northern portion of the locus (v208, v209) and then we removed the last part of a11, f255, and the stones of f277 that appeared to be very big (v210). Then we excavated the accumulation under the bricks and the stones, f285, and we uncovered one more flat limestone block. South of this area we excavated f282 and we found one big stone that can be the continuation of the fourth line of ^esc1, but that slopes down toward west. [T825SE1.J]
-DY.riT826In k106 we removed more of f287, to get some more sherds that will be analyzed for a better understanding of the chronology of this area and to understand the nature of f284, that seem to be a wall with a southern face quite smooth and regular (v211). In k105 we first removed the final western part of the accumulation f285 and then f282 that was covered by it. We uncovered another line of flat stones running SE-NW, still part of the ^esc1, together with a floor surface with small- and medium-size pebbles (f288), that abuts this last row of limestone blocks. In the afternoon we photographed it (v212) and we collected the sherds on the surface, to have them analyzed and to avoid any contamination from the excavation of tomorrow. In this same locus we also removed f289, the volumetric material that was under the stone f275. [T826SE2.J]
-EQ.riT725A shafat to remove the dirt from k105 and k106 was installed along the eastern baulk of k105. [T725SE.J]
-FOT726pottery in q311 pertains to f169 instead of f158, as written in the q-log. [T726SE.J]
F0003O01T719v0145 [T728SE1.J]
F0003O01T719v0146 [T728SE1.J]
F0003O01T719v0147 [T728SE1.J]
F0003O01T719v0147a [T728SE1.J]
F0003O01T723v0156b [T729SE.J]
F0003O01T723v0156c [T729SE.J]
F0003O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
F0003O01T725v0157a [T729SE.J]
F0003O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0003O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0003O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0003O01T806v0177 [T810SE1.J]
F0003O01T806v0178 [T810SE1.J]
F0014O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0014O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0020O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0021O01T719v0145 [T728SE1.J]
F0021O01T801v0167a [T804SE.J]
F0021O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0021O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0021O01T806v0176a [T810SE1.J]
F0021O01T806v0176b [T810SE1.J]
F0037O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0037O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0040O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0041O01T719v0145 [T728SE1.J]
F0041O01T719v0147 [T728SE1.J]
F0041O01T719v0147a [T728SE1.J]
F0041O01T721v0152 [T728SE1.J]
F0041O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
F0041O01T722v0153a [T728SE1.J]
F0041O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
F0041O01T723v0155a [T729SE.J]
F0041O01T723v0156 [T729SE.J]
F0041O01T723v0156a [T729SE.J]
F0041O01T723v0156b [T729SE.J]
F0041O01T723v0156c [T729SE.J]
F0041O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0041O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
F0041O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
F0041O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0041O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0041O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0041O01T801v0167a [T804SE.J]
F0041O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0041O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0041O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0041O01T806v0176a [T810SE1.J]
F0041O01T806v0176b [T810SE1.J]
F0041O01T806v0177 [T810SE1.J]
F0041O01T806v0178 [T810SE1.J]
F0041O01T806v0178a [T810SE1.J]
F0070F02T803<5si q0344 [T805SE1.J]
F0074D01T723k105 [T830SE1.J]
F0074D03T7201181 (43027 45779 - 9002 / Relay location: NW) [T721SE-R.J]
F0074D03T7201182 (42859 45996 - 9021 / Relay location: NE) [T721SE-R.J]
F0074D03T7201183 (42701 46023 - 8980 / Relay location: SE) [T721SE-R.J]
F0074D03T7201184 (42709 45809 - 8974 / Relay location: SW corner) [T721SE-R.J]
F0074D06T7238906 @bottom [T830SE1.J]
F0074F02T722<5si i0034 [T823SE2.J]
F0074F02T722<5si i0035 [T729SE1.J]
F0074F02T731<5si q0327 [T802SE.J]
F0074O01T721v0152 [T728SE1.J]
F0074O01T721v0152a [T728SE1.J]
F0074O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
F0074O01T722v0153a [T728SE1.J]
F0074O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
F0074O01T723v0155a [T729SE.J]
F0074O01T723v0156 [T729SE.J]
F0074O01T723v0156a [T729SE.J]
F0074O01T723v0156b [T729SE.J]
F0074O01T723v0156c [T729SE.J]
F0074O01T728v0159a [T729SE.J]
F0074O01T730v0162 [T804SE.J]
F0074O01T730v0162b [T804SE.J]
F0074O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
F0074O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
F0074O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0074O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0074O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0074O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0074O01T806v0177 [T810SE1.J]
F0074O01T806v0178 [T810SE1.J]
F0074O01T806v0178a [T810SE1.J]
F0074P02T723T809 [T830SE1.J]
F0084O01T728v0160 [T729SE.J]
F0099O01T719v0145 [T728SE1.J]
F0099O01T719v0147 [T728SE1.J]
F0099O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0099O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0099O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0099O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0099O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0099O01T806v0178 [T810SE1.J]
F0108O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0126O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0126O01T801v0167a [T804SE.J]
F0126O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0128O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0128O01T806v0176a [T810SE1.J]
F0128O01T806v0176b [T810SE1.J]
F0142O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0152O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0152O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0155A21T723st-is [T830SE1.J]
F0155D01T723k105 [T830SE1.J]
F0155D06T7238975 @bottom [T830SE1.J]
F0155K03T723li [T830SE1.J]
F0155O01T719v0146 [T728SE1.J]
F0155P02T723T723 [T830SE1.J]
F0157F02T728<5si q0319 [T802SE.J]
F0158F02T801<5si q0328 [T802SE.J]
F0158O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
F0158O01T725v0157a [T729SE.J]
F0158O01T725v0157b [T729SE.J]
F0161A21T723st-is [T830SE1.J]
F0161D01T723k105 [T830SE1.J]
F0161D06T7238971 @bottom [T830SE1.J]
F0161K03T723li [T830SE1.J]
F0161O01T719v0146 [T728SE1.J]
F0161O01T719v0147a [T728SE1.J]
F0161O01T723v0156 [T729SE.J]
F0161P02T723T723 [T830SE1.J]
F0184A03T811^esc2 [T811SE2.J]
F0184F02T809<5si q0375 [T810SE2.J]
F0184F02T824<5si f0283 [T824SE1.J]
F0184O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
F0184O01T730v0161 [T804SE.J]
F0184O01T801v0166 [T804SE.J]
F0184O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0186O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
F0186O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0188A03T811^esc1 [T811SE1.J]
F0188C40T730Last year this line of big, flat stones have been defined as wall, but after the excavations of this year the definition has changed because we can say that they are part of the stone escarpment, ^esc1. [T830SE2.J]
F0188F02T824<8ab f0287 [T824SE1.J]
F0188O01T728v0160 [T729SE.J]
F0188O01T730v0161 [T804SE.J]
F0188O01T801v0166 [T804SE.J]
F0188O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0189O01T719v0146a [T728SE1.J]
F0189O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
F0189O01T725v0157a [T729SE.J]
F0189O01T725v0157b [T729SE.J]
F0189O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0192O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0192O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0194O01T719v0147a [T728SE1.J]
F0194O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0194O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0194O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0194O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0194O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0200D03T7221201 (42803 45881 - 8946 / Relay location: NW) [T724SE-R.J]
F0200D03T7221202 (42789 45905 - 8956 / Relay location: W) [T724SE-R.J]
F0200D03T7221203 (42742 45943 - 8958 / Relay location: N) [T724SE-R.J]
F0200D03T7221204 (42629 46012 - 8956 / Relay location: NE) [T724SE-R.J]
F0200D03T7221205 (42620 46003 - 8955 / Relay location: E) [T724SE-R.J]
F0200D03T7221206 (42565 45984 - 8942 / Relay location: E) [T724SE-R.J]
F0200D03T7221207 (42627 45906 - 8936 / Relay location: SE) [T724SE-R.J]
F0200O01T721v0152 [T728SE1.J]
F0200O01T721v0152a [T728SE1.J]
F0200O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
F0200O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
F0200O01T723v0155a [T729SE.J]
F0200O01T723v0156 [T729SE.J]
F0200O01T723v0156a [T729SE.J]
F0200O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0200O01T728v0159a [T729SE.J]
F0200O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0200O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0200O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0200O01T806v0177 [T810SE1.J]
F0201A21T720ad [T901SE.J]
F0201D01T720k104 [T901SE.J]
F0201D06T7208929 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0201D06T7208934 @top [T901SE.J]
F0201F02T722<5si i0033 [T823SE2.J]
F0201K03T720so [T901SE.J]
F0201K05T720pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0201K06T72010YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0201K07T7204.5 [T901SE.J]
F0201K08T720clay [T901SE.J]
F0201O01T719v0147 [T728SE1.J]
F0201O01T719v0147a [T728SE1.J]
F0201O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
F0201P02T720T720 [T901SE.J]
F0202A21T720ad [T901SE.J]
F0202D01T720k104 [T901SE.J]
F0202D06T7208910 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0202D06T7208931 @top [T901SE.J]
F0202K03T720so [T901SE.J]
F0202K05T720yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0202K06T72010YR 5/8 [T901SE.J]
F0202K07T7202 [T901SE.J]
F0202K08T720sand [T901SE.J]
F0202O01T723v0156 [T729SE.J]
F0202P02T720T723 [T901SE.J]
F0203A21T721ad [T901SE.J]
F0203D01T721k105 [T901SE.J]
F0203D06T7218901 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0203D06T7218928 @top [T901SE.J]
F0203F02T721<5si q0292 [T725SE1.J]
F0203K03T721so [T901SE.J]
F0203K05T721yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0203K06T72110YR 5/4 [T901SE.J]
F0203K07T7213.5 [T901SE.J]
F0203K08T721compact sand [T901SE.J]
F0203P02T721T723 [T901SE.J]
F0204A21T721vm [T901SE.J]
F0204D01T721k100 [T901SE.J]
F0204D06T7218767 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0204D06T7218892 @top [T901SE.J]
F0204F02T721<5si q0291 [T725SE1.J]
F0204F02T727<5si q0314 [T802SE.J]
F0204K03T721so [T901SE.J]
F0204K05T721pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0204K06T72110YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0204K07T7214 [T901SE.J]
F0204K08T721compact soil [T901SE.J]
F0204O01T730v0161 [T804SE.J]
F0204P02T721T727 [T901SE.J]
F0205A21T721st-is [T901SE.J]
F0205D01T721k105 [T901SE.J]
F0205D03T8121412 (42965 45991 - 8966 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0205D03T8121413 (42990 45911 - 8968 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0205D03T8121414 (42895 46012 - 8911 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0205D03T8121415 (42850 46088 - 8910 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0205D06T7218859 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0205D06T7218968 @top [T901SE.J]
F0205K03T721li [T901SE.J]
F0205O01T721v0152 [T728SE1.J]
F0205O01T721v0152a [T728SE1.J]
F0205O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
F0205O01T722v0153a [T728SE1.J]
F0205O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
F0205O01T723v0155a [T729SE.J]
F0205O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
F0205O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
F0205O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0205O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0205O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0205O01T806v0177 [T810SE1.J]
F0205O01T806v0178 [T810SE1.J]
F0206A21T721gully [T901SE.J]
F0206D01T721k105 [T901SE.J]
F0206D06T7218943 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0206D06T7218970 @top [T901SE.J]
F0206K03T721so [T901SE.J]
F0206K05T721yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0206K06T72110YR 5/8 [T901SE.J]
F0206K07T7211.5 [T901SE.J]
F0206K08T721sand [T901SE.J]
F0206O01T721v0152 [T728SE1.J]
F0206O01T721v0152a [T728SE1.J]
F0206O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
F0206O01T722v0153a [T728SE1.J]
F0206O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
F0206O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
F0206P02T721T721 [T901SE.J]
F0207A21T723st [T901SE.J]
F0207D01T723k105 [T901SE.J]
F0207D03T7231228 (42631 46011 - 8945 / Relay location: N corner) [T725SE-R.J]
F0207D03T7231229 (42583 46016 - 8943 / Relay location: E corner) [T725SE-R.J]
F0207D03T7231230 (42570 45982 - 8943 / Relay location: S corner) [T725SE-R.J]
F0207D06T7238956 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0207D06T7238984 @top [T901SE.J]
F0207K03T723li [T901SE.J]
F0207O01T721v0152 [T728SE1.J]
F0207O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
F0207P02T723T723 [T901SE.J]
F0208A21T723vm [T901SE.J]
F0208D01T723k105 [T901SE.J]
F0208D06T7238929 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0208D06T7238975 @top [T901SE.J]
F0208K03T723so [T901SE.J]
F0208K05T723light yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0208K06T72310YR 6/4 [T901SE.J]
F0208K07T7233 [T901SE.J]
F0208K08T723sand [T901SE.J]
F0208O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
F0208O01T723v0156 [T729SE.J]
F0208P02T723T809 [T901SE.J]
F0209A21T723ad [T901SE.J]
F0209D01T723k105 [T901SE.J]
F0209D06T7239041 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0209D06T7239131 @top [T901SE.J]
F0209K03T723so [T901SE.J]
F0209K07T7234 [T901SE.J]
F0209O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0209O01T728v0159a [T729SE.J]
F0209O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0209P02T723T727 [T901SE.J]
F0210A21T725st [T901SE.J]
F0210D01T725k106 [T901SE.J]
F0210D03T7251239 (41940 46405 - 8922 / Relay location: NW corner) [T725SE-R.J]
F0210D03T7251240 (41926 46394 - 8924 / Relay location: SW corner) [T725SE-R.J]
F0210D03T7251241 (41890 46415 - 8925 / Relay location: SE corner) [T725SE-R.J]
F0210D03T7251242 (41900 46439 - 8932 / Relay location: NE corner) [T725SE-R.J]
F0210D06T7258921 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0210D06T7258932 @top [T901SE.J]
F0210K03T725li [T901SE.J]
F0210O01T725v0157b [T729SE.J]
F0210P02T725T725 [T901SE.J]
F0211A21T726st-is [T901SE.J]
F0211D01T726k106 [T901SE.J]
F0211D03T7291268 (42030 46346 - 8983 / Relay location: N) [T801SE-R.J]
F0211D03T7291269 (42011 46323 - 8975 / Relay location: E) [T801SE-R.J]
F0211D03T7291270 (42046 46306 - 8980 / Relay location: W) [T801SE-R.J]
F0211D06T7268955 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0211D06T7268983 @top [T901SE.J]
F0211K03T726li [T901SE.J]
F0211O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
F0211O01T725v0157a [T729SE.J]
F0211P02T726T728 [T901SE.J]
F0212F02T727<5si q0313 [T802SE.J]
F0212O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0212O01T728v0159a [T729SE.J]
F0212O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
F0212O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
F0212O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0213D03T7301273 (41543 46552 - 8767 / Relay location: SW corner) [T801SE-R.J]
F0213D03T7301274 (41424 46618 - 8767 / Relay location: SE corner) [T801SE-R.J]
F0213D03T7301275 (41557 46714 - 8771 / Relay location: NE corner) [T801SE-R.J]
F0213D03T7301276 (41623 46575 - 8773 / Relay location: NW corner) [T801SE-R.J]
F0213F02T730<5si i0049 [T820SE2.J]
F0213F02T731<5si q0323 [T802SE.J]
F0213O01T728v0160 [T729SE.J]
F0213O01T730v0161 [T804SE.J]
F0214O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0214O01T728v0159a [T729SE.J]
F0215O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
F0215O01T728v0159a [T729SE.J]
F0215O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0216A21T728st [T901SE.J]
F0216D01T728k100 [T901SE.J]
F0216D03T7281250 (41591 46601 - 8823 / Relay location: N) [T729SE-R.J]
F0216D03T7281251 (41582 46548 - 8829 / Relay location: W) [T729SE-R.J]
F0216D03T7281252 (41501 46602 - 8799 / Relay location: S) [T729SE-R.J]
F0216D03T7281253 (41536 46645 - 8808 / Relay location: E) [T729SE-R.J]
F0216D06T7288786 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0216D06T7288828 @top [T901SE.J]
F0216K03T728li [T901SE.J]
F0216O01T728v0160 [T729SE.J]
F0216P02T728T728 [T901SE.J]
F0217A21T728st [T901SE.J]
F0217D01T728k100 [T901SE.J]
F0217D03T7281254 (41696 46412 - 8812 / Relay location: SW) [T729SE-R.J]
F0217D03T7281255 (41679 46444 - 8805 / Relay location: SE) [T729SE-R.J]
F0217D03T7281256 (41700 46464 - 8806 / Relay location: NE) [T729SE-R.J]
F0217D03T7281257 (41721 46427 - 8801 / Relay location: NW) [T729SE-R.J]
F0217D06T7288771 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0217D06T7288819 @top [T901SE.J]
F0217K03T728li [T901SE.J]
F0217O01T728v0160 [T729SE.J]
F0217P02T728T728 [T901SE.J]
F0218A21T728ad [T901SE.J]
F0218D01T728k105 [T901SE.J]
F0218D06T7288990 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0218D06T7289004 @top [T901SE.J]
F0218F02T730<5si q0321 [T802SE.J]
F0218F02T801<5si q0329 [T802SE.J]
F0218K03T728so [T901SE.J]
F0218K05T728light yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0218K06T72810YR 6/4 [T901SE.J]
F0218K07T7284.5 [T901SE.J]
F0218K08T728silt loam [T901SE.J]
F0218O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
F0218O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
F0218O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0218O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0218O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0218P02T728T728 [T901SE.J]
F0219A21T728vm [T901SE.J]
F0219D01T728k105 [T901SE.J]
F0219D03T7291271 (42988 45989 - 9015 / Relay location: NE) [T801SE-R.J]
F0219D06T7288962 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0219D06T7289015 @top [T901SE.J]
F0219F02T728<5si q0320 [T802SE.J]
F0219K03T728so [T901SE.J]
F0219P02T728T728 [T901SE.J]
F0220A21T730lb [T901SE.J]
F0220D01T730k105 [T901SE.J]
F0220D03T7301277 (42484 45766 - 8925 / Relay location: N) [T801SE-R.J]
F0220D06T7308921 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0220D06T7308925 @top [T901SE.J]
F0220F02T730<5si q0322 [T802SE.J]
F0220K03T730so [T901SE.J]
F0220K05T730dark gray [T901SE.J]
F0220K06T73010YR 4/1 [T901SE.J]
F0220K07T7302 [T901SE.J]
F0220K08T730ash [T901SE.J]
F0220O01T730v0162 [T804SE.J]
F0220O01T730v0162a [T804SE.J]
F0220O01T730v0162b [T804SE.J]
F0220O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0220P02T730T730 [T901SE.J]
F0221A21T730ld [T901SE.J]
F0221D01T730k105 [T901SE.J]
F0221D06T7308924 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0221D06T7308963 @top [T901SE.J]
F0221F02T731<5si q0324 [T802SE.J]
F0221K03T730so [T901SE.J]
F0221K05T730brown [T901SE.J]
F0221K06T73010YR 5/3 [T901SE.J]
F0221K07T7303 [T901SE.J]
F0221K08T730sand [T901SE.J]
F0221O01T730v0162 [T804SE.J]
F0221O01T730v0162a [T804SE.J]
F0221O01T730v0162b [T804SE.J]
F0221O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0221P02T730T731 [T901SE.J]
F0222A21T730ld [T901SE.J]
F0222D01T730k105 [T901SE.J]
F0222D03T7281283 (43062 45790 - 9003 / Relay location: SE corner) [T802SE-R.J]
F0222D03T7281284 (43083 45708 - 9006 / Relay location: SW corner) [T802SE-R.J]
F0222D03T7281285 (43325 45835 - 9042 / Relay location: N) [T802SE-R.J]
F0222D06T7308969 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0222D06T7309003 @top [T901SE.J]
F0222K03T730so [T901SE.J]
F0222K05T730dark yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0222K06T73010YR 4/6 [T901SE.J]
F0222K07T7302 [T901SE.J]
F0222K08T730sand [T901SE.J]
F0222O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
F0222O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
F0222P02T730T802 [T901SE.J]
F0223A21T730lb [T901SE.J]
F0223D01T730k105 [T901SE.J]
F0223D06T7308908 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0223D06T7308969 @top [T901SE.J]
F0223K03T730so [T901SE.J]
F0223K05T730gray [T901SE.J]
F0223K06T73010YR 5/1 [T901SE.J]
F0223K07T7301.5 [T901SE.J]
F0223K08T730ash [T901SE.J]
F0223O01T730v0162 [T804SE.J]
F0223O01T730v0162b [T804SE.J]
F0223O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0223P02T730T730 [T901SE.J]
F0224A21T730ld [T901SE.J]
F0224D01T730k105 [T901SE.J]
F0224D06T7308906 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0224D06T7308960 @top [T901SE.J]
F0224K03T730so [T901SE.J]
F0224K05T730brown [T901SE.J]
F0224K06T73010YR 5/3 [T901SE.J]
F0224K07T7303 [T901SE.J]
F0224K08T730sandy loam [T901SE.J]
F0224O01T730v0162 [T804SE.J]
F0224O01T730v0162a [T804SE.J]
F0224O01T730v0162b [T804SE.J]
F0224O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
F0224P02T730T810 [T901SE.J]
F0225A03T811^esc1 [T811SE1.J]
F0225A21T730escarpment [T901SE.J]
F0225D01T730k106 [T901SE.J]
F0225D06T7308759 @top [T901SE.J]
F0225F02T826<5si q0482 [T829SE.J]
F0225K03T730li [T901SE.J]
F0225O01T801v0166 [T804SE.J]
F0225O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0226A21T730vm [T901SE.J]
F0226D01T730k106 [T901SE.J]
F0226D06T7308736 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0226D06T7308771 @top [T901SE.J]
F0226F02T731<5si q0325 [T802SE.J]
F0226K03T730so [T901SE.J]
F0226K05T730weack red [T901SE.J]
F0226K06T7307.5YR 4/3 [T901SE.J]
F0226K07T7303.5 [T901SE.J]
F0226K08T730sand [T901SE.J]
F0226O01T801v0166 [T804SE.J]
F0226O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0226P02T730T808 [T901SE.J]
F0227A21T801ly [T901SE.J]
F0227D01T801k106 [T901SE.J]
F0227D06T8018823 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0227D06T8018861 @top [T901SE.J]
F0227F02T801<5si i0051 [T820SE2.J]
F0227K03T801so [T901SE.J]
F0227K05T801brown [T901SE.J]
F0227K06T80110YR 5/3 [T901SE.J]
F0227K07T8012.5 [T901SE.J]
F0227K08T801sandy clay loam [T901SE.J]
F0227P02T801T801 [T901SE.J]
F0228A21T801pit-c [T901SE.J]
F0228D01T801k106 [T901SE.J]
F0228D03T8021297 (41903 46169 - 8854 / Relay location: SE) [T802SE-R.J]
F0228D03T8021298 (42083 46168 - 8866 / Relay location: N) [T802SE-R.J]
F0228D03T8021299 (42126 46081 - 8873 / Relay location: SW) [T802SE-R.J]
F0228D06T8018823 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0228D06T8018861 @top [T901SE.J]
F0229O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0229O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0229O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0230D03T8121405 (43586 46100 - 8994 / Relay location: N) [T812SE-R.J]
F0230D03T8121406 (43204 45912 - 8966 / Relay location: W) [T812SE-R.J]
F0230D03T8121407 (43208 46015 - 8973 / Relay location: E) [T812SE-R.J]
F0230O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0230O01T801v0167a [T804SE.J]
F0230O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0230O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0230O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0230O01T806v0176a [T810SE1.J]
F0230O01T806v0176b [T810SE1.J]
F0231A21T801st-is [T901SE.J]
F0231D01T801k33 [T901SE.J]
F0231D03T8021301 (43034 45995 - 8989 / Relay location: N) [T802SE-R.J]
F0231D03T8021302 (42975 45988 - 8995 / Relay location: W) [T802SE-R.J]
F0231D03T8021303 (43004 45913 - 8968 / Relay location: S) [T802SE-R.J]
F0231D06T8018968 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0231D06T8018996 @top [T901SE.J]
F0231K03T801li [T901SE.J]
F0231O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0231O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0231O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0231O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0231P02T801T824 [T901SE.J]
F0232A21T801st [T901SE.J]
F0232D01T801k33 [T901SE.J]
F0232D03T8021305 (43077 45860 - 9000 / Relay location: W) [T805SE-R.J]
F0232D03T8021306 (43067 45897 - 8986 / Relay location: E) [T805SE-R.J]
F0232D06T8018968 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0232D06T8019015 @top [T901SE.J]
F0232K03T801li [T901SE.J]
F0232O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
F0232O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0232O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0232O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0232P02T801T806 [T901SE.J]
F0233A21T801st-is [T901SE.J]
F0233D01T801k33 [T901SE.J]
F0233D03T8121397 (43358 46034 - 8999 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0233D03T8121398 (43364 46025 - 8995 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0233D03T8121399 (43309 46027 - 8978 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0233D03T8121400 (43268 46014 - 8984 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0233D06T8019001 @top [T901SE.J]
F0233K03T801li [T901SE.J]
F0233O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
F0233O01T801v0167a [T804SE.J]
F0233O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0235A21T803vm [T901SE.J]
F0235D01T803k100 [T901SE.J]
F0235D06T8039073 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0235D06T8039208 @top [T901SE.J]
F0235K03T803so [T901SE.J]
F0235K05T803pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0235K06T80310YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0235K07T8032.5 [T901SE.J]
F0235K08T803sandy clay [T901SE.J]
F0236A21T803aa [T901SE.J]
F0236D01T803k106 [T901SE.J]
F0236D06T8038851 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0236D06T8038855 @top [T901SE.J]
F0236K03T803so [T901SE.J]
F0236K05T803pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0236K06T80310YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0236K07T8033.5 [T901SE.J]
F0236K08T803sand compact [T901SE.J]
F0236P02T803T805 [T901SE.J]
F0237A21T803st [T901SE.J]
F0237D01T803k33 [T901SE.J]
F0237D06T8039084 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0237D06T8039100 @top [T901SE.J]
F0237K03T803li [T901SE.J]
F0237O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0237O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0237P02T803T806 [T901SE.J]
F0238A21T803ld [T901SE.J]
F0238D01T803k33 [T901SE.J]
F0238D03T8121408 (43621 45987 - 8981 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0238D03T8121409 (43657 45900 - 8985 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0238D03T8121410 (43067 45681 - 8972 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0238D03T8121411 (43054 45847 - 8968 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0238D06T8039083 @top [T901SE.J]
F0238K03T803so [T901SE.J]
F0238K05T803light brownish gray [T901SE.J]
F0238K06T80310YR 6/2 [T901SE.J]
F0238K07T8034.5 [T901SE.J]
F0238K08T803silty sand [T901SE.J]
F0238O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0238O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0238O01T806v0176a [T810SE1.J]
F0238O01T806v0176b [T810SE1.J]
F0239A21T803st-is [T901SE.J]
F0239D01T803k33 [T901SE.J]
F0239D03T8121401 (43563 46081 - 8994 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0239D03T8121402 (43562 46003 - 8981 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0239D03T8121403 (43127 45879 - 8969 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0239D03T8121404 (43140 45916 - 8974 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0239D06T8039036 @top [T901SE.J]
F0239K03T803li [T901SE.J]
F0239O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0239O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
F0239O01T806v0176a [T810SE1.J]
F0239O01T806v0176b [T810SE1.J]
F0240A21T803vm [T901SE.J]
F0240D01T803k33 [T901SE.J]
F0240D06T8039052 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0240D06T8039084 @top [T901SE.J]
F0240F02T806<5si q0355 [T810SE2.J]
F0240K03T803so [T901SE.J]
F0240O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0240O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0240P02T803T806 [T901SE.J]
F0241A03T811^esc2 [T811SE2.J]
F0241A21T805escarpment [T901SE.J]
F0241D01T805k106 [T901SE.J]
F0241D06T8058771 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0241D06T8058844 @top [T901SE.J]
F0241F02T813<5si q0414 [T813JN.J]
F0241F02T817<5si q0439 [T820SE.J]
F0241K03T805so [T901SE.J]
F0241K05T805pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0241K06T80510YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0241K07T8053.5 [T901SE.J]
F0241K08T805sandy clay [T901SE.J]
F0241P02T805T817 [T901SE.J]
F0242A03T811^esc2 [T811SE2.J]
F0242A21T806escarpment [T901SE.J]
F0242D01T806k106 [T901SE.J]
F0242D06T8068751 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0242D06T8068771 @top [T901SE.J]
F0242F02T810<5si q0388 [T813JN.J]
F0242F02T811<5si q0394 [T813JN.J]
F0242F02T818<5si q0444 [T820SE.J]
F0242F02T818<5si q0445 [T820SE.J]
F0242F02T818<5si q0446 [T820SE.J]
F0242F02T818<5si q0447 [T820SE.J]
F0242F02T818<5si q0448 [T820SE.J]
F0242F02T818<5si q0456 [T820SE.J]
F0242K03T806so [T901SE.J]
F0242K05T806light gray [T901SE.J]
F0242K06T80610YR 7/2 [T901SE.J]
F0242K07T8064.5 [T901SE.J]
F0242P02T806T818 [T901SE.J]
F0243A21T808ad [T901SE.J]
F0243D01T808k106 [T901SE.J]
F0243D06T8088760 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0243D06T8088767 @top [T901SE.J]
F0243F02T811<5si q0397 [T813JN.J]
F0243K03T808so [T901SE.J]
F0243K05T808yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0243K06T80810YR 5/4 [T901SE.J]
F0243K07T8084.5 [T901SE.J]
F0243K08T808sand [T901SE.J]
F0243P02T808T811 [T901SE.J]
F0244A21T808ad [T901SE.J]
F0244D01T808k105 [T901SE.J]
F0244D06T8088917 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0244D06T8088956 @top [T901SE.J]
F0244K03T808so [T901SE.J]
F0244K05T808yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0244K06T80810YR 5/4 [T901SE.J]
F0244K07T8084.5 [T901SE.J]
F0244K08T808compact [T901SE.J]
F0244O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
F0244O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
F0244P02T808T808 [T901SE.J]
F0245A21T808w [T901SE.J]
F0245D01T808k105 [T901SE.J]
F0245D03T8121420 (42733 46015 - 8896 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0245D03T8121421 (42757 45892 - 8899 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0245D03T8121422 (42665 45865 - 8881 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0245D03T8121423 (42632 46035 - 8892 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0245D06T8088845 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0245D06T8088865 @top [T901SE.J]
F0245K03T808bricks [T901SE.J]
F0245K05T808pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0245K06T80810YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0245K07T8084.5 [T901SE.J]
F0245K08T808compact hard [T901SE.J]
F0245O01T806v0178 [T810SE1.J]
F0245O01T806v0178a [T810SE1.J]
F0245P02T808T824 [T901SE.J]
F0246A21T808pc [T901SE.J]
F0246D01T808k105 [T901SE.J]
F0246D03T8101370 (43039 45679 - 8941 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0246D03T8101371 (43022 45874 - 8942 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0246D03T8101372 (42989 45395 - 8897 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0246D03T8101373 (42855 45475 - 8920 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0246D06T8088906 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0246D06T8088917 @top [T901SE.J]
F0246F02T810<5si q0383 [T813JN.J]
F0246K03T808so [T901SE.J]
F0246K05T808light brownish gray [T901SE.J]
F0246K06T80810YR 6/2 [T901SE.J]
F0246K07T8084.5 [T901SE.J]
F0246P02T808T810 [T901SE.J]
F0247A21T808pc [T901SE.J]
F0247D01T808k106 [T901SE.J]
F0247D06T8088730 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0247D06T8088736 @top [T901SE.J]
F0247K03T808so [T901SE.J]
F0247P02T808T809 [T901SE.J]
F0248A21T809ad [T901SE.J]
F0248D01T809k107 [T901SE.J]
F0248D06T8099021 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0248D06T8099038 @top [T901SE.J]
F0248K03T809so [T901SE.J]
F0248K05T809pale red [T901SE.J]
F0248K06T8097.5 YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0248K07T8092.5 [T901SE.J]
F0248K08T809silty [T901SE.J]
F0248P02T809T809 [T901SE.J]
F0249A21T809pc [T901SE.J]
F0249D01T809k106 [T901SE.J]
F0249D06T8098730 @top [T901SE.J]
F0249K03T809so [T901SE.J]
F0249K05T809gray [T901SE.J]
F0249K06T80910YR 6/1 [T901SE.J]
F0249K07T8094.5 [T901SE.J]
F0249K08T809sandy [T901SE.J]
F0250A21T809ad [T901SE.J]
F0250D01T809k105 [T901SE.J]
F0250D06T8098906 @top [T901SE.J]
F0250D06T8098913 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0250F02T810<5si q0384 [T813JN.J]
F0250F02T811<5si q0395 [T813JN.J]
F0250K03T809so [T901SE.J]
F0250K05T809light brownish gray [T901SE.J]
F0250K06T80910YR 6/2 [T901SE.J]
F0250K07T8094.5 [T901SE.J]
F0250K08T809sandy [T901SE.J]
F0250P02T809T811 [T901SE.J]
F0251A21T809ab [T901SE.J]
F0251D01T809k105 [T901SE.J]
F0251D06T8098913 @top [T901SE.J]
F0251D06T8098931 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0251K03T809so [T901SE.J]
F0251K05T809pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0251K06T80910YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0251K07T8094 [T901SE.J]
F0251K08T809sandy loam [T901SE.J]
F0251P02T809T812 [T901SE.J]
F0252F02T811<5si q0396 [T813JN.J]
F0254A21T811st-is [T901SE.J]
F0254D01T811k105 [T901SE.J]
F0254D03T8121428 (42999 45863 - 8899 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0254D03T8121429 (42747 45932 - 9083 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0254D03T8121430 (42824 45685 - 8881 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0254D03T8121431 (43043 45683 - 8929 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0254D06T8118841 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0254D06T8118909 @top [T901SE.J]
F0254K03T811so [T901SE.J]
F0254K08T811includes many medium-size pebbles [T901SE.J]
F0255A21T811w [T901SE.J]
F0255D01T811k105 [T901SE.J]
F0255D03T8121424 (42772 45810 - 8890 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0255D03T8121425 (42677 45792 - 8893 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0255D03T8121426 (42714 45690 - 8897 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0255D03T8121427 (42802 45686 - 8898 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0255D06T8118831 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0255D06T8118890 @top [T901SE.J]
F0255K03T811bricks [T901SE.J]
F0255K05T811light yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0255K06T81110YR 6/4 [T901SE.J]
F0255K07T811>4.5 [T901SE.J]
F0255K08T811compact hard [T901SE.J]
F0255P02T811T825 [T901SE.J]
F0256A21T811ad [T901SE.J]
F0256D01T811k105 [T901SE.J]
F0256D06T8118868 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0256D06T8118891 @top [T901SE.J]
F0256K03T811so [T901SE.J]
F0256K05T811yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0256K06T81110YR 5/4 [T901SE.J]
F0256P02T811T813 [T901SE.J]
F0257A21T811st-is [T901SE.J]
F0257D01T811k105 [T901SE.J]
F0257D03T8121416 (42842 46005 - 8878 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0257D03T8121417 (42840 45909 - 8877 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0257D03T8121418 (42817 45915 - 8881 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0257D03T8121419 (42809 45999 - 8878 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
F0257D06T8118820 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0257D06T8118881 @top [T901SE.J]
F0257K03T811li [T901SE.J]
F0259A01T824f0285 [T824SE1.J]
F0259A21T812ad [T901SE.J]
F0259D01T812k105 [T901SE.J]
F0259D06T8128782 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0259D06T8128868 @top [T901SE.J]
F0259F02T817<5si q0436 [T820SE.J]
F0259K03T812so [T901SE.J]
F0259K05T812yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0259K06T81210YR 5/8 [T901SE.J]
F0259K07T8124 [T901SE.J]
F0259K08T812sandy clay [T901SE.J]
F0259P02T812T817 [T901SE.J]
F0260A21T812ld [T901SE.J]
F0260D01T812k105 [T901SE.J]
F0260D03T8181517 (42680 45855 - 8873 / Relay location: NE corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0260D03T8181518 (42748 45864 - 8876 / Relay location: SE corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0260D03T8181519 (42755 45837 - 8877 / Relay location: SW corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0260D03T8181520 (42685 45810 - 8876 / Relay location: NW corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0260D06T8128840 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0260D06T8128877 @top [T901SE.J]
F0260K03T812so [T901SE.J]
F0260K05T812light brownish gray [T901SE.J]
F0260K06T81210YR 6/2 [T901SE.J]
F0260K07T8124 [T901SE.J]
F0260K08T812sandy loam [T901SE.J]
F0260P02T812T824 [T901SE.J]
F0261A21T812st [T901SE.J]
F0261D01T812k105 [T901SE.J]
F0261D06T8128814 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0261D06T8128871 @top [T901SE.J]
F0261K03T812li [T901SE.J]
F0261P02T812T815 [T901SE.J]
F0262A21T813ac [T901SE.J]
F0262D01T813k106 [T901SE.J]
F0262D06T8138723 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0262D06T8138777 @top [T901SE.J]
F0262K03T813so [T901SE.J]
F0262K05T813red [T901SE.J]
F0262K06T8137.5YR 5/6 [T901SE.J]
F0262K07T8134 [T901SE.J]
F0262K08T813sandy [T901SE.J]
F0262P02T813T813 [T901SE.J]
F0263A21T813ad [T901SE.J]
F0263D01T813k105 [T901SE.J]
F0263D06T8138791 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0263D06T8138808 @top [T901SE.J]
F0263K03T813so [T901SE.J]
F0263K05T813red [T901SE.J]
F0263K06T8137.5YR 4/8 [T901SE.J]
F0263K07T8133 [T901SE.J]
F0263K08T813sandy silt loam [T901SE.J]
F0263P02T813T813 [T901SE.J]
F0264A21T813ad [T901SE.J]
F0264D01T813k106 [T901SE.J]
F0264D06T8138826 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0264D06T8138873 @top [T901SE.J]
F0264F02T813<5si q0415 [T813JN.J]
F0264K03T813so [T901SE.J]
F0264K05T813light yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0264K06T8132.5Y 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0264K07T8132.5 [T901SE.J]
F0264K08T813sandy silt loam [T901SE.J]
F0264P02T813T813 [T901SE.J]
F0265A03T811^esc1 [T811SE1.J]
F0265A21T813escarpment [T901SE.J]
F0265D01T813k105 [T901SE.J]
F0265D06T8138783 @top [T901SE.J]
F0265K03T813li [T901SE.J]
F0266A21T813st-is [T901SE.J]
F0266D01T813k105 [T901SE.J]
F0266D03T8181511 (42674 46028 - 8851 / Relay location: SE corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0266D03T8181512 (42665 46000 - 8845 / Relay location: S point) [T819SE-R.J]
F0266D03T8181513 (42745 45971 - 8861 / Relay location: S point) [T819SE-R.J]
F0266D03T8181514 (42747 45927 - 8858 / Relay location: SW corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0266D03T8181515 (42795 45922 - 8856 / Relay location: NW corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0266D03T8181516 (42811 46008 - 8863 / Relay location: NE corner) [T819SE-R.J]
F0266D06T8138819 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0266D06T8138863 @top [T901SE.J]
F0266K03T813li [T901SE.J]
F0267A21T813st-is [T901SE.J]
F0267D01T813k105 [T901SE.J]
F0267D06T8138775 @top [T901SE.J]
F0267K03T813li [T901SE.J]
F0268A03T811^esc2 [T811SE2.J]
F0268A21T813ac [T901SE.J]
F0268D01T813k106 [T901SE.J]
F0268D06T8138731 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0268D06T8138830 @top [T901SE.J]
F0268K03T813so [T901SE.J]
F0268K05T813red [T901SE.J]
F0268K06T8137.5YR 5/6 [T901SE.J]
F0268K07T8133 [T901SE.J]
F0268K08T813sandy clay loam [T901SE.J]
F0268P02T813T816 [T901SE.J]
F0269A21T815st [T901SE.J]
F0269D01T815k105 [T901SE.J]
F0269D06T8158845 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0269D06T8158877 @top [T901SE.J]
F0269K03T815li [T901SE.J]
F0269P02T815T815 [T901SE.J]
F0270A21T815st [T901SE.J]
F0270D01T815k105 [T901SE.J]
F0270D06T8158884 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0270D06T8158920 @top [T901SE.J]
F0270K03T815li [T901SE.J]
F0270P02T815T815 [T901SE.J]
F0271A21T815ad [T901SE.J]
F0271D01T815k105 [T901SE.J]
F0271D06T8158771 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0271D06T8158852 @top [T901SE.J]
F0271K03T815so [T901SE.J]
F0271K05T815yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0271K06T81510YR 5/6 [T901SE.J]
F0271K07T8152.5 [T901SE.J]
F0271K08T815sandy clay loam [T901SE.J]
F0271P02T815T815 [T901SE.J]
F0272A21T815st [T901SE.J]
F0272D01T815k105 [T901SE.J]
F0272D03T8181521 (42217 45992 - 8924 / Relay location: E top) [T819SE-R.J]
F0272D03T8181522 (42270 45995 - 8923 / Relay location: N top) [T819SE-R.J]
F0272D03T8181523 (42254 45970 - 8918 / Relay location: S top) [T819SE-R.J]
F0272D06T8158896 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0272D06T8158923 @top [T901SE.J]
F0272K03T815li [T901SE.J]
F0272P02T815T815 [T901SE.J]
F0273A21T815st [T901SE.J]
F0273D01T815k106 [T901SE.J]
F0273D06T8158837 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0273D06T8158911 @top [T901SE.J]
F0273K03T815li [T901SE.J]
F0273P02T815T815 [T901SE.J]
F0275A21T816st [T901SE.J]
F0275D01T816k105 [T901SE.J]
F0275D06T8168847 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0275D06T8168876 @top [T901SE.J]
F0275K03T816li [T901SE.J]
F0275P02T816T823 [T901SE.J]
F0276A21T816st-is [T901SE.J]
F0276D01T816k105 [T901SE.J]
F0276D06T8168805 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0276D06T8168849 @top [T901SE.J]
F0276K03T816li [T901SE.J]
F0277A21T816st-is [T901SE.J]
F0277D01T816k105 [T901SE.J]
F0277D06T8168831 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0277D06T8168864 @top [T901SE.J]
F0277K03T816li [T901SE.J]
F0277P02T816T825 [T901SE.J]
F0278A21T816pc [T901SE.J]
F0278D01T816k105 [T901SE.J]
F0278D06T8168771 @top [T901SE.J]
F0278D06T8168772 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0278K03T816so [T901SE.J]
F0278K05T816grayish brown [T901SE.J]
F0278K06T81610YR 5/2 [T901SE.J]
F0278K07T8164.5 [T901SE.J]
F0278K08T816hard, compact [T901SE.J]
F0278P02T816T818 [T901SE.J]
F0279A21T816ac [T901SE.J]
F0279D01T816k105 [T901SE.J]
F0279D06T8168841 @top [T901SE.J]
F0279F02T824<0co f0286 [T824SE1.J]
F0279K03T816so [T901SE.J]
F0279K05T816light brownish gray [T901SE.J]
F0279K06T8162.5Y 6/2 [T901SE.J]
F0279K07T8163 [T901SE.J]
F0279K08T816sandy clay loam [T901SE.J]
F0280A03T811^esc2 [T811SE2.J]
F0280A21T816ac [T901SE.J]
F0280D01T816k105 [T901SE.J]
F0280D06T8168763 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0280D06T8168782 @top [T901SE.J]
F0280F02T824<0co f0285 [T824SE1.J]
F0280K03T816so [T901SE.J]
F0280K05T816red [T901SE.J]
F0280K06T8167.5YR 5/6 [T901SE.J]
F0280K07T8163 [T901SE.J]
F0280K08T816sandy loam [T901SE.J]
F0280P02T816T817 [T901SE.J]
F0283A21T818st [T901SE.J]
F0283B11T824One large, rounded, isolated limestone boulder incorporated in the second escarpment f184. [T824SE1.J]
F0283D01T818k106 [T901SE.J]
F0283D06T8188796 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0283D06T8188840 @top [T901SE.J]
F0283F02T824>5si f0184 [T824SE1.J]
F0283K03T818li [T901SE.J]
F0283P02T818T818 [T901SE.J]
F0284A21T823st-is [T901SE.J]
F0284B11T824Line of stones running east-west between the revetment wall f189 and f188. The mellon-sized limestone blocks are almost flat on the top and abut a natural accumulation, f287; their function may be the same as f267 in k105. [T824SE1.J]
F0284D01T823k106 [T901SE.J]
F0284D06T8238764 @top [T901SE.J]
F0284F02T824<8ab f0287 [T824SE1.J]
F0284F02T824>8ab f0287 [T824SE1.J]
F0284K03T823li [T901SE.J]
F0285A01T824f0259 [T824SE1.J]
F0285A21T824ad [T901SE.J]
F0285B11T824Brown, hard accumulation under the mudbrick wall f245 and the channel f260.It abutted the bottom of the southermost stone of f266 and it covered another accumulation, f280. During its removal we understood that this accumulation is equal to f259, excavated in the past days. [T824SE1.J]
F0285D01T824k105 [T901SE.J]
F0285D06T8248804 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0285D06T8248840 @top [T901SE.J]
F0285F02T824>0co f0280 [T824SE1.J]
F0285K03T824so [T901SE.J]
F0285K05T824yellowish brown [T901SE.J]
F0285K06T82410YR 5/8 [T901SE.J]
F0285K07T8244 [T901SE.J]
F0285K08T824sandy clay [T901SE.J]
F0285P02T824T824 [T901SE.J]
F0286A21T824vm [T901SE.J]
F0286B11T824The volumetric material of a probe 50cm wide in k33, running north-south along f205 and the southernmost stones of f239: the trench has been made to investigate the nature and the relationship between this two stone-installations. It consist mainly of f238 and possibly of the pebbles of f254, continuing north. [T824SE1.J]
F0286D01T824k33 [T901SE.J]
F0286D06T8248913 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0286D06T8248961 @top [T901SE.J]
F0286F02T824>0co f0279 [T824SE1.J]
F0286K03T824so [T901SE.J]
F0286P02T824T824 [T901SE.J]
F0287A21T824ad [T901SE.J]
F0287B11T824Natural, pale-brown accumulation in k106 between the ^esc1 and the line of stones of f284. It is very hard and composed by small, almost powdery grains; it abuts the stone blocks of both f284 to the north and f188 to the south. [T824SE1.J]
F0287D01T824k106 [T901SE.J]
F0287D06T8248759 @top [T901SE.J]
F0287F02T824<8ab f0284 [T824SE1.J]
F0287F02T824>8ab f0188 [T824SE1.J]
F0287F02T824>8ab f0284 [T824SE1.J]
F0287K03T824so [T901SE.J]
F0287K05T824pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0287K06T82410YR 6/3 [T901SE.J]
F0287K07T824>4.5 [T901SE.J]
F0287K08T824sandy clay [T901SE.J]
F0288F02T826<5si q0481 [T829SE.J]
F0289A21T826vm [T901SE.J]
F0289D01T826k105 [T901SE.J]
F0289D06T8268772 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0289D06T8268843 @top [T901SE.J]
F0289F02T826<5si q0480 [T826SE1.J]
F0289K03T826so [T901SE.J]
F0289P02T826T826 [T901SE.J]
F0290A21T829ad [T901SE.J]
F0290D01T829k105 [T901SE.J]
F0290D06T8298827 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0290D06T8298921 @top [T901SE.J]
F0290K03T829so [T901SE.J]
F0290K05T829very pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0290K06T82910YR 7/3 [T901SE.J]
F0290K07T8292.5 [T901SE.J]
F0290K08T829sandy clay loam [T901SE.J]
F0290P02T829T812 [T901SE.J]
F0291A21T829ld [T901SE.J]
F0291D01T829k105 [T901SE.J]
F0291D06T8298839 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0291D06T8298861 @top [T901SE.J]
F0291K03T829so [T901SE.J]
F0291K05T829light gray [T901SE.J]
F0291K06T82910YR 7/2 [T901SE.J]
F0291K07T8294 [T901SE.J]
F0291K08T829sandy clay [T901SE.J]
F0291P02T829T812 [T901SE.J]
F0292A21T830ld [T901SE.J]
F0292D01T830k105 [T901SE.J]
F0292D06T8308927 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0292D06T8308959 @top [T901SE.J]
F0292K03T830so [T901SE.J]
F0292K05T830very pale brown [T901SE.J]
F0292K06T83010YR 7/3 [T901SE.J]
F0292K07T8302.5 [T901SE.J]
F0292K08T830sand [T901SE.J]
F0292P02T830T810 [T901SE.J]
F0293A03T811^esc1 [T811SE1.J]
F0293A21T830escarpment [T901SE.J]
F0293D01T830k105 [T901SE.J]
F0293D06T8308786 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0293D06T8308813 @top [T901SE.J]
F0293K03T830li [T901SE.J]
F0294A21T830vm [T901SE.J]
F0294D01T830k105 [T901SE.J]
F0294D06T8308781 @bottom [T901SE.J]
F0294D06T8309037 @top [T901SE.J]
F0294K03T830so [T901SE.J]
I0033BA1T722b [T823SE2.J]
I0033BA2T7229 [T823SE2.J]
I0033BA3T72220 [T823SE2.J]
I0033BA4T72213 [T823SE2.J]
I0033BA6T722bone [T823SE2.J]
I0033BA7T722triangular [T823SE2.J]
I0033BA8T722yellowish white [T823SE2.J]
I0033BA9T722animal bone [T823SE2.J]
I0033D01T722k104 [T823SE2.J]
I0033D03T7201180 (42051 46043 - 8916 / Relay location: center) [T721SE-R.J]
I0033F02T722>5si f0201 [T823SE2.J]
I0033G03T722associated q-lot: 286 [T823SE2.J]
I0034BA1T722gr [T823SE2.J]
I0034BA2T72210.4 [T823SE2.J]
I0034BA3T7226 [T823SE2.J]
I0034BA4T7226 [T823SE2.J]
I0034BA6T722li [T823SE2.J]
I0034BA7T722gray [T823SE2.J]
I0034BA8T722pestle [T823SE2.J]
I0034D01T722k105 [T823SE2.J]
I0034F02T722>5si f0074 [T823SE2.J]
I0034G03T722associated q-lot: 289 [T823SE2.J]
I0035BA1T722gr [T729SE1.J]
I0035BA2T72211 [T729SE1.J]
I0035BA3T7226.8 [T729SE1.J]
I0035BA5T7227 [T729SE1.J]
I0035BA6T722li [T729SE1.J]
I0035BA8T722gray [T729SE1.J]
I0035BA9T722pestle [T729SE1.J]
I0035D01T722k105 [T729SE1.J]
I0035F02T722>5si f0074 [T729SE1.J]
I0035G03T722associated q-lot: 295 [T729SE1.J]
I0036D03T7221214 (42112 46225 - 8910 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0037D03T7221215 (42108 46265 - 8912 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0038D03T7221216 (42426 45795 - 8912 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0039D03T7221217 (42903 45982 - 8949 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0039O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
I0039O01T722v0153a [T728SE1.J]
I0040D03T7221220 (42850 45972 - 8936 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0040O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
I0040O01T722v0153a [T728SE1.J]
I0041D03T7221221 (42815 45986 - 8927 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0042D03T7221223 (42820 45978 - 8907 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0043D03T7231227 (42019 46277 - 8878 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0045D03T7231233 (42805 45994 - 8905 / Relay location: bottom) [T725SE-R.J]
I0045O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
I0045O01T723v0155a [T729SE.J]
I0046D03T7231234 (42387 45930 - 8899 / Relay location: top) [T725SE-R.J]
I0048D03T7281258 (42672 45742 - 8991 / Relay location: bottom center) [T801SE-R.J]
I0049BA1T730fg [T820SE2.J]
I0049BA2T7302.5 [T820SE2.J]
I0049BA3T7306.6 [T820SE2.J]
I0049BA5T7304.4 [T820SE2.J]
I0049BA6T730clay [T820SE2.J]
I0049BA8T730light brown [T820SE2.J]
I0049BA9T730figurine of a chariot [T820SE2.J]
I0049D01T730k100 [T820SE2.J]
I0049D03T7301279 (41642 46516 - 8766 / Relay location: bottom center) [T801SE-R.J]
I0049F02T730>5si f0213 [T820SE2.J]
I0049G03T730associated q-lot: 323 [T820SE2.J]
I0051BA1T801fg [T820SE2.J]
I0051BA2T8014 [T820SE2.J]
I0051BA4T8016.5 [T820SE2.J]
I0051BA6T801clay [T820SE2.J]
I0051BA8T801yellowish brown [T820SE2.J]
I0051BA9T801wheel [T820SE2.J]
I0051D01T801k106 [T820SE2.J]
I0051F02T801>5si f0227 [T820SE2.J]
I0051G03T801associated q-lot: 331 [T820SE2.J]
I0061A21T830we [T831SE.J]
I0061A22T830ar [T831SE.J]
I0061B11T830Complete bronze arrowhead, its surface is completely encrusted with soil. [T831SE.J]
I0061J01T8300.6 [T831SE.J]
I0061J02T8306.7 [T831SE.J]
I0061J03T8300.2 [T831SE.J]
I0061J04T8301.2 [T831SE.J]
I0061K03T830bronze [T831SE.J]
I0061K05T830green [T831SE.J]
I0061K10T830complete [T831SE.J]
K0033O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
K0033O01T801v0167 [T804SE.J]
K0033O01T801v0167a [T804SE.J]
K0033O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
K0033O01T806v0176 [T810SE1.J]
K0033O01T806v0176a [T810SE1.J]
K0033O01T806v0176b [T810SE1.J]
K0034O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
K0100O01T728v0160 [T729SE.J]
K0100O01T730v0161 [T804SE.J]
K0100O01T801v0166 [T804SE.J]
K0104D03T7201171 (42972 45988 - 9020 / Relay location: NE) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201172 (43043 45766 - 9042 / Relay location: NW) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201173 (42000 46301 - 8935 / Relay location: N corner) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201174 (41971 46272 - 8928 / Relay location: W corner) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201175 (41877 46330 - 8916 / Relay location: E corner) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201176 (41817 46245 - 8911 / Relay location: S corner) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201177 (42402 45748 - 8928 / Relay location: SW corner) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201178 (42623 45821 - 8943 / Relay location: W) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104D03T7201179 (42531 45985 - 8953 / Relay location: E) [T721SE-R.J]
K0104O01T719v0145 [T728SE1.J]
K0104O01T719v0146 [T728SE1.J]
K0104O01T719v0146a [T728SE1.J]
K0104O01T719v0147 [T728SE1.J]
K0104O01T719v0147a [T728SE1.J]
K0105D03T7211189 (42355 46047 - 8929 / Relay location: NW) [T721SE-R.J]
K0105D03T7211190 (42268 46115 - 8929 / Relay location: NE) [T721SE-R.J]
K0105D03T7211191 (42064 46036 - 8912 / Relay location: SE) [T721SE-R.J]
K0105D03T7211192 (42141 45964 - 8930 / Relay location: SW) [T721SE-R.J]
K0105O01T721v0152 [T728SE1.J]
K0105O01T721v0152a [T728SE1.J]
K0105O01T722v0153 [T728SE1.J]
K0105O01T722v0153a [T728SE1.J]
K0105O01T723v0155 [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T723v0155a [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T723v0156 [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T723v0156a [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T723v0156b [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T723v0156c [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T728v0159 [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T728v0159a [T729SE.J]
K0105O01T730v0162 [T804SE.J]
K0105O01T730v0162a [T804SE.J]
K0105O01T730v0162b [T804SE.J]
K0105O01T730v0163 [T804SE.J]
K0105O01T730v0163b [T804SE.J]
K0105O01T801v0164 [T804SE.J]
K0105O01T801v0165 [T804SE.J]
K0105O01T805v0173 [T810SE1.J]
K0105O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
K0105O01T806v0177 [T810SE1.J]
K0105O01T806v0178 [T810SE1.J]
K0105O01T806v0178a [T810SE1.J]
K0106O01T725v0157 [T729SE.J]
K0106O01T725v0157a [T729SE.J]
K0106O01T725v0157b [T729SE.J]
K0106O01T805v0174 [T810SE1.J]
Q0012B21T830qi001203 [T831SE.J]
Q0012B21T831qi001203 [T831SE1.J]
Q0025B21T830qi002503 [T831SE.J]
Q0025B21T831qi002503 [T831SE1.J]
Q0055B21T830qi005502 [T831SE.J]
Q0055B21T831qi005502 [T831SE1.J]
Q0083B21T830qi008302 [T831SE.J]
Q0083B21T831qi008302 [T831SE1.J]
Q0184B21T830qi018403 [T831SE.J]
Q0184B21T831qi018403 [T831SE1.J]
Q0189B21T830qi018901 [T831SE.J]
Q0189B21T831qi018901 [T831SE1.J]
Q0232B21T830qi023205 [T831SE.J]
Q0232B21T831qi023205 [T831SE1.J]
Q0286B21T720qi028602 [T829SE1.J]
Q0291A21T721p, b [T725SE1.J]
Q0291D01T721k100 [T725SE1.J]
Q0291D13T721m6109 (8982) + 127 (height of instrument) - 37 - 20 @bottom [T725SE1.J]
Q0291D22T7218892 [T725SE1.J]
Q0291D23T7218872 [T725SE1.J]
Q0291F02T721>5si f0204 [T725SE1.J]
Q0292A21T721p, b [T725SE1.J]
Q0292D01T721k105 [T725SE1.J]
Q0292D03T7211193 (42147 45964 - 8928 / Relay location: SE) [T721SE-R.J]
Q0292D13T721m6111 (9014) + 165 (height of instrument) - 79 - 10 @bottom [T725SE1.J]
Q0292D20T721r1193 [T725SE1.J]
Q0292D21T721W 200 cms North, 200 cms East [T725SE1.J]
Q0292D22T7218928 [T725SE1.J]
Q0292D23T7218918 [T725SE1.J]
Q0292F02T721>5si f0203 [T725SE1.J]
Q0294D03T7211197 (42910 45917 - 8963 / Relay location: NW) [T721SE-R.J]
Q0295D03T7221198 (43038 45782 - 8975 / Relay location: NW) [T724SE-R.J]
Q0296D03T7221199 (42323 45930 - 8912 / Relay location: SE) [T724SE-R.J]
Q0297D03T7221200 (42007 46288 - 8915 / Relay location: SE) [T724SE-R.J]
Q0299B21T830qi029903 [T831SE.J]
Q0299B21T831qi029903 [T831SE1.J]
Q0300D03T7221222 (42154 45955 - 8911 / Relay location: SE corner) [T725SE-R.J]
Q0305D03T7231235 (42524 45913 - 8956 / Relay location: N) [T725SE-R.J]
Q0313A21T727p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0313D01T727k105 [T802SE.J]
Q0313D03T7281247 (42452 45701 - 9061 / Relay location: SW corner) [T729SE-R.J]
Q0313D13T727m6149 (9145) + 150 (height of instrument) - 66 - 20 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0313D20T727r1247 [T802SE.J]
Q0313D21T727400 cms North, 70 cms East [T802SE.J]
Q0313D22T7279061 [T802SE.J]
Q0313D23T7279041 [T802SE.J]
Q0313F02T727>5si f0212 [T802SE.J]
Q0314A21T727p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0314D01T727k100 [T802SE.J]
Q0314D03T7281248 (41469 46563 - 8834 / Relay location: NE corner) [T729SE-R.J]
Q0314D13T727m6138 (8868) + 150 (height of instrument) - 116 - 20 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0314D20T727r1248 [T802SE.J]
Q0314D21T727300 cms South, 50 cms East [T802SE.J]
Q0314D22T7278834 [T802SE.J]
Q0314D23T7278814 [T802SE.J]
Q0314F02T727>5si f0204 [T802SE.J]
Q0315D03T7281249 (42488 45755 - 8993 / Relay location: SW corner) [T729SE-R.J]
Q0316D03T7281259 (41902 46297 - 8871 / Relay location: SW corner) [T801SE-R.J]
Q0317B21T725qi031701 [T823JN2.J]
Q0317B21T728qi031702 [T823JN2.J]
Q0319A21T728p [T802SE.J]
Q0319D01T728k106 [T802SE.J]
Q0319D13T728m6109 (8982) + 149 (height of instrument) - 122 - 30 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0319D20T728r1269 [T802SE.J]
Q0319D21T728200 cms South, 40 cms West [T802SE.J]
Q0319D22T7288955 [T802SE.J]
Q0319D23T7288925 [T802SE.J]
Q0319F02T728>5si f0157 [T802SE.J]
Q0320A21T728p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0320D01T728k105 [T802SE.J]
Q0320F02T728>5si f0219 [T802SE.J]
Q0321A21T730p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0321B21T730qi032101 [T823JN2.J]
Q0321D01T730k105 [T802SE.J]
Q0321D03T7301272 (42626 45689 - 8963 / Relay location: NW corner) [T801SE-R.J]
Q0321D13T730m6171 (9031) + 162 (height of instrument) - 99 - 20 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0321D20T730r1272 [T802SE.J]
Q0321D21T730300 cms South, 150 cms West [T802SE.J]
Q0321D22T7308968 [T802SE.J]
Q0321D23T7308948 [T802SE.J]
Q0321F02T730>5si f0218 [T802SE.J]
Q0322A21T730p [T802SE.J]
Q0322D01T730k105 [T802SE.J]
Q0322D13T730m6170 (9028) + 149 (height of instrument) - 46 - 5 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0322D20T730r1277 [T802SE.J]
Q0322D21T73020 cms South, 20 cms West [T802SE.J]
Q0322D22T7308925 [T802SE.J]
Q0322D23T7308920 [T802SE.J]
Q0322F02T730>5si f0220 [T802SE.J]
Q0323A21T731p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0323D01T731k100 [T802SE.J]
Q0323D13T731m6175 (8824) + 149 (height of instrument) - 92 - 5 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0323D20T731r1273 [T802SE.J]
Q0323D21T73150 cms North, 100 cms East [T802SE.J]
Q0323D22T7318767 [T802SE.J]
Q0323D23T7318762 [T802SE.J]
Q0323F02T731>5si f0213 [T802SE.J]
Q0324A21T731p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0324D01T731k105 [T802SE.J]
Q0324D03T7281281 (43052 45515 - 9030 / Relay location: SE) [T802SE-R.J]
Q0324D13T731m6171 (9031) + 154 (height of instrument) - 86 - 10 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0324D20T731r1278 [T802SE.J]
Q0324D21T731250 cms South, 70 cms East [T802SE.J]
Q0324D22T7318963 [T802SE.J]
Q0324D23T7318953 [T802SE.J]
Q0324F02T731>5si f0221 [T802SE.J]
Q0325A21T731p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0325D01T731k100 [T802SE.J]
Q0325D03T7281282 (41710 46521 - 8774 / Relay location: NW) [T802SE-R.J]
Q0325D13T731m6174 (8855) + 156 (height of instrument) - 75 - 10 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0325D20T731r1282 [T802SE.J]
Q0325D21T731100 cms North, 100 cms West [T802SE.J]
Q0325D22T7318774 [T802SE.J]
Q0325D23T7318764 [T802SE.J]
Q0325F02T731>5si f0226 [T802SE.J]
Q0327A21T731p [T802SE.J]
Q0327B21T730qi032701 [T823JN2.J]
Q0327D01T731k33 [T802SE.J]
Q0327D03T7281286 (42982 45986 - 8984 / Relay location: SE corner) [T802SE-R.J]
Q0327D13T731m6172 (9033) + 153 (height of instrument) - 104 - 5 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0327D20T731r1286 [T802SE.J]
Q0327D21T731100 cms North, 100 cms West [T802SE.J]
Q0327D22T7318984 [T802SE.J]
Q0327D23T7318979 [T802SE.J]
Q0327F02T731>5si f0074 [T802SE.J]
Q0328A21T801p [T802SE.J]
Q0328D01T801k106 [T802SE.J]
Q0328D13T801m6110 (8988) + 159 (height of instrument) - 51 - 5 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0328D20T801r1287 [T802SE.J]
Q0328D21T801200 cms North, 100 cms West [T802SE.J]
Q0328D22T8018880 [T802SE.J]
Q0328D23T8018875 [T802SE.J]
Q0328F02T801>5si f0158 [T802SE.J]
Q0329A21T801p, b [T802SE.J]
Q0329D01T801k33 [T802SE.J]
Q0329D13T801m6172 (9033) + 148 (height of instrument) - 130 - 15 @bottom [T802SE.J]
Q0329D20T801r1288 [T802SE.J]
Q0329D21T801100 cms South, 100 cms East [T802SE.J]
Q0329D22T8019015 [T802SE.J]
Q0329D23T8019000 [T802SE.J]
Q0329F02T801>5si f0218 [T802SE.J]
Q0330B21T801qi033001 [T823JN2.J]
Q0331B21T801qi033101 [T823JN2.J]
Q0335D03T8021296 (41902 46310 - 8857 / Relay location: NE) [T802SE-R.J]
Q0336D03T8021300 (43062 45780 - 8987 / Relay location: NW corner) [T802SE-R.J]
Q0339D03T8021308 (43174 45707 - 8999 / Relay location: SW) [T805SE-R.J]
Q0341B21T803qi034102 [T823JN2.J]
Q0341B21T803qi034103 [T823JN2.J]
Q0344A21T803p, b [T805SE1.J]
Q0344D01T803k34 [T805SE1.J]
Q0344D13T803m6148 (9130) + 139 (height of instrument) - 100 - 80 @bottom [T805SE1.J]
Q0344D20T803r1315 [T805SE1.J]
Q0344D21T803100 cms South, 100 cms West [T805SE1.J]
Q0344D22T8039091 [T805SE1.J]
Q0344D23T8039011 [T805SE1.J]
Q0344F02T803>5si f0070 [T805SE1.J]
Q0345B21T803qi034501 [T823JN2.J]
Q0355A21T806p [T810SE2.J]
Q0355D01T806k33 [T810SE2.J]
Q0355D03T8051334 (43118 45986 - 9084 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0355D13T806m6188 (9079) + 95 (height of instrument) - 100 - 15 @bottom [T810SE2.J]
Q0355D20T806r1334 [T810SE2.J]
Q0355D21T80650 cms South, 30 cms East [T810SE2.J]
Q0355D22T8069084 [T810SE2.J]
Q0355D23T8069069 [T810SE2.J]
Q0355F02T806>5si f0240 [T810SE2.J]
Q0356B21T806qi035603 [T820SE1.J]
Q0357D03T8051337 (41729 46494 - 8785 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0358D03T8051338 (43044 45567 - 8981 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0359D03T8051339 (41456 46460 - 8829 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0367B21T830qi036701 [T831SE.J]
Q0367B21T831qi036701 [T831SE1.J]
Q0375A21T809p,b [T810SE2.J]
Q0375D01T809k106 [T810SE2.J]
Q0375D03T8091358 (41685 46622 - 8817 / Relay location: W point) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0375D13T809m6174 (8855) + 150 (height of instrument) - 112 - 15 @bottom [T810SE2.J]
Q0375D20T809r1358 [T810SE2.J]
Q0375D21T8095 cms South, 50 cms East [T810SE2.J]
Q0375D22T8098817 [T810SE2.J]
Q0375D23T8098802 [T810SE2.J]
Q0375F02T809>5si f0184 [T810SE2.J]
Q0383A21T810p,b [T813JN.J]
Q0383B21T810qi038301 [T820SE1.J]
Q0383B21T810qi038302 [T820SE1.J]
Q0383D01T810k105 [T813JN.J]
Q0383D13T810m6172 (9033) + 166 (height of instrument) - 74 - 2 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0383D20T810r1370 [T813JN.J]
Q0383D21T810500 cms South, 200 cms East [T813JN.J]
Q0383D22T8108941 [T813JN.J]
Q0383D23T8108939 [T813JN.J]
Q0383F02T810>5si f0246 [T813JN.J]
Q0384A21T810p,b [T813JN.J]
Q0384D01T810k105 [T813JN.J]
Q0384D13T810m6034 (8989) + 163 (height of instrument) - 70 - 20 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0384D20T810r1372 [T813JN.J]
Q0384D21T810450 cms North, 200 cms West [T813JN.J]
Q0384D22T8108896 [T813JN.J]
Q0384D23T8108876 [T813JN.J]
Q0384F02T810>5si f0250 [T813JN.J]
Q0385B21T810qi038501 [T820SE1.J]
Q0385B21T830qi038502 [T831SE.J]
Q0385B21T831qi038502 [T831SE1.J]
Q0388A21T810p [T813JN.J]
Q0388D01T810k106 [T813JN.J]
Q0388D13T810m6174 (8855) + 156 (height of instrument) - 65 - 1 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0388D20T810r1374 [T813JN.J]
Q0388D21T810150 cms North, 150 cms West [T813JN.J]
Q0388D22T8108764 [T813JN.J]
Q0388D23T8108763 [T813JN.J]
Q0388F02T810>5si f0242 [T813JN.J]
Q0389D03T8111378 (41743 46463 - 8794 / Relay location: SW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0390D03T8111379 (41793 46274 - 8783 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0391D03T8111380 (41895 46307 - 8858 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0392D03T8111382 (43025 45686 - 8926 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0393D03T8111381 (42400 45728 - 8931 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0394A21T811p [T813JN.J]
Q0394D01T811k106 [T813JN.J]
Q0394D13T811m6175 (8824) + 143 (height of instrument) - 110 - 20 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0394D20T811r1378 [T813JN.J]
Q0394D21T81150 cms North, 20 cms East [T813JN.J]
Q0394D22T8118791 [T813JN.J]
Q0394D23T8118771 [T813JN.J]
Q0394F02T811>5si f0242 [T813JN.J]
Q0395A21T811p [T813JN.J]
Q0395D01T811k105 [T813JN.J]
Q0395D13T811m6188 (9079) + 163 (height of instrument) - 10 - 20 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0395D20T811r1382 [T813JN.J]
Q0395D21T811400 cms South, 250 cms East [T813JN.J]
Q0395D22T8118926 [T813JN.J]
Q0395D23T8118906 [T813JN.J]
Q0395F02T811>5si f0250 [T813JN.J]
Q0396A21T811p [T813JN.J]
Q0396D01T811k106 [T813JN.J]
Q0396D03T8111385 (41936 46339 - 8853 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0396D13T811m6032 (8975) + 157 (height of instrument) - 35 - 5 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0396D20T811r1385 [T813JN.J]
Q0396D21T81120 cms South, 200 cms West [T813JN.J]
Q0396D22T8118853 [T813JN.J]
Q0396D23T8118848 [T813JN.J]
Q0396F02T811>5si f0252 [T813JN.J]
Q0397A21T811p,b [T813JN.J]
Q0397D01T811k106 [T813JN.J]
Q0397D03T8111386 (41685 46397 - 8770 / Relay location: SE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0397D13T811m6174 (8855) + 133 (height of instrument) - 48 - 5 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0397D20T811r1386 [T813JN.J]
Q0397D21T8115 cms North, 10 cms West [T813JN.J]
Q0397D22T8118770 [T813JN.J]
Q0397D23T8118765 [T813JN.J]
Q0397F02T811>5si f0243 [T813JN.J]
Q0402B21T812qi040202 [T820SE1.J]
Q0407D03T8121432 (41132 46610 - 8769 / Relay location: NW corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0408D03T8121433 (42291 45439 - 8838 / Relay location: NE corner) [T812SE-R.J]
Q0414A21T813p,b [T813JN.J]
Q0414D01T813k106 [T813JN.J]
Q0414D13T813m6110 (8988) + 154 (height of instrument) - 16 - 20 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0414D20T813r1439 [T813JN.J]
Q0414D21T813100 cms North, 100 cms East [T813JN.J]
Q0414D22T8138850 [T813JN.J]
Q0414D23T8138830 [T813JN.J]
Q0414F02T813>5si f0241 [T813JN.J]
Q0415A21T8139 [T813JN.J]
Q0415D01T813k106 [T813JN.J]
Q0415D13T813m6110 (8988) + 157 (height of instrument) - 42 - 50 @bottom [T813JN.J]
Q0415D20T813r1438 [T813JN.J]
Q0415D21T813150 cms South, 100 cms East [T813JN.J]
Q0415D22T8138873 [T813JN.J]
Q0415D23T8138823 [T813JN.J]
Q0415F02T813>5si f0264 [T813JN.J]
Q0416B21T813qi041601 [T820SE1.J]
Q0417D03T8181524 (42545 45923 - 8846 / Relay location: NE corner) [T819SE-R.J]
Q0434B21T830qi043401 [T831SE.J]
Q0436A21T817p [T820SE.J]
Q0436B21T830qi043601 [T831SE.J]
Q0436D01T817k105 [T820SE.J]
Q0436D13T817m6214 (8932) + 155 (height of instrument) - 28 - 20 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0436D20T817r1473 [T820SE.J]
Q0436D21T817100 cms South, 50 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0436D22T8178805 [T820SE.J]
Q0436D23T8178785 [T820SE.J]
Q0436F02T817>5si f0259 [T820SE.J]
Q0439A21T817p [T820SE.J]
Q0439D01T817k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0439D13T817m6226 (8836) + 166 (height of instrument) - 189 - 100 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0439D20T817r1480 [T820SE.J]
Q0439D21T817300 cms South, 100 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0439D22T8178859 [T820SE.J]
Q0439D23T8178759 [T820SE.J]
Q0439F02T817>5si f0241 [T820SE.J]
Q0442B21T830qi044201 [T831SE.J]
Q0443B21T830qi044301 [T831SE.J]
Q0443B21T830qi044302 [T831SE.J]
Q0444A21T818p [T820SE.J]
Q0444D01T818k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0444D13T818m6225 (8887) + 141 (height of instrument) - 55 - 80 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0444D20T818r1486 [T820SE.J]
Q0444D21T818400 cms South, 100 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0444D22T8188801 [T820SE.J]
Q0444D23T8188721 [T820SE.J]
Q0444F02T818>5si f0242 [T820SE.J]
Q0445A21T818p [T820SE.J]
Q0445D01T818k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0445D13T818m6225 (8887) + 141 (height of instrument) - 55 - 80 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0445D20T818r1486 [T820SE.J]
Q0445D21T818400 cms South, 100 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0445D22T8188801 [T820SE.J]
Q0445D23T8188721 [T820SE.J]
Q0445F02T818>5si f0242 [T820SE.J]
Q0446A21T818p [T820SE.J]
Q0446D01T818k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0446D13T818m6225 (8887) + 141 (height of instrument) - 55 - 80 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0446D20T818r1486 [T820SE.J]
Q0446D21T818400 cms South, 100 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0446D22T8188801 [T820SE.J]
Q0446D23T8188721 [T820SE.J]
Q0446F02T818>5si f0242 [T820SE.J]
Q0447A21T818p,b [T820SE.J]
Q0447D01T818k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0447D13T818m6225 (8887) + 141 (height of instrument) - 55 - 80 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0447D20T818r1486 [T820SE.J]
Q0447D21T818400 cms South, 100 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0447D22T8188801 [T820SE.J]
Q0447D23T8188721 [T820SE.J]
Q0447F02T818>5si f0242 [T820SE.J]
Q0448A21T818p [T820SE.J]
Q0448D01T818k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0448D13T818m6225 (8887) + 141 (height of instrument) - 55 - 80 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0448D20T818r1486 [T820SE.J]
Q0448D21T818400 cms South, 100 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0448D22T8188801 [T820SE.J]
Q0448D23T8188721 [T820SE.J]
Q0448F02T818>5si f0242 [T820SE.J]
Q0456A21T818p [T820SE.J]
Q0456D01T818k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0456D13T818m6225 (8887) + 141 (height of instrument) - 55 - 80 @bottom [T820SE.J]
Q0456D20T818r1486 [T820SE.J]
Q0456D21T818400 cms South, 100 cms East [T820SE.J]
Q0456D22T8188801 [T820SE.J]
Q0456D23T8188721 [T820SE.J]
Q0456F02T818>5si f0242 [T820SE.J]
Q0459B21T830qi045901 [T831SE.J]
Q0460D03T8241544 (42403 45916 - 8756 / Relay location: q-lot corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0461D03T8241545 (42787 45909 - 8840 / Relay location: q-lot corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0463B21T830qi046301 [T831SE.J]
Q0463D03T8241546 (42117 46260 - 8759 / Relay location: SW corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0464D03T8241547 (42735 45927 - 8804 / Relay location: NE corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0465B21T830qi046501 [T831SE.J]
Q0465B21T830qi046502 [T831SE.J]
Q0468D03T8251599 (42762 45835 - 8852 / Relay location: NE corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0469D03T8251600 (42726 45744 - 8849 / Relay location: SE corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0471D03T8251601 (42062 46118 - 8737 / Relay location: NW corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0473B21T830qi047301 [T831SE.J]
Q0473D03T8251602 (42783 45835 - 8831 / Relay location: NE corner) [T825SE-R.J]
Q0475D03T8261603 (42777 45791 - 8781 / Relay location: NE corner) [T826SE-R.J]
Q0476D03T8261604 (42332 45882 - 8721 / Relay location: NE corner) [T826SE-R.J]
Q0477D03T8261605 (42069 46295 - 8758 / Relay location: west end) [T826SE-R.J]
Q0478B21T830qi047801 [T831SE.J]
Q0478D03T8261606 (42769 45779 - 8750 / Relay location: NE corner) [T826SE-R.J]
Q0479D03T8261607 (42768 45764 - 8738 / Relay location: NE corner) [T826SE-R.J]
Q0480A21T826p [T826SE1.J]
Q0480B21T826qi048001 [T826SE.J]
Q0480B21T826qi048002 [T826SE.J]
Q0480B21T830qi048001 [T831SE.J]
Q0480B21T830qi048002 [T831SE.J]
Q0480D01T826k105 [T826SE1.J]
Q0480D03T8261608 (42438 45959 - 8814 / Relay location: W) [T826SE-R.J]
Q0480D13T826m6238 (8839) + 106 (height of instrument) - 81 - 150 @bottom [T826SE1.J]
Q0480D20T826r1608 [T826SE1.J]
Q0480D21T82640 cms South, 50 cms East [T826SE1.J]
Q0480D22T8268814 [T826SE1.J]
Q0480D23T8268664 [T826SE1.J]
Q0480F02T826>5si f0289 [T826SE1.J]
Q0481A21T826p [T829SE.J]
Q0481D01T826k105 [T829SE.J]
Q0481D06T8268718 @top - 1@bottom [T829SE.J]
Q0481D20T826r1610 [T829SE.J]
Q0481D21T826250 cms South, 50 cms East [T829SE.J]
Q0481F02T826>5si f0288 [T829SE.J]
Q0482A21T826p [T829SE.J]
Q0482D01T826k100 [T829SE.J]
Q0482D03T8271609 (41653 46186 - 9117 / Relay location: SW corner) [T829SE-R.J]
Q0482D13T826m6203 (9075) + 149 (height of instrument) - 191 - 100 @bottom [T829SE.J]
Q0482D20T826r1609 [T829SE.J]
Q0482D21T826100 cms North, 300 cms East [T829SE.J]
Q0482D22T8269117 [T829SE.J]
Q0482D23T8269017 [T829SE.J]
Q0482F02T826>5si f0225 [T829SE.J]
Q0800A21T727p [T802SE.J]
Q0802D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0803D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0804D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0805D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0806D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0807D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0808A21T811p [T813JN.J]
Q0808D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0809A21T813p [T813JN.J]
Q0809D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0810D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0811D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0812D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0813A21T817p [T820SE.J]
Q0813D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0814D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0815D01T818k106 [T820SE.J]
Q0815D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0816D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
Q0817D99T720pottery from the shafat [T823SE1.J]
QI001203A21T830sherd [T831SE.J]
QI001203B11T830Fragment of a ceramic vessel. From its painted decoration it has been dated to the Halaf period. [T831SE.J]
QI001203BA1T831cv [T831SE1.J]
QI001203BA2T8310.9 [T831SE1.J]
QI001203BA3T8314.6 [T831SE1.J]
QI001203BA5T8313.3 [T831SE1.J]
QI001203BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI001203BA7T831black-white [T831SE1.J]
QI001203BA8T831Fragment of a Halaf sherd [T831SE1.J]
QI001203J01T8300.9 [T831SE.J]
QI001203J02T8304.6 [T831SE.J]
QI001203J04T8303.3 [T831SE.J]
QI001203K03T830CL [T831SE.J]
QI001203K05T830black and white [T831SE.J]
QI001203K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI002503A21T830sherd [T831SE.J]
QI002503B11T830Fragment of a rim of a ceramic vessel. It is not painted, but both on its smooth, concave, external surface and on the rim itself there are some cloth impressions. [T831SE.J]
QI002503BA1T831cv [T831SE1.J]
QI002503BA2T8311.3 [T831SE1.J]
QI002503BA3T8316 [T831SE1.J]
QI002503BA5T8315.6 [T831SE1.J]
QI002503BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI002503BA7T831pale yellow [T831SE1.J]
QI002503BA8T831Sherd with cloth impression [T831SE1.J]
QI002503J01T8301.3 [T831SE.J]
QI002503J02T8306 [T831SE.J]
QI002503J04T8305.6 [T831SE.J]
QI002503K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI002503K05T830pale yellow [T831SE.J]
QI002503K06T8302.5Y 7/3 [T831SE.J]
QI002503K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI005502A21T830sherd [T831SE.J]
QI005502B11T830Fragment of a clay artifact, possibly the foot of a vessel or less likely a part of a figurine. It has a conical shape but the top is broken, the surfaces are very smooth and the edges rounded. The base is slightly concave. [T831SE.J]
QI005502BA1T831uc [T831SE1.J]
QI005502BA3T8312.8 [T831SE1.J]
QI005502BA4T8312.8 [T831SE1.J]
QI005502BA5T8311.5 [T831SE1.J]
QI005502BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI005502BA7T831reddish yellow [T831SE1.J]
QI005502BA8T831part of a figurine? [T831SE1.J]
QI005502J02T8302.8 [T831SE.J]
QI005502J03T8302.8 [T831SE.J]
QI005502J04T8301.5 [T831SE.J]
QI005502K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI005502K05T830reddish yellow [T831SE.J]
QI005502K06T8305YR 7/6 [T831SE.J]
QI005502K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI008302A21T830sherd [T831SE.J]
QI008302B11T830Fragment of the top of a ceramic vessel (the rim is broken but recognizable). It is not painted, but it has some decorations in relief, possibly some animal figurines. [T831SE.J]
QI008302BA1T831cv [T831SE1.J]
QI008302BA2T8311.9 [T831SE1.J]
QI008302BA3T8316.3 [T831SE1.J]
QI008302BA5T8314.6 [T831SE1.J]
QI008302BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI008302BA7T831very pale brown [T831SE1.J]
QI008302BA8T831Sherd with decoration in relief [T831SE1.J]
QI008302J01T8301.9 [T831SE.J]
QI008302J02T8306.3 [T831SE.J]
QI008302J04T8304.6 [T831SE.J]
QI008302K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI008302K05T830very pale brown [T831SE.J]
QI008302K06T83010YR 7/4 [T831SE.J]
QI008302K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI018403A21T830cl [T831SE.J]
QI018403B11T830Two clay lumps forming an unknown clay artifact. The dimensions of the bigger one are 3.6x2.5x1.3 cm, of the smaller are 2.9x1.8x1.2 cm. They have irregular shape but smooth surfaces, the smaller seems to have a hole or a depression in the center. [T831SE.J]
QI018403BA1T831uk [T831SE1.J]
QI018403BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI018403BA7T831pink [T831SE1.J]
QI018403BA8T8312 pieces of an unknown clay artifact [T831SE1.J]
QI018403K03T830CL [T831SE.J]
QI018403K05T830pink [T831SE.J]
QI018403K06T8307.5YR 7/4 [T831SE.J]
QI018403K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI018901A21T830cl [T831SE.J]
QI018901B11T830Fragment of an unknown clay artifact. It has an almost triangular shape, with two flat surfaces that join on top and one smooth, concave surface at its bottom. It has also some soil encrustations. [T831SE.J]
QI018901BA1T831uk [T831SE1.J]
QI018901BA2T8314.6 [T831SE1.J]
QI018901BA3T8316.4 [T831SE1.J]
QI018901BA5T8315.6 [T831SE1.J]
QI018901BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI018901BA7T831pale brown [T831SE1.J]
QI018901BA8T831unknown clay artifact [T831SE1.J]
QI018901J01T8304.6 [T831SE.J]
QI018901J02T8306.4 [T831SE.J]
QI018901J04T8305.6 [T831SE.J]
QI018901K03T830CL [T831SE.J]
QI018901K05T830very pale brown [T831SE.J]
QI018901K06T83010YR 7/3 [T831SE.J]
QI018901K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI023205A21T830sherd [T831SE.J]
QI023205B11T830Fragment of a Mittani sherd. It has a black and white painted decoration that shows part of the typical Mittani bird design. [T831SE.J]
QI023205BA1T831cv [T831SE1.J]
QI023205BA2T8311.3 [T831SE1.J]
QI023205BA3T8315.9 [T831SE1.J]
QI023205BA5T8314.9 [T831SE1.J]
QI023205BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI023205BA7T831black-white [T831SE1.J]
QI023205BA8T831Mittani painted sherd [T831SE1.J]
QI023205J01T8301.3 [T831SE.J]
QI023205J02T8305.9 [T831SE.J]
QI023205J04T8304.9 [T831SE.J]
QI023205K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI023205K05T830black and white [T831SE.J]
QI023205K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI028602BA1T720bl [T829SE1.J]
QI028602BA2T7200.9 [T829SE1.J]
QI028602BA3T7202.5 [T829SE1.J]
QI028602BA5T7201.4 [T829SE1.J]
QI028602BA6T720obsidian [T829SE1.J]
QI028602BA7T720triangular [T829SE1.J]
QI028602BA8T720black [T829SE1.J]
QI029903A21T830cl [T831SE.J]
QI029903B11T830Piece of sealing clay without seal impression. It has an irregular shape and smooth, rounded surfaces. [T831SE.J]
QI029903BA1T831sl [T831SE1.J]
QI029903BA2T8312 [T831SE1.J]
QI029903BA3T8313.2 [T831SE1.J]
QI029903BA5T8312.9 [T831SE1.J]
QI029903BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI029903BA7T831black [T831SE1.J]
QI029903BA8T831sealing clay without seal impression [T831SE1.J]
QI029903J01T8302 [T831SE.J]
QI029903J02T8303.2 [T831SE.J]
QI029903J04T8302.9 [T831SE.J]
QI029903K03T830CL [T831SE.J]
QI029903K05T830black [T831SE.J]
QI029903K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI031701BA1T725ta [T823JN2.J]
QI031701BA2T7254 [T823JN2.J]
QI031701BA3T72512.3 [T823JN2.J]
QI031701BA4T72510.5 [T823JN2.J]
QI031701BA6T725clay [T823JN2.J]
QI031701BA8T725black [T823JN2.J]
QI031701BA9T725Piece of tannur [T823JN2.J]
QI031702BA1T728uc laf [T823JN2.J]
QI031702BA2T7281.3 [T823JN2.J]
QI031702BA3T7283 [T823JN2.J]
QI031702BA4T7282.4 [T823JN2.J]
QI031702BA6T728stone [T823JN2.J]
QI031702BA8T728brownish gray [T823JN2.J]
QI031702BA9T728piece of silex with cortex (core) [T823JN2.J]
QI032101BA1T730gr [T823JN2.J]
QI032101BA2T7304 [T823JN2.J]
QI032101BA3T73011 [T823JN2.J]
QI032101BA4T7305.7 [T823JN2.J]
QI032101BA6T730stone [T823JN2.J]
QI032101BA8T730gray [T823JN2.J]
QI032101BA9T730Fragment of a grinding stone [T823JN2.J]
QI032701BA1T730sp [T823JN2.J]
QI032701BA2T7300.8 [T823JN2.J]
QI032701BA3T7301.4 [T823JN2.J]
QI032701BA4T7301 [T823JN2.J]
QI032701BA6T730shell [T823JN2.J]
QI032701BA8T730white [T823JN2.J]
QI033001BA1T801to [T823JN2.J]
QI033001BA2T8014.8 [T823JN2.J]
QI033001BA3T80111.5 [T823JN2.J]
QI033001BA4T8017 [T823JN2.J]
QI033001BA6T801stone [T823JN2.J]
QI033001BA8T801gray [T823JN2.J]
QI033001BA9T801Lithic artifact. Maybe a weight? [T823JN2.J]
QI033101BA1T801cl [T823JN2.J]
QI033101BA2T8011.5 [T823JN2.J]
QI033101BA3T8011.1 [T823JN2.J]
QI033101BA4T8011.3 [T823JN2.J]
QI033101BA6T801clay [T823JN2.J]
QI033101BA8T801black [T823JN2.J]
QI033101BA9T801Fragment of clay lump [T823JN2.J]
QI034102BA1T803uc caf [T823JN2.J]
QI034102BA3T8032.5 [T823JN2.J]
QI034102BA4T8032 [T823JN2.J]
QI034102BA6T803clay [T823JN2.J]
QI034102BA8T803reddish brown [T823JN2.J]
QI034102BA9T803late [T823JN2.J]
QI034103BA1T803fg [T823JN2.J]
QI034103BA2T8034 [T823JN2.J]
QI034103BA3T8038 [T823JN2.J]
QI034103BA4T8036.5 [T823JN2.J]
QI034103BA6T803clay [T823JN2.J]
QI034103BA8T803brown [T823JN2.J]
QI034103BA9T803Fragment of big figurine [T823JN2.J]
QI034501BA1T803to [T823JN2.J]
QI034501BA2T8034.1 [T823JN2.J]
QI034501BA3T8036.2 [T823JN2.J]
QI034501BA4T8032.8 [T823JN2.J]
QI034501BA6T803stone [T823JN2.J]
QI034501BA8T803gray [T823JN2.J]
QI034501BA9T803fragment of an ax [T823JN2.J]
QI035603BA1T806gr [T820SE1.J]
QI035603BA2T8063.5 [T820SE1.J]
QI035603BA3T80610 [T820SE1.J]
QI035603BA5T8064.5 [T820SE1.J]
QI035603BA6T806stone [T820SE1.J]
QI035603BA8T806black [T820SE1.J]
QI035603BA9T806fragment of grinding stone [T820SE1.J]
QI036701A20T830caf [T831SE.J]
QI036701A21T830uc [T831SE.J]
QI036701B11T830Fragment of a clay object, probably the foot of a vessel or less likely a part of a figurine. It has a conical shape with a broken top, the bottom surface is concave. All the surfaces are smooth and the edges are rounded. [T831SE.J]
QI036701BA1T831uc [T831SE1.J]
QI036701BA3T8312.7 [T831SE1.J]
QI036701BA4T8312.9 [T831SE1.J]
QI036701BA5T8313.2 [T831SE1.J]
QI036701BA6T831cl [T831SE1.J]
QI036701BA7T831very pale brown [T831SE1.J]
QI036701BA8T831clay artifact uncertain (figurine?) [T831SE1.J]
QI036701J02T8302.7 [T831SE.J]
QI036701J03T8302.9 [T831SE.J]
QI036701J04T8303.2 [T831SE.J]
QI036701K03T830CL [T831SE.J]
QI036701K05T830very pale brown [T831SE.J]
QI036701K06T83010YR 8/4 [T831SE.J]
QI036701K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI038301BA1T810gr [T820SE1.J]
QI038301BA2T8104 [T820SE1.J]
QI038301BA3T8108.2 [T820SE1.J]
QI038301BA5T8105.2 [T820SE1.J]
QI038301BA6T810stone [T820SE1.J]
QI038301BA8T810black [T820SE1.J]
QI038301BA9T810piece of grinding stone [T820SE1.J]
QI038302BA1T810gr [T820SE1.J]
QI038302BA2T8104 [T820SE1.J]
QI038302BA3T8108 [T820SE1.J]
QI038302BA5T8106 [T820SE1.J]
QI038302BA6T810stone [T820SE1.J]
QI038302BA8T810black [T820SE1.J]
QI038302BA9T810piece of grinding stone [T820SE1.J]
QI038501BA1T810gr [T820SE1.J]
QI038501BA2T8105 [T820SE1.J]
QI038501BA3T81013 [T820SE1.J]
QI038501BA5T8109 [T820SE1.J]
QI038501BA6T810stone [T820SE1.J]
QI038501BA8T810black [T820SE1.J]
QI038501BA9T810piece of grinding stone [T820SE1.J]
QI038502A21T830hb [T831SE.J]
QI038502B11T830fragment of a human skull. [T831SE.J]
QI038502BA1T831bone [T831SE1.J]
QI038502BA2T8310.9 [T831SE1.J]
QI038502BA3T8318.1 [T831SE1.J]
QI038502BA5T8316.1 [T831SE1.J]
QI038502BA6T831bone [T831SE1.J]
QI038502BA7T831yellowish brown [T831SE1.J]
QI038502BA8T831possibly a human bone (skull) [T831SE1.J]
QI038502J01T8300.9 [T831SE.J]
QI038502J02T8308.1 [T831SE.J]
QI038502J04T8306.1 [T831SE.J]
QI038502K03T830BN [T831SE.J]
QI038502K05T830yellowish brown [T831SE.J]
QI038502K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI038502P99T830Moved to Physical Anthropology Lab for storage and analysis in a future season. [T831SE.J]
QI040202BA1T812sm [T820SE1.J]
QI040202BA6T812soil [T820SE1.J]
QI040202BA8T812dark brown [T820SE1.J]
QI040202BA9T812sample of soil from f258 [T820SE1.J]
QI041601BA1T813cs [T820SE1.J]
QI041601BA6T813carbon [T820SE1.J]
QI041601BA8T813black [T820SE1.J]
QI041601BA9T813piece of carbon [T820SE1.J]
QI043401A20T830laf [T831SE.J]
QI043401A21T830pol [T831SE.J]
QI043401B11T830Lithic artifact, possibly a tool since its surfaces are very smooth and flat. One extremity is rounded and convex, the other one is broken and rougher. It is made out of basalt. [T831SE.J]
QI043401J01T8303.8 [T831SE.J]
QI043401J02T8309.2 [T831SE.J]
QI043401J04T8304 [T831SE.J]
QI043401K03T830BASALT [T831SE.J]
QI043401K05T830dark gray [T831SE.J]
QI043401K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI043601A21T830ds [T831SE.J]
QI043601B11T830Semicircular fragment of a door socket, half of the item is preserved. It has smooth surfaces but rough edges in correspondence of the two breakage lines. A concave depression is in its center, but it doesn't seem to run through all the object. [T831SE.J]
QI043601J01T83011.3 [T831SE.J]
QI043601J02T83020.5 [T831SE.J]
QI043601J04T83014.4 [T831SE.J]
QI043601K03T830LI [T831SE.J]
QI043601K05T830light yellowish brown [T831SE.J]
QI043601K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI044201A21T830gr [T831SE.J]
QI044201B11T830Fragment of a grinding stone, only the bottom half is preserved. Its surfaces and edges are rough, one side is flat while the other one is convex. Its color is brownish black because of some soil encrustations that are on the basalt stone. [T831SE.J]
QI044201J01T8304 [T831SE.J]
QI044201J02T83015.3 [T831SE.J]
QI044201J04T83016.2 [T831SE.J]
QI044201K03T830BASALT [T831SE.J]
QI044201K05T830brownish black [T831SE.J]
QI044201K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI044301A21T830bk [T831SE.J]
QI044301B11T830Three fragments of unbaked mud bricks, the biggest is 7.4 cm long, 12.3 cm wide and 7 cm height. They all have finger impressions running vertically through one of their external surfaces. [T831SE.J]
QI044301K03T830CL-DRIED [T831SE.J]
QI044301K05T830pale brown [T831SE.J]
QI044301K06T83010YR 6/3 [T831SE.J]
QI044301K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI044302A21T830cs [T831SE.J]
QI044302B11T830Untouched specimen of carbon, suitable for use in C14 analysis. [T831SE.J]
QI044302K03T830CARBON [T831SE.J]
QI044302K05T830black [T831SE.J]
QI044302O99T830Not photographed. [T831SE.J]
QI045901A21T830fg [T831SE.J]
QI045901B11T830Fragment of an animal figurine. It is preserved from the neck to the tail, but the head and the four legs are missing. It has a smooth, unpainted surface; on its underside some finger impressions are visible. [T831SE.J]
QI045901J01T8304.5 [T831SE.J]
QI045901J02T8309.6 [T831SE.J]
QI045901J04T8304.3 [T831SE.J]
QI045901K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI045901K05T830yellow [T831SE.J]
QI045901K06T83010YR 7/6 [T831SE.J]
QI045901K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI046301A21T830cs [T831SE.J]
QI046301B11T830Touched specimen of carbon, not useful for C-14 analysis. [T831SE.J]
QI046301K03T830CARBON [T831SE.J]
QI046301K05T830black [T831SE.J]
QI046501A21T830fg [T831SE.J]
QI046501B11T830Fragment of an animal figurine. Only the beginning of the right legs are preserved, while both the left legs, the head and the posterior are missing. Its surfaces are smooth but with some small soil encrustations. [T831SE.J]
QI046501J01T8303 [T831SE.J]
QI046501J02T8307.4 [T831SE.J]
QI046501J04T8303.2 [T831SE.J]
QI046501K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI046501K05T830pale yellow [T831SE.J]
QI046501K06T8302.5Y 7/3 [T831SE.J]
QI046501K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI046502A21T830kwr [T831SE.J]
QI046502B11T830Kiln waster with an irregular shape and sharp edges. One surface is rather smooth and concave, the other is rough and convex. [T831SE.J]
QI046502J01T8304.6 [T831SE.J]
QI046502J02T83010.8 [T831SE.J]
QI046502J04T8309.1 [T831SE.J]
QI046502K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI046502K05T830dark green [T831SE.J]
QI046502K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI047301A21T830kwr [T831SE.J]
QI047301B11T830Kiln waster with an irregular shape. [T831SE.J]
QI047301J01T8302.3 [T831SE.J]
QI047301J02T8305.3 [T831SE.J]
QI047301J04T8305.3 [T831SE.J]
QI047301K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI047301K05T830green [T831SE.J]
QI047301K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI047801A21T830fg [T831SE.J]
QI047801B11T830Fragment of an animal figurine, only the posterior is preserved. The beginning of the tail and of the two legs are visible, but they are all broken; on the breakage surfaces it is possible to see that the color in its core is gray while the external, smooth surface is pale brown. [T831SE.J]
QI047801J01T8304.8 [T831SE.J]
QI047801J02T8304.8 [T831SE.J]
QI047801J04T8304.2 [T831SE.J]
QI047801K03T830CL-BAKED [T831SE.J]
QI047801K05T830very pale brown [T831SE.J]
QI047801K06T83010YR 7/4 [T831SE.J]
QI047801K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
QI048001A21T830shell [T831SE.J]
QI048001B11T830Complete snail shell having an unusual orange color. [T831SE.J]
QI048001BA1T826snail [T826SE.J]
QI048001BA2T8261.5 [T826SE.J]
QI048001BA4T8264 [T826SE.J]
QI048001BA6T826snail [T826SE.J]
QI048001BA7T826circular [T826SE.J]
QI048001BA8T826orange [T826SE.J]
QI048001BA9T826complete snail [T826SE.J]
QI048001J01T8301.6 [T831SE.J]
QI048001J02T8303.7 [T831SE.J]
QI048001J04T8303.1 [T831SE.J]
QI048001K03T830SH [T831SE.J]
QI048001K05T830orange [T831SE.J]
QI048001K10T830complete [T831SE.J]
QI048001P99T830No storage data as of U216. [T831SE.J]
QI048002A21T830bl [T831SE.J]
QI048002B11T830Fragment of an obsidian blade. Its color is transparent blackand its crossection is triangular. It has smooth, flat surfaces and two sharp edges. [T831SE.J]
QI048002BA1T826bl [T826SE.J]
QI048002BA2T8260.4 [T826SE.J]
QI048002BA3T8263.6 [T826SE.J]
QI048002BA5T8261.3 [T826SE.J]
QI048002BA6T826ob [T826SE.J]
QI048002BA7T826rectangular [T826SE.J]
QI048002BA8T826black [T826SE.J]
QI048002BA9T826broken blade [T826SE.J]
QI048002J01T8300.4 [T831SE.J]
QI048002J02T8303.7 [T831SE.J]
QI048002J04T8301.3 [T831SE.J]
QI048002K03T830OB [T831SE.J]
QI048002K05T830black [T831SE.J]
QI048002K10T830broken [T831SE.J]
R1171D04T72042972 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D05T72045988 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D06T7209020 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D07T720N-E boundary of k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D07T720NE [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D11T720mm6113 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D12T720mm6114 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D13T720m6114: 9081+84-145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D14T720220 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D15T720234 [T721SE-R.J]
R1171D16T720145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D04T72043043 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D05T72045766 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D06T7209042 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D07T720N-W boundary of k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D07T720NW [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D11T720mm6108 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D12T720mm6112 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D13T720m6112: 9054+133-145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D14T720645 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D15T720317 [T721SE-R.J]
R1172D16T720145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D04T72042000 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D05T72046301 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D06T7208935 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D07T720N corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D07T720eastern edge of K104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D11T720mm6109 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D12T720mm6032 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D13T720m6032: 8975+105-145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D14T720202 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D15T720174 [T721SE-R.J]
R1173D16T720145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D04T72041971 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D05T72046272 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D06T7208928 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D07T720W corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D07T720eastern edge of K104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D11T720mm6109 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D12T720mm6032 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D13T720m6032: 8975+98-145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D14T720166 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D15T720133 [T721SE-R.J]
R1174D16T720145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D04T72041877 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D05T72046330 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D06T7208916 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D07T720E corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D07T720eastern edge of K104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D11T720mm6109 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D12T720mm6032 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D13T720m6032: 8975+86-145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D14T720114 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D15T720163 [T721SE-R.J]
R1175D16T720145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D04T72041817 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D05T72046245 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D06T7208911 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D07T720S corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D07T720eastern edge of K104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D11T720mm6032 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D12T720mm6011 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D13T720m6032: 8975+81-145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D14T720106 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D15T720619 [T721SE-R.J]
R1176D16T720145 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D04T72042402 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D05T72045748 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D06T7208928 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D07T720SW corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D07T720SW corner of K104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D11T720mm6107 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D12T720mm6034 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D13T720m6034: 8989+98-159 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D14T720554 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D15T720116 [T721SE-R.J]
R1177D16T720159 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D04T72042623 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D05T72045821 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D06T7208943 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D07T720W [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D07T720corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D11T720mm6108 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D12T720mm6035 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D13T720m6035: 9032+75-164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D14T720390 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D15T720152 [T721SE-R.J]
R1178D16T720164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D04T72042531 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D05T72045985 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D06T7208953 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D07T720E [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D07T720corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D08T720k104 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D11T720mm6035 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D12T720mm6112 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D13T720m6035: 9032+68-147 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D14T720223 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D15T720267 [T721SE-R.J]
R1179D16T720147 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D04T72042051 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D05T72046043 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D06T7208916 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D07T720bottom elevation of i33 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D07T720center [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D08T720i33 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D11T720mm6111 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D12T720mm6107 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D13T720m6111: 9014+56-154 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D14T720230 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D15T720468 [T721SE-R.J]
R1180D16T720154 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D04T72043027 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D05T72045779 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D06T7209002 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D07T720NW [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D07T720NW corner of f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D08T720f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D11T720mm6108 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D12T720mm6112 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D13T720m6112: 9054+94-146 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D14T720624 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D15T720299 [T721SE-R.J]
R1181D16T720146 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D04T72042859 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D05T72045996 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D06T7209021 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D07T720NE [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D07T720NE corner of f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D08T720f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D11T720mm6112 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D12T720mm6113 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D13T720m6113: 9078+90-147 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D14T720230 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D15T720217 [T721SE-R.J]
R1182D16T720147 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D04T72042701 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D05T72046023 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D06T7208980 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D07T720SE [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D07T720SE corner of f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D08T720f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D11T720mm6112 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D12T720mm6113 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D13T720m6112: 9054+72-146 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D14T720219 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D15T720310 [T721SE-R.J]
R1183D16T720146 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D04T72042709 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D05T72045809 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D06T7208974 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D07T720SW corner [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D07T720SW corner of f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D08T720f74 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D10T720t [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D11T720mm6114 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D12T720mm6108 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D13T720m6113: 9078+42-146 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D14T720326 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D15T720421 [T721SE-R.J]
R1184D16T720146 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D04T72142355 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D05T72146047 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D06T7218929 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D07T721NW [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D07T721NW corner of the baulk k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D08T721k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D10T721t [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D11T721mm6110 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D12T721mm6111 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D13T721m6111: 9014+79-164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D14T721281 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D15T721212 [T721SE-R.J]
R1189D16T721164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D04T72142268 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D05T72146115 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D06T7218929 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D07T721NE [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D07T721NE corner of the baulk k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D08T721k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D10T721t [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D11T721mm6110 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D12T721mm6111 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D13T721m6111: 9014+79-164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D14T721218 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D15T721235 [T721SE-R.J]
R1190D16T721164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D04T72142064 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D05T72146036 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D06T7218912 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D07T721SE [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D07T721SE corner of the baulk k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D08T721k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D10T721t [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D11T721mm6111 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D12T721mm6107 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D13T721m6111: 9014+62-164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D14T721216 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D15T721462 [T721SE-R.J]
R1191D16T721164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D04T72142141 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D05T72145964 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D06T7218930 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D07T721SW [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D07T721SW corner of the baulk k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D08T721k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D10T721t [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D11T721mm6034 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D12T721mm6107 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D13T721m6111: 9014+80-164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D14T721223 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D15T721452 [T721SE-R.J]
R1192D16T721164 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D04T72142147 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D05T72145964 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D06T7218928 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D07T721SE [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D07T721SE corner of k105 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D08T721q292 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D10T721t [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D11T721mm6034 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D12T721mm6107 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D13T721m6111: 9014+79-165 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D14T721218 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D15T721448 [T721SE-R.J]
R1193D16T721165 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D04T72142910 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D05T72145917 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D06T7218963 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D07T721NW [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D07T721NW corner of q294 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D08T721q294 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D10T721t [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D11T721mm6112 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D12T721mm6114 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D13T721m6112: 9054+75-166 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D14T721212 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D15T721197 [T721SE-R.J]
R1197D16T721166 [T721SE-R.J]
R1198D04T72243038 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D05T72245782 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D06T7228975 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D07T722NW [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D07T722NW corner of q295 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D08T722q295 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D11T722mm6108 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D12T722mm6112 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D13T722m6113: 9078+61-164 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D14T722630 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D15T722310 [T724SE-R.J]
R1198D16T722164 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D04T72242323 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D05T72245930 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D06T7228912 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D07T722SE [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D07T722SE corner of q296 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D08T722q296 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D11T722mm6034 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D12T722mm6035 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D13T722m6034: 8989+66-143 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D14T722117 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D15T722226 [T724SE-R.J]
R1199D16T722143 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D04T72242007 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D05T72246288 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D06T7228915 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D07T722SE [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D07T722SE corner of q297 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D08T722q297 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D11T722mm6032 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D12T722mm6110 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D13T722m6032: 8975+83-143 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D14T722169 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D15T722286 [T724SE-R.J]
R1200D16T722143 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D04T72242803 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D05T72245881 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D06T7228946 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D07T722NW [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D07T722NW corner of f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D08T722f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D11T722mm6112 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D12T722mm6113 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D13T722m6112: 9054+38-146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D14T722105 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D15T722136 [T724SE-R.J]
R1201D16T722146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D04T72242789 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D05T72245905 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D06T7228956 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D07T722W [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D07T722point of f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D08T722f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D11T722mm6112 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D12T722mm6113 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D13T722m6112: 9054+48-146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D14T722116 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D15T722163 [T724SE-R.J]
R1202D16T722146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D04T72242742 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D05T72245943 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D06T7228958 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D07T722N [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D07T722most northern point of f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D08T722f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D11T722mm6112 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D12T722mm6113 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D13T722m6112: 9054+50-146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D14T722138 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D15T722223 [T724SE-R.J]
R1203D16T722146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D04T72242629 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D05T72246012 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D06T7228956 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D07T722E corner of f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D07T722NE [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D08T722f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D11T722mm6035 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D12T722mm6112 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D13T722m6112: 9054+48-146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D14T722285 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D15T722229 [T724SE-R.J]
R1204D16T722146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D04T72242620 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D05T72246003 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D06T7228955 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D07T722E [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D07T722most eastern point of f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D08T722f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D11T722mm6035 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D12T722mm6112 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D13T722m6112: 9054+47-146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D14T722273 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D15T722225 [T724SE-R.J]
R1205D16T722146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D04T72242565 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D05T72245984 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D06T7228942 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D07T722E [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D07T722SE corner of f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D08T722f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D11T722mm6035 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D12T722mm6112 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D13T722m6035: 9032+56-146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D14T722232 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D15T722242 [T724SE-R.J]
R1206D16T722146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D04T72242627 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D05T72245906 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D06T7228936 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D07T722S point of f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D07T722SE [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D08T722f200 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D10T722t [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D11T722mm6034 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D12T722mm6035 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D13T722m6035: 9032+50-146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D14T722334 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D15T722201 [T724SE-R.J]
R1207D16T722146 [T724SE-R.J]
R1214D04T72242112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D05T72246225 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D06T7228910 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D07T722bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D07T722point taken at the bottom of i36 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D08T722i36 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D11T722mm6032 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D12T722mm6110 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D13T722m6032: 8975+95-160 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D14T722230 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D15T722217 [T725SE-R.J]
R1214D16T722160 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D04T72242108 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D05T72246265 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D06T7228912 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D07T722bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D07T722point taken at the bottom of i37 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D08T722i37 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D11T722mm6032 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D12T722mm6110 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D13T722m6032: 8975+97-160 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D14T722240 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D15T722256 [T725SE-R.J]
R1215D16T722160 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D04T72242426 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D05T72245795 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D06T7228912 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D07T722bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D07T722point taken at the bottom of i38 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D08T722i38 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D11T722mm6107 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D12T722mm6111 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D13T722m6034: 8989+96-173 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D14T722506 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D15T722227 [T725SE-R.J]
R1216D16T722173 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D04T72242903 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D05T72245982 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D06T7228949 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D07T722bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D07T722point taken at the bottom of i39 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D08T722i39 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D11T722mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D12T722mm6114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D13T722m6113: 9078+44-173 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D14T722248 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D15T722255 [T725SE-R.J]
R1217D16T722173 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D04T72242850 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D05T72245972 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D06T7228936 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D07T722bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D07T722point taken at the bottom of i40 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D08T722i40 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D11T722mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D12T722mm6114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D13T722m6113: 9078+31-173 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D14T722205 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D15T722278 [T725SE-R.J]
R1220D16T722173 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D04T72242815 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D05T72245986 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D06T7228927 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D07T722bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D07T722point taken at the bottom of i41 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D08T722i41 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D11T722mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D12T722mm6114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D13T722m6112: 9054+34-161 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D14T722200 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D15T722312 [T725SE-R.J]
R1221D16T722161 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D04T72242154 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D05T72245955 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D06T7228911 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D07T722SE corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D07T722SE corner of q300 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D08T722q300 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D11T722mm6034 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D12T722mm6107 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D13T722m6111: 9014+60-163 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D14T722207 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D15T722450 [T725SE-R.J]
R1222D16T722163 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D04T72242820 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D05T72245978 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D06T7228907 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D07T722bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D07T722point taken at the bottom of i42 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D08T722i42 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D10T722t [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D11T722mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D12T722mm6113 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D13T722m6112: 9054+16-163 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D14T722194 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D15T722210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1223D16T722163 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D04T72342019 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D05T72346277 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D06T7238878 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D07T723bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D07T723point of i43 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D08T723i43 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D10T723t [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D11T723mm6032 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D12T723mm6110 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D13T723m6032: 8975+67-164 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D14T723170 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D15T723272 [T725SE-R.J]
R1227D16T723164 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D04T72342631 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D05T72346011 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D06T7238945 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D07T723N corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D07T723N point of f207 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D08T723f207 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D10T723t [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D11T723mm6035 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D12T723mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D13T723m6035: 9032+80-167 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D14T723285 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D15T723227 [T725SE-R.J]
R1228D16T723167 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D04T72342583 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D05T72346016 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D06T7238943 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D07T723E corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D07T723E point of f207 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D08T723f207 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D10T723t [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D11T723mm6035 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D12T723mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D13T723m6035: 9032+78-167 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D14T723268 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D15T723256 [T725SE-R.J]
R1229D16T723167 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D04T72342570 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D05T72345982 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D06T7238943 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D07T723S corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D07T723S point of f207 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D08T723f207 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D10T723t [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D11T723mm6035 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D12T723mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D13T723m6035: 9032+78-167 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D14T723232 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D15T723237 [T725SE-R.J]
R1230D16T723167 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D04T72342805 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D05T72345994 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D06T7238905 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D07T723bottom [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D07T723point of i45 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D08T723i45 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D10T723t [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D11T723mm6112 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D12T723mm6113 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D13T723m6112: 9054+29-178 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D14T723203 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D15T723231 [T725SE-R.J]
R1233D16T723178 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D04T72342387 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D05T72345930 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D06T7238899 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D07T723point of i46 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D07T723top [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D08T723i46 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D10T723t [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D11T723mm6034 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D12T723mm6035 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D13T723m6034: 8989+88-178 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D14T723141 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D15T723187 [T725SE-R.J]
R1234D16T723178 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D04T72342524 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D05T72345913 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D06T7238956 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D07T723N [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D07T723N corner of q305 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D08T723q305 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D10T723t [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D11T723mm6034 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D12T723mm6035 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D13T723m6034: 8989+83-116 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D14T723239 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D15T723151 [T725SE-R.J]
R1235D16T723116 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D04T72541940 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D05T72546405 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D06T7258922 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D07T725NW corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D07T725point of f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D08T725f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D10T725t [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D11T725mm6134 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D12T725mm6032 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D13T725m6109: 8982+54-114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D14T725288 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D15T725243 [T725SE-R.J]
R1239D16T725114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D04T72541926 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D05T72546394 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D06T7258924 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D07T725SW corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D07T725point of f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D08T725f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D10T725t [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D11T725mm6134 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D12T725mm6032 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D13T725m6109: 8982+56-114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D14T725272 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D15T725230 [T725SE-R.J]
R1240D16T725114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D04T72541890 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D05T72546415 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D06T7258925 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D07T725SE corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D07T725point of f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D08T725f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D10T725t [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D11T725mm6134 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D12T725mm6032 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D13T725m6109: 8982+57-114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D14T725244 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D15T725248 [T725SE-R.J]
R1241D16T725114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D04T72541900 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D05T72546439 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D06T7258932 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D07T725NE corner [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D07T725point of f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D08T725f210 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D10T725t [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D11T725mm6134 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D12T725mm6032 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D13T725m6109: 8982+64-114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D14T725262 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D15T725272 [T725SE-R.J]
R1242D16T725114 [T725SE-R.J]
R1247D04T72842452 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D05T72845701 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D06T7289061 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D07T728SW corner [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D07T728SW corner of q313 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D08T728q313 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D11T728mm6148 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D12T728mm6108 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D13T728m6149: 9145+66-150 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D14T728621 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D15T728521 [T729SE-R.J]
R1247D16T728150 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D04T72841469 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D05T72846563 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D06T7288834 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D07T728NE corner [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D07T728NE corner of q314 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D08T728q314 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D11T728mm6146 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D12T728mm6138 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D13T728m6138: 8868+116-150 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D14T728259 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D15T728297 [T729SE-R.J]
R1248D16T728150 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D04T72842488 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D05T72845755 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D06T7288993 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D07T728SW corner [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D07T728point of q315 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D08T728q315 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D11T728mm6108 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D12T728mm6149 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D13T728m6149: 9145+12-164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D14T728461 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D15T728174 [T729SE-R.J]
R1249D16T728164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D04T72841591 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D05T72846601 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D06T7288823 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D07T728N [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D07T728relay for f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D08T728f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D11T728mm6136 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D13T728m6135: 8963+24-164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D14T728137 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D15T728188 [T729SE-R.J]
R1250D16T728164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D04T72841582 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D05T72846548 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D06T7288829 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D07T728W [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D07T728relay for f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D08T728f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D11T728mm6136 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D13T728m6136: 8937+56-164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D14T728120 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D15T728137 [T729SE-R.J]
R1251D16T728164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D04T72841501 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D05T72846602 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D06T7288799 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D07T728S [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D07T728relay for f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D08T728f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D11T728mm6136 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D13T728m6135: 8963+0-164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D14T72860 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D15T728218 [T729SE-R.J]
R1252D16T728164 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D04T72841536 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D05T72846645 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D06T7288808 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D07T728E [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D07T728relay for f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D08T728f216 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D11T728mm6136 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D13T728m6136: 8937+33-162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D14T728116 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D15T728243 [T729SE-R.J]
R1253D16T728162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D04T72841696 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D05T72846412 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D06T7288812 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D07T728SW [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D07T728point of f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D08T728f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D11T728mm6146 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D13T728m6135: 8963+11-162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D14T728303 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D15T72884 [T729SE-R.J]
R1254D16T728162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D04T72841679 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D05T72846444 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D06T7288805 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D07T728SE [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D07T728point of f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D08T728f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D11T728mm6146 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D13T728m6135: 8963+4-162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D14T728271 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D15T72873 [T729SE-R.J]
R1255D16T728162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D04T72841700 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D05T72846464 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D06T7288806 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D07T728NE [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D07T728point of f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D08T728f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D11T728mm6146 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D13T728m6135: 8963+5-162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D14T728252 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D15T728101 [T729SE-R.J]
R1256D16T728162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D04T72841721 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D05T72846427 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D06T7288801 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D07T728NW [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D07T728point of f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D08T728f217 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D10T728t [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D11T728mm6146 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D12T728mm6135 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D13T728m6135: 8963+0-162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D14T728291 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D15T728110 [T729SE-R.J]
R1257D16T728162 [T729SE-R.J]
R1258D04T72842672 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D05T72845742 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D06T7288991 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D07T728bottom center [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D07T728point at the bottom of i48 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D08T728i48 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D10T728t [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D11T728mm6108 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D12T728mm6149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D13T728m6149: 9145+10-164 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D14T728476 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D15T728351 [T801SE-R.J]
R1258D16T728164 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D04T72841902 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D05T72846297 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D06T7288871 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D07T728SW corner [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D07T728point for q316 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D08T728q316 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D10T728t [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D11T728mm6032 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D12T728mm6110 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D13T728m6032: 8975+59-163 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D14T728131 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D15T728335 [T801SE-R.J]
R1259D16T728163 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D04T72942030 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D05T72946346 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D06T7298983 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D07T729N [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D07T729edge of f211 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D08T729f211 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D10T729t [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D11T729mm6107 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D12T729mm6011 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D13T729m6032: 8975+157-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D14T729414 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D15T729383 [T801SE-R.J]
R1268D16T729149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D04T72942011 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D05T72946323 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D06T7298975 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D07T729E [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D07T729edge of f211 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D08T729f211 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D10T729t [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D11T729mm6107 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D12T729mm6011 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D13T729m6032: 8975+149-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D14T729432 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D15T729411 [T801SE-R.J]
R1269D16T729149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D04T72942046 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D05T72946306 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D06T7298980 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D07T729W [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D07T729edge of f211 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D08T729f211 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D10T729t [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D11T729mm6107 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D12T729mm6011 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D13T729m6032: 8975+154-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D14T729396 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D15T729389 [T801SE-R.J]
R1270D16T729149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D04T72942988 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D05T72945989 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D06T7299015 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D07T729NE [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D07T729northern point of f219 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D08T729f219 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D10T729t [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D11T729mm6108 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D12T729mm6148 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D13T729m6172: 9033+130-148 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D14T729468 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D15T729338 [T801SE-R.J]
R1271D16T729148 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D04T73042626 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D05T73045689 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D06T7308963 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D07T730NW corner [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D07T730point for q-lot [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D08T730q321 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D10T730t [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D11T730mm6173 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D12T730mm6108 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D13T730m6171: 9031+99-167 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D14T730624 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D15T730522 [T801SE-R.J]
R1272D16T730167 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D04T73041543 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D05T73046552 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D06T7308767 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D07T730SW corner [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D07T730SW corner of f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D08T730f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D10T730t [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D11T730mm6146 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D12T730mm6175 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D13T730m6175: 8824+92-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D14T730212 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D15T730103 [T801SE-R.J]
R1273D16T730149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D04T73041424 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D05T73046618 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D06T7308767 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D07T730SE corner [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D07T730SE corner of f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D08T730f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D10T730t [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D11T730mm6174 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D12T730mm6146 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D13T730m6175: 8824+92-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D14T730292 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D15T730273 [T801SE-R.J]
R1274D16T730149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D04T73041557 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D05T73046714 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D06T7308771 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D07T730NE corner [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D07T730NE corner of f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D08T730f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D10T730t [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D11T730mm6175 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D12T730mm6174 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D13T730m6175: 8824+96-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D14T730176 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D15T730316 [T801SE-R.J]
R1275D16T730149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D04T73041623 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D05T73046575 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D06T7308773 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D07T730NW corner [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D07T730NW corner of f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D08T730f213 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D10T730t [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D11T730mm6175 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D12T730mm6174 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D13T730m6175: 8824+98-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D14T730179 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D15T730170 [T801SE-R.J]
R1276D16T730149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D04T73042484 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D05T73045766 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D06T7308925 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D07T730N [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D07T730N point of f220 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D08T730f220 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D10T730t [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D11T730mm6111 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D12T730mm6034 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D13T730m6170: 9028+46-149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D14T730291 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D15T730184 [T801SE-R.J]
R1277D16T730149 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D04T73041642 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D05T73046516 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D06T7308766 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D07T730bottom center [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D07T730point of i49 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D08T730i49 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D10T730t [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D11T730mm6146 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D12T730mm6175 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D13T730m6175: 8824+96-154 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D14T730202 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D15T730208 [T801SE-R.J]
R1279D16T730154 [T801SE-R.J]
R1281D04T72843052 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D05T72845515 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D06T7289030 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D07T728SE [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D07T728SE corner of f222 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D08T728q324 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D10T728t [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D11T728mm6148 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D12T728mm6171 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D13T728m6172: 9033+137-140 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D14T728148 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D15T728350 [T802SE-R.J]
R1281D16T728140 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D04T72841710 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D05T72846521 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D06T7288774 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D07T728NW [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D07T728NW corner [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D08T728q325 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D10T728t [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D11T728mm6175 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D12T728mm6174 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D13T728m6174: 8855+75-156 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D14T728272 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D15T728145 [T802SE-R.J]
R1282D16T728156 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D04T72843062 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D05T72845790 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D06T7289003 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D07T728SE corner [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D07T728edge of f222 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D08T728f222 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D10T728t [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D11T728mm6173 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D12T728mm6171 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D13T728m6172: 9033+113-143 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D14T728579 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D15T728342 [T802SE-R.J]
R1283D16T728143 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D04T72843083 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D05T72845708 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D06T7289006 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D07T728SW corner [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D07T728edge of f222 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D08T728f222 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D10T728t [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D11T728mm6173 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D12T728mm6171 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D13T728m6172: 9033+116-143 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D14T728661 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D15T728345 [T802SE-R.J]
R1284D16T728143 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D04T72843325 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D05T72845835 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D06T7289042 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D07T728N [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D07T728edge of f222 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D08T728f222 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D10T728t [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D11T728mm6173 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D12T728mm6148 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D13T728m6148: 9130+55-143 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D14T728715 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D15T728307 [T802SE-R.J]
R1285D16T728143 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D04T72842982 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D05T72845986 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D06T7288984 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D07T728SE corner [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D07T728point for q-lot [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D08T728q327 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D10T728t [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D11T728mm6172 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D12T728mm6148 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D13T728m6172: 9033+104-153 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D14T728322 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D15T728336 [T802SE-R.J]
R1286D16T728153 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D04T80241902 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D05T80246310 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D06T8028857 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D07T802NE [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D07T802NE corner [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D08T802q335 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D11T802mm6109 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D12T802mm6110 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D13T802m6032: 8975+40-158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D14T802118 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D15T802346 [T802SE-R.J]
R1296D16T802158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D04T80241903 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D05T80246169 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D06T8028854 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D07T802SE [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D07T802SE point [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D08T802f228 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D11T802mm6146 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D12T802mm6109 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D13T802m6032: 8975+29-150 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D14T802590 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D15T802118 [T802SE-R.J]
R1297D16T802150 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D04T80242083 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D05T80246168 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D06T8028866 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D07T802N [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D07T802northernmost point [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D08T802f228 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D11T802mm6109 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D12T802mm6110 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D13T802m6032: 8975+41-150 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D14T802284 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D15T802157 [T802SE-R.J]
R1298D16T802150 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D04T80242126 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D05T80246081 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D06T8028873 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D07T802SW [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D07T802SW point [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D08T802f228 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D11T802mm6032 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D12T802mm6110 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D13T802m6032: 8975+48-150 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D14T802252 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D15T80286 [T802SE-R.J]
R1299D16T802150 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D04T80243062 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D05T80245780 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D06T8028987 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D07T802NW corner [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D08T802q336 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D11T802mm6188 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D12T802mm6172 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D13T802m6148: 9130+22-165 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D14T802284 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D15T802170 [T802SE-R.J]
R1300D16T802165 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D04T80243034 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D05T80245995 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D06T8028989 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D07T802N [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D07T802northernmost point [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D08T802f231 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D11T802mm6171 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D12T802mm6172 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D13T802m6188: 9079+68-158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D14T802435 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D15T802343 [T802SE-R.J]
R1301D16T802158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D04T80242975 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D05T80245988 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D06T8028995 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D07T802W [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D07T802westernmost point [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D08T802f231 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D11T802mm6171 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D12T802mm6172 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D13T802m6188: 9079+74-158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D14T802392 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D15T802324 [T802SE-R.J]
R1302D16T802158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D04T80243004 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D05T80245913 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D06T8028968 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D07T802S [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D07T802southernmost point [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D08T802f231 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D10T802t [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D11T802mm6171 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D12T802mm6172 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D13T802m6188: 9079+47-158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D14T802355 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D15T802255 [T802SE-R.J]
R1303D16T802158 [T802SE-R.J]
R1305D04T80243077 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D05T80245860 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D06T8029000 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D07T802W [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D07T802western point [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D08T802f232 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D10T802t [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D11T802mm6188 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D12T802mm6172 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D13T802m6188: 9079+76-155 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D14T802218 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D15T802240 [T805SE-R.J]
R1305D16T802155 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D04T80243067 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D05T80245897 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D06T8028986 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D07T802E [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D07T802eastern point [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D08T802f232 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D10T802t [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D11T802mm6172 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D12T802mm6148 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D13T802m6188: 9079+62-155 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D14T802265 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D15T802235 [T805SE-R.J]
R1306D16T802155 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D04T80243174 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D05T80245707 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D06T8028999 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D07T802SW [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D07T802SW corner [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D08T802q339 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D10T802t [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D11T802mm6187 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D12T802mm6188 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D13T802m6148: 9130+25-156 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D14T802392 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D15T802400 [T805SE-R.J]
R1308D16T802156 [T805SE-R.J]
R1334D04T80543118 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D05T80545986 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D06T8059084 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D07T805NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D07T805point for q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D08T805q355 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D10T805t [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D11T805mm6173 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D12T805mm6108 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D13T805m6188: 9079+100-95 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D14T805460 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D15T805588 [T812SE-R.J]
R1334D16T80595 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D04T80541729 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D05T80546494 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D06T8058785 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D07T805NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D07T805NE of q357 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D08T805q357 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D10T805t [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D11T805mm6138 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D12T805mm6174 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D13T805m6174: 8855+73-143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D14T805403 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D15T805138 [T812SE-R.J]
R1337D16T805143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D04T80543044 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D05T80545567 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D06T8058981 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D07T805NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D07T805NW of q358 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D08T805q358 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D10T805t [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D11T805mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D12T805mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D13T805m6172: 9033+90-142 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D14T80599 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D15T805323 [T812SE-R.J]
R1338D16T805142 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D04T80541456 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D05T80546460 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D06T8058829 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D07T805NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D07T805NE of q359 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D08T805q359 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D10T805t [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D11T805mm6174 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D12T805mm6138 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D13T805m6174: 8855+114-140 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D14T805176 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D15T805400 [T812SE-R.J]
R1339D16T805140 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D04T80941685 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D05T80946622 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D06T8098817 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D07T809W point [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D07T809point of q375 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D08T809q375 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D10T809t [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D11T809mm6175 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D12T809mm6174 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D13T809m6174: 8855+112-150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D14T809245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D15T809226 [T812SE-R.J]
R1358D16T809150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D04T81043039 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D05T81045679 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D06T8108941 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D07T810NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D07T810edge of f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D08T810f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D10T810t [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D11T810mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D12T810mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D13T810m6172: 9033+74-166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D14T810374 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D15T810299 [T812SE-R.J]
R1370D16T810166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D04T81043022 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D05T81045874 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D06T8108942 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D07T810NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D07T810edge of f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D08T810f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D10T810t [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D11T810mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D12T810mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D13T810m6188: 9079+29-166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D14T810181 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D15T810345 [T812SE-R.J]
R1371D16T810166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D04T81042989 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D05T81045395 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D06T8108897 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D07T810SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D07T810edge of f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D08T810f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D10T810t [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D11T810mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D12T810mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D13T810m6034: 8989+71-163 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D14T810651 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D15T810375 [T812SE-R.J]
R1372D16T810163 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D04T81042855 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D05T81045475 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D06T8108920 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D07T810SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D07T810edge of f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D08T810f246 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D10T810t [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D11T810mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D12T810mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D13T810m6170: 9028+49-157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D14T810580 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D15T810231 [T812SE-R.J]
R1373D16T810157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D04T81141743 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D05T81146463 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D06T8118794 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D07T811SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D07T811corner of q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D08T811q389 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D10T811t [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D11T811mm6146 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D12T811mm6175 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D13T811m6175: 8824+113-143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D14T811260 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D15T811321 [T812SE-R.J]
R1378D16T811143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D04T81141793 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D05T81146274 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D06T8118783 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D07T811NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D07T811corner of q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D08T811q390 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D10T811t [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D11T811mm6146 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D12T811mm6174 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D13T811m6174: 8855+71-143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D14T811455 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D15T811214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1379D16T811143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D04T81141895 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D05T81146307 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D06T8118858 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D07T811NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D07T811corner of q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D08T811q391 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D10T811t [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D11T811mm6109 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D12T811mm6032 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D13T811m6032: 8975+26-143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D14T811110 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D15T811140 [T812SE-R.J]
R1380D16T811143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D04T81142400 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D05T81145728 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D06T8118931 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D07T811SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D07T811corner of q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D08T811q393 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D10T811t [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D11T811mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D12T811mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D13T811m6034: 8989+85-143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D14T811344 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D15T811644 [T812SE-R.J]
R1381D16T811143 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D04T81143025 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D05T81145686 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D06T8118926 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D07T811NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D07T811corner of q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D08T811q392 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D10T811t [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D11T811mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D12T811mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D13T811m6188: 9079+10-163 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D14T811488 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D15T811365 [T812SE-R.J]
R1382D16T811163 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D04T81141936 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D05T81146339 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D06T8118853 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D07T811NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D07T811point for q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D08T811q396 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D10T811t [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D11T811mm6109 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D12T811mm6032 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D13T811m6032: 8975+35-157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D14T811162 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D15T811178 [T812SE-R.J]
R1385D16T811157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D04T81141685 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D05T81146397 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D06T8118770 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D07T811SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D07T811point for q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D08T811q397 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D10T811t [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D11T811mm6146 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D12T811mm6175 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D13T811m6174: 8855+48-133 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D14T811318 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D15T811302 [T812SE-R.J]
R1386D16T811133 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D04T81243358 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D05T81246034 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D06T8128999 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D07T812point of f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D08T812f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D11T812mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D13T812m6187: 9125+33-159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D14T81242 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D15T812469 [T812SE-R.J]
R1397D16T812159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D04T81243364 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D05T81246025 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D06T8128995 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D07T812point of f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D08T812f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D11T812mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D13T812m6187: 9125+29-159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D14T81253 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D15T812466 [T812SE-R.J]
R1398D16T812159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D04T81243309 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D05T81246027 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D06T8128978 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D07T812point of f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D08T812f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D11T812mm6172 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D13T812m6187: 9125+12-159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D14T812519 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D15T812435 [T812SE-R.J]
R1399D16T812159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D04T81243268 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D05T81246014 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D06T8128984 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D07T812point of f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D08T812f233 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D11T812mm6172 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D13T812m6187: 9125+18-159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D14T812481 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D15T812403 [T812SE-R.J]
R1400D16T812159 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D04T81243563 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D05T81246081 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D06T8128994 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D07T812point of f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D08T812f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D11T812mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D13T812m6187: 9125+34-165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D14T812232 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D15T812645 [T812SE-R.J]
R1401D16T812165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D04T81243562 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D05T81246003 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D06T8128981 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D07T812point of f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D08T812f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D11T812mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D13T812m6187: 9125+21-165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D14T812239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D15T812597 [T812SE-R.J]
R1402D16T812165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D04T81243127 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D05T81245879 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D06T8128969 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D07T812point of f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D08T812f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D13T812m6188: 9079+50-160 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D14T812457 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D15T812437 [T812SE-R.J]
R1403D16T812160 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D04T81243140 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D05T81245916 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D06T8128974 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D07T812point of f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D08T812f239 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D13T812m6188: 9079+55-160 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D14T812458 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D15T812467 [T812SE-R.J]
R1404D16T812160 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D04T81243586 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D05T81246100 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D06T8128994 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D07T812N [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D07T812point of f230 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D08T812f230 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D11T812mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D13T812m6187: 9125+27-158 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D14T812257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D15T812675 [T812SE-R.J]
R1405D16T812158 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D04T81243204 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D05T81245912 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D06T8128966 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D07T812W [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D07T812point of f230 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D08T812f230 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D13T812m6188: 9079+45-158 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D14T812520 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D15T812521 [T812SE-R.J]
R1406D16T812158 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D04T81243208 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D05T81246015 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D06T8128973 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D07T812E [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D07T812point of f230 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D08T812f230 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D11T812mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D13T812m6188: 9079+52-158 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D14T812249 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D15T812378 [T812SE-R.J]
R1407D16T812158 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D04T81243621 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D05T81245987 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D06T8128981 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D07T812point of f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D08T812f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D11T812mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D13T812m6187: 9125+23-167 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D14T812301 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D15T812638 [T812SE-R.J]
R1408D16T812167 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D04T81243657 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D05T81245900 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D06T8128985 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D07T812point of f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D08T812f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D11T812mm6187 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D12T812mm6148 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D13T812m6187: 9125+27-167 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D14T812366 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D15T812632 [T812SE-R.J]
R1409D16T812167 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D04T81243067 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D05T81245681 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D06T8128972 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D07T812point of f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D08T812f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D11T812mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D12T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D13T812m6188: 9079+42-149 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D14T812379 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D15T812516 [T812SE-R.J]
R1410D16T812149 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D04T81243054 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D05T81245847 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D06T8128968 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D07T812point of f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D08T812f238 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D11T812mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D12T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D13T812m6188: 9079+38-149 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D14T812219 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D15T812405 [T812SE-R.J]
R1411D16T812149 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D04T81242965 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D05T81245991 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D06T8128966 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D07T812point of f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D08T812f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D13T812m6188: 9079+44-157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D14T812270 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D15T812388 [T812SE-R.J]
R1412D16T812157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D04T81242990 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D05T81245911 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D06T8128968 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D07T812point of f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D08T812f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D13T812m6188: 9079+46-157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D14T812319 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D15T812344 [T812SE-R.J]
R1413D16T812157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D04T81242895 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D05T81246012 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D06T8128911 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D07T812point of f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D08T812f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D12T812mm6213 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D13T812m6215: 9028+40-157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D14T812197 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D15T812366 [T812SE-R.J]
R1414D16T812157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D04T81242850 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D05T81246088 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D06T8128910 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D07T812point of f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D08T812f205 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D12T812mm6213 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D13T812m6215: 9028+39-157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D14T812155 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D15T812424 [T812SE-R.J]
R1415D16T812157 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D04T81242842 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D05T81246005 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D06T8128878 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D07T812point of f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D08T812f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D11T812mm6213 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D12T812mm6212 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D13T812m6215: 9028+15-165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D14T812341 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D15T812349 [T812SE-R.J]
R1416D16T812165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D04T81242840 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D05T81245909 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D06T8128877 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D07T812point of f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D08T812f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D11T812mm6213 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D12T812mm6212 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D13T812m6215: 9028+14-165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D14T812250 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D15T812260 [T812SE-R.J]
R1417D16T812165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D04T81242817 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D05T81245915 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D06T8128881 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D07T812point of f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D08T812f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D11T812mm6213 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D12T812mm6212 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D13T812m6215: 9028+18-165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D14T812248 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D15T812275 [T812SE-R.J]
R1418D16T812165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D04T81242809 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D05T81245999 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D06T8128878 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D07T812point of f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D08T812f257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D11T812mm6213 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D12T812mm6212 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D13T812m6215: 9028+15-165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D14T812328 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D15T812355 [T812SE-R.J]
R1419D16T812165 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D04T81242733 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D05T81246015 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D06T8128896 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D07T812point of f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D08T812f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D11T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D13T812m6215: 9028+18-150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D14T812378 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D15T812340 [T812SE-R.J]
R1420D16T812150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D04T81242757 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D05T81245892 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D06T8128899 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D07T812point of f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D08T812f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D11T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D13T812m6215: 9028+21-150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D14T812293 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D15T812218 [T812SE-R.J]
R1421D16T812150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D04T81242665 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D05T81245865 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D06T8128881 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D07T812point of f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D08T812f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D11T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D13T812m6215: 9028+3-150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D14T812214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D15T812204 [T812SE-R.J]
R1422D16T812150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D04T81242632 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D05T81246035 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D06T8128892 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D07T812point of f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D08T812f245 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D11T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D13T812m6215: 9028+14-150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D14T812361 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D15T812376 [T812SE-R.J]
R1423D16T812150 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D04T81242772 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D05T81245810 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D06T8128890 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D07T812point of f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D08T812f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D11T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D13T812m6171: 9031+12-153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D14T812254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D15T812139 [T812SE-R.J]
R1424D16T812153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D04T81242677 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D05T81245792 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D06T8128893 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D07T812point of f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D08T812f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D11T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D12T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D13T812m6171: 9031+15-153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D14T812166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D15T812133 [T812SE-R.J]
R1425D16T812153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D04T81242714 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D05T81245690 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D06T8128897 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D07T812point of f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D08T812f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D12T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D13T812m6171: 9031+19-153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D14T812355 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D15T812162 [T812SE-R.J]
R1426D16T812153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D04T81242802 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D05T81245686 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D06T8128898 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D07T812point of f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D08T812f255 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D11T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D12T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D13T812m6171: 9031+20-153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D14T812373 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D15T812250 [T812SE-R.J]
R1427D16T812153 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D04T81242999 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D05T81245863 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D06T8128899 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D07T812point of f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D08T812f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D11T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D12T812mm6172 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D13T812m6170: 9028+40-169 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D14T812320 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D15T812206 [T812SE-R.J]
R1428D16T812169 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D04T81242747 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D05T81245932 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D06T8129083 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D07T812SE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D07T812point of f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D08T812f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D11T812mm6171 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D12T812mm6172 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D13T812m6125: 9219+30-166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D14T812257 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D15T812325 [T812SE-R.J]
R1429D16T812166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D04T81242824 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D05T81245685 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D06T8128881 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D07T812SW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D07T812point of f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D08T812f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D11T812mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D12T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D13T812m6170: 9028+19-166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D14T812385 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D15T812380 [T812SE-R.J]
R1430D16T812166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D04T81243043 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D05T81245683 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D06T8128929 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D07T812point of f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D08T812f254 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D11T812mm6188 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D12T812mm6215 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D13T812m6170: 9028+70-169 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D14T812371 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D15T812498 [T812SE-R.J]
R1431D16T812169 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D04T81241132 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D05T81246610 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D06T8128769 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D07T812NW corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D07T812point for q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D08T812q407 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D11T812mm6146 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D12T812mm6144 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D13T812m6174: 8855+78-164 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D14T812557 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D15T812375 [T812SE-R.J]
R1432D16T812164 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D04T81242291 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D05T81245439 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D06T8128838 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D07T812NE corner [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D07T812point for q-lot [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D08T812q408 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D10T812t [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D11T812mm6214 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D12T812mm6034 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D13T812m6214: 8932+72-166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D14T812357 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D15T812375 [T812SE-R.J]
R1433D16T812166 [T812SE-R.J]
R1511D04T81842674 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D05T81846028 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D06T8188851 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D07T818SE corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D07T818point of f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D08T818f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D11T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D12T818mm6212 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D13T818m6212: 8933+68-150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D14T818358 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D15T818447 [T819SE-R.J]
R1511D16T818150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D04T81842665 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D05T81846000 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D06T8188845 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D07T818S point [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D07T818point of f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D08T818f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D11T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D12T818mm6212 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D13T818m6212: 8933+62-150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D14T818333 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D15T818431 [T819SE-R.J]
R1512D16T818150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D04T81842745 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D05T81845971 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D06T8188861 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D07T818S point [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D07T818point of f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D08T818f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D11T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D12T818mm6212 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D13T818m6212: 8933+78-150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D14T818294 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D15T818360 [T819SE-R.J]
R1513D16T818150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D04T81842747 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D05T81845927 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D06T8188858 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D07T818SW corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D07T818point of f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D08T818f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D11T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D12T818mm6212 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D13T818m6212: 8933+75-150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D14T818250 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D15T818323 [T819SE-R.J]
R1514D16T818150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D04T81842795 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D05T81845922 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D06T8188856 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D07T818NW corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D07T818point of f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D08T818f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D11T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D12T818mm6212 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D13T818m6212: 8933+73-150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D14T818250 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D15T818292 [T819SE-R.J]
R1515D16T818150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D04T81842811 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D05T81846008 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D06T8188863 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D07T818NE corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D07T818point of f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D08T818f266 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D11T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D12T818mm6212 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D13T818m6212: 8933+80-150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D14T818337 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D15T818362 [T819SE-R.J]
R1516D16T818150 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D04T81842680 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D05T81845855 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D06T8188873 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D07T818NE corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D07T818point of f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D08T818f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D11T818mm6214 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D12T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D13T818m6239: 8831+154-112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D14T818214 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D15T818190 [T819SE-R.J]
R1517D16T818112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D04T81842748 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D05T81845864 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D06T8188876 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D07T818SE corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D07T818point of f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D08T818f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D11T818mm6214 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D12T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D13T818m6239: 8831+157-112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D14T818267 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D15T818187 [T819SE-R.J]
R1518D16T818112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D04T81842755 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D05T81845837 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D06T8188877 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D07T818SW corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D07T818point of f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D08T818f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D11T818mm6214 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D12T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D13T818m6239: 8831+158-112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D14T818255 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D15T818160 [T819SE-R.J]
R1519D16T818112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D04T81842685 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D05T81845810 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D06T8188876 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D07T818NW corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D07T818point of f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D08T818f260 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D11T818mm6214 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D12T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D13T818m6239: 8831+157-112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D14T818184 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D15T818147 [T819SE-R.J]
R1520D16T818112 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D04T81842217 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D05T81845992 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D06T8188924 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D07T818E top [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D07T818point of f272 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D08T818f272 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D11T818mm6111 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D12T818mm6034 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D13T818m6111: 9014+37-127 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D14T818107 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D15T818199 [T819SE-R.J]
R1521D16T818127 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D04T81842270 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D05T81845995 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D06T8188923 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D07T818N top [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D07T818point of f272 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D08T818f272 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D11T818mm6111 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D12T818mm6034 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D13T818m6111: 9014+36-127 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D14T818122 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D15T818185 [T819SE-R.J]
R1522D16T818127 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D04T81842254 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D05T81845970 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D06T8188918 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D07T818S top [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D07T818point of f272 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D08T818f272 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D11T818mm6111 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D12T818mm6034 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D13T818m6111: 9014+31-127 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D14T81892 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D15T818164 [T819SE-R.J]
R1523D16T818127 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D04T81842545 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D05T81845923 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D06T8188846 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D07T818NE corner [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D07T818point for q417 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D08T818q417 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D10T818t [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D11T818mm6214 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D12T818mm6213 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D13T818m6214: 8932+43-129 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D14T818240 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D15T818318 [T819SE-R.J]
R1524D16T818129 [T819SE-R.J]
R1544D04T82442403 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D05T82445916 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D06T8248756 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D07T824NW corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D07T824q-lot corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D08T824q460 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D10T824t [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D11T824mm6238 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D12T824mm6239 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D13T824m6239: 8831+70-145 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D14T824162 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D15T824260 [T825SE-R.J]
R1544D16T824145 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D04T82442787 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D05T82445909 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D06T8248840 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D07T824NE corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D07T824q-lot corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D08T824q461 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D10T824t [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D11T824mm6213 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D12T824mm6212 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D13T824m6213: 8927+58-145 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D14T824235 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D15T824285 [T825SE-R.J]
R1545D16T824145 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D04T82442117 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D05T82446260 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D06T8248759 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D07T824SW corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D07T824f287 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D08T824q463 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D10T824t [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D11T824mm6226 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D12T824mm6225 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D13T824m6225: 8887+32-160 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D14T824267 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D15T824206 [T825SE-R.J]
R1546D16T824160 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D04T82442735 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D05T82445927 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D06T8248804 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D07T824NE corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D07T824f280 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D08T824q464 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D10T824t [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D11T824mm6213 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D12T824mm6212 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D13T824m6213: 8927+37-160 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D14T824250 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D15T824330 [T825SE-R.J]
R1547D16T824160 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D04T82542762 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D05T82545835 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D06T8258852 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D07T825NE corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D07T825f255 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D08T825q468 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D10T825t [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D11T825mm6213 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D12T825mm6212 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D13T825m6213: 8927+76-151 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D14T825159 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D15T825245 [T825SE-R.J]
R1599D16T825151 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D04T82542726 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D05T82545744 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D06T8258849 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D07T825SE corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D07T825f279 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D08T825q469 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D10T825t [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D11T825mm6213 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D12T825mm6212 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D13T825m6213: 8927+73-151 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D14T82570 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D15T825230 [T825SE-R.J]
R1600D16T825151 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D04T82542062 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D05T82546118 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D06T8258737 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D07T825NW corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D07T825f274 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D08T825q471 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D10T825t [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D11T825mm6226 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D12T825mm6225 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D13T825m6225: 8887+18-168 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D14T825233 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D15T82567 [T825SE-R.J]
R1601D16T825168 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D04T82542783 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D05T82545835 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D06T8258831 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D07T825NE corner [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D07T825f285 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D08T825q473 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D10T825t [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D11T825mm6213 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D12T825mm6212 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D13T825m6213: 8927+57-153 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D14T825162 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D15T825230 [T825SE-R.J]
R1602D16T825153 [T825SE-R.J]
R1603D04T82642777 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D05T82645791 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D06T8268781 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D07T826NE corner [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D07T826f285 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D08T826q475 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D10T826t [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D11T826mm6239 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D12T826mm6213 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D13T826m6213: 8927+12-158 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D14T826272 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D15T826118 [T826SE-R.J]
R1603D16T826158 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D04T82642332 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D05T82645882 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D06T8268721 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D07T826NE corner [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D07T826f282 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D08T826q476 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D10T826t [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D11T826mm6238 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D12T826mm6239 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D13T826m6238: 8839+40-158 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D14T826134 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D15T826275 [T826SE-R.J]
R1604D16T826158 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D04T82642069 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D05T82646295 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D06T8268758 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D07T826f287 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D07T826west end [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D08T826q477 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D10T826t [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D11T826mm6226 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D12T826mm6225 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D13T826m6225: 8887+29-158 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D14T826228 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D15T826216 [T826SE-R.J]
R1605D16T826158 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D04T82642769 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D05T82645779 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D06T8268750 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D07T826NE corner [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D07T826f282 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D08T826q478 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D10T826t [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D11T826mm6239 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D12T826mm6213 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D13T826m6239: 8831+75-156 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D14T826260 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D15T826104 [T826SE-R.J]
R1606D16T826156 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D04T82642768 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D05T82645764 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D06T8268738 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D07T826NE corner [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D07T826f282 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D08T826q479 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D10T826t [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D11T826mm6238 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D12T826mm6239 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D13T826m6239: 8831+71-164 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D14T826390 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D15T826254 [T826SE-R.J]
R1607D16T826164 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D04T82642438 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D05T82645959 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D06T8268814 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D07T826W [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D07T826f289 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D08T826q480 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D10T826t [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D11T826mm6238 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D12T826mm6239 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D13T826m6238: 8839+81-106 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D14T826212 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D15T826286 [T826SE-R.J]
R1608D16T826106 [T826SE-R.J]
R1609D04T82741653 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D05T82746186 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D06T8279117 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D07T827SW corner [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D07T827f235 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D08T827q482 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D10T827t [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D11T827mm6192 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D12T827mm6127 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D13T827m6203: 9075+191-149 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D14T827536 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D15T827514 [T829SE-R.J]
R1609D16T827149 [T829SE-R.J]
V0145O12T719f3,f21,f41,f99 [T728SE1.J]
V0145O15T719k104 [T728SE1.J]
V0145O22T719NE [T728SE1.J]
V0145O25T719View of the entire area before the beginning of the excavation. It shows the relation between the structures exposed in J5 in the past years and the temple terrace. [T728SE1.J]
V0146O12T719f3,f155,f161 [T728SE1.J]
V0146O15T719k104 [T728SE1.J]
V0146O22T719SE [T728SE1.J]
V0146O25T719This picture shows the area S to the walls f3 and f189, together with the stone-installations f161 and f155, before cleaning: this is the starting point of this excavation season. [T728SE1.J]
V0146AO12T719f189 [T728SE1.J]
V0146AO15T719k104 [T728SE1.J]
V0146AO21T719m [T728SE1.J]
V0146AO22T719W [T728SE1.J]
V0146AO25T719View of the area S to the revetment wall, taken with a different orientation. [T728SE1.J]
V0147O12T719f3,f41,f99,f201 [T728SE1.J]
V0147O15T719k104 [T728SE1.J]
V0147O22T719E [T728SE1.J]
V0147O25T719This picture shows the area W to the stone-installation f41, before the beginning of the excavation. The structures are well preserved, only some intrusions of vegetation are visible. [T728SE1.J]
V0147AO12T719f3,f41,f161,f194,f201 [T728SE1.J]
V0147AO15T719k104 [T728SE1.J]
V0147AO21T719w [T728SE1.J]
V0147AO22T719S [T728SE1.J]
V0147AO25T719Wider view of the structures in the northern part of the revetment wall f3, and of the surface connected with them. [T728SE1.J]
V0152O12T721f41,f74,f200,f205,f206,f207 [T728SE1.J]
V0152O15T721k105 [T728SE1.J]
V0152O22T721N [T728SE1.J]
V0152O25T721Showing the channel f206 that runs through the surface f74, in relation with the stone-installation f205 and the stones of f200 and f207. [T728SE1.J]
V0152AO12T721f74,f200,f205,f206 [T728SE1.J]
V0152AO15T721k105 [T728SE1.J]
V0152AO21T721m [T728SE1.J]
V0152AO22T721SE [T728SE1.J]
V0152AO25T721This picture in oriented the same direction as the old channel f206, that cuts f74. [T728SE1.J]
V0153O12T722f41,f74,f200,f205,f206 [T728SE1.J]
V0153O13T722i39,i40 [T728SE1.J]
V0153O15T722k105 [T728SE1.J]
V0153O22T722NE [T728SE1.J]
V0153O25T722View of the northern area of k105 that shows i39 and i40 in situ, sling balls laying on and S to the second step of the staircase f205, next to f41. [T728SE1.J]
V0153AO12T722f41,f74,f205,f206 [T728SE1.J]
V0153AO13T722i39,i40 [T728SE1.J]
V0153AO15T722k105 [T728SE1.J]
V0153AO21T722t [T728SE1.J]
V0153AO22T722NE [T728SE1.J]
V0153AO25T722Close-up of the items i39 and i40, in relation with f205 and f41. [T728SE1.J]
V0155O12T723f41,f74,f200,f205,f207,f208 [T729SE.J]
V0155O13T723i45 [T729SE.J]
V0155O15T723k105 [T729SE.J]
V0155O22T723SW [T729SE.J]
V0155O25T723This view shows the staircase f205 in conjuction with the wall f41 and a patch of pebbles where there is also a grinding stone, i45. In the arbitrary section that has been cut S of f74 it is possible to see alternating brownish-reddish layers (mudbricks?). [T729SE.J]
V0155AO12T723f41,f74,f200,f205 [T729SE.J]
V0155AO13T723i45 [T729SE.J]
V0155AO15T723k105 [T729SE.J]
V0155AO21T723m [T729SE.J]
V0155AO22T723NE [T729SE.J]
V0155AO25T723Showing the relation between the patch of pebbles and the three steps of the staircase f205. [T729SE.J]
V0156O12T723f41,f74,f161,f200,f202,f208 [T729SE.J]
V0156O15T723k105 [T729SE.J]
V0156O22T723W [T729SE.J]
V0156O25T723View of the western section of k105, where a black layer of ash is evident. It shows also f74 S to the steps of f205, with a flat surface; in the western section of this area is visible a reddish soil alternating with brownish layers. [T729SE.J]
V0156AO12T723f41,f74,f200 [T729SE.J]
V0156AO15T723k105 [T729SE.J]
V0156AO21T723t [T729SE.J]
V0156AO22T723W [T729SE.J]
V0156AO25T723close-up of the western section (arbitrary) of f74, where there are some spots of reddish color. [T729SE.J]
V0156BO12T723f3,f41,f74 [T729SE.J]
V0156BO15T723k105 [T729SE.J]
V0156BO21T723t [T729SE.J]
V0156BO22T723S [T729SE.J]
V0156BO25T723close-up of the southern section of f74 (arbitrary), with alternating layers of brownish and reddish material. [T729SE.J]
V0156CO12T723f3,f41,f74 [T729SE.J]
V0156CO15T723k105 [T729SE.J]
V0156CO21T723t [T729SE.J]
V0156CO22T723SE [T729SE.J]
V0156CO25T723close-up of the corner formed by the wall f41 and the southern section of f74, showing the layers of different colors. [T729SE.J]
V0157O12T725f3,f158,f184,f186,f189,f201,f211 [T729SE.J]
V0157O15T725k106 [T729SE.J]
V0157O22T725NE [T729SE.J]
V0157O25T725View of two big stones f210 and f211 that are west of the revetment wall f3 in corrispondence with the wall f186. We are going to remove them, looking for the escarpment f184 that is visible on the right and that is still covered by f158. [T729SE.J]
V0157AO12T725f3,f158,f189,f211 [T729SE.J]
V0157AO15T725k106 [T729SE.J]
V0157AO21T725t [T729SE.J]
V0157AO22T725NW [T729SE.J]
V0157AO25T725Showing f211, one big stone with several smaller stones below, that sits on f158. [T729SE.J]
V0157BO12T725f158,f189,f210 [T729SE.J]
V0157BO15T725k106 [T729SE.J]
V0157BO21T725t [T729SE.J]
V0157BO22T725NW [T729SE.J]
V0157BO25T725Showing f210, a big rectangular-shaped stone next to the old revetment wall f189, that sits on f158. [T729SE.J]
V0159O12T728f3,f41,f99,f200,f209,f212,f214,f215 [T729SE.J]
V0159O15T728k105 [T729SE.J]
V0159O22T728W [T729SE.J]
V0159O25T728This photograph shows the entire western section of k105: under the natural accumulation f209 there is a silty layer f212, a patch of yellowish material similar to the baqaya f214 and a layer rather thick of ashes, f215. All this features are above the hardest f74. [T729SE.J]
V0159AO12T728f74,f200,f209,f212,f214,f215 [T729SE.J]
V0159AO15T728k105 [T729SE.J]
V0159AO21T728m [T729SE.J]
V0159AO22T728W [T729SE.J]
V0159AO25T728Closer view of the higher and the lower western sections of k105, that document several periods of abandonment and natural accumulation. [T729SE.J]
V0160O12T728f84,f188,f213,f216,f217 [T729SE.J]
V0160O15T728k100 [T729SE.J]
V0160O22T728OH [T729SE.J]
V0160O25T728Overhead view of the boundaring area between J5 and J1, with two big stones f216 and f217 covering the floor with sherds and bones f213 (=J1f313); it documents also the relation between this floor and the stone-installation f188, that seems to continue under the escarpment f184. [T729SE.J]
V0161O12T730f184,f188,f204,f213 [T804SE.J]
V0161O15T730k100 [T804SE.J]
V0161O22T730OH [T804SE.J]
V0161O25T730Overhead view of the pavement f213 completely uncovered. It shows the continuation of the same feature in J1, and its relation with the row of stones f188. [T804SE.J]
V0162O12T730f74,f220,f221,f223,f224 [T804SE.J]
V0162O15T730k105 [T804SE.J]
V0162O22T730SW [T804SE.J]
V0162O25T730Showing SW corner of k105, with patches of very black ash that sit in f224 and a channel f221 running SE-NW through this area. It shows also in section the alternating black-red layers of f223 and f224. [T804SE.J]
V0162AO12T730f220,f221,f224 [T804SE.J]
V0162AO15T730k105 [T804SE.J]
V0162AO21T730t [T804SE.J]
V0162AO22T730W [T804SE.J]
V0162AO25T730Closer view of the two patches of ash to show their relation with f224. [T804SE.J]
V0162BO12T730f74,f220,f221,f223,f224 [T804SE.J]
V0162BO15T730k105 [T804SE.J]
V0162BO21T730m [T804SE.J]
V0162BO22T730W [T804SE.J]
V0162BO25T730View of the southern area of k105 from a different orientation. [T804SE.J]
V0163O12T730f41,f74,f205,f206,f212,f218,f222 [T804SE.J]
V0163O15T730k105 [T804SE.J]
V0163O22T730N [T804SE.J]
V0163O25T730Showing northern section of k105 with the string. [T804SE.J]
V0163BO12T730f41,f74,f205,f206,f212,f218,f222 [T804SE.J]
V0163BO15T730k105 [T804SE.J]
V0163BO21T730m [T804SE.J]
V0163BO22T730N [T804SE.J]
V0163BO25T730Showing northern section of k105 withouth the string. [T804SE.J]
V0164O12T801f40,f41,f74,f99,f194,f205,f218,f229,f231,f232 [T804SE.J]
V0164O15T801k33,k105 [T804SE.J]
V0164O22T801E [T804SE.J]
V0164O25T801Showing uncovered cluster of stone f231 on top of the first step of f205, that is related to the base of f194 and to the wall f41. [T804SE.J]
V0165O12T801f41,f74,f99,f194,f200,f209,f212,f215,f218,f220,f221,f223,f224 [T804SE.J]
V0165O15T801k105 [T804SE.J]
V0165O22T801W [T804SE.J]
V0165O25T801Western section of k105. Under the natural accumulation f209 a gray compact layer f212 is visible on the northern half, while in the southern corner there are two different ashy layers alternating with a reddish-brown soil. [T804SE.J]
V0166O12T801f184,f188,f225,f226 [T804SE.J]
V0166O15T801k100 [T804SE.J]
V0166O22T801OH [T804SE.J]
V0166O25T801This photograph document the newly discovered f225, two rows of flat and smooth stones covered by the accumulation f226 and in relation with f188. This may be a first escarpment made out of stones, earlier than f184. [T804SE.J]
V0167O12T801f41,f126,f194,f218,f229,f230,f231,f232,f233 [T804SE.J]
V0167O15T801k33 [T804SE.J]
V0167O22T801N [T804SE.J]
V0167O25T801Showing the continuation of the wall f41 under the stones of f126; it is also possible to suggest that f21 overlays or covers f41. The photograph shows also the hard surface f230, on wich several stones rest. [T804SE.J]
V0167AO12T801f21,f41,f126,f230,f233 [T804SE.J]
V0167AO15T801k33 [T804SE.J]
V0167AO21T801t [T804SE.J]
V0167AO22T801E [T804SE.J]
V0167AO25T801Subview oriented east that shows f41 covered by f126. [T804SE.J]
V0173O12T805f3,f14,f20,f21,f37,f41,f74,f99,f108,f126,f142,f152,f192,f194,f200,f205,f229,f230,f231,f232,f233,f237,f238,f239,f240,f244 [T810SE1.J]
V0173O15T805k33,k34,k105 [T810SE1.J]
V0173O22T805E [T810SE1.J]
V0173O25T805Working-picture that shows the conditions of the northern portion of J5 after two weeks of excavation, with the major features discovered last year and the ones uncovered this year. [T810SE1.J]
V0174O12T805f3,f37,f41,f74,f99,f184,f186,f188,f189,f192,f194,f200,f205,f225,f226,f230,f231,f232,f237,f240,f244 [T810SE1.J]
V0174O15T805k105,k106 [T810SE1.J]
V0174O22T805E [T810SE1.J]
V0174O25T805Working-picture that shows the conditions of the southern portion of J5 after two weeks of excavation, with the major features discovered last year and the ones uncovered this year. [T810SE1.J]
V0176O12T806f14,f21,f41,f128,f152,f230,f238,f239 [T810SE1.J]
V0176O15T806k33 [T810SE1.J]
V0176O22T806E [T810SE1.J]
V0176O25T806Showing the higher floor-surface f128 that is connected with the staircase f21 together with the lower surface f230 that abuts the wall f41. [T810SE1.J]
V0176AO12T806f21,f41,f128,f230,f238,f239 [T810SE1.J]
V0176AO15T806k33 [T810SE1.J]
V0176AO21T806m [T810SE1.J]
V0176AO22T806S [T810SE1.J]
V0176AO25T806Shows the surfaces at different levels of f33, connected with the stone-installations, facing south. [T810SE1.J]
V0176BO12T806f21,f41,f128,f230,f238,f239 [T810SE1.J]
V0176BO15T806k33 [T810SE1.J]
V0176BO21T806m [T810SE1.J]
V0176BO22T806N [T810SE1.J]
V0176BO25T806Shows the surfaces at different levels of f33, connected with the stone-installations, facing north. [T810SE1.J]
V0177O12T806f3,f41,f74,f200,f205 [T810SE1.J]
V0177O15T806k105 [T810SE1.J]
V0177O22T806E [T810SE1.J]
V0177O25T806This photo document the stone-installation f200 before we remove the five stones. [T810SE1.J]
V0178O12T806f3,f41,f74,f99,f205,f245 [T810SE1.J]
V0178O15T806k105 [T810SE1.J]
V0178O22T806E [T810SE1.J]
V0178O25T806Showing f245, horizontal mudbricks discovered in the corner between the two walls f41 and f3, almost at the same elevation of the third step of f205. [T810SE1.J]
V0178AO12T806f41,f74,f245 [T810SE1.J]
V0178AO15T806k105 [T810SE1.J]
V0178AO22T806OH [T810SE1.J]
V0178AO25T806Over-head view of the horizontal mudbricks in k105. [T810SE1.J]
^ESC1A02T811f0188 [T811SE1.J]
^ESC1A02T811f0225 [T811SE1.J]
^ESC1A02T811f0265 [T811SE1.J]
^ESC1A02T811f0293 [T811SE1.J]
^ESC1B11T811The first escarpment is composed by a series of rows of big, flat stones (at least four rows), running E-W south to the wall escarpment f189. The material used for this structure, stone, was due probably to the presence of water running along the wall: its aim was to preserve the foundation of f189 and to prevent its collapse. [T811SE1.J]
^ESC2A02T811f0184 [T811SE2.J]
^ESC2A02T811f0241 [T811SE2.J]
^ESC2A02T811f0242 [T811SE2.J]
^ESC2A02T811f0268 [T811SE2.J]
^ESC2A02T811f0280 [T811SE2.J]
^ESC2B11T811The second escarpment sits right on the first one; it has a layer of sherds at its bottom, f242, on wich are many different and alternating layers of red and grey materials. Its purpose was to protect the bottom of the revetment wall f189 from the water problems already present at the time of the first escarpment. [T811SE2.J]

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