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Processed on 05-22-2018

--IQX10The finishing numbers for various elements in the global record are as follows: aggregates = a15; composites = 0; features = 327; items = 26; special loci = 109; plots = 20; q-lots = 408; relays - the first series ended at 1000, restarted at 2000 and ended at 2560; views = 163; drawings = 37, sketches = 59. [QX10JW1.J]
-DY.riQX10bL and eDB are almost finished preparing templates for photographs and section drawings. bL and eI are now available for J3 work full time after being detailed to conservation and drawing for considerable portions of the last week. eI and mO, who returned from Aleppo University for the last two days of work, are preparing stratigraphic assignments and analyses for the East portion of J3. Previously the entire staff, including rE, finished the stratigraphic analysis for the West portion. jW re-constituted the feature descriptions that had been lost when the Feature Data sheets were misplaced. There are some discrepances among the feature descriptions, the types of contact, and the strata assignments which will be resolved by jW in Los Angeles. [QX10JW1.J]
-SGQX10In the last day of work this season, we will place all files in the deep freeze, organize the data among the various computers and pack equipment in preparation for departure the morning of Qx12. [QX10JW1.J]
A0004A21Q816st-is [Q919JW1.J]
A0004B11Q816A line of large limestone blocks (f112 = f208, f117 = f206, f130 = f205, f132 = f207) running E-W relatively close to the surface. Their relative positions suggest that they were intentionally placed, possibly as a part of a wall or enclosure. Their proximity to the surface also suggests that they were moved to their current position. It is unclear when they were placed and it could range from the late Mittani period through the Middle Assyrian period which immediately followed, to a much later time associated with scattered occupation. [Q919JW1.J]
A0004D01Q816k13 [Q919JW1.J]
A0004G09Q816f112,f117,f130,f131,f132 [Q919JW1.J]
A0004O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
A0004O01Q816v0056a [RX31JW.J]
A0004O01Q816v0056b [RX31JW.J]
A0004O01Q816v0056c [RX31JW.J]
A0004O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
A0004O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
A0004O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
A0004O01Q826v0087 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q826v0081 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q826v0081a [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q826v0085a [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q826v0087 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q826v0087a [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q831v0093 [RX31JW.J]
A0005O01Q831v0094 [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q817v0062 [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q817v0062a [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q817v0065 [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q817v0065a [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0083 [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0083d [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0083e [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0085a [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q826v0085b [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q831v0093 [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q831v0094 [RX31JW.J]
A0006O01Q831v0094a [RX31JW.J]
A0009O01Q913v0143 [RX31JW.J]
F0003O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0003O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
F0003O01Q826v0086 [RX31JW.J]
F0003O01Q826v0086a [RX31JW.J]
F0010O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0011O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0011O01Q826v0086a [RX31JW.J]
F0011O01Q826v0086b [RX31JW.J]
F0030O01Q826v0086b [RX31JW.J]
F0031F02Q904<5si q0290 [QX02JW.J]
F0043O01Q826v0086b [RX31JW.J]
F0050O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
F0050O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0050O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0050O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
F0050O01Q826v0086 [RX31JW.J]
F0090O01Q826v0086 [RX31JW.J]
F0097O01Q813v0049 [RX31JW.J]
F0097O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0097O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
F0097O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
F0100D03Q826795 (41389 49092 - 9296) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0100F02Q812<5si q0148 [QX02JW.J]
F0100F02Q815<5si q0171 [QX02JW.J]
F0100O01Q813v0049 [RX31JW.J]
F0100O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0100O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
F0100O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
F0101D03Q826794 (41498 49547 - 9349) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0101O01Q813v0049 [RX31JW.J]
F0101O01Q813v0049a [RX31JW.J]
F0102O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0102O01Q817v0061 [RX31JW.J]
F0103D03Q826800 (41463 48320 - 9126 / Relay location: SE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0103D03Q826801 (41422 48628 - 9127 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0104D03Q826793 (41502 49546 - 9296) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0104F02Q815<5si q0172 [QX02JW.J]
F0104O01Q813v0049 [RX31JW.J]
F0104O01Q813v0049a [RX31JW.J]
F0104O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0104O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
F0104O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
F0106D03Q826796 (41054 48855 - 9272 / Relay location: SE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0106D03Q826797 (41218 48493 - 9260 / Relay location: SW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0106D03Q826798 (41368 48547 - 9275 / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0106D03Q826799 (41222 48915 - 9292 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0107O01Q814v0051 [RX31JW.J]
F0107O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0107O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
F0107O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0081 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0081a [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0085a [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0085b [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0085c [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0087 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q826v0087a [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q831v0093 [RX31JW.J]
F0109O01Q831v0093a [RX31JW.J]
F0110O01Q814v0051 [RX31JW.J]
F0111A21Q814ad [QX06EI.J]
F0111D01Q814k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0111D06Q8149250 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0111D06Q8149263 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0111K05Q814dark brownish gray [QX06EI.J]
F0111K06Q81410YR 5/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0111K07Q8144.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0111K08Q814fine, loose [QX06EI.J]
F0111P02Q814Q815 [QX06EI.J]
F0112O01Q814v0051 [RX31JW.J]
F0112O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
F0112O01Q816v0056a [RX31JW.J]
F0112O01Q816v0056b [RX31JW.J]
F0112O01Q816v0056c [RX31JW.J]
F0112O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0112O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0112O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0114O01Q814v0051 [RX31JW.J]
F0114O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0115O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0117D03Q826819 (41371 49141 - / Relay location: SW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0117D03Q826820 (41368 49175 - / Relay location: SE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0117D03Q826821 (41374 49191 - / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0117D03Q826822 (41407 49174 - / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0117O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
F0117O01Q816v0056a [RX31JW.J]
F0117O01Q816v0056b [RX31JW.J]
F0117O01Q816v0056c [RX31JW.J]
F0117O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0117O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0117O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0120F02Q816<5si q0176 [QX02JW.J]
F0120O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0120O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
F0120O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
F0120O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
F0121O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0121O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
F0121O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
F0121O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
F0122A21Q815f1 [QX06EI.J]
F0122D01Q815k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0122D06Q8159220 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0122D06Q8159234 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0122F02Q815<5si q0170 [QX02JW.J]
F0122K05Q815light yellowish brown [QX06EI.J]
F0122K06Q81510YR 6/4 [QX06EI.J]
F0122K08Q815soft,sandy [QX06EI.J]
F0122O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0122O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
F0123O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0123O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
F0123O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
F0124O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0125O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0126O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0127A21Q815f1 [QX06EI.J]
F0127D01Q815k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0127D03Q826823 (41534 49146 - / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0127D03Q826824 (41482 49202 - / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0127D03Q826825 (41407 49177 - / Relay location: SW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0127D06Q8159200 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0127D06Q8159213 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0127O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0127O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
F0127O01Q826v0087 [RX31JW.J]
F0127O01Q826v0087a [RX31JW.J]
F0128A21Q815pit-c [QX06EI.J]
F0128D01Q815k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0128D03Q826815 (41534 49146 - / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0128D03Q826816 (41482 49202 - / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0128D03Q826817 (41407 49177 - / Relay location: SW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0128D06Q8159200 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0128D06Q8159255 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0128O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
F0128O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
F0128O01Q826v0087 [RX31JW.J]
F0128O01Q826v0087a [RX31JW.J]
F0130A21Q816st-is [QX06EI.J]
F0130D01Q816k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0130D06Q8169285 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0130D06Q8169290 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0130K03Q816li [QX06EI.J]
F0130O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
F0130O01Q816v0056a [RX31JW.J]
F0130O01Q816v0056b [RX31JW.J]
F0130O01Q816v0056c [RX31JW.J]
F0130O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0130O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0131A21Q816st-is [QX06EI.J]
F0131D01Q816k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0131D06Q8169285 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0131D06Q8169315 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0131K03Q816li [QX06EI.J]
F0131O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
F0131O01Q816v0056a [RX31JW.J]
F0131O01Q816v0056b [RX31JW.J]
F0131O01Q816v0056c [RX31JW.J]
F0131O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0131O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0132A21Q816st-is [QX06EI.J]
F0132D01Q816k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0132D06Q8169283 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0132D06Q8169285 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0132K03Q816li [QX06EI.J]
F0132O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
F0132O01Q816v0056a [RX31JW.J]
F0132O01Q816v0056b [RX31JW.J]
F0132O01Q816v0056c [RX31JW.J]
F0132O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
F0132O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
F0133O01Q826v0083 [RX31JW.J]
F0133O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
F0133O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
F0133O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
F0133O01Q826v0083d [RX31JW.J]
F0133O01Q826v0083e [RX31JW.J]
F0136A21Q817is [QX06EI.J]
F0136D01Q817k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0136D06Q8179332 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0136K05Q817brown [QX06EI.J]
F0136K06Q81710YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0136O01Q817v0059 [RX31JW.J]
F0138A21Q817ad [QX06EI.J]
F0138D01Q817k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0138D03Q826813 (41444 48578 - / Relay location: SW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0138D03Q826814 (41820 48720 - / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0138D06Q8179312 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0138D06Q8179346 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0138K05Q817light gray [QX06EI.J]
F0138K06Q8175YR 7/1 [QX06EI.J]
F0138K07Q8174.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0138O01Q817v0059 [RX31JW.J]
F0140D03Q826809 (41444 48578 - / Relay location: SW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0140D03Q826810 (41327 48952 - / Relay location: SE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0140D03Q826811 (41692 49085 - / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0140D03Q826812 (41820 48720 - / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0140O01Q826v0083 [RX31JW.J]
F0140O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
F0140O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
F0140O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
F0140O01Q826v0083d [RX31JW.J]
F0140O01Q826v0083e [RX31JW.J]
F0141A21Q817ad [QX06EI.J]
F0141D01Q817k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0141D06Q8179091 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0141D06Q8179312 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0141F02Q819<5si q0192 [QX02JW.J]
F0141F02Q819<5si q0193 [QX02JW.J]
F0141F02Q823<5si q0216 [Q829JW1.J]
F0141F02Q823<5si q0216 [QX02JW.J]
F0141K05Q817very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0141K06Q81710YR 7/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0141K07Q8174.0 [QX06EI.J]
F0141O01Q826v0083 [RX31JW.J]
F0141O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
F0141O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
F0141O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
F0141O01Q826v0083d [RX31JW.J]
F0141O01Q826v0083e [RX31JW.J]
F0141P02Q817Q819 [QX06EI.J]
F0142A21Q817is [QX06EI.J]
F0142D01Q817k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0142D06Q8179300 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0142D06Q8179315 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0142F02Q819<5si q0190 [QX02JW.J]
F0142P02Q817Q819 [QX06EI.J]
F0143O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0144D03Q826804 (40871 48580 - / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0144O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0144O01Q817v0061 [RX31JW.J]
F0145O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0146D03Q826803 (40831 48531 - / Relay location: N corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0147A21Q819ad [QX06EI.J]
F0147D01Q819k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0147D06Q8199246 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0147D06Q8199278 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0147F02Q819<5si q0194 [QX02JW.J]
F0147F02Q823<5si q0217 [Q829JW1.J]
F0147F02Q823<5si q0217 [QX02JW.J]
F0147F02Q831<5si q0263 [QX02JW.J]
F0147K05Q819very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0147K06Q81910YR7/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0147K07Q8194 [QX06EI.J]
F0147O01Q826v0083 [RX31JW.J]
F0147O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
F0147O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
F0147O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
F0147O01Q826v0083d [RX31JW.J]
F0147O01Q826v0083e [RX31JW.J]
F0147P02Q819Q819 [QX06EI.J]
F0148D03Q826805 (40559 48661 - / Relay location: SE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0148D03Q826806 (40708 48290 - / Relay location: SW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0148D03Q826807 (41018 48459 - / Relay location: NW corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0148D03Q826808 (40809 48756 - / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0148O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0148O01Q817v0061 [RX31JW.J]
F0148O01Q817v0061a [RX31JW.J]
F0149O01Q817v0062 [RX31JW.J]
F0149O01Q817v0062a [RX31JW.J]
F0150O01Q817v0062 [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q817v0062 [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q817v0062a [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q817v0065 [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q817v0065a [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q826v0083 [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q826v0083d [RX31JW.J]
F0151O01Q826v0083e [RX31JW.J]
F0152F02Q904<5si q0294 [QX02JW.J]
F0152F02Q905<5si q0302 [QX02JW.J]
F0152O01Q817v0062 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q817v0062a [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q817v0065 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q817v0065a [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0081 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0081a [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0085a [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0085b [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0085c [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0086 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0086a [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q826v0087 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q831v0093 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q831v0093a [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q831v0094 [RX31JW.J]
F0152O01Q831v0094a [RX31JW.J]
F0154O01Q817v0061 [RX31JW.J]
F0158O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0159O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
F0160O01Q817v0062a [RX31JW.J]
F0161O01Q817v0061 [RX31JW.J]
F0162A21Q20ts [-QX06EI.J]
F0162D01Q20k22 [-QX06EI.J]
F0162D06Q209275 @top [-QX06EI.J]
F0162D06Q209277 @bottom [-QX06EI.J]
F0162F02Q820<5si q0202 [QX02JW.J]
F0162K05Q20light yellowish brown [-QX06EI.J]
F0162K06Q2010YR 6/4 [-QX06EI.J]
F0162K07Q204.5 [-QX06EI.J]
F0162K08Q20clumpy [-QX06EI.J]
F0162O01Q823v0078 [RX31JW.J]
F0162O01Q823v0078a [RX31JW.J]
F0162O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
F0162O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
F0162P02Q20Q820 [-QX06EI.J]
F0164O01Q817v0061 [RX31JW.J]
F0164O01Q817v0061a [RX31JW.J]
F0165A21Q20ad [-QX06EI.J]
F0165D01Q20k22 [-QX06EI.J]
F0165D06Q209252 @bottom [-QX06EI.J]
F0165D06Q209277 @top [-QX06EI.J]
F0165F02Q820<5si q0205 [QX02JW.J]
F0165K05Q20pinkish gray [-QX06EI.J]
F0165K06Q205YR 6/2 [-QX06EI.J]
F0165K07Q204.5+ [-QX06EI.J]
F0165O01Q823v0078 [RX31JW.J]
F0165O01Q823v0078a [RX31JW.J]
F0165O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
F0165O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
F0165P02Q20Q821 [-QX06EI.J]
F0166O01Q823v0078 [RX31JW.J]
F0166O01Q823v0078a [RX31JW.J]
F0166O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
F0166O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
F0167A21Q821ad [QX06EI.J]
F0167D01Q821k22 [QX06EI.J]
F0167D03Q826802 (41215 48913 - 9264 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q827EB3R.J]
F0167D06Q8219221 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0167D06Q8219252 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0167K05Q821very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0167K06Q82110YR 7/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0167K07Q8214.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0167O01Q823v0078 [RX31JW.J]
F0167O01Q823v0078a [RX31JW.J]
F0167O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
F0167O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
F0167P02Q821Q821 [QX06EI.J]
F0168A21Q821ad [QX06EI.J]
F0168D01Q821k22 [QX06EI.J]
F0168D06Q8219195 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0168D06Q8219221 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0168F02Q822<5si q0212 [Q829JW1.J]
F0168F02Q822<5si q0212 [QX02JW.J]
F0168K05Q821very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0168K06Q82110YR 8/2 [QX06EI.J]
F0168K07Q8214.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0168O01Q823v0078 [RX31JW.J]
F0168O01Q823v0078a [RX31JW.J]
F0168O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
F0168O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
F0168P02Q821Q822 [QX06EI.J]
F0169A21Q822st [QX06EI.J]
F0169D01Q822k22 [QX06EI.J]
F0169D06Q8229209 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0169D06Q8229246 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0169O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
F0169O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
F0169O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
F0169O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
F0169O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
F0169O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
F0173A21Q822fc [QX06EI.J]
F0173D01Q822k22 [QX06EI.J]
F0173D06Q8229195 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0173F02Q823<5si q0219 [Q829JW1.J]
F0173F02Q823<5si q0219 [QX02JW.J]
F0173F02Q904<5si q0293 [QX02JW.J]
F0173K05Q822pale red [QX06EI.J]
F0173K06Q8227.5YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0173K07Q8223.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0173O01Q823v0078 [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q823v0078a [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
F0173O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
F0175F02Q823<5si q0218 [Q829JW1.J]
F0175F02Q823<5si q0218 [QX02JW.J]
F0175O01Q823v0077 [RX31JW.J]
F0176O01Q823v0077 [RX31JW.J]
F0178O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
F0179F02Q823<5si q0220 [Q829JW1.J]
F0179F02Q823<5si q0220 [QX02JW.J]
F0180A21Q823ly [QX06EI.J]
F0180D01Q823k23 [QX06EI.J]
F0180D06Q8239243 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0180D06Q8239249 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0180K05Q823light brownish gray [QX06EI.J]
F0180K06Q82310YR 6/2 [QX06EI.J]
F0180K07Q8233.5 [QX06EI.J]
F0180P02Q823Q823 [QX06EI.J]
F0183O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
F0184O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
F0185O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
F0186O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
F0187O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
F0188O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
F0189D03Q827832 (41681 49116 - 9287 / Relay location: NW corner) [Q829JW4R.J]
F0189D03Q827833 (41652 49176 - 9290 / Relay location: NE corner) [Q829JW4R.J]
F0191F02Q904<5si q0288 [QX02JW.J]
F0191F02Q904<5si q0289 [QX02JW.J]
F0193F02Q904<5si q0292 [QX02JW.J]
F0209A21Q831ly [QX06EI.J]
F0209D01Q831k13 [QX06EI.J]
F0209D06Q8319250 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0209D06Q8319254 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0209K05Q831pale red [QX06EI.J]
F0209K06Q8317.5YR 7/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0209K07Q8313.0 [QX06EI.J]
F0209O01Q831v0093 [RX31JW.J]
F0209O01Q831v0093a [RX31JW.J]
F0215A21Q902is [QX06EI.J]
F0215D01Q902k22 [QX06EI.J]
F0215D06Q9029250 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0215K08Q902bricks [QX06EI.J]
F0215O01Q826v0085c [RX31JW.J]
F0215O01Q831v0094 [RX31JW.J]
F0215O01Q831v0094a [RX31JW.J]
F0216A21Q902st [QX06EI.J]
F0216D01Q902k108 [QX06EI.J]
F0216D06Q9029203 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0216D06Q9029240 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0216K03Q902li [QX06EI.J]
F0216P02Q902Q909 [QX06EI.J]
F0220A21Q903ad [QX06EI.J]
F0220D01Q903k91 [QX06EI.J]
F0220D06Q9039169 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0220D06Q9039238 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0220F02Q904<5si q0286 [QX02JW.J]
F0220F02Q904<5si q0296 [QX02JW.J]
F0220F02Q905<5si q0303 [QX02JW.J]
F0220K05Q903very pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0220K06Q90310YR 8/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0220K07Q9034.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0220P02Q903Q904 [QX06EI.J]
F0221F02Q904<5si q0297 [QX02JW.J]
F0221O01Q904v0109 [RX31JW.J]
F0222A21Q903ts [QX06EI.J]
F0222D01Q903k94 [QX06EI.J]
F0222D06Q9039185 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0222D06Q9039201 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0222K05Q903pale brown [QX06EI.J]
F0222K06Q90310YR 6/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0222K07Q9034.0 [QX06EI.J]
F0222P02Q903Q903 [QX06EI.J]
F0223A21Q903ad [QX06EI.J]
F0223D01Q903k94 [QX06EI.J]
F0223D06Q9039185 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0223F02Q904<5si q0287 [QX02JW.J]
F0223F02Q904<5si q0299 [QX02JW.J]
F0223F02Q905<5si q0300 [QX02JW.J]
F0223F02Q905<5si q0306 [QX02JW.J]
F0223K05Q903pale red [QX06EI.J]
F0223K06Q9037.5YR 7/2 [QX06EI.J]
F0223K07Q9034.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0224D03Q9042030 (39946 49076 - 9169 / Relay location: SW corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0224D03Q9042031 (39806 49439 - 9168 / Relay location: SE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0224D03Q9042032 (39926 49482 - 9173 / Relay location: NE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0224D03Q9042033 (40062 49126 - 9168 / Relay location: NW corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0225A21Q903ad [QX06EI.J]
F0225D01Q903k91 [QX06EI.J]
F0225D06Q9039169 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0225F02Q904<5si q0298 [QX02JW.J]
F0225F02Q905<5si q0304 [QX02JW.J]
F0225K05Q903light pink [QX06EI.J]
F0225K06Q9037.5YR 8/2 [QX06EI.J]
F0225K07Q9034.5+ [QX06EI.J]
F0225K08Q903more soft and crumbly [QX06EI.J]
F0226D03Q9042034 (40402 48398 - 9197 / Relay location: NE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0226D03Q9042035 (40394 48387 - 9194 / Relay location: SE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0226D03Q9042036 (40397 48368 - 9200 / Relay location: SW corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0226D03Q9042037 (40409 48351 - 9192 / Relay location: NW corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0226O01Q904v0109 [RX31JW.J]
F0228O01Q904v0109 [RX31JW.J]
F0232D03Q9042073 (40563 49317 - / Relay location: NE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0232D03Q9042074 (40593 49293 - / Relay location: NW corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0232D03Q9042075 (40651 49209 - / Relay location: SW corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0232D03Q9042076 (40545 49273 - / Relay location: SE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
F0233A21Q904ts [QX06EI.J]
F0233D01Q904k90 [QX06EI.J]
F0233D06Q9049256 @bottom [QX06EI.J]
F0233D06Q9049266 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0233K05Q904brown [QX06EI.J]
F0233K06Q90410YR 5/3 [QX06EI.J]
F0233K07Q9044.0 [QX06EI.J]
F0234F02Q904<5si q0295 [QX02JW.J]
F0234F02Q905<5si q0301 [QX02JW.J]
F0239F02Q905<5si q0307 [QX02JW.J]
F0241O01Q826v0085b [RX31JW.J]
F0241O01Q826v0086 [RX31JW.J]
F0241O01Q826v0086a [RX31JW.J]
F0257F02Q915<5si i0026 [QX11BL.J]
F0264O01Q913v0143 [RX31JW.J]
F0265O01Q913v0143 [RX31JW.J]
F0266O01Q913v0143 [RX31JW.J]
F0267O01Q913v0143 [RX31JW.J]
F0271A21Q915st [QX06EI.J]
F0271D01Q915k92 [QX06EI.J]
F0271D06Q9159117 @top [QX06EI.J]
F0271K03Q915li [QX06EI.J]
F0271P02Q915Q915 [QX06EI.J]
I0026BA1Q915bd [QX11BL.J]
I0026BA2Q9152.5 [QX11BL.J]
I0026BA3Q9150.5 [QX11BL.J]
I0026BA5Q9150.5 [QX11BL.J]
I0026BA6Q915frit [QX11BL.J]
I0026BA7Q915white [QX11BL.J]
I0026BA8Q915bead [QX11BL.J]
I0026D01Q915k109 [QX11BL.J]
I0026F02Q915>5si f0257 [QX11BL.J]
I0026G03Q915associated q-lot: 394 [QX11BL.J]
K0011O01Q826v0086a [RX31JW.J]
K0011O01Q826v0086b [RX31JW.J]
K0012O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
K0012O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
K0012O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
K0012O01Q826v0086 [RX31JW.J]
K0012O01Q826v0086a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q813v0049 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q813v0049a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q814v0051 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q816v0056 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q816v0056a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q816v0056b [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q816v0056c [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q817v0063 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q817v0063a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0080b [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0081 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0081a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0082 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0082a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0085a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0085b [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0085c [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q826v0087 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q831v0093 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q831v0093a [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q831v0094 [RX31JW.J]
K0013O01Q831v0094a [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q823v0078 [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q823v0078a [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q823v0078b [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q823v0078c [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q826v0080a [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q826v0080b [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q831v0093 [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q831v0093a [RX31JW.J]
K0022O01Q831v0094 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q817v0059 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q817v0062 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q817v0062a [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q817v0065 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q817v0065a [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0080a [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0080b [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0083 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0083a [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0083b [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0083c [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0083d [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0083e [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0085a [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0085b [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q826v0085c [RX31JW.J]
K0023O01Q831v0094 [RX31JW.J]
K0031O01Q823v0077 [RX31JW.J]
K0031O01Q826v0079 [RX31JW.J]
K0031O01Q826v0079a [RX31JW.J]
K0093O01Q904v0109 [RX31JW.J]
K0101O01Q816v0056d [RX31JW.J]
K0101O01Q822v0072 [RX31JW.J]
K0101O01Q826v0080b [RX31JW.J]
K0101O01Q826v0086 [RX31JW.J]
K0101O01Q826v0086a [RX31JW.J]
K0101O01Q826v0086b [RX31JW.J]
K0108O01Q817v0060 [RX31JW.J]
K0108O01Q817v0061 [RX31JW.J]
K0108O01Q817v0061a [RX31JW.J]
K0108O01Q826v0080 [RX31JW.J]
K0108O01Q826v0080a [RX31JW.J]
K0108O01Q826v0085 [RX31JW.J]
K0109O01Q826v0084 [RX31JW.J]
K0109O01Q913v0143 [RX31JW.J]
Q0146B21Q812qi014602 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0148A21Q812p,i [QX02JW.J]
Q0148D01Q812k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0148D13Q812m3933 (9380) + 134 (height of instrument) - 92 - 20 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0148D20Q812r448 [QX02JW.J]
Q0148D21Q812300 cms South, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0148D22Q8129338 [QX02JW.J]
Q0148D23Q8129318 [QX02JW.J]
Q0148F02Q812>5si f0100 [QX02JW.J]
Q0152B21Q813qi015201 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0163B21Q815qi016301 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0165B21Q815qi016501 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0170A21Q815p [QX02JW.J]
Q0170B21Q815qi017001 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0170B21Q815qi017002 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0170B21Q815qi017003 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0170D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0170D13Q815m4266 (9348) + 162 (height of instrument) - 48 [QX02JW.J]
Q0170D22Q8159234 [QX02JW.J]
Q0170F02Q815>5si f0122 [QX02JW.J]
Q0171A21Q815p [QX02JW.J]
Q0171D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0171D13Q815m4258 (9407) + 149 (height of instrument) - 116 - 45 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0171D20Q815r444 [QX02JW.J]
Q0171D21Q815300 cms South, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0171D22Q8159374 [QX02JW.J]
Q0171D23Q8159329 [QX02JW.J]
Q0171F02Q815>5si f0100 [QX02JW.J]
Q0172A21Q815p [QX02JW.J]
Q0172D01Q815k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0172D13Q815m4267 (9368) + 0 (height of instrument) - -45 - 45 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0172D20Q815r456 [QX02JW.J]
Q0172D21Q815100 cms South, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0172D22Q8159323 [QX02JW.J]
Q0172D23Q8159278 [QX02JW.J]
Q0172F02Q815>5si f0104 [QX02JW.J]
Q0176A21Q816p [QX02JW.J]
Q0176D01Q816k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0176D13Q816m4267 (9368) + 0 (height of instrument) - -45 - 45 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0176D20Q816r503 [QX02JW.J]
Q0176D21Q816100 cms South, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0176D22Q8169323 [QX02JW.J]
Q0176D23Q8169278 [QX02JW.J]
Q0176F02Q816>5si f0120 [QX02JW.J]
Q0188B21Q819qi018801 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0190A21Q819p [QX02JW.J]
Q0190B21Q819qi019001 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0190D01Q819k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0190D13Q819m4012 (9380) + 155 (height of instrument) - 98 [QX02JW.J]
Q0190D20Q819wf [QX02JW.J]
Q0190D22Q8199323 [QX02JW.J]
Q0190F02Q819>5si f0142 [QX02JW.J]
Q0192A21Q819p [QX02JW.J]
Q0192B21Q819qi019201 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0192B21Q819qi019202 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0192B21Q819qi019203 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0192B21Q819qi019204 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0192D01Q819k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0192D13Q819m4011 (9347) + 155 (height of instrument) - 94 - 20 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0192D20Q819r579 [QX02JW.J]
Q0192D21Q819400 cms North, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0192D22Q8199286 [QX02JW.J]
Q0192D23Q8199266 [QX02JW.J]
Q0192F02Q819>5si f0141 [QX02JW.J]
Q0193A21Q819p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0193D01Q819k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0193D13Q819m4011 (9347) + 155 (height of instrument) - 94 - 20 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0193D20Q819r579 [QX02JW.J]
Q0193D21Q819400 cms North, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0193D22Q8199286 [QX02JW.J]
Q0193D23Q8199266 [QX02JW.J]
Q0193F02Q819>5si f0141 [QX02JW.J]
Q0194A21Q819p [QX02JW.J]
Q0194B21Q819qi019401 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0194D01Q819k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0194D13Q819m4012 (9380) + 155 (height of instrument) - 56 - 30 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0194D20Q819r613 [QX02JW.J]
Q0194D21Q819400 cms South, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0194D22Q8199281 [QX02JW.J]
Q0194D23Q8199251 [QX02JW.J]
Q0194F02Q819>5si f0147 [QX02JW.J]
Q0202A21Q820p [QX02JW.J]
Q0202B21Q820qi020201 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0202D01Q820k22 [QX02JW.J]
Q0202D13Q820m4008 (9299) + 154 (height of instrument) - 130 - 17 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0202D20Q820m4008 [QX02JW.J]
Q0202D21Q820160 cms South, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0202D22Q8209275 [QX02JW.J]
Q0202D23Q8209258 [QX02JW.J]
Q0202F02Q820>5si f0162 [QX02JW.J]
Q0205A21Q820p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0205D01Q820k22 [QX02JW.J]
Q0205D13Q820m4009 (9324) + 144 (height of instrument) - 102 - 10 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0205D20Q820r670 [QX02JW.J]
Q0205D21Q820150 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0205D22Q8209282 [QX02JW.J]
Q0205D23Q8209272 [QX02JW.J]
Q0205F02Q820>5si f0165 [QX02JW.J]
Q0207B21Q821qi020703 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0207B21Q821qi020704 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0208B21Q821qi020801 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0208B21Q821qi020802 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0208B21Q821qi020803 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0208B21Q821qi020804 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0210B21Q822qi021001 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0212A21Q822b [Q829JW1.J]
Q0212A21Q822b [QX02JW.J]
Q0212D01Q822k22 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0212D01Q822k22 [QX02JW.J]
Q0212D13Q822m4008 (9299) + 140 (height of instrument) - 56 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0212D13Q822m4008 (9299) + 140 (height of instrument) - 56 [QX02JW.J]
Q0212D20Q822r677 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0212D20Q822r677 [QX02JW.J]
Q0212D21Q822150 cms North, 400 cms West [Q829JW1.J]
Q0212D21Q822150 cms North, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0212D22Q8229215 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0212D22Q8229215 [QX02JW.J]
Q0212F02Q822>5si f0168 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0212F02Q822>5si f0168 [QX02JW.J]
Q0216A21Q823p,b [Q829JW1.J]
Q0216A21Q823p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0216D01Q823k23 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0216D01Q823k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0216D99Q82320cm excavated [Q829JW1.J]
Q0216D99Q82320cm excavated [QX02JW.J]
Q0216F02Q823>5si f0141 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0216F02Q823>5si f0141 [QX02JW.J]
Q0217A21Q823p [Q829JW1.J]
Q0217A21Q823p [QX02JW.J]
Q0217B21Q823qi021701 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0217D01Q823k23 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0217D01Q823k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0217D13Q823m4012 (9380) + 140 (height of instrument) - 88 - 30 @bottom [Q829JW1.J]
Q0217D13Q823m4012 (9380) + 140 (height of instrument) - 88 - 30 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0217D21Q823400 cms North, 100 cms West [Q829JW1.J]
Q0217D21Q823400 cms North, 100 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0217D22Q8239328 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0217D22Q8239328 [QX02JW.J]
Q0217D23Q8239298 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0217D23Q8239298 [QX02JW.J]
Q0217F02Q823>5si f0147 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0217F02Q823>5si f0147 [QX02JW.J]
Q0218A21Q823p,b [Q829JW1.J]
Q0218A21Q823p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0218D01Q823k31 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0218D01Q823k31 [QX02JW.J]
Q0218D13Q823m4370 (9258) + 140 (height of instrument) - 76 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0218D13Q823m4370 (9258) + 140 (height of instrument) - 76 [QX02JW.J]
Q0218D20Q823r743 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0218D20Q823r743 [QX02JW.J]
Q0218D21Q823100 cms North, 150 cms East [Q829JW1.J]
Q0218D21Q823100 cms North, 150 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0218D22Q8239194 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0218D22Q8239194 [QX02JW.J]
Q0218F02Q823>5si f0175 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0218F02Q823>5si f0175 [QX02JW.J]
Q0219A21Q823q_item [Q829JW1.J]
Q0219A21Q823q_item [QX02JW.J]
Q0219D01Q823k22 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0219D01Q823k22 [QX02JW.J]
Q0219F02Q823>5si f0173 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0219F02Q823>5si f0173 [QX02JW.J]
Q0220A21Q823p [Q829JW1.J]
Q0220A21Q823p [QX02JW.J]
Q0220D01Q823k31 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0220D01Q823k31 [QX02JW.J]
Q0220D13Q823m4374 (9230) + 140 (height of instrument) - 68 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0220D13Q823m4374 (9230) + 140 (height of instrument) - 68 [QX02JW.J]
Q0220D20Q823r762 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0220D20Q823r762 [QX02JW.J]
Q0220D21Q823200 cms North, 400 cms East [Q829JW1.J]
Q0220D21Q823200 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0220D22Q8239158 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0220D22Q8239158 [QX02JW.J]
Q0220F02Q823>5si f0179 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0220F02Q823>5si f0179 [QX02JW.J]
Q0225B21Q823qi022502 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0233B21Q826qi023301 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0233B21Q826qi023302 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0236B21Q826qi023601 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0238A21Q827p [Q829JW1.J]
Q0238A21Q827p [QX02JW.J]
Q0238D01Q827k23 [Q829JW1.J]
Q0238D01Q827k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0263A21Q831p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0263D01Q831k13 [QX02JW.J]
Q0263D13Q831m4005 (9310) + 125 (height of instrument) - 100 [QX02JW.J]
Q0263D20Q831r952 [QX02JW.J]
Q0263D21Q831150 cms North, 300 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0263D22Q8319285 [QX02JW.J]
Q0263F02Q831>5si f0147 [QX02JW.J]
Q0266B21Q831qi026601 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0267B21Q831qi026701 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0271B21Q903qi027101 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0271B21Q903qi027102 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0272B21Q903qi027202 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0276B21Q903qi027601 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0278B21Q903qi027801 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0282B21Q903qi028201 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0286A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0286D01Q904k91 [QX02JW.J]
Q0286D13Q904m4440 (9256) + 154 (height of instrument) - 93 [QX02JW.J]
Q0286D20Q904r2027 [QX02JW.J]
Q0286D21Q904150 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0286D22Q9049195 [QX02JW.J]
Q0286F02Q904>5si f0220 [QX02JW.J]
Q0287A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0287D01Q904k94 [QX02JW.J]
Q0287D13Q904m4431 (9218) + 154 (height of instrument) - 90 [QX02JW.J]
Q0287D20Q904r2028 [QX02JW.J]
Q0287D21Q904200 cms North, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0287D22Q9049154 [QX02JW.J]
Q0287F02Q904>5si f0223 [QX02JW.J]
Q0288A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0288B21Q903qi028801 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0288D01Q904k109 [QX02JW.J]
Q0288D03Q9042029 (41445 48505 - 9267 / Relay location: NW corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
Q0288D13Q904m4008 (9299) + 155 (height of instrument) - 123 [QX02JW.J]
Q0288D20Q904r2029 [QX02JW.J]
Q0288D21Q904900 cms South, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0288D22Q9049267 [QX02JW.J]
Q0288F02Q904>5si f0191 [QX02JW.J]
Q0289A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0289D01Q904k109 [QX02JW.J]
Q0289D13Q904m4440 (9256) + 154 (height of instrument) - 67 [QX02JW.J]
Q0289D20Q904r2030 [QX02JW.J]
Q0289D21Q904130 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0289D22Q9049169 [QX02JW.J]
Q0289F02Q904>5si f0191 [QX02JW.J]
Q0290A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0290D01Q904k12 [QX02JW.J]
Q0290F02Q904>5si f0031 [QX02JW.J]
Q0292A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0292D01Q904k109 [QX02JW.J]
Q0292D21Q904900 cms South, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0292F02Q904>5si f0193 [QX02JW.J]
Q0293A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0293D01Q904k22 [QX02JW.J]
Q0293F02Q904>5si f0173 [QX02JW.J]
Q0294A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0294D01Q904k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0294F02Q904>5si f0152 [QX02JW.J]
Q0295A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0295D01Q904k90 [QX02JW.J]
Q0295D13Q904m4308 (9274) + 122 (height of instrument) - 104 - 20 @bottom [QX02JW.J]
Q0295D21Q904250 cms North, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0295D22Q9049256 [QX02JW.J]
Q0295D23Q9049236 [QX02JW.J]
Q0295F02Q904>5si f0234 [QX02JW.J]
Q0296A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0296D01Q904k91 [QX02JW.J]
Q0296D13Q904m3696 (9275) + 141 (height of instrument) - 120 [QX02JW.J]
Q0296D20Q904r2046 [QX02JW.J]
Q0296D21Q904100 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0296D22Q9049254 [QX02JW.J]
Q0296F02Q904>5si f0220 [QX02JW.J]
Q0297A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0297D01Q904k93 [QX02JW.J]
Q0297D13Q904m4435 (9238) + 141 (height of instrument) - 110 [QX02JW.J]
Q0297D20Q904r2047 [QX02JW.J]
Q0297D21Q904100 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0297D22Q9049207 [QX02JW.J]
Q0297F02Q904>5si f0221 [QX02JW.J]
Q0298A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0298D01Q904k91 [QX02JW.J]
Q0298D13Q904m3696 (9275) + 141 (height of instrument) - 37 [QX02JW.J]
Q0298D20Q904r2052 [QX02JW.J]
Q0298D21Q904100 cms North, 400 cms West [QX02JW.J]
Q0298D22Q9049171 [QX02JW.J]
Q0298F02Q904>5si f0225 [QX02JW.J]
Q0299A21Q904p [QX02JW.J]
Q0299D01Q904k94 [QX02JW.J]
Q0299D13Q904m3628 (9223) + 141 (height of instrument) - 132 [QX02JW.J]
Q0299D20Q904r2053 [QX02JW.J]
Q0299D21Q904100 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0299D22Q9049214 [QX02JW.J]
Q0299F02Q904>5si f0223 [QX02JW.J]
Q0300A21Q905p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0300D01Q905k94 [QX02JW.J]
Q0300D13Q905m4433 (9203) + 126 (height of instrument) - 111 [QX02JW.J]
Q0300D20Q905r2053 [QX02JW.J]
Q0300D21Q905100 cms North, 400 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0300D22Q9059188 [QX02JW.J]
Q0300F02Q905>5si f0223 [QX02JW.J]
Q0301A21Q905p [QX02JW.J]
Q0301D01Q905k90 [QX02JW.J]
Q0301D13Q905m4308 (9274) + 122 (height of instrument) - 84 [QX02JW.J]
Q0301D20Q905r2045 [QX02JW.J]
Q0301D21Q905200 cms North, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0301D22Q9059236 [QX02JW.J]
Q0301F02Q905>5si f0234 [QX02JW.J]
Q0302A21Q905p [QX02JW.J]
Q0302D01Q905k23 [QX02JW.J]
Q0302D13Q905m4318 (9311) + 162 (height of instrument) - 64 [QX02JW.J]
Q0302D20Q905r2054 [QX02JW.J]
Q0302D21Q905100 cms North, 200 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0302D22Q9059213 [QX02JW.J]
Q0302F02Q905>5si f0152 [QX02JW.J]
Q0303A21Q905p [QX02JW.J]
Q0303D01Q905k91 [QX02JW.J]
Q0303D03Q9042071 (39776 49532 - 9246 / Relay location: SE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
Q0303D13Q905m4442 (9244) + 165 (height of instrument) - 167 [QX02JW.J]
Q0303D20Q905r2069 [QX02JW.J]
Q0303D21Q905200 cms North, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0303D22Q9059246 [QX02JW.J]
Q0303F02Q905>5si f0220 [QX02JW.J]
Q0304A21Q905p [QX02JW.J]
Q0304D01Q905k91 [QX02JW.J]
Q0304D03Q9042072 (39851 49554 - 9168 / Relay location: SE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
Q0304D13Q905m4442 (9244) + 163 (height of instrument) - 89 [QX02JW.J]
Q0304D20Q905r2070 [QX02JW.J]
Q0304D21Q905200 cms North, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0304D22Q9059170 [QX02JW.J]
Q0304F02Q905>5si f0225 [QX02JW.J]
Q0305D03Q9042070 (39902 49823 - 9155 / Relay location: NE corner) [QX06EI4R.J]
Q0306A21Q905p,b [QX02JW.J]
Q0306D01Q905k94 [QX02JW.J]
Q0306D13Q905m4433 (9203) + 126 (height of instrument) - 111 [QX02JW.J]
Q0306D20Q905r2053 [QX02JW.J]
Q0306D21Q905250 cms North, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0306D22Q9059188 [QX02JW.J]
Q0306F02Q905>5si f0223 [QX02JW.J]
Q0307A21Q905p [QX02JW.J]
Q0307B21Q905qi030702 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0307B21Q905qi030703 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0307B21Q905qi030704 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0307D01Q905k92 [QX02JW.J]
Q0307D21Q905700 cms North, 100 cms East [QX02JW.J]
Q0307F02Q905>5si f0239 [QX02JW.J]
Q0356D03Q9132209 (40746 47689 - 9045 / Relay location: SW corner) [QX06EI3R.J]
Q0365D03Q9132207 (41060 47662 - 8997 / Relay location: SE corner) [QX06EI3R.J]
Q0366D03Q9132208 (40853 48196 - 8974 / Relay location: SE corner) [QX06EI3R.J]
Q0368B21Q913qi036801 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0376B21Q914qi037601 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0376B21Q914qi037602 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0900B21Q903qi090001 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0900B21Q903qi090002 [Q921EDB.J]
Q0901A21Q903p [QX02JW.J]
QI014602BA1Q812la [Q921EDB.J]
QI014602BA2Q8120.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI014602BA3Q8123.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI014602BA5Q8121.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI014602BA6Q812li [Q921EDB.J]
QI014602BA8Q812light brown [Q921EDB.J]
QI014602BA9Q812broken flint blade [Q921EDB.J]
QI015201BA1Q813la [Q921EDB.J]
QI015201BA2Q8130.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015201BA3Q8131.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015201BA5Q8130.9 [Q921EDB.J]
QI015201BA6Q813ob [Q921EDB.J]
QI015201BA8Q813black [Q921EDB.J]
QI015201BA9Q813small obsidian fragment, probable debitage [Q921EDB.J]
QI016301BA1Q815sh [Q921EDB.J]
QI016301BA2Q8153.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI016301BA3Q8154.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI016301BA6Q815sh [Q921EDB.J]
QI016301BA8Q815whitish gray [Q921EDB.J]
QI016301BA9Q815shell [Q921EDB.J]
QI016501BA1Q815sm [Q921EDB.J]
QI016501BA8Q815brown [Q921EDB.J]
QI016501BA9Q815sample of soil from the pit in k13 [Q921EDB.J]
QI017001BA1Q815sm [Q921EDB.J]
QI017001BA2Q8150.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI017001BA3Q8150.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI017001BA8Q815dark gray-black [Q921EDB.J]
QI017001BA9Q8151 seed [Q921EDB.J]
QI017002BA1Q815sm [Q921EDB.J]
QI017002BA8Q815dark black [Q921EDB.J]
QI017002BA9Q815probably seed or carbon [Q921EDB.J]
QI017003BA1Q815sm [Q921EDB.J]
QI017003BA2Q8150.05 [Q921EDB.J]
QI017003BA5Q8150.03 [Q921EDB.J]
QI017003BA8Q815dark gray-black [Q921EDB.J]
QI017003BA9Q8152 seeds,1 frangmentary. The workman take it in the hand [Q921EDB.J]
QI018801BA1Q819cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI018801BA2Q8192.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI018801BA3Q8192.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI018801BA5Q8191 [Q921EDB.J]
QI018801BA9Q819clay lump [Q921EDB.J]
QI019001BA2Q8195 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019001BA3Q81912 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019001BA5Q8195.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019001BA8Q819black [Q921EDB.J]
QI019001BA9Q819grinding stone [Q921EDB.J]
QI019201BA1Q819la [Q921EDB.J]
QI019201BA2Q8194.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019201BA3Q8193.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019201BA5Q8190.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019201BA7Q819li [Q921EDB.J]
QI019201BA8Q819brown-red [Q921EDB.J]
QI019201BA9Q819flint tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI019202BA1Q819la [Q921EDB.J]
QI019202BA2Q8192.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019202BA3Q8191.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019202BA5Q8190.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019202BA7Q819li [Q921EDB.J]
QI019202BA8Q819dark brown [Q921EDB.J]
QI019202BA9Q819flint tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI019203BA1Q819la [Q921EDB.J]
QI019203BA2Q81919 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019203BA3Q81917.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019203BA5Q8199.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019203BA7Q819li [Q921EDB.J]
QI019203BA8Q819beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI019203BA9Q819grinding stone [Q921EDB.J]
QI019204BA1Q819sm [Q921EDB.J]
QI019204BA9Q8192 burned wood fragment.the workman have take it with the hands [Q921EDB.J]
QI019401BA1Q819ma [Q921EDB.J]
QI019401BA2Q8192.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019401BA3Q8190.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019401BA5Q8190.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI019401BA9Q819possible iron ring [Q921EDB.J]
QI020201BA1Q820ma [Q921EDB.J]
QI020201BA2Q8208 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020201BA3Q8208.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020201BA5Q8200.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020201BA6Q820iron [Q921EDB.J]
QI020201BA9Q820object similar at one nail [Q921EDB.J]
QI020703BA1Q821cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI020703BA2Q8212 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020703BA3Q8212.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020703BA5Q8211 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020703BA6Q821clay [Q921EDB.J]
QI020703BA8Q821red and black [Q921EDB.J]
QI020703BA9Q821clay lump,maybe impressed [Q921EDB.J]
QI020704BA1Q821cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI020704BA2Q8211 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020704BA3Q8212.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020704BA5Q8211.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020704BA6Q821clay [Q921EDB.J]
QI020704BA9Q821clay lump [Q921EDB.J]
QI020801BA1Q821ca [Q921EDB.J]
QI020801BA2Q8216.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020801BA3Q82111.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020801BA5Q8213.6 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020801BA6Q821clay [Q921EDB.J]
QI020801BA8Q821light beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI020801BA9Q821maybe weight for loom [Q921EDB.J]
QI020802BA1Q821la [Q921EDB.J]
QI020802BA2Q8212.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020802BA3Q8211.9 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020802BA5Q8210.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020802BA6Q821flint [Q921EDB.J]
QI020802BA8Q821gray black [Q921EDB.J]
QI020802BA9Q821flint tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI020803BA1Q821la [Q921EDB.J]
QI020803BA6Q821flint [Q921EDB.J]
QI020803BA8Q821gray black [Q921EDB.J]
QI020803BA9Q8212 pieces of a flint tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI020804BA1Q821la [Q921EDB.J]
QI020804BA2Q8211.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020804BA3Q8210.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020804BA5Q8210.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI020804BA8Q821white-light beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI020804BA9Q821unknow [Q921EDB.J]
QI021001BA1Q822la [Q921EDB.J]
QI021001BA2Q8222.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021001BA3Q8221.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021001BA5Q8220.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021001BA6Q822flint [Q921EDB.J]
QI021001BA8Q822dark and light brown [Q921EDB.J]
QI021001BA9Q822flint tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA1Q823la [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA2Q8232.1 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA2Q8234 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA3Q8230.9 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA3Q8233.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA5Q8230.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA5Q8232.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA6Q823li [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA8Q823black [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA9Q823maybe weight for loom [Q921EDB.J]
QI021701BA9Q823obsidean tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI022502BA1Q823sl [Q921EDB.J]
QI022502BA2Q8238.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI022502BA3Q8234.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI022502BA5Q8232.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023301BA1Q826la [Q921EDB.J]
QI023301BA2Q8261.0 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023301BA3Q8261.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023301BA5Q8260.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023301BA8Q826black [Q921EDB.J]
QI023301BA9Q826obsidean tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI023302BA1Q826la [Q921EDB.J]
QI023302BA2Q82610.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023302BA3Q8266 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023302BA5Q8261.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023302BA8Q826dark gray [Q921EDB.J]
QI023601BA1Q826la [Q921EDB.J]
QI023601BA2Q82611.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023601BA3Q8268.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023601BA5Q8269 [Q921EDB.J]
QI023601BA6Q826li [Q921EDB.J]
QI026601BA1Q831wh [Q921EDB.J]
QI026601BA2Q8315 [Q921EDB.J]
QI026601BA3Q8315 [Q921EDB.J]
QI026601BA5Q8312.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI026601BA6Q831cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI026601BA8Q831light beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI026701BA1Q831la [Q921EDB.J]
QI026701BA2Q8311.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI026701BA3Q8311.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI026701BA5Q8310.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI026701BA6Q831li [Q921EDB.J]
QI026701BA8Q831black [Q921EDB.J]
QI026701BA9Q831obsidean [Q921EDB.J]
QI027101BA1Q903la [Q921EDB.J]
QI027101BA2Q9033.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027101BA3Q9032.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027101BA5Q9031 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027101BA6Q903li [Q921EDB.J]
QI027102BA1Q903la [Q921EDB.J]
QI027102BA2Q9033.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027102BA3Q9032.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027102BA5Q9032.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027102BA6Q903li [Q921EDB.J]
QI027102BA8Q903beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI027102BA9Q903stone artifact [Q921EDB.J]
QI027202BA1Q903la [Q921EDB.J]
QI027202BA2Q9036.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027202BA3Q9032.1 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027202BA5Q9031.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027202BA6Q903li [Q921EDB.J]
QI027202BA8Q903gray-black [Q921EDB.J]
QI027202BA9Q903flint tool [Q921EDB.J]
QI027601BA1Q903wh [Q921EDB.J]
QI027601BA5Q9035.7 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027601BA6Q903cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI027601BA8Q903buff [Q921EDB.J]
QI027601BA9Q903wheel [Q921EDB.J]
QI027801BA1Q903la [Q921EDB.J]
QI027801BA2Q9034.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027801BA3Q9034.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027801BA5Q9033 [Q921EDB.J]
QI027801BA6Q903cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI027801BA8Q903light beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI028201BA1Q903la [Q921EDB.J]
QI028201BA2Q9031 [Q921EDB.J]
QI028201BA3Q9032.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI028201BA5Q9031.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI028201BA6Q903cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI028201BA8Q903dark gray [Q921EDB.J]
QI028801BA1Q903ma [Q921EDB.J]
QI028801BA9Q903nail head [Q921EDB.J]
QI030702BA1Q905ca [Q921EDB.J]
QI030702BA2Q9054.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030702BA3Q9053.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030702BA5Q9053.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030702BA8Q905beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI030702BA9Q905animal figurine [Q921EDB.J]
QI030703BA1Q905glass [Q921EDB.J]
QI030703BA2Q9052 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030703BA3Q9051 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030703BA5Q9051 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030704BA1Q905la [Q921EDB.J]
QI030704BA2Q90510 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030704BA3Q9059.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030704BA5Q9056.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI030704BA8Q905gray-black [Q921EDB.J]
QI030704BA9Q905grinding stone [Q921EDB.J]
QI036801BA1Q913la [Q921EDB.J]
QI036801BA2Q91315 [Q921EDB.J]
QI036801BA3Q91313 [Q921EDB.J]
QI036801BA5Q9139 [Q921EDB.J]
QI036801BA8Q913black [Q921EDB.J]
QI036801BA9Q913grinding stone [Q921EDB.J]
QI037601BA1Q914kw [Q921EDB.J]
QI037601BA2Q9143.2 [Q921EDB.J]
QI037601BA3Q9142.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI037601BA5Q9141.8 [Q921EDB.J]
QI037601BA9Q914kiln waste [Q921EDB.J]
QI037602BA1Q914kw [Q921EDB.J]
QI037602BA2Q9144.4 [Q921EDB.J]
QI037602BA3Q9144.3 [Q921EDB.J]
QI037602BA5Q9142 [Q921EDB.J]
QI037602BA8Q914dark green [Q921EDB.J]
QI037602BA9Q914kiln waste [Q921EDB.J]
QI090001BA1Q903la [Q921EDB.J]
QI090001BA6Q903li [Q921EDB.J]
QI090001BA8Q903black [Q921EDB.J]
QI090001BA9Q9033 flint tools [Q921EDB.J]
QI090002BA1Q903la [Q921EDB.J]
QI090002BA2Q9034.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI090002BA3Q9034.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI090002BA5Q9033.5 [Q921EDB.J]
QI090002BA6Q903cl [Q921EDB.J]
QI090002BA8Q903beige [Q921EDB.J]
QI090002BA9Q903unknow la [Q921EDB.J]
R0793D04Q82641502 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D05Q82649546 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D06Q8269296 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D08Q826f104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D11Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D12Q826mm3933 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D13Q826m4267: 9368+80-152 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D14Q826291 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D15Q826393 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0793D16Q826152 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D04Q82641498 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D05Q82649547 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D06Q8269349 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D08Q826f101 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D11Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D12Q826mm3933 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D13Q826m4318: 9311+190-152 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D14Q826288 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D15Q826395 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0794D16Q826152 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D04Q82641389 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D05Q82649092 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D06Q8269296 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D08Q826f100 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D11Q826mm3933 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D12Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D13Q826m4320: 9266+182-152 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D14Q826276 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D15Q826477 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0795D16Q826152 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D04Q82641054 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D05Q82648855 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D06Q8269272 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D07Q826SE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D07Q826point k22 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D08Q826f106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D11Q826mm4008 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D12Q826mm4009 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D13Q826m4008: 9299+79-106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D14Q826440 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D15Q826174 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0796D16Q826106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D04Q82641218 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D05Q82648493 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D06Q8269260 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D07Q826SW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D08Q826f106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D11Q826mm4008 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D12Q826mm4009 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D13Q826m4008: 9299+67-106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D14Q826143 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D15Q826424 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0797D16Q826106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D04Q82641368 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D05Q82648547 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D06Q8269275 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D08Q826f106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D11Q826mm4012 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D12Q826mm4009 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D13Q826m4008: 9299+82-106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D14Q826636 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D15Q826400 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0798D16Q826106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D04Q82641222 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D05Q82648915 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D06Q8269292 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D08Q826f106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D11Q826mm4011 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D12Q826mm4012 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D13Q826m4008: 9299+99-106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D14Q826635 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D15Q826502 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0799D16Q826106 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D04Q82641463 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D05Q82648320 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D06Q8269126 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D07Q826SE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D08Q826f103 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D11Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D12Q826mm4317 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D13Q826m4317: 9206+24-104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D14Q826522 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D15Q826435 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0800D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D04Q82641422 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D05Q82648628 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D06Q8269127 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D08Q826f103 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D11Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D12Q826mm4317 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D13Q826m4317: 9206+25-104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D14Q826344 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D15Q826431 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0801D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D04Q82641215 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D05Q82648913 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D06Q8269264 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D08Q826f167 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D11Q826mm4005 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D12Q826mm4013 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D13Q826m4013: 9331+37-104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D14Q826416 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D15Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0802D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D04Q82640831 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D05Q82648531 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D07Q826N corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D08Q826f146 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D11Q826mm4317 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D12Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D14Q826235 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D15Q826289 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0803D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D04Q82640871 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D05Q82648580 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D08Q826f144 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D11Q826mm4317 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D12Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D14Q826229 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D15Q826231 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0804D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D04Q82640559 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D05Q82648661 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D07Q826SE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D08Q826f148 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D11Q826mm4317 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D12Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D14Q826536 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D15Q826522 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0805D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D04Q82640708 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D05Q82648290 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D07Q826SW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D08Q826f148 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D11Q826mm4317 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D12Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D14Q826360 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D15Q826537 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0806D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D04Q82641018 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D05Q82648459 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D08Q826f148 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D11Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D12Q826mm4315 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D14Q826226 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D15Q826354 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0807D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D04Q82640809 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D05Q82648756 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D08Q826f148 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D11Q826mm4316 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D12Q826mm4315 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D14Q826284 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D15Q82690 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0808D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D04Q82641444 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D05Q82648578 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D07Q826SW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D08Q826f140 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D11Q826mm4011 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D12Q826mm4012 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D14Q826402 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D15Q826573 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0809D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D04Q82641327 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D05Q82648952 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D07Q826SE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D08Q826f140 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D11Q826mm4005 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D12Q826mm4011 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D14Q826402 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D15Q826551 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0810D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D04Q82641692 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D05Q82649085 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D08Q826f140 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D11Q826mm4005 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D12Q826mm4011 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D14Q826572 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D15Q826396 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0811D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D04Q82641820 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D05Q82648720 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D08Q826f140 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D11Q826mm4012 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D12Q826mm4013 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D14Q826397 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D15Q826556 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0812D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D04Q82641444 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D05Q82648578 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D07Q826SW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D08Q826f138 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D11Q826mm4011 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D12Q826mm4012 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D14Q826402 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D15Q826573 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0813D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D04Q82641820 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D05Q82648720 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D08Q826f138 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D11Q826mm4012 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D12Q826mm4013 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D14Q826397 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D15Q826556 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0814D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D04Q82641534 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D05Q82649146 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D08Q826f128 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D11Q826mm3933 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D12Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D14Q826121 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D15Q826410 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0815D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D04Q82641482 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D05Q82649202 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D08Q826f128 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D14Q826354 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D15Q826359 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0816D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D04Q82641407 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D05Q82649177 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D07Q826SW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D08Q826f128 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D14Q826390 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D15Q826330 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0817D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D04Q82641371 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D05Q82649141 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D07Q826SW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D08Q826f117 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D14Q826434 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D15Q826344 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0819D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D04Q82641368 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D05Q82649175 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D07Q826SE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D08Q826f117 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D14Q826403 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D15Q826312 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0820D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D04Q82641374 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D05Q82649191 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D08Q826f117 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D14Q826386 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D15Q826301 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0821D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D04Q82641407 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D05Q82649174 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D08Q826f117 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D14Q826393 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D15Q826333 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0822D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D04Q82641534 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D05Q82649146 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D07Q826NW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D08Q826f127 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D11Q826mm3933 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D12Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D14Q826121 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D15Q826410 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0823D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D04Q82641482 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D05Q82649202 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D07Q826NE corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D08Q826f127 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D14Q826354 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D15Q826359 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0824D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D04Q82641407 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D05Q82649177 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D07Q826SW corner [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D07Q826point [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D08Q826f127 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D10Q826t [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D11Q826mm4265 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D12Q826mm4267 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D14Q826390 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D15Q826330 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0825D16Q826104 [Q827EB3R.J]
R0832D04Q82741681 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D05Q82749116 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D06Q8279287 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D07Q827NW corner [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D07Q827point [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D08Q827f189 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D10Q827t [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D11Q827mm4013 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D12Q827mm4011 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D13Q827m4013: 9331+116-160 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D14Q827404 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D15Q827429 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0832D16Q827160 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D04Q82741652 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D05Q82749176 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D06Q8279290 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D07Q827NE corner [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D07Q827point [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D08Q827f189 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D10Q827t [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D11Q827mm4013 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D12Q827mm4011 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D13Q827m4013: 9331+119-160 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D14Q827408 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D15Q827496 [Q829JW4R.J]
R0833D16Q827160 [Q829JW4R.J]
R2029D04Q90441445 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D05Q90448505 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D06Q9049267 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D07Q904NW corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D08Q904q288 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D11Q904mm4011 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D12Q904mm4008 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D13Q904m4008: 9299+123-155 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D14Q904430 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D15Q90495 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2029D16Q904155 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D04Q90439946 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D05Q90449076 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D06Q9049169 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D07Q904SW corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D08Q904f224 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D11Q904mm4440 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D12Q904mm4441 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D13Q904m4440: 9256+67-154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D14Q904130 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D15Q904414 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2030D16Q904154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D04Q90439806 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D05Q90449439 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D06Q9049168 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D07Q904SE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D08Q904f224 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D11Q904mm4440 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D12Q904mm4441 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D13Q904m4440: 9256+66-154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D14Q904415 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D15Q904131 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2031D16Q904154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D04Q90439926 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D05Q90449482 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D06Q9049173 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D07Q904NE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D08Q904f224 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D11Q904mm4442 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D12Q904mm4416 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D13Q904m4440: 9256+71-154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D14Q904311 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D15Q904561 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2032D16Q904154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D04Q90440062 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D05Q90449126 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D06Q9049168 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D07Q904NW corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D08Q904f224 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D11Q904mm4442 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D12Q904mm4416 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D13Q904m4440: 9256+66-154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D14Q904497 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D15Q904402 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2033D16Q904154 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D04Q90440402 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D05Q90448398 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D06Q9049197 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D07Q904NE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D08Q904f226 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D11Q904mm4414 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D12Q904mm4434 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D13Q904m4434: 9225+133-161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D14Q904504 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D15Q904215 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2034D16Q904161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D04Q90440394 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D05Q90448387 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D06Q9049194 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D07Q904SE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D08Q904f226 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D11Q904mm4414 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D12Q904mm4434 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D13Q904m4434: 9225+130-161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D14Q904491 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D15Q904205 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2035D16Q904161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D04Q90440397 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D05Q90448368 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D06Q9049200 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D07Q904SW corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D08Q904f226 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D11Q904mm4414 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D12Q904mm4434 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D13Q904m4434: 9225+136-161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D14Q904480 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D15Q904186 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2036D16Q904161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D04Q90440409 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D05Q90448351 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D06Q9049192 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D07Q904NW corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D08Q904f226 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D11Q904mm4414 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D12Q904mm4434 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D13Q904m4434: 9225+128-161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D14Q904477 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D15Q904167 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2037D16Q904161 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D04Q90439902 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D05Q90449823 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D06Q9049155 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D07Q904NE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D08Q904q305 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D11Q904mm4417 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D12Q904mm4442 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D13Q904m4442: 9244+76-165 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D14Q904546 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D15Q904520 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2070D16Q904165 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D04Q90439776 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D05Q90449532 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D06Q9049246 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D07Q904SE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D07Q904point k91 baulk [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D08Q904q303 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D11Q904mm4417 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D12Q904mm4442 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D13Q904m4442: 9244+167-165 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D14Q904278 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D15Q904210 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2071D16Q904165 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D04Q90439851 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D05Q90449554 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D06Q9049168 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D07Q904SE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D07Q904point k91 baulk [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D08Q904q304 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D11Q904mm4417 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D12Q904mm4442 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D13Q904m4442: 9244+87-163 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D14Q904356 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D15Q904280 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2072D16Q904163 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D04Q90440563 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D05Q90449317 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D07Q904NE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D08Q904f232 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D11Q904mm3928 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D12Q904mm4313 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D14Q904566 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D15Q904725 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2073D16Q904163 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D04Q90440593 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D05Q90449293 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D07Q904NW corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D08Q904f232 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D11Q904mm3928 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D12Q904mm4313 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D14Q904547 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D15Q904727 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2074D16Q904163 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D04Q90440651 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D05Q90449209 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D07Q904SW corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D08Q904f232 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D11Q904mm3928 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D12Q904mm4313 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D14Q904535 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D15Q904770 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2075D16Q904163 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D04Q90440545 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D05Q90449273 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D07Q904SE corner [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D07Q904point [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D08Q904f232 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D10Q904t [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D11Q904mm3928 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D12Q904mm4313 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D14Q904599 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D15Q904771 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2076D16Q904163 [QX06EI4R.J]
R2207D04Q91341060 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D05Q91347662 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D06Q9138997 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D07Q913SE corner [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D07Q913pointf109 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D08Q913q365 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D10Q913t [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D11Q913mm4497 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D12Q913mm4499 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D13Q913m4497: 9187-35-155 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D14Q913459 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D15Q913659 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2207D16Q913155 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D04Q91340853 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D05Q91348196 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D06Q9138974 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D07Q913SE corner [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D07Q913pointf108 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D08Q913q366 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D10Q913t [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D11Q913mm4489 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D12Q913mm4490 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D13Q913m4489: 9128+12-166 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D14Q913573 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D15Q913684 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2208D16Q913166 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D04Q91340746 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D05Q91347689 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D06Q9139045 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D07Q913SW corner [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D07Q913point [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D08Q913q356 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D10Q913t [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D11Q913mm4489 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D12Q913mm4490 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D13Q913m4490: 9138+73-166 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D14Q913487 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D15Q913299 [QX06EI3R.J]
R2209D16Q913166 [QX06EI3R.J]
V0049O12Q813f97,f100,f101,f104 [RX31JW.J]
V0049O15Q813k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0049O22Q813N [RX31JW.J]
V0049O25Q813This is a photo of a conglomeration of stones, f101, laying relatively close to the surface in the NW corner of k13. The topsoil, f97, and the layer of natural accumulation in which it sat, f100, can clearly be seen in the N baulk. Also, in the foreground can be seen the next layer of natural accumulation, f104. [RX31JW.J]
V0049AO12Q813f101,f104 [RX31JW.J]
V0049AO15Q813k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0049AO21Q813t [RX31JW.J]
V0049AO22Q813W [RX31JW.J]
V0049AO25Q813This subview provides a closeup of the stone conglomerate before its removal. [RX31JW.J]
V0051O12Q814f107,f110,f112,f114 [RX31JW.J]
V0051O15Q814k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0051O22Q814S [RX31JW.J]
V0051O25Q814This view, taken midway through the excavation of locus k13 shows two large limestione blocks, f110 and f112, which sat in accumulation f107. Block f110 was then removed to facilitate excavation, but was later found to have been a part of a possible living installation, a7, which included block f112, floors and a tannur. [RX31JW.J]
V0056O11Q816a4 [RX31JW.J]
V0056O12Q816f50,f109,f112,f117,f130,f131,f132 [RX31JW.J]
V0056O15Q816k12,k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0056O22Q816N [RX31JW.J]
V0056O25Q816This view shows the relationship between features excavated in Season P (f50 in k12) and Season Q (f109 and a4 in k13) in adjacent loci. The baqaya surface, f109, in the northern locus is clearly the same as the baqaya surface, k12 discovered in the first season in the southern locus. The E-W line of limestone blocks, a4, are located well above the baqaya surface and reflect activity much later in time. Although there are many such blocks seemingly randomly located above the baqaya in units J1, J2, and J3 these are unique in that they are at the same elevation and seem to be placed in a line. [RX31JW.J]
V0056AO11Q816a4 [RX31JW.J]
V0056AO12Q816f112,f117,f130,f131,f132 [RX31JW.J]
V0056AO15Q816k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0056AO21Q816t [RX31JW.J]
V0056AO22Q816W [RX31JW.J]
V0056AO25Q816This subview is a closeup that shows the stones of aggregate a4 looking to the west. [RX31JW.J]
V0056BO11Q816a4 [RX31JW.J]
V0056BO12Q816f112,f117,f130,f131,f132 [RX31JW.J]
V0056BO15Q816k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0056BO21Q816t [RX31JW.J]
V0056BO22Q816E [RX31JW.J]
V0056BO25Q816This subview is a closeup that shows the stones of aggregate a4 looking to the east. [RX31JW.J]
V0056CO11Q816a4 [RX31JW.J]
V0056CO12Q816f112,f117,f130,f131,f132 [RX31JW.J]
V0056CO15Q816k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0056CO21Q816t [RX31JW.J]
V0056CO22Q816S [RX31JW.J]
V0056CO25Q816This subview is a closeup that shows the stones of aggregate a4 looking to the south. [RX31JW.J]
V0056DO11Q816a4 [RX31JW.J]
V0056DO12Q816f10,f11,f50,f109,f112,f117,f130,f131,f132 [RX31JW.J]
V0056DO15Q816k12,k13,k101 [RX31JW.J]
V0056DO21Q816w [RX31JW.J]
V0056DO22Q816N [RX31JW.J]
V0056DO25Q816This subview is a wide shot that shows the stones of aggregate a4 in relationship to the revetment wall, f11, and the wall apron, f10 [RX31JW.J]
V0059O12Q817f136,f138 [RX31JW.J]
V0059O15Q817k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0059O22Q817N [RX31JW.J]
V0059O25Q817This is a view of a circular area of scorched soil on a larger oval of packed soil, f138. It is likely that the burning occurred after the tell was abandonded. In and of itself, the burn spot is insignificant; however it is at the same place as a sucession of earlier circular features, probably dating from the Mittani period. These include a circle of small stones encased in soil mortar and a pit dug into the surface of the original baqaya layer which covered the temple mound from the time it was constructed in the Early Dynastic Period. [RX31JW.J]
V0060O12Q817f102,f115,f123,f124,f125,f143,f144,f145,f148,f158,f159 [RX31JW.J]
V0060O15Q817k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0060O22Q817E [RX31JW.J]
V0060O25Q817This photograph documents an important discovery in the excavation. A hard-packed layer of mud (wahal), f123, running E-W and sloping down from N-S is located along the north side of k108. A horizontal surface of what seems to be softer material, f148, runs E-W along the southern part. Sherds within it are flat suggesting that it was used as a walkway. Between the two at differing elevations are large limestone blocks generally oriented E-W. Some were eventually seen to be placed along the line of the revetment wall, f11, after it was covered. Others were seen to be where they were found as a result of natural forces, particularly deterioration of structures higher on the mound. At the time the photo was taken, we did not know which were which. [RX31JW.J]
V0061O12Q817f102,f144,f148,f154,f161,f164 [RX31JW.J]
V0061O15Q817k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0061O22Q817E [RX31JW.J]
V0061O25Q817This photograph was taken soon after v60 as excavation of the floor surface, f148, in k108 continued. It shows better the imbedded, flat sherds. In addition, miscellaneous limestone blocks are shown. Noteworth also, is accumulation 164, which is the surface that overlays the transition between the wahal, f123 to the north (not shown here), and the floor, f148. [RX31JW.J]
V0061AO12Q817f148,f164 [RX31JW.J]
V0061AO15Q817k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0061AO21Q817t [RX31JW.J]
V0061AO22Q817N [RX31JW.J]
V0061AO25Q817This subview is a closeup of the floor surface, f148, and the transitional accumulation above it, f164, to the north. [RX31JW.J]
V0062O11Q817a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0062O12Q817f149,f150,f151,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0062O15Q817k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0062O22Q817NE [RX31JW.J]
V0062O25Q817This photograph documents a pit, a6, found in the NE corner of locus k23 below the general location of the stone and laminar conglomerate, f142. Note that although the directional and horizontal references are not in the photo, which was taken looking to the NE to a pit that is about 100 cm in diameter. The photo documents that it was cut into the wahal layer, f152, which in turn was a new surface applied in the Mittani period to cover the baqaya covering, f109, which served as the surface of the BA temple mound since the Early Dynastic period when the mound and revetment wall, f11, were constructed. The photo shows the pit, a6, consisting of the cut, f160, and a layer of fill within, f149. The wahal layer, f152, can be seen in the north part of the locus, while the accumulation which covered it, F151 can be seen to the south of the pit, not having been fully excavated at the time the photo was taken. [RX31JW.J]
V0062AO11Q817a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0062AO12Q817f149,f151,f152,f160 [RX31JW.J]
V0062AO15Q817k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0062AO21Q817t [RX31JW.J]
V0062AO22Q817ov [RX31JW.J]
V0062AO25Q817This closeup from overhead shows clearly that the pit was cut into the wahal, f152, which appears on the right. The accumulation, f151, which covered the wahal can clearly be seen to the left. [RX31JW.J]
V0063O11Q817a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0063O12Q817f97,f100,f104,f107,f109,f112,f114,f117,f120,f121,f122,f126,f127,f128 [RX31JW.J]
V0063O15Q817k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0063O22Q817W [RX31JW.J]
V0063O25Q817This photograph documents the depositional history of this part of the BA temple mound as seen from the west baulk of k13. Moving in reverse order one sees topsoil, f97, several layers of natural accumulation, f104, f107, f114, f117, overlaying two layers, f120, f121 which follow the slope of the baqaya surface of the original mound, f109. More likely than not these surfaces correspond to the wahal surface, f152, and the layer covering it, f151, in the locus aadjacent to the west, k23. The pit, a5, consists of 3 features; the cut, f128, a top layer of fill, f122, and a bottom layer, f127, which may be the top of the fill for the entire BA temple mound. One can see that the pit was cut into the Early Dynastic period's baqaya layer, f109, was thereafter filled, f122, and later was completely covered by f120, and f121, which we date to the Mittani period. Although no directional or horizontal references are shown, the photo was taken looking west and the pit has a diameter of roughly 100 cm. For reference purposes, two stones, f112, f117, part of a4, are shown. [RX31JW.J]
V0063AO11Q817a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0063AO12Q817f109,f120,f121,f122,f127,f128 [RX31JW.J]
V0063AO15Q817k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0063AO21Q817t [RX31JW.J]
V0063AO22Q817W [RX31JW.J]
V0063AO25Q817Closeup of the pit, a5, showing the cut, f128, the fills,f122, f127, the baqaya glacis, f109 and the ovelaying wahal glacis, f120 and f121. [RX31JW.J]
V0065O11Q817a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0065O12Q817f151,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0065O15Q817k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0065O22Q817S [RX31JW.J]
V0065O25Q817This photograph shows the context of the pit a6 at about the time that it was dug. It is surrounded by accumulation, f151, covering the wahal glacis, f152, into which it was cut. More generally, the lack of other features is significant in that it shows that the BA temple mound continued as a sacred area into Mittani times when the wahal surface was applied over the original Early Dynastic covering, baqaya layer f109. [RX31JW.J]
V0065AO11Q817a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0065AO12Q817f151,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0065AO15Q817k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0065AO21Q817t [RX31JW.J]
V0065AO22Q817NW [RX31JW.J]
V0065AO25Q817This subview presents details of the pit, a6, dug into an accumulation, f151, which covered the wahal surface, f152, of the second phase of the BA temple mound. [RX31JW.J]
V0072O11Q822a4,a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0072O12Q822f3,f50,f109,f112,f117,f130,f131,f132 [RX31JW.J]
V0072O15Q822k12,k13,k101 [RX31JW.J]
V0072O22Q822SW [RX31JW.J]
V0072O25Q822This photograph shows two groups of features in widely separated periods. First, it shows that the baqaya layer discovered in excavations in Season P (2005), f50 in k12 continues north and merges with the baqaya layer discovered in Season Q (2006), f109 in k13. Second the photo shows clearly the line of large limestone blocks, a4, (consisting of f112, f117, f130, f131, f132) was deposited considerably later in time. We have hypothesized that this line of stones was contemporaeneous with and linked to the tannur, f3, whose remainder can be seen on the upper left part of the photo. [RX31JW.J]
V0077O12Q823f175,f176 [RX31JW.J]
V0077O15Q823k31 [RX31JW.J]
V0077O22Q823W [RX31JW.J]
V0077O25Q823This photograph shows an unusual conglomeration of stones and mud-like soil, f175, in the southeast corner of k31. The stones and mud were tear-shaped and sat in natural accumulation f176. It is impossible to tell whether f175 was deposited naturally or was result of human activity. [RX31JW.J]
V0078O12Q823f162,f165,f166,f167,f168,f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0078O15Q823k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0078O22Q823N [RX31JW.J]
V0078O25Q823This photograph shows the west section of the north baulk of k22, just before it was removed. The elevation reference string is also shown. [RX31JW.J]
V0078AO12Q823f162,f165,f166,f167,f168,f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0078AO15Q823k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0078AO22Q823N [RX31JW.J]
V0078AO25Q823This photograph shows the west section of the north baulk of k22, just before it was removed. [RX31JW.J]
V0078BO12Q823f162,f165,f166,f167,f168,f169,f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0078BO15Q823k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0078BO22Q823N [RX31JW.J]
V0078BO25Q823This photograph shows the east section of the north baulk of k22, just before it was removed. Also shown in the forground is a large limestone block, f169, which is a component of aggregate, a7, a possible living space. [RX31JW.J]
V0078CO12Q823f162,f165,f166,f167,f168,f169,f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0078CO15Q823k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0078CO22Q823N [RX31JW.J]
V0078CO25Q823This photograph shows the east section of the north baulk of k22, just before it was removed. Also shown in the forground is a large limestone block, f169, which is a component of aggregate, a7, a possible living space. The elevation reference string is also shown. [RX31JW.J]
V0079O15Q826k31 [RX31JW.J]
V0079O22Q826N [RX31JW.J]
V0079O25Q826view of the N baulk with string [RX31JW.J]
V0079AO15Q826k31 [RX31JW.J]
V0079AO22Q826N [RX31JW.J]
V0079AO25Q826view of the N baulk without string [RX31JW.J]
V0080O11Q826a4 [RX31JW.J]
V0080O12Q826f3,f50,f109,f123,f152,f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0080O15Q826k13,k22,k23,k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0080O22Q826W [RX31JW.J]
V0080O25Q826general view of all the area, before the baulks were removed, to compare the temple mound surfaces at different times in its development. The first phase baqaya, f109, in k13 and f50, in k101; the second phase wahal glacis, f123, in k108 and f152 in k23; and the final phase floor surface, f173, in k22, associated with the tannur, f3, in k12, and the line of stones, a4, in k13. [RX31JW.J]
V0080AO15Q826k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0080AO15Q826k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0080AO15Q826k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0080AO21Q826t [RX31JW.J]
V0080AO22Q826N [RX31JW.J]
V0080AO25Q826closeup on k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0080BO15Q826k101 [RX31JW.J]
V0080BO15Q826k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0080BO15Q826k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0080BO15Q826k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0080BO21Q826t [RX31JW.J]
V0080BO22Q826N [RX31JW.J]
V0080BO25Q826closeup on k101, 13 [RX31JW.J]
V0081O11Q826a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0081O12Q826f109,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0081O15Q826k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0081O22Q826W [RX31JW.J]
V0081O25Q826A pit was cut into the layer of baqaya, f109, forming the top of the temple mound. This photo shows the cut was made while the baqaya glacis, f109, was still visible and not yet covered by the wahal glacis, f152. [RX31JW.J]
V0081AO11Q826a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0081AO12Q826f109,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0081AO15Q826k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0081AO21Q826t [RX31JW.J]
V0081AO22Q826W [RX31JW.J]
V0081AO25Q826closeup [RX31JW.J]
V0082O12Q826f97,f100,f104,f107,f109,f120,f121 [RX31JW.J]
V0082O15Q826k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0082O22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0082O25Q826This photograph shows the section of the east baulk of k13. In addition to the layers of natural accumulation near the surface, one can see clearly the baqaya surface, f109, of the original temple mound built in the Early Dynastic period. Also shown clearly, but not recognized for what it was at the time of excavation, are the deteriorated wahal surface, f120, of the first reconstruction, and the deteriorated packed mud surface, f121, of the second reconstruction, which both covered the baqaya during the Mittani period. The elevation reference string is also shown. (It was level, but was not photographed with the correct orientation.) [RX31JW.J]
V0082AO12Q826f97,f100,f104,f107,f109,f120,f121 [RX31JW.J]
V0082AO15Q826k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0082AO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0082AO22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0082AO25Q826E baulk without elevation reference. [RX31JW.J]
V0083O11Q826a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0083O12Q826f133,f140,f141,f147,f151 [RX31JW.J]
V0083O15Q826k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0083O22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0083O25Q826This photograph shows the north third of the section of the east baulk of k23. The elevation string appears, but was not photographed in its proper orientation (level). The north reference arrow was not included by the photographer. [RX31JW.J]
V0083AO11Q826a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0083AO12Q826f133,f140,f141,f147,f151,f169 [RX31JW.J]
V0083AO15Q826k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0083AO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0083AO22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0083AO25Q826This photograph shows the middle third of the section of the east baulk of k23. The elevation string appears, but was not photographed in its proper orientation (level). The north reference arrow was not included by the photographer. [RX31JW.J]
V0083BO11Q826a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0083BO12Q826f133,f140,f141,f147,f151,f169 [RX31JW.J]
V0083BO15Q826k22,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0083BO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0083BO22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0083BO25Q826This photograph shows the south third of the section of the east baulk of k23. A large limestone block, f169, which is an element of living space, a7, can also be seen. The elevation string appears, but was not photographed in its proper orientation (level). The north reference arrow was not included by the photographer. [RX31JW.J]
V0083CO11Q826a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0083CO12Q826f133,f140,f141,f147,f151,f169 [RX31JW.J]
V0083CO15Q826k22,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0083CO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0083CO22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0083CO25Q826East baulk south without elevation reference. [RX31JW.J]
V0083DO11Q826a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0083DO12Q826f133,f140,f141,f147,f151 [RX31JW.J]
V0083DO15Q826k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0083DO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0083DO22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0083DO25Q826East baulk middle without elevation reference. [RX31JW.J]
V0083EO11Q826a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0083EO12Q826f133,f140,f141,f147,f151 [RX31JW.J]
V0083EO15Q826k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0083EO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0083EO22Q826E [RX31JW.J]
V0083EO25Q826East baulk north without elevation reference. [RX31JW.J]
V0084O12Q826f178,f183,f184,f185,f186,f187,f188 [RX31JW.J]
V0084O15Q826k109 [RX31JW.J]
V0084O22Q826S [RX31JW.J]
V0084O25Q826This photograph shows the situation in locus k108, just after the discovery of a packed mud surface, f184, which is the third and last glacis built as part of the BA temple mound. The excavator equated f184 with f241, a similar surface found in k108. Also shown are a number of large limestone blocks. Four, f185, f186, f187, and f188, form a rough line running SW to NE. Several others (f183, f178) sit on pedistals of accumulation. [RX31JW.J]
V0085O11Q826a5,a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0085O12Q826f109,f123,f152,f169,f173 [RX31JW.J]
V0085O15Q826k13,k22,k23,k108 [RX31JW.J]
V0085O22Q826NE [RX31JW.J]
V0085O25Q826This photograph shows the middle third of J3 at an important point in the excavation. In k23, the wahal glacis, f152, from a reconstruction early in the Mittani period had been exposed, while to the south in k108, a similar surface, f123, had also been excavated. Between, in k22, a horizontal floor surface, f173, and an associated limestone block, f169, from a later part of the MIttani period had been exposed. In addition, along the northern edge two pits, a5, a6, cut into the baqaya are shown. [RX31JW.J]
V0085AO11Q826a5,a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0085AO12Q826f109,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0085AO15Q826k13,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0085AO21Q826t [RX31JW.J]
V0085AO22Q826N [RX31JW.J]
V0085AO25Q826This photograph, taken looking to the north along a line which bisects two pits, a5 (east) and a6 (west), shows the transition from the older baqaya glacis surface, f109, to the east and the newer wahal glacis surface, f152, to the west. [RX31JW.J]
V0085BO11Q826a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0085BO12Q826f109,f152,f241 [RX31JW.J]
V0085BO15Q826k13,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0085BO21Q826t [RX31JW.J]
V0085BO22Q826SW [RX31JW.J]
V0085BO25Q826This photograph, taken looking to the southwest along the downward slope of the baqaya glacis shows the transition to the wahal glacis. The mound of material in the upper center of the photograph is most likely a remnant of the third and final mud glacis, f241. [RX31JW.J]
V0085CO12Q826f109,f152,f215 [RX31JW.J]
V0085CO15Q826k13,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0085CO21Q826t [RX31JW.J]
V0085CO22Q826N [RX31JW.J]
V0085CO25Q826This photograph, taken looking to the north shows the baqaya surface, f109, and a feature constructed of red brick and possibly pise, f215, whose definition and extent are poorly defined because most of it is in the north baulks of k13 and k23. [RX31JW.J]
V0086O12Q826f3,f50,f90,f152,f241 [RX31JW.J]
V0086O15Q826k12,k101 [RX31JW.J]
V0086O22Q826W [RX31JW.J]
V0086O25Q826This series of three photographs records the west baulks of loci k12, k11, and k101. It was taken to help understand the relationships among the various surfaces which formed the lower part of the BA temple mound and the revetment wall, f11, at various times it was in use. In this view, the northernmost of the three, one can see the baqaya surface, f50, of the mound as it was built in the Early Dynastic period, then a thin layer of gray soil, f90. Above is the first rebuilt wahal glacis, f152, a part of which may have incorporated red brick and baqaya elements. Traces of the second rebuild of the glacis, f241, may be shown on the middle left of the photo. A tannur, f3, used late in the occupation of the tell can be seen in the upper left of the photo. [RX31JW.J]
V0086AO12Q826f3,f11,f152,f241 [RX31JW.J]
V0086AO15Q826k11,k12,k101 [RX31JW.J]
V0086AO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0086AO22Q826W [RX31JW.J]
V0086AO25Q826This subview shows the west baulks in the vicinity of the revetment wall, f11. Interesting is also the accumulation below the tannur, f3, and above the last glacis, f241. It is about 75 cm thick, uniform in color, and contains a number of sherds, all oriented horizontally. This suggests a working surface where people stood or walked over an extended period of time. [RX31JW.J]
V0086BO12Q826f11,f30,f43 [RX31JW.J]
V0086BO15Q826k11,k101 [RX31JW.J]
V0086BO21Q826m [RX31JW.J]
V0086BO22Q826W [RX31JW.J]
V0086BO25Q826This subview of the south part of the extended baulk shows the revetment wall, f11, and the accumulations that built up to the south of it, f43 and f30, eventually covering the plaza and the wall itself. [RX31JW.J]
V0087O11Q826a4,a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0087O12Q826f109,f127,f128,f152 [RX31JW.J]
V0087O15Q826k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0087O22Q826S [RX31JW.J]
V0087O25Q826This progress photograph shows pit a5 that was cut into the baqaya glacis f109. Both the cut, f128 and the bottom of the fill, f127 are shown after the baulk separating k13 and k23 had been removed. The wahal glacis, appears in the background to the right, while the pedistal for the stone installation a4 apperars in the upper left [RX31JW.J]
V0087AO11Q826a5 [RX31JW.J]
V0087AO12Q826f109,f127,f128 [RX31JW.J]
V0087AO21Q826t [RX31JW.J]
V0087AO22Q826W [RX31JW.J]
V0087AO25Q826This subview shows in detail the pit, a5, and its components, the bottom of the second fill, f127, and the cut, f128 into the baqaya glacis, f109. [RX31JW.J]
V0093O11Q831a5,a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0093O12Q831f109,f152,f209 [RX31JW.J]
V0093O15Q831k13,k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0093O22Q831W [RX31JW.J]
V0093O25Q831This photograph documents the state of the northeast corner of J3 just after the domestic installation, a7, shown in view v92 was removed. One sees the pedistal on which the line of stones, a4, sat, f209, which itself is equivalent to the wahal glacis, f152, built during the Mittani period and visible in the background. Both cover the Early Dynstic period baqaya glacis, f109, visible in the foreground. Also shown are pits a5, and a6 which were cut into the baqaya glacis at various times. [RX31JW.J]
V0093AO12Q831f109,f152,f209 [RX31JW.J]
V0093AO15Q831k13,k22 [RX31JW.J]
V0093AO21Q831m [RX31JW.J]
V0093AO22Q831SW [RX31JW.J]
V0093AO25Q831The subview, taken looking more to the south and at a lower camera angle shows better f109, the baqaya surface of k13. [RX31JW.J]
V0094O11Q831a5,a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0094O12Q831f152,f215 [RX31JW.J]
V0094O15Q831k13,k22,k23 [RX31JW.J]
V0094O22Q831NE [RX31JW.J]
V0094O25Q831This photograph was taken to show the relatively clean surfaces of the original Early Dynastic III baqaya glacis, f108, and the later Mittani wahal glacis f152 laid overtop the bottom portion of the original. We began to see some deteriorated brickwork, f215 at the northernmost extent of f152 where the wahal and baqaya seem to merge. Unfortunately, one can see more brickwork in and along the line of the north baulk of k23, but there was not time to excavate it this season. Pits a5 and a6 appear in the photograph, but their relationship with f215, if any is not known. [RX31JW.J]
V0094AO11Q831a6 [RX31JW.J]
V0094AO12Q831f152,f215 [RX31JW.J]
V0094AO15Q831k13 [RX31JW.J]
V0094AO21Q831t [RX31JW.J]
V0094AO22Q831S [RX31JW.J]
V0094AO25Q831This subview shows the brickwork, f215, the wahal glacis, f152, and the pit, a6. The relation among them is not known. [RX31JW.J]
V0109O12Q904f221,f226,f228 [RX31JW.J]
V0109O15Q904k93 [RX31JW.J]
V0109O22Q904E [RX31JW.J]
V0109O25Q904This photograph, taken during the removal of the north baulk of k93 shows one of the many large, displaced limestone blocks, f226 sitting in natural accumulation f221. One can see other limestone blocks to the north at about the same elevation as the ones in the baulk. There is no organization to the group, suggesting that they were naturally deposited over a period time, and that they probably were originally components of larger structures higher on the BA temple mound. [RX31JW.J]
V0143O11Q913a9 [RX31JW.J]
V0143O12Q913f264,f265,f266,f267 [RX31JW.J]
V0143O15Q913k109 [RX31JW.J]
V0143O22Q913N [RX31JW.J]
V0143O25Q913This photograph documents a circular arrangement of four limestone blocks, f264, f265, f266, f267 which formed half of two concentric circles of stones. Their arrangement suggests that they were placed, but there was no evidence (such as burning) to identify their purpose. Four other stones, f248, f249, f255, and f256 were inadvertently removed prior to the photograph, but f255 and f256 do appear in plot p40. [RX31JW.J]
W0011O45QX08L_W19d1410 J3w11 Qx08 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0012O45QX07L_W19d1411 J3w12 Qx07 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0015O45QX08L_W19d1414 J3w15 Qx08 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0019O45QX08L_W19d1418 J3w19 Qx08 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0022O45QX08L_W19d1421 J3w22 Qx08 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0024O45QX08L_W19d1423 J3w24 Qx08 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0025O45QX08L_W19d1424 J3w25 Qx08 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0026O45QX08L_W19d1425 J3w26 Qx08 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0027O45QX07L_W19d1426 J3w27 Qx07 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0028O45QX07L_W19d1427 J3w28 Qx07 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0029O45QX07L_W19d1428 J3w29 Qx07 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0030O45QX07L_W19d1429 J3w30 Qx07 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0031O45QX07L_W19d1430 J3w31 Qx07 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0033O45QX07L_W19d1432 J3w33 Qx07 eDB.jpg [J3Z8EW19.J]
W0100O45R819L_W20d1401 J3w100 R819 eDB.jpg [J3Z8CW20.J]
W0101O45R819L_W20d1402 J3w101 R819 eDB.jpg [J3Z8CW20.J]
W0102O45R819L_V20d2101 J3w102 R819 eDB .jpg [J3ZA7DVK.J]

Total entries: 2166