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Processed on 09-15-2008

A0002O01S804v0052 [S812LC.J]
A0002O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
A0002O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
A0002O01S807v0070 [S812LC.J]
A0002O01S807v0070a [S812LC.J]
A0002O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
A0002O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
A0002O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
A0002O01S819v0102 [S828LC.J]
A0002O01S819v0102a [S828LC.J]
A0002O01S819v0103 [S828LC.J]
A0002O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
A0002O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
A0002O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
A0002O01S821v0106b [S901LC2.J]
F0004A21S713ts [S727LR5.J]
F0004D01S713k13 [S727LR5.J]
F0004D06S7139400 @bottom [S727LR5.J]
F0004D06S7139435 @top [S727LR5.J]
F0004F02S713<5si q0002 [S715SE2.J]
F0004K03S713loam [S727LR5.J]
F0004K05S713light brown [S727LR5.J]
F0004P02S713S713 [S727LR5.J]
F0008F02S720<5si q0041 [S722YM.J]
F0008F02S720<5si q0043 [S722YM.J]
F0008F02S730<5si q0110 [S805YM.J]
F0008F02S802<5si q0127 [S805YM.J]
F0008O01S720v0016 [S803LR3.J]
F0008O01S720v0016a [S803LR3.J]
F0009F02S715<5si q0010 [S715SE2.J]
F0009F02S720<5si q0042 [S722YM.J]
F0009O01S720v0015 [S803LR3.J]
F0009O01S720v0015a [S803LR3.J]
F0009O01S807v0066 [S812LC.J]
F0009O01S807v0066a [S812LC.J]
F0010A21S714ad [S727LR5.J]
F0010D01S714k2 [S727LR5.J]
F0010D06S7149372 @bottom [S727LR5.J]
F0010D06S7149438 @top [S727LR5.J]
F0010F02S715<5si q0009 [S715SE2.J]
F0010F02S715<5si q0011 [S715SE2.J]
F0010F02S717<5si i0004 [S721LR.J]
F0010K07S714soft [S727LR5.J]
F0010O01S720v0016 [S803LR3.J]
F0010O01S720v0016a [S803LR3.J]
F0010P02S714S716 [S727LR5.J]
F0013O01S720v0015 [S803LR3.J]
F0013O01S720v0015a [S803LR3.J]
F0013O01S807v0066 [S812LC.J]
F0013O01S807v0066a [S812LC.J]
F0014A21S715ac [S727LR5.J]
F0014D01S715k2 [S727LR5.J]
F0014D06S7159163 @bottom [S727LR5.J]
F0014D06S7159402 @top [S727LR5.J]
F0014P02S715S718 [S727LR5.J]
F0016O01S720v0016 [S803LR3.J]
F0016O01S720v0016a [S803LR3.J]
F0017F02S730<5si q0126 [S805YM.J]
F0017O01S720v0015 [S803LR3.J]
F0017O01S720v0015a [S803LR3.J]
F0017O01S807v0066 [S812LC.J]
F0017O01S807v0066a [S812LC.J]
F0019A21S715ts [S727LR5.J]
F0019D01S715k14 [S727LR5.J]
F0019D06S7159330 @bottom [S727LR5.J]
F0019D06S7159406 @top [S727LR5.J]
F0019F02S803<5si q0135 [S805YM.J]
F0019K03S715loam [S727LR5.J]
F0019P02S715S716 [S727LR5.J]
F0021F02S730<5si q0112 [S805YM.J]
F0022F02S723<5si q0074 [S723YM.J]
F0022F02S803<5si q0132 [S805YM.J]
F0022F02S803<5si q0137 [S805YM.J]
F0022F02S805<5si q0146 [S805YM.J]
F0022O01S720v0016 [S803LR3.J]
F0022O01S720v0016a [S803LR3.J]
F0022O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0022O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
F0024F02S728<5si i0015 [S802LC2.J]
F0024F02S728<5si q0094 [S729YM.J]
F0024F02S806<5si q0157 [S806YM.J]
F0024O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0024O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
F0024O01S807v0071 [S812LC.J]
F0026F02S721<5si q0048 [S722YM.J]
F0026F02S722<5si q0057 [S722YM.J]
F0026O01S723v0024 [S803LR3.J]
F0027F02S722<5si q0062 [S722YM.J]
F0027F02S722<5si q0063 [S722YM.J]
F0027F02S726<5si q0083 [S727YM2.J]
F0027F02S806<5si q0156 [S806YM.J]
F0027O01S723v0026 [S803LR3.J]
F0029F02S730<5si q0123 [S805YM.J]
F0029O01S723v0027 [S803LR3.J]
F0030F02S726<5si q0084 [S727YM2.J]
F0030F02S728<5si q0093 [S729YM.J]
F0030F02S728<5si q0095 [S729YM.J]
F0030F02S729<5si i0018 [S802LC2.J]
F0030F02S803<5si q0133 [S805YM.J]
F0030O01S721v0022 [S803LR3.J]
F0030O01S721v0022a [S803LR3.J]
F0030O01S723v0026 [S803LR3.J]
F0030O01S723v0026a [S803LR3.J]
F0030O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0030O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0030O01S807v0067 [S812LC.J]
F0030O01S807v0067b [S812LC.J]
F0031F02S728<5si q0092 [S729YM.J]
F0031O01S723v0027 [S803LR3.J]
F0031O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0031O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0031O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0031O01S807v0066 [S812LC.J]
F0031O01S807v0066a [S812LC.J]
F0032F02S803<5si q0139 [S805YM.J]
F0033F02S723<5si q0069 [S723YM.J]
F0033O01S723v0025 [S803LR3.J]
F0033O01S723v0025a [S803LR3.J]
F0034A21S722st-is [S727LR5.J]
F0034D01S722k14 [S727LR5.J]
F0034D06S7229367 @top [S727LR5.J]
F0034O01S723v0025 [S803LR3.J]
F0034O01S723v0025a [S803LR3.J]
F0035A21S722pc [S727LR5.J]
F0035D01S722k3 [S727LR5.J]
F0035D06S7229347 @top [S727LR5.J]
F0035F02S809<5si q0178 [S810YM.J]
F0035O01S723v0027 [S803LR3.J]
F0035O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0035O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0035O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0035O01S807v0066 [S812LC.J]
F0035O01S807v0066a [S812LC.J]
F0036F02S805<5si q0151 [S805YM.J]
F0036F02S807<5si q0172 [S810YM.J]
F0036O01S723v0027 [S803LR3.J]
F0036O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0036O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0036O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0036O01S807v0066 [S812LC.J]
F0036O01S807v0066a [S812LC.J]
F0037F02S728<5si i0014 [S802LC2.J]
F0037F02S728<5si q0099 [S729YM.J]
F0037O01S723v0025 [S803LR3.J]
F0038O01S723v0024 [S803LR3.J]
F0038O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
F0039F02S730<5si q0122 [S805YM.J]
F0039O01S723v0024 [S803LR3.J]
F0040F02S805<5si q0143 [S805YM.J]
F0040F02S806<5si q0158 [S806YM.J]
F0040F02S820<5si q0225 [S822YM~1.J]
F0040F02S821<5si q0231 [S822YM~1.J]
F0040F02S823<5si q0237 [S822YM~1.J]
F0040F02S824<5si q0240 [S826YM.J]
F0040F02S826<5si q0253 [S826YM.J]
F0040O01S723v0024 [S803LR3.J]
F0040O01S804v0052 [S812LC.J]
F0040O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
F0040O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
F0040O01S807v0070 [S812LC.J]
F0040O01S807v0070a [S812LC.J]
F0040O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0040O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
F0040O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
F0040O01S819v0101 [S828LC.J]
F0040O01S819v0102 [S828LC.J]
F0040O01S819v0102a [S828LC.J]
F0040O01S819v0103 [S828LC.J]
F0040O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0040O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0040O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0040O01S821v0106b [S901LC2.J]
F0041O01S723v0026 [S803LR3.J]
F0041O01S723v0026a [S803LR3.J]
F0041O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0042O01S724v0031 [S802LC.J]
F0042O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0042O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0042O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0043F02S805<5si q0145 [S805YM.J]
F0043O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0043O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0043O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0044F02S728<5si i0017 [S802LC2.J]
F0044F02S728<5si q0097 [S729YM.J]
F0045O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0045O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
F0046O01S723v0024 [S803LR3.J]
F0046O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
F0050O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0050O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0050O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
F0052F02S730<5si q0111 [S805YM.J]
F0052F02S807<5si q0166 [S810YM.J]
F0052O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0052O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
F0052O01S807v0071 [S812LC.J]
F0052O01S816v0088 [S824LC2.J]
F0055F02S728<5si q0098 [S729YM.J]
F0055F02S805<5si q0153 [S805YM.J]
F0056O01S804v0052 [S812LC.J]
F0056O01S804v0053 [S812LC.J]
F0056O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
F0056O01S807v0070 [S812LC.J]
F0056O01S807v0070a [S812LC.J]
F0056O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0056O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
F0056O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
F0056O01S819v0102 [S828LC.J]
F0056O01S819v0102a [S828LC.J]
F0056O01S819v0103 [S828LC.J]
F0056O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0056O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0056O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0056O01S821v0106b [S901LC2.J]
F0057A21S728pb [S802LR.J]
F0057D01S728k15 [S802LR.J]
F0057D06S7289264 @top [S802LR.J]
F0057K03S728li [S802LR.J]
F0057K05S728white [S802LR.J]
F0057K07S728very hard [S802LR.J]
F0057O01S819v0100 [S828LC.J]
F0057O01S819v0100a [S828LC.J]
F0057O01S819v0101 [S828LC.J]
F0058F02S729<5si i0020 [S802LC2.J]
F0058F02S730<5si q0125 [S805YM.J]
F0058F02S802<5si q0129 [S805YM.J]
F0059O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0060F02S729<5si q0107 [S729YM.J]
F0060F02S821<5si q0228 [S822YM~1.J]
F0060F02S826<5si q0250 [S826YM.J]
F0060O01S804v0053 [S812LC.J]
F0060O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0060O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0060O01S807v0067 [S812LC.J]
F0061A21S729pc [S802LR.J]
F0061D01S729k14 [S802LR.J]
F0061D06S7299325 @top [S802LR.J]
F0061F02S806<5si q0161 [S806YM.J]
F0061K03S729li [S802LR.J]
F0061K05S729white [S802LR.J]
F0061K07S729very hard [S802LR.J]
F0061O01S804v0053 [S812LC.J]
F0062A21S729a [S802LR.J]
F0062D01S729k14 [S802LR.J]
F0062D06S7299325 @top [S802LR.J]
F0062F02S729<5si q0109 [S729YM.J]
F0062O01S804v0052 [S812LC.J]
F0062O01S804v0053 [S812LC.J]
F0063A21S729w [S802LR.J]
F0063D01S729k14 [S802LR.J]
F0063D06S7299329 @top [S802LR.J]
F0063O01S804v0053 [S812LC.J]
F0064O01S807v0071 [S812LC.J]
F0065F02S730<5si q0124 [S805YM.J]
F0065F02S805<5si q0150 [S805YM.J]
F0066A21S802ts [S810LR3.J]
F0066D01S802k4 [S810LR3.J]
F0066D06S8029379 @bottom [S810LR3.J]
F0066D06S8029399 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0066F02S802<5si q0128 [S805YM.J]
F0066K03S802loam [S810LR3.J]
F0066K05S802brown [S810LR3.J]
F0066K07S802soft [S810LR3.J]
F0066O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0066O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0066P02S802S802 [S810LR3.J]
F0067F02S803<5si q0134 [S805YM.J]
F0067O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0067O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0068O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0068O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
F0068O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
F0069A21S803ly [S810LR3.J]
F0069D01S803k4 [S810LR3.J]
F0069D06S8039372 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0069F02S805<5si q0144 [S805YM.J]
F0069F02S805<5si q0147 [S805YM.J]
F0069F02S814<5si q0199 [S817YM.J]
F0069O01S804v0051 [S811LC.J]
F0069O01S804v0051a [S811LC.J]
F0069O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0069O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0070A21S803fi [S810LR3.J]
F0070D01S803k4 [S810LR3.J]
F0070D06S8039368 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0070F02S803<5si q0138 [S805YM.J]
F0070O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0070O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0071A21S803w [S810LR3.J]
F0071D01S803k4 [S810LR3.J]
F0071D06S8039372 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0071O01S804v0051 [S811LC.J]
F0071O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0071O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0072O01S804v0051 [S811LC.J]
F0072O01S804v0051a [S811LC.J]
F0073O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0073O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0074A21S804aa [S810LR3.J]
F0074D01S804k4 [S810LR3.J]
F0074D06S8049353 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0074F02S805<5si q0148 [S805YM.J]
F0075A21S804bf [S810LR3.J]
F0075D01S804k101 [S810LR3.J]
F0075D06S8049310 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0075F02S805<5si q0149 [S805YM.J]
F0075F02S806<5si q0159 [S806YM.J]
F0075F02S814<5si q0200 [S817YM.J]
F0075F02S816<5si q0203 [S817YM.J]
F0076A21S804pc [S810LR3.J]
F0076D01S804k3 [S810LR3.J]
F0076D06S8049359 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0078A21S804fi [S810LR3.J]
F0078D01S804k101 [S810LR3.J]
F0078D06S8049273 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0078F02S805<5si q0152 [S805YM.J]
F0078O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
F0080F02S816<5si q0206 [S817YM.J]
F0080O01S807v0067 [S812LC.J]
F0080O01S807v0067a [S812LC.J]
F0080O01S807v0067b [S812LC.J]
F0081F02S806<5si q0162 [S806YM.J]
F0081F02S814<5si q0198 [S817YM.J]
F0081O01S807v0067 [S812LC.J]
F0081O01S807v0067a [S812LC.J]
F0081O01S807v0067b [S812LC.J]
F0082F02S806<5si q0163 [S806YM.J]
F0082F02S807<5si q0167 [S810YM.J]
F0082O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
F0082O01S807v0071 [S812LC.J]
F0082O01S816v0088 [S824LC2.J]
F0082O01S817v0089 [S824LC2.J]
F0082O01S817v0089b [S824LC2.J]
F0083O01S807v0067 [S812LC.J]
F0083O01S807v0067b [S812LC.J]
F0084F02S806<5si q0146 [S806YM.J]
F0084O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
F0084O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0084O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
F0084O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
F0084O01S819v0100 [S828LC.J]
F0084O01S819v0100a [S828LC.J]
F0084O01S819v0101 [S828LC.J]
F0084O01S820v0104 [S901LC2.J]
F0085O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0086O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
F0089A21S809ly [S810LR3.J]
F0089D01S809k13 [S810LR3.J]
F0089D06S8099318 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0089F02S809<5si q0180 [S810YM.J]
F0089F02S821<5si q0232 [S822YM~1.J]
F0089F02S823<5si q0236 [S822YM~1.J]
F0090F02S809<5si i0025 [S813YM.J]
F0090F02S816<5si i0028 [S824YM3.J]
F0090F02S816<5si q0205 [S817YM.J]
F0091A21S809aa [S810LR3.J]
F0091D01S809k14 [S810LR3.J]
F0091D06S8099274 @top [S810LR3.J]
F0094F02S816<5si q0204 [S817YM.J]
F0094O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
F0094O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
F0098O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
F0098O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
F0099O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0099O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0101F02S816<5si q0201 [S817YM.J]
F0102F02S816<5si q0202 [S817YM.J]
F0104A21S810fi [S810LR3.J]
F0104D01S810k12 [S810LR3.J]
F0104F02S810<5si q0193 [S810YM.J]
F0107A21S810w [S810LR3.J]
F0107D01S810k4 [S810LR3.J]
F0108O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0110F02S826<5si q0252 [S826YM.J]
F0112O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
F0112O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
F0113O01S816v0088 [S824LC2.J]
F0113O01S816v0088a [S824LC2.J]
F0113O01S817v0089 [S824LC2.J]
F0113O01S817v0089a [S824LC2.J]
F0113O01S817v0089b [S824LC2.J]
F0114O01S816v0088 [S824LC2.J]
F0114O01S816v0088a [S824LC2.J]
F0114O01S817v0089 [S824LC2.J]
F0114O01S817v0089a [S824LC2.J]
F0114O01S817v0089b [S824LC2.J]
F0115O01S826v0128 [S909LC.J]
F0115O01S826v0128a [S909LC.J]
F0115O01S826v0129 [S909LC.J]
F0119F02S820<5si q0224 [S822YM~1.J]
F0119F02S821<5si q0229 [S822YM~1.J]
F0119F02S821<5si q0233 [S822YM~1.J]
F0119F02S825<5si q0241 [S826YM.J]
F0119F02S825<5si q0242 [S826YM.J]
F0119O01S826v0128 [S909LC.J]
F0119O01S826v0128a [S909LC.J]
F0119O01S826v0129 [S909LC.J]
F0120F02S826<5si q0258 [S826YM.J]
F0120O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0120O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
F0120O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
F0120O01S820v0104 [S901LC2.J]
F0120O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0125O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0125O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
F0125O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
F0125O01S819v0102 [S828LC.J]
F0125O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0125O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0125O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0126O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0126O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
F0126O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
F0126O01S820v0104 [S901LC2.J]
F0126O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0126O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0126O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0127O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
F0127O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
F0127O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
F0127O01S819v0102a [S828LC.J]
F0127O01S819v0103 [S828LC.J]
F0127O01S820v0104 [S901LC2.J]
F0127O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0127O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0127O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0127O01S821v0106b [S901LC2.J]
F0130A21S820l [S831LC.J]
F0130D01S820k3 [S831LC.J]
F0130D06S8209373 @top [S831LC.J]
F0130F02S820<5si q0226 [S822YM~1.J]
F0130P02S820S820 [S831LC.J]
F0131F02S820<5si q0227 [S822YM~1.J]
F0131F02S827<5si q0263 [S901YM2.J]
F0131O01S819v0103 [S828LC.J]
F0131O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0131O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0131O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0132O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0132O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0132O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0132O01S821v0106b [S901LC2.J]
F0133A21S823w [S831LC.J]
F0133D01S823k101 [S831LC.J]
F0134A21S823pb [S831LC.J]
F0134D01S823k101 [S831LC.J]
F0135A21S823fb [S831LC.J]
F0135D01S823k101 [S831LC.J]
F0136A21S823st-is [S831LC.J]
F0136D01S823k101 [S831LC.J]
F0137A21S823is [S831LC.J]
F0137D01S823k101 [S831LC.J]
F0137D06S8239216 @top [S831LC.J]
F0137P02S823S825 [S831LC.J]
F0138A21S823is [S831LC.J]
F0138D01S823k101 [S831LC.J]
F0138O01S826v0128 [S909LC.J]
F0138O01S826v0128a [S909LC.J]
F0138O01S826v0129 [S909LC.J]
F0142F02S826<5si q0257 [S826YM.J]
F0142O01S826v0128 [S909LC.J]
F0142O01S826v0128a [S909LC.J]
F0142O01S826v0129 [S909LC.J]
F0144F02S826<5si q0251 [S826YM.J]
F0146F02S826<5si q0255 [S826YM.J]
F0147F02S826<5si q0259 [S826YM.J]
F0149A21S827w [S831LC.J]
F0149D01S827k101 [S831LC.J]
F0149D06S8279163 @top [S831LC.J]
F0149F02S827<5si q0261 [S901YM2.J]
F0149P02S827S827 [S831LC.J]
F0150O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
F0150O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
F0150O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
F0150O01S821v0106b [S901LC2.J]
I0002D03S726101 (42104 40725 - 9381 / Relay location: SE) [S728EE-R.J]
I0004A20S720laf [S811LR2.J]
I0004A21S720door socket [S811LR2.J]
I0004B11S720door socket with a triangular shape and rounded corners. The whole surface is covered with encrustations of soil, and roughly worked. The circular depression is not centered, superficial, and smooth. The upper surface is flat. [S811LR2.J]
I0004BA1S717door socket [S721LR.J]
I0004BA2S7176.2 [S721LR.J]
I0004BA3S71726 [S721LR.J]
I0004BA4S71722.6 [S721LR.J]
I0004BA6S717st [S721LR.J]
I0004BA8S717gray [S721LR.J]
I0004BA9S717not associated with a floor but found upright [S721LR.J]
I0004D01S717k2 [S721LR.J]
I0004F02S717>5si f0010 [S721LR.J]
I0004G03S717associated q-lot: 16 [S721LR.J]
I0004J01S7209.5 [S811LR2.J]
I0004J02S72029.2 [S811LR2.J]
I0004J03S72016.7 [S811LR2.J]
I0004K03S720li [S811LR2.J]
I0004K05S720gray [S811LR2.J]
I0004K10S720broken [S811LR2.J]
I0009A21S727go [S811LR3.J]
I0009B11S727ceramic vessel, almost half of it is missing and the piece preserved is broken in two pieces. The middle section of it is wider than the top and the bottom; the bottom is thicker than the top. The base is round. The general color of the vessel is very pale brown and in the upper part four red lines are drawn as a decoration. The top part of the vessel is straight, but the rest is round. [S811LR3.J]
I0009J02S72710.5 [S811LR3.J]
I0009J03S72711.2 [S811LR3.J]
I0009K03S727cl [S811LR3.J]
I0009K05S727very pale brown [S811LR3.J]
I0009K06S72710YR 8/2 [S811LR3.J]
I0009K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
I0009O01S721v0022 [S803LR3.J]
I0009O01S721v0022a [S803LR3.J]
I0010A20S727maf [S811LR3.J]
I0010A21S727debitage [S811LR3.J]
I0010B11S727fragment of a metal debitage, with a long and curved shape. The surfaces are encrusted with soil and the metal is oxidized. [S811LR3.J]
I0010J01S7270.3 [S811LR3.J]
I0010J02S7275.2 [S811LR3.J]
I0010J03S7270.38 [S811LR3.J]
I0010K03S727mt [S811LR3.J]
I0010K05S727green [S811LR3.J]
I0010K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
I0010P99S727to conservation. [S811LR3.J]
I0011O01S723v0027 [S803LR3.J]
I0012D03S726100 (42379 41599 - 9350 / Relay location: NW) [S728EE-R.J]
I0013O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
I0014A21S730fg [S805SE.J]
I0014B11S730hindquarters of an animal figurine, possibly an equus. The object has several breaks: the torso, the head and the legs are missing; the right side and the caudal surface are erased. The left side is preserved but encrusted with soil. The original surface, when visible, is quite smooth and reddish brown. [S805SE.J]
I0014BA1S728fg [S802LC2.J]
I0014BA2S7283.6 [S802LC2.J]
I0014BA3S7287 [S802LC2.J]
I0014BA4S7285.9 [S802LC2.J]
I0014BA6S728cl [S802LC2.J]
I0014BA9S728Animal figurine [S802LC2.J]
I0014D01S728k14 [S802LC2.J]
I0014F02S728>5si f0037 [S802LC2.J]
I0014G03S728associated q-lot: 96 [S802LC2.J]
I0014J01S7303.7 [S805SE.J]
I0014J02S7307.4 [S805SE.J]
I0014J03S7305.9 [S805SE.J]
I0014K03S730cl [S805SE.J]
I0014K05S730light red [S805SE.J]
I0014K06S7302.5YR 7/6 [S805SE.J]
I0014K10S730broken [S805SE.J]
I0015BA1S728cup [S802LC2.J]
I0015BA3S72812.4 [S802LC2.J]
I0015BA4S7286.5 [S802LC2.J]
I0015BA6S728cl [S802LC2.J]
I0015BA9S728Two fragments of ceramic vessel with painted decoration. [S802LC2.J]
I0015D01S728k12 [S802LC2.J]
I0015F02S728>5si f0024 [S802LC2.J]
I0015G03S728associated q-lot: 94 [S802LC2.J]
I0016A21S729hb [S805SE.J]
I0016B11S729human tooth. Maxilla Incisor # 1 or 2 [S805SE.J]
I0016P99S729to TBH [S805SE.J]
I0017BA1S728uk st [S802LC2.J]
I0017BA2S7280.5 [S802LC2.J]
I0017BA3S7288.1 [S802LC2.J]
I0017BA4S7281.4 [S802LC2.J]
I0017BA6S728li [S802LC2.J]
I0017D01S728k15 [S802LC2.J]
I0017F02S728>5si f0044 [S802LC2.J]
I0017G03S728associated q-lot: 97 [S802LC2.J]
I0018BA1S729pin [S802LC2.J]
I0018BA3S7297 [S802LC2.J]
I0018BA4S7290.5 [S802LC2.J]
I0018BA6S729bz [S802LC2.J]
I0018D01S729k13 [S802LC2.J]
I0018F02S729>5si f0030 [S802LC2.J]
I0018G03S729associated q-lot: 102 [S802LC2.J]
I0020A21S730fg [S805SE.J]
I0020B11S730torso of an animal figurine, possibly a bos: the identification is due to the prominent breast ridge. The tail and the sexual parts are preserved; the head and the legs are broken off. The surface is abraded. [S805SE.J]
I0020BA1S729fg [S802LC2.J]
I0020BA2S7294.4 [S802LC2.J]
I0020BA3S7297.3 [S802LC2.J]
I0020BA4S7293.6 [S802LC2.J]
I0020BA6S729cl [S802LC2.J]
I0020D01S729k14 [S802LC2.J]
I0020F02S729>5si f0058 [S802LC2.J]
I0020G03S729associated q-lot: 101 [S802LC2.J]
I0020J01S7304.48 [S805SE.J]
I0020J02S7307.45 [S805SE.J]
I0020J03S7303.33 [S805SE.J]
I0020K03S730cl [S805SE.J]
I0020K05S730very pale brown [S805SE.J]
I0020K06S73010YR 8/2 [S805SE.J]
I0020K10S730broken [S805SE.J]
I0021A21S730fg [S805SE.J]
I0021B11S730torso of an animal figurine, possibly a felis. The body is long and thin, the right frontleg is preserved while the left frontleg and both the hindlegs are missing. The tail is abraded but visible, sexual parts are not indicated. The surface is encrusted with soil. [S805SE.J]
I0021J01S7303.03 [S805SE.J]
I0021J02S7308.1 [S805SE.J]
I0021J03S7302.78 [S805SE.J]
I0021K03S730cl [S805SE.J]
I0021K05S730very pale brown [S805SE.J]
I0021K06S73010YR 8/3 [S805SE.J]
I0021K10S730vroken [S805SE.J]
I0025BA1S809pin [S813YM.J]
I0025BA3S8093.2 [S813YM.J]
I0025BA6S809bz [S813YM.J]
I0025D01S809k3 [S813YM.J]
I0025D03S809223 (41860 41241 - 9340 / Relay location: E) [S810YM-R.J]
I0025F02S809>5si f0090 [S813YM.J]
I0025G03S809associated q-lot: 183 [S813YM.J]
I0028BA1S816needle [S824YM3.J]
I0028BA3S8167.8 [S824YM3.J]
I0028BA6S816bz [S824YM3.J]
I0028D01S816k3 [S824YM3.J]
I0028F02S816>5si f0090 [S824YM3.J]
I0028G03S816associated q-lot: 205 [S824YM3.J]
K0002O01S720v0016 [S803LR3.J]
K0002O01S720v0016a [S803LR3.J]
K0002O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
K0002O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
K0002O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
K0003O01S720v0015 [S803LR3.J]
K0003O01S720v0015a [S803LR3.J]
K0003O01S723v0027 [S803LR3.J]
K0003O01S724v0031 [S802LC.J]
K0003O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
K0003O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
K0003O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
K0003O01S807v0066 [S812LC.J]
K0003O01S807v0066a [S812LC.J]
K0003O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
K0003O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
K0004O01S804v0051 [S811LC.J]
K0004O01S804v0051a [S811LC.J]
K0004O01S817v0090 [S824LC2.J]
K0004O01S817v0090a [S824LC2.J]
K0005O01S819v0102a [S828LC.J]
K0012O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
K0012O01S804v0057 [S812LC.J]
K0012O01S807v0071 [S812LC.J]
K0012O01S816v0088 [S824LC2.J]
K0012O01S816v0088a [S824LC2.J]
K0012O01S817v0089 [S824LC2.J]
K0012O01S817v0089a [S824LC2.J]
K0012O01S817v0089b [S824LC2.J]
K0013O01S721v0022 [S803LR3.J]
K0013O01S721v0022a [S803LR3.J]
K0013O01S723v0026 [S803LR3.J]
K0013O01S723v0026a [S803LR3.J]
K0013O01S804v0053 [S812LC.J]
K0013O01S804v0054 [S812LC.J]
K0013O01S804v0055 [S812LC.J]
K0013O01S804v0056 [S812LC.J]
K0013O01S807v0067 [S812LC.J]
K0013O01S807v0067a [S812LC.J]
K0013O01S807v0067b [S812LC.J]
K0014O01S723v0025 [S803LR3.J]
K0014O01S723v0025a [S803LR3.J]
K0014O01S804v0052 [S812LC.J]
K0014O01S804v0053 [S812LC.J]
K0014O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
K0014O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
K0014O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
K0014O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
K0014O01S819v0102 [S828LC.J]
K0014O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
K0014O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
K0014O01S821v0106b [S901LC2.J]
K0015O01S723v0024 [S803LR3.J]
K0015O01S804v0052 [S812LC.J]
K0015O01S807v0068 [S812LC.J]
K0015O01S807v0069 [S812LC.J]
K0015O01S807v0070 [S812LC.J]
K0015O01S807v0070a [S812LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0100 [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0100a [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0101 [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0102 [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S819v0103 [S828LC.J]
K0015O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
K0101O01S819v0096 [S828LC.J]
K0101O01S819v0097 [S828LC.J]
K0101O01S819v0097a [S828LC.J]
K0101O01S820v0104 [S901LC2.J]
K0101O01S821v0105 [S901LC2.J]
K0101O01S821v0106 [S901LC2.J]
K0101O01S821v0106a [S901LC2.J]
K0101O01S826v0128 [S909LC.J]
K0101O01S826v0128a [S909LC.J]
K0101O01S826v0129 [S909LC.J]
Q0002A21S713pib [S715SE2.J]
Q0002B21S713qi000201 [S716EE.J]
Q0002D01S713k13 [S715SE2.J]
Q0002D13S713m4707 (9454) + 140 (height of instrument) - 121 - 10 @bottom [S715SE2.J]
Q0002D20S713m4707 [S715SE2.J]
Q0002D21S713400 cms East, 400 cms South [S715SE2.J]
Q0002D22S7139435 [S715SE2.J]
Q0002D23S7139425 [S715SE2.J]
Q0002F02S713>5si f0004 [S715SE2.J]
Q0004B21S714qi000401 [S716EE.J]
Q0004B21S714qi000401 [S811LR.J]
Q0005B21S714qi000502 [S716EE.J]
Q0005B21S714qi000502 [S811LR.J]
Q0006B21S720qi000601 [S811LR.J]
Q0009A21S715pbi [S715SE2.J]
Q0009D01S715k2 [S715SE2.J]
Q0009D13S715m4703 (9466) + 15o (height of instrument) - 122 - 17 @bottom [S715SE2.J]
Q0009D20S715m4703 [S715SE2.J]
Q0009D21S715100 cms North, 400 cms East [S715SE2.J]
Q0009D22S7159573 [S715SE2.J]
Q0009D23S7159556 [S715SE2.J]
Q0009F02S715>5si f0010 [S715SE2.J]
Q0010A21S715pbi [S715SE2.J]
Q0010D01S715k3 [S715SE2.J]
Q0010D13S715m4703 (9466) + 156 (height of instrument) - 122 - 10 @bottom [S715SE2.J]
Q0010D20S715m4714 [S715SE2.J]
Q0010D21S715200 cms East, 400 [S715SE2.J]
Q0010D22S7159432 [S715SE2.J]
Q0010D23S7159422 [S715SE2.J]
Q0010F02S715>5si f0009 [S715SE2.J]
Q0011A21S715p [S715SE2.J]
Q0011D01S715k2 [S715SE2.J]
Q0011D13S715m4711 (9457) + 150 (height of instrument) - 110 - 10 @bottom [S715SE2.J]
Q0011D20S715m4712 [S715SE2.J]
Q0011D21S715400 cms North, 200 cms West [S715SE2.J]
Q0011D22S7159417 [S715SE2.J]
Q0011D23S7159407 [S715SE2.J]
Q0011F02S715>5si f0010 [S715SE2.J]
Q0012B21S716qi001201 [S716EE.J]
Q0017B21S716qi001701 [S716EE.J]
Q0017B21S716qi001701 [S811LR.J]
Q0018B21S716qi001801 [S811LR.J]
Q0020B21S716qi002002 [S716EE.J]
Q0020B21S716qi002002 [S811LR.J]
Q0020B21S720qi002003 [S811LR2.J]
Q0021B21S716qi002102 [S716EE.J]
Q0021B21S716qi002103 [S811LR.J]
Q0025B21S717qi002505 [S727YM.J]
Q0025B21S717qi002506 [S727YM.J]
Q0025B21S720qi002503 [S811LR2.J]
Q0025B21S720qi002505 [S811LR.J]
Q0025B21S720qi002506 [S811LR2.J]
Q0030B21S719qi003002 [S727YM.J]
Q0030B21S719qi003003 [S727YM.J]
Q0030B21S720qi003003 [S811LR.J]
Q0031B21S727qi003101 [S727YM.J]
Q0031B21S727qi003101 [S811LR3.J]
Q0032B21S719qi003201 [S727YM.J]
Q0032B21S720qi003201 [S811LR2.J]
Q0033B21S720qi003301 [S811LR2.J]
Q0035B21S719qi003502 [S727YM.J]
Q0035B21S720qi003502 [S811LR.J]
Q0041A21S720p [S722YM.J]
Q0041D01S720k2 [S722YM.J]
Q0041D13S720m4711 (9457) + 150 (height of instrument) - 148 - 50 @bottom [S722YM.J]
Q0041D20S7204711 [S722YM.J]
Q0041D21S720100 cms East, 400 cms South [S722YM.J]
Q0041D22S7209455 [S722YM.J]
Q0041D23S7209405 [S722YM.J]
Q0041F02S720>5si f0008 [S722YM.J]
Q0042A21S720pb [S722YM.J]
Q0042B21S720qi004201 [S727YM.J]
Q0042D01S720k3 [S722YM.J]
Q0042D13S720m4702 (9451) + 140 (height of instrument) - 119 - 50 @bottom [S722YM.J]
Q0042D20S7204713 [S722YM.J]
Q0042D21S720100 cms North, 400 cms East [S722YM.J]
Q0042D22S7209430 [S722YM.J]
Q0042D23S7209380 [S722YM.J]
Q0042F02S720>5si f0009 [S722YM.J]
Q0043A21S720p [S722YM.J]
Q0043D01S720k2 [S722YM.J]
Q0043D13S720m4711 (9457) + 150 (height of instrument) - 148 - 50 @bottom [S722YM.J]
Q0043D20S7204711 [S722YM.J]
Q0043D21S720100 cms East, 400 cms South [S722YM.J]
Q0043D22S7209455 [S722YM.J]
Q0043D23S7209405 [S722YM.J]
Q0043F02S720>5si f0008 [S722YM.J]
Q0046B21S721qi004603 [S727YM.J]
Q0046B21S721qi004604 [S727YM.J]
Q0046B21S722qi004601 [S811LR4.J]
Q0046B21S727qi004604 [S811LR4.J]
Q0047B21S721qi004702 [S727YM.J]
Q0047B21S727qi004702 [S811LR3.J]
Q0048A21S721pb [S722YM.J]
Q0048B21S727qi004801 [S811LR3.J]
Q0048D01S721k15 [S722YM.J]
Q0048D13S721m3748 (9391) + 150 (height of instrument) - 109 - 5 @bottom [S722YM.J]
Q0048D20S721r65 [S722YM.J]
Q0048D21S721400 cms East, 300 cms North [S722YM.J]
Q0048D22S7219350 [S722YM.J]
Q0048D23S7219345 [S722YM.J]
Q0048F02S721>5si f0026 [S722YM.J]
Q0050B21S722qi005001 [S811LR4.J]
Q0051B21S721qi005101 [S727YM.J]
Q0051B21S722qi005101 [S811LR4.J]
Q0051B21S722qi005103 [S811LR4.J]
Q0053B21S722qi005301 [S727YM.J]
Q0055B21S722qi005501 [S811LR4.J]
Q0056B21S722qi005601 [S727YM.J]
Q0056B21S817qi005601 [S819SE2.J]
Q0057A21S722p [S722YM.J]
Q0057D01S722k15 [S722YM.J]
Q0057D13S722m3749 (9361) + 150 (height of instrument) - 116 - 10 @bottom [S722YM.J]
Q0057D20S7223749 [S722YM.J]
Q0057D21S722250 cms West, 150 cms South [S722YM.J]
Q0057D22S7229327 [S722YM.J]
Q0057D23S7229317 [S722YM.J]
Q0057F02S722>5si f0026 [S722YM.J]
Q0059B21S722qi005901 [S727YM.J]
Q0059B21S727qi005901 [S811LR3.J]
Q0060B21S722qi006001 [S811LR4.J]
Q0060B21S722qi006002 [S811LR4.J]
Q0062A21S722pi [S722YM.J]
Q0062B21S722qi006201 [S727YM.J]
Q0062D01S722k3 [S722YM.J]
Q0062D13S722m4713 (9452) + 150 (height of instrument) - 98 - 10 @bottom [S722YM.J]
Q0062D20S7224713 [S722YM.J]
Q0062D21S722400 cms South, 200 cms East [S722YM.J]
Q0062D22S7229400 [S722YM.J]
Q0062D23S7229390 [S722YM.J]
Q0062F02S722>5si f0027 [S722YM.J]
Q0063A21S722p [S722YM.J]
Q0063D01S722k3 [S722YM.J]
Q0063D13S722m4711 (9457) + 150 (height of instrument) - 116 - 10 @bottom [S722YM.J]
Q0063D20S7224711 [S722YM.J]
Q0063D21S722150 cms South, 50 cms West [S722YM.J]
Q0063D22S7229423 [S722YM.J]
Q0063D23S7229413 [S722YM.J]
Q0063F02S722>5si f0027 [S722YM.J]
Q0064B21S722qi006401 [S727YM.J]
Q0064B21S722qi006401 [S811LR4.J]
Q0065B21S726qi006501 [S811LR4.J]
Q0066B21S727qi006602 [S811LR3.J]
Q0067B21S726qi006703 [S811LR4.J]
Q0067B21S726qi006704 [S811LR4.J]
Q0067B21S727qi006702 [S811LR3.J]
Q0067B21S727qi006705 [S811LR3.J]
Q0069A21S723p [S723YM.J]
Q0069D01S723k14 [S723YM.J]
Q0069D13S723m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 122 - 5 @bottom [S723YM.J]
Q0069D20S723r75 [S723YM.J]
Q0069D21S723150 cms North, 150 cms East [S723YM.J]
Q0069D22S7239367 [S723YM.J]
Q0069D23S7239362 [S723YM.J]
Q0069F02S723>5si f0033 [S723YM.J]
Q0070B21S723qi007002 [S727YM.J]
Q0070B21S727qi007001 [S811LR4.J]
Q0070B21S727qi007002 [S811LR3.J]
Q0072B21S727qi007201 [S811LR4.J]
Q0074A21S723pb [S723YM.J]
Q0074D01S723k2 [S723YM.J]
Q0074D13S723m4712 (9456) + 150 (height of instrument) - 59 - 5 @bottom [S723YM.J]
Q0074D20S7234712 [S723YM.J]
Q0074D21S723300 cms North, 150 cms West [S723YM.J]
Q0074D22S7239365 [S723YM.J]
Q0074D23S7239360 [S723YM.J]
Q0074F02S723>5si f0022 [S723YM.J]
Q0081B21S727qi008102 [S811LR3.J]
Q0081B21S803qi008101 [S804SE.J]
Q0083A21S726pbi [S727YM2.J]
Q0083B21S727qi008301 [S811LR3.J]
Q0083D01S726k12 [S727YM2.J]
Q0083D13S726m4705 (9461) + 150 (height of instrument) - 95 - 10 @bottom [S727YM2.J]
Q0083D20S7264705 [S727YM2.J]
Q0083D21S726400 cms South, 200 cms West [S727YM2.J]
Q0083D22S7269406 [S727YM2.J]
Q0083D23S7269396 [S727YM2.J]
Q0083F02S726>5si f0027 [S727YM2.J]
Q0084A21S726pbi [S727YM2.J]
Q0084D01S726k13 [S727YM2.J]
Q0084D13S726m4709 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 98 - 5 @bottom [S727YM2.J]
Q0084D20S7264709 [S727YM2.J]
Q0084D21S726200 cms North, 200 cms West [S727YM2.J]
Q0084D22S7269379 [S727YM2.J]
Q0084D23S7269374 [S727YM2.J]
Q0084F02S726>5si f0030 [S727YM2.J]
Q0085B21S727qi008501 [S811LR3.J]
Q0092A21S728p [S729YM.J]
Q0092D01S728k3 [S729YM.J]
Q0092D13S728m4713 (9452) + 150 (height of instrument) - 54 - 5 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0092D20S7284713 [S729YM.J]
Q0092D21S728200 cms South, 100 cms East [S729YM.J]
Q0092D22S7289356 [S729YM.J]
Q0092D23S7289351 [S729YM.J]
Q0092F02S728>5si f0031 [S729YM.J]
Q0093A21S728pbi [S729YM.J]
Q0093B21S728qi009301 [S729YM2.J]
Q0093D01S728k13 [S729YM.J]
Q0093D13S728m4709 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 78 - 5 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0093D20S7284709 [S729YM.J]
Q0093D21S728400 cms North, 100 cms West [S729YM.J]
Q0093D22S7289359 [S729YM.J]
Q0093D23S7289354 [S729YM.J]
Q0093F02S728>5si f0030 [S729YM.J]
Q0094A21S728pi [S729YM.J]
Q0094B21S728qi009401 [S729YM2.J]
Q0094B21S803qi009401 [S804SE.J]
Q0094D01S728k12 [S729YM.J]
Q0094D13S728m4706 (9456) + 150 (height of instrument) - 71 - 15 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0094D20S7284701 [S729YM.J]
Q0094D21S728200 cms North, 200 cms East [S729YM.J]
Q0094D22S7289377 [S729YM.J]
Q0094D23S7289362 [S729YM.J]
Q0094F02S728>5si f0024 [S729YM.J]
Q0095A21S728pbi [S729YM.J]
Q0095D01S728k13 [S729YM.J]
Q0095D13S728m4707 (9454) + 150 (height of instrument) - 43 - 5 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0095D20S7284708 [S729YM.J]
Q0095D21S728300 cms West, 100 cms South [S729YM.J]
Q0095D22S7289347 [S729YM.J]
Q0095D23S7289342 [S729YM.J]
Q0095F02S728>5si f0030 [S729YM.J]
Q0096B21S728qi009601 [S729YM2.J]
Q0097A21S728pi [S729YM.J]
Q0097D01S728k15 [S729YM.J]
Q0097D13S728m3748 (9391) + 150 (height of instrument) - 28 - 5 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0097D20S728r98 [S729YM.J]
Q0097D21S728300 cms North, 200 cms West [S729YM.J]
Q0097D22S7289269 [S729YM.J]
Q0097D23S7289264 [S729YM.J]
Q0097F02S728>5si f0044 [S729YM.J]
Q0098A21S728pbi [S729YM.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009801 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009802 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009803 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009803 [S823SE.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009804 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009805 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009806 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009807 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S728qi009808 [S729YM2.J]
Q0098B21S729qi009804 [S805SE.J]
Q0098D01S728k15 [S729YM.J]
Q0098D13S728m4851 (9291) + 150 (height of instrument) - 112 - 5 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0098D20S728r66 [S729YM.J]
Q0098D21S728200 cms West, 250 cms North [S729YM.J]
Q0098D22S7289253 [S729YM.J]
Q0098D23S7289248 [S729YM.J]
Q0098F02S728>5si f0055 [S729YM.J]
Q0099A21S728pbi [S729YM.J]
Q0099B21S728qi009901 [S729YM2.J]
Q0099D01S728k14 [S729YM.J]
Q0099D13S728m3745 (9422) + 150 (height of instrument) - 88 - 5 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0099D20S7283745 [S729YM.J]
Q0099D21S728200 cms South, 200 cms East [S729YM.J]
Q0099D22S7289360 [S729YM.J]
Q0099D23S7289355 [S729YM.J]
Q0099F02S728>5si f0037 [S729YM.J]
Q0101B21S729qi010101 [S805SE.J]
Q0103B21S729qi010301 [S729YM2.J]
Q0103B21S729qi010301 [S805SE.J]
Q0103B21S729qi010302 [S729YM2.J]
Q0103B21S729qi010302 [S805SE.J]
Q0103B21S729qi010303 [S729YM2.J]
Q0105B21S729qi010502 [S805SE.J]
Q0107A21S729pb [S729YM.J]
Q0107D01S729k13 [S729YM.J]
Q0107D13S729m4709 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 47 - 10 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0107D20S7294709 [S729YM.J]
Q0107D21S729300 cms North, 150 cms West [S729YM.J]
Q0107D22S7299328 [S729YM.J]
Q0107D23S7299318 [S729YM.J]
Q0107F02S729>5si f0060 [S729YM.J]
Q0108B21S729qi010801 [S729YM2.J]
Q0109A21S729pbi [S729YM.J]
Q0109B21S729qi010901 [S729YM2.J]
Q0109D01S729k14 [S729YM.J]
Q0109D13S729m3416 (9416) + 150 (height of instrument) - 59 - 5 @bottom [S729YM.J]
Q0109D20S7293416 [S729YM.J]
Q0109D21S729200 cms North, 200 cms East [S729YM.J]
Q0109D22S7299325 [S729YM.J]
Q0109D23S7299320 [S729YM.J]
Q0109F02S729>5si f0062 [S729YM.J]
Q0110A21S730p [S805YM.J]
Q0110D01S730k2 [S805YM.J]
Q0110D13S730m4703 (9466) + 150 (height of instrument) - 145 - 30 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0110D20S7304703 [S805YM.J]
Q0110D21S730400 cms East, 100 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0110D22S7309461 [S805YM.J]
Q0110D23S7309431 [S805YM.J]
Q0110F02S730>5si f0008 [S805YM.J]
Q0111A21S730pb [S805YM.J]
Q0111D01S730k12 [S805YM.J]
Q0111D13S730m4703 (9466) + 150 (height of instrument) - 73 - 10 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0111D20S7304706 [S805YM.J]
Q0111D21S730200 cms West, 300 cms North [S805YM.J]
Q0111D22S7309389 [S805YM.J]
Q0111D23S7309379 [S805YM.J]
Q0111F02S730>5si f0052 [S805YM.J]
Q0112A21S730pi [S805YM.J]
Q0112B21S803qi011201 [S804SE.J]
Q0112D01S730k15 [S805YM.J]
Q0112D13S730m4703 (9466) + 150 (height of instrument) - 142 - 30 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0112D20S7303732 [S805YM.J]
Q0112D21S730400 cms East, 100 cms North [S805YM.J]
Q0112D22S7309458 [S805YM.J]
Q0112D23S7309428 [S805YM.J]
Q0112F02S730>5si f0021 [S805YM.J]
Q0114B21S803qi011401 [S804SE.J]
Q0114B21S803qi011403 [S804SE.J]
Q0121B21S803qi012101 [S804SE.J]
Q0122A21S730pb [S805YM.J]
Q0122B21S731qi012201 [S806YM2.J]
Q0122B21S803qi012201 [S804SE.J]
Q0122D01S730k15 [S805YM.J]
Q0122D13S730m3750 (9354) + 150 (height of instrument) - 91 - 10 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0122D20S7303750 [S805YM.J]
Q0122D21S730200 cms West, 100 cms North [S805YM.J]
Q0122D22S7309295 [S805YM.J]
Q0122D23S7309285 [S805YM.J]
Q0122F02S730>5si f0039 [S805YM.J]
Q0123A21S730p [S805YM.J]
Q0123D01S730k3 [S805YM.J]
Q0123D13S730m4715 (9428) + 150 (height of instrument) - 84 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0123D20S7304715 [S805YM.J]
Q0123D21S730400 cms West, 100 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0123D22S7309362 [S805YM.J]
Q0123D23S7309342 [S805YM.J]
Q0123F02S730>5si f0029 [S805YM.J]
Q0124A21S730pb [S805YM.J]
Q0124D01S730k101 [S805YM.J]
Q0124D13S730m3750 (9354) + -10 (height of instrument) - 30 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0124D20S7303750 [S805YM.J]
Q0124D21S730100 cms North, 200 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0124D22S7309364 [S805YM.J]
Q0124D23S7309334 [S805YM.J]
Q0124F02S730>5si f0065 [S805YM.J]
Q0125A21S730pb [S805YM.J]
Q0125D01S730k14 [S805YM.J]
Q0125D13S730m3747 (9391) + 150 (height of instrument) - 121 - 5 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0125D20S730r91 [S805YM.J]
Q0125D21S730400 cms North, 100 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0125D22S7309362 [S805YM.J]
Q0125D23S7309357 [S805YM.J]
Q0125F02S730>5si f0058 [S805YM.J]
Q0126A21S730pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0126B21S803qi012601 [S804SE.J]
Q0126D01S730k3 [S805YM.J]
Q0126D13S730m4709 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 113 - 15 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0126D20S7304709 [S805YM.J]
Q0126D21S730100 cms South, 400 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0126D22S7309394 [S805YM.J]
Q0126D23S7309379 [S805YM.J]
Q0126F02S730>5si f0017 [S805YM.J]
Q0127A21S802p [S805YM.J]
Q0127D01S802k2 [S805YM.J]
Q0127D13S802m4710 (9477) + 150 (height of instrument) - 138 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0127D20S8024710 [S805YM.J]
Q0127D21S802500 cms East, 100 cms North [S805YM.J]
Q0127D22S8029465 [S805YM.J]
Q0127D23S8029445 [S805YM.J]
Q0127F02S802>5si f0008 [S805YM.J]
Q0128A21S802pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0128B21S802qi012801 [S806YM2.J]
Q0128D01S802k4 [S805YM.J]
Q0128D13S802m4714 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 137 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0128D20S8023757 [S805YM.J]
Q0128D21S802200 cms East, 400 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0128D22S8029418 [S805YM.J]
Q0128D23S8029398 [S805YM.J]
Q0128F02S802>5si f0066 [S805YM.J]
Q0129A21S802p [S805YM.J]
Q0129D01S802k14 [S805YM.J]
Q0129D13S802m4884 (9412) + 150 (height of instrument) - 74 - 5 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0129D20S802r91 [S805YM.J]
Q0129D21S802400 cms North, 100 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0129D22S8029336 [S805YM.J]
Q0129D23S8029331 [S805YM.J]
Q0129F02S802>5si f0058 [S805YM.J]
Q0132A21S803p [S805YM.J]
Q0132D01S803k2 [S805YM.J]
Q0132D13S803m4701 (9479) + 150 (height of instrument) - 54 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0132D20S8034701 [S805YM.J]
Q0132D21S803400 cms East, 100 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0132D22S8039383 [S805YM.J]
Q0132D23S8039363 [S805YM.J]
Q0132F02S803>5si f0022 [S805YM.J]
Q0133A21S803pb [S805YM.J]
Q0133D01S803k13 [S805YM.J]
Q0133D13S803m3745 (9422) + 150 (height of instrument) - 108 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0133D20S8033745 [S805YM.J]
Q0133D21S803100 cms South, 100 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0133D22S8039380 [S805YM.J]
Q0133D23S8039360 [S805YM.J]
Q0133F02S803>5si f0030 [S805YM.J]
Q0134A21S803pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0134B21S803qi013403 [S804SE.J]
Q0134D01S803k4 [S805YM.J]
Q0134D13S803m4884 (9412) + 150 (height of instrument) - 117 - 10 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0134D20S8033757 [S805YM.J]
Q0134D21S803200 cms East, 400 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0134D22S8039379 [S805YM.J]
Q0134D23S8039369 [S805YM.J]
Q0134F02S803>5si f0067 [S805YM.J]
Q0135A21S803pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0135B21S803qi013501 [S804SE.J]
Q0135D01S803k14 [S805YM.J]
Q0135D13S803m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 145 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0135D20S8033746 [S805YM.J]
Q0135D21S803100 cms East, 400 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0135D22S8039390 [S805YM.J]
Q0135D23S8039370 [S805YM.J]
Q0135F02S803>5si f0019 [S805YM.J]
Q0137A21S803p [S805YM.J]
Q0137D01S803k2 [S805YM.J]
Q0137D13S803m4846 (9387) + 150 (height of instrument) - 121 - 5 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0137D20S8034710 [S805YM.J]
Q0137D21S803400 cms East, 500 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0137D22S8039358 [S805YM.J]
Q0137D23S8039353 [S805YM.J]
Q0137F02S803>5si f0022 [S805YM.J]
Q0138A21S803pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0138B21S803qi013801 [S804SE.J]
Q0138D01S803k4 [S805YM.J]
Q0138D13S803m3757 (9425) + 150 (height of instrument) - 93 - 10 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0138D20S803r199 [S805YM.J]
Q0138D21S803300 cms East, 100 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0138D22S8039368 [S805YM.J]
Q0138D23S8039358 [S805YM.J]
Q0138F02S803>5si f0070 [S805YM.J]
Q0139A21S803pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0139B21S803qi013901 [S806YM2.J]
Q0139D01S803k14 [S805YM.J]
Q0139D13S803m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 122 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0139D20S8033746 [S805YM.J]
Q0139D21S803100 cms East, 400 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0139D22S8039367 [S805YM.J]
Q0139D23S8039347 [S805YM.J]
Q0139F02S803>5si f0032 [S805YM.J]
Q0141B21S804qi014102 [S806YM2.J]
Q0143A21S805pb [S805YM.J]
Q0143D01S805k15 [S805YM.J]
Q0143D13S805m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 79 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0143D20S805r65 [S805YM.J]
Q0143D21S805100 cms East, 100 cms North [S805YM.J]
Q0143D22S8059324 [S805YM.J]
Q0143D23S8059304 [S805YM.J]
Q0143F02S805>5si f0040 [S805YM.J]
Q0144A21S805pb [S805YM.J]
Q0144D01S805k4 [S805YM.J]
Q0144D13S805m3757 (9425) + 150 (height of instrument) - 98 - 10 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0144D20S8053757 [S805YM.J]
Q0144D21S805150 cms South, 200 cms East [S805YM.J]
Q0144D22S8059373 [S805YM.J]
Q0144D23S8059363 [S805YM.J]
Q0144F02S805>5si f0069 [S805YM.J]
Q0145A21S805pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0145D01S805k3 [S805YM.J]
Q0145D13S805m4714 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 82 - 2 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0145D20S805r108 [S805YM.J]
Q0145D21S805100 cms North, 50 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0145D22S8059363 [S805YM.J]
Q0145D23S8059361 [S805YM.J]
Q0145F02S805>5si f0043 [S805YM.J]
Q0146A21S805pbi [S805YM.J]
Q0146A21S806pb [S806YM.J]
Q0146B21S805qi014601 [S806YM2.J]
Q0146B21S805qi014602 [S806YM2.J]
Q0146D01S805k2 [S805YM.J]
Q0146D01S806k101 [S806YM.J]
Q0146D13S805m4846 (9387) + 150 (height of instrument) - 100 - 20 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0146D13S806m4851 (9291) + 150 (height of instrument) - 89 - 10 @bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0146D20S8054710 [S805YM.J]
Q0146D20S806r206 [S806YM.J]
Q0146D21S805200 cms South, 200 cms East [S805YM.J]
Q0146D21S80650 cms East, 30 cms South [S806YM.J]
Q0146D22S8059337 [S805YM.J]
Q0146D22S8069230 [S806YM.J]
Q0146D23S8059317 [S805YM.J]
Q0146D23S8069220 [S806YM.J]
Q0146F02S805>5si f0022 [S805YM.J]
Q0146F02S806>5si f0084 [S806YM.J]
Q0147A21S805p [S805YM.J]
Q0147D01S805k4 [S805YM.J]
Q0147D13S805m3415 (9412) + 150 (height of instrument) - 91 - 2 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0147D20S8053415 [S805YM.J]
Q0147D21S805250 cms East, 250 cms North [S805YM.J]
Q0147D22S8059353 [S805YM.J]
Q0147D23S8059351 [S805YM.J]
Q0147F02S805>5si f0069 [S805YM.J]
Q0148A21S805pb [S805YM.J]
Q0148B21S805qi014801 [S806YM2.J]
Q0148D01S805k4 [S805YM.J]
Q0148D13S805m3757 (9425) + 150 (height of instrument) - 87 - 2 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0148D20S8053757 [S805YM.J]
Q0148D21S805250 cms East, 150 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0148D22S8059362 [S805YM.J]
Q0148D23S8059360 [S805YM.J]
Q0148F02S805>5si f0074 [S805YM.J]
Q0149A21S805p [S805YM.J]
Q0149D01S805k101 [S805YM.J]
Q0149D13S805m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 65 - 10 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0149D20S805r129 [S805YM.J]
Q0149D21S805100 cms South, 100 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0149D22S8059310 [S805YM.J]
Q0149D23S8059300 [S805YM.J]
Q0149F02S805>5si f0075 [S805YM.J]
Q0150A21S805pb [S805YM.J]
Q0150D01S805k101 [S805YM.J]
Q0150D13S805m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 138 - 30 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0150D20S8053747 [S805YM.J]
Q0150D21S805100 cms South, 100 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0150D22S8059383 [S805YM.J]
Q0150D23S8059353 [S805YM.J]
Q0150F02S805>5si f0065 [S805YM.J]
Q0151A21S805pb [S805YM.J]
Q0151D01S805k3 [S805YM.J]
Q0151D13S805m4714 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 80 - 2 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0151D20S805r108 [S805YM.J]
Q0151D21S805100 cms North, 50 cms West [S805YM.J]
Q0151D22S8059361 [S805YM.J]
Q0151D23S8059359 [S805YM.J]
Q0151F02S805>5si f0036 [S805YM.J]
Q0152A21S805pi [S805YM.J]
Q0152B21S805qi015201 [S806YM2.J]
Q0152D01S805k101 [S805YM.J]
Q0152D13S805m4850 (9305) + 150 (height of instrument) - 118 - 5 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0152D20S805r150 [S805YM.J]
Q0152D21S805100 cms West, 50 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0152D22S8059273 [S805YM.J]
Q0152D23S8059268 [S805YM.J]
Q0152F02S805>5si f0078 [S805YM.J]
Q0153A21S805p [S805YM.J]
Q0153D01S805k15 [S805YM.J]
Q0153D13S805m4850 (9305) + 150 (height of instrument) - 108 - 10 @bottom [S805YM.J]
Q0153D20S805r66 [S805YM.J]
Q0153D21S805150 cms West, 50 cms South [S805YM.J]
Q0153D22S8059263 [S805YM.J]
Q0153D23S8059253 [S805YM.J]
Q0153F02S805>5si f0055 [S805YM.J]
Q0156A21S806pbi [S806YM.J]
Q0156D01S806k12 [S806YM.J]
Q0156D13S806m4848 (9406) + 150 (height of instrument) - 146 - 15 @bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0156D20S8064705 [S806YM.J]
Q0156D21S806400 cms South, 100 cms East [S806YM.J]
Q0156D22S8069402 [S806YM.J]
Q0156D23S8069387 [S806YM.J]
Q0156F02S806>5si f0027 [S806YM.J]
Q0157A21S806pb [S806YM.J]
Q0157D01S806k12 [S806YM.J]
Q0157D13S806m4900 (9393) + 150 (height of instrument) - 98 - 10 @bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0157D20S8064704 [S806YM.J]
Q0157D21S806400 cms South, 200 cms East [S806YM.J]
Q0157D22S8069341 [S806YM.J]
Q0157D23S8069331 [S806YM.J]
Q0157F02S806>5si f0024 [S806YM.J]
Q0158A21S806pb [S806YM.J]
Q0158D01S806k15 [S806YM.J]
Q0158D13S806m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 96 - 10 @bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0158D20S806r204 [S806YM.J]
Q0158D21S80650 cms East, 100 cms North [S806YM.J]
Q0158D22S8069341 [S806YM.J]
Q0158D23S8069331 [S806YM.J]
Q0158F02S806>5si f0040 [S806YM.J]
Q0159A21S806pb [S806YM.J]
Q0159D01S806k101 [S806YM.J]
Q0159D06S806-87401 @top - 10@bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0159D20S806r205 [S806YM.J]
Q0159D21S806100 cms West, 250 cms South [S806YM.J]
Q0159F02S806>5si f0075 [S806YM.J]
Q0161A21S806p [S806YM.J]
Q0161D01S806k14 [S806YM.J]
Q0161D13S806m3745 (9422) + 150 (height of instrument) - 53 - 5 @bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0161D20S806r133 [S806YM.J]
Q0161D21S806100 cms South, 100 cms East [S806YM.J]
Q0161D22S8069325 [S806YM.J]
Q0161D23S8069320 [S806YM.J]
Q0161F02S806>5si f0061 [S806YM.J]
Q0162A21S806pbi [S806YM.J]
Q0162D01S806k13 [S806YM.J]
Q0162D13S806m4938 (9405) + 150 (height of instrument) - 108 - 5 @bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0162D20S8064700 [S806YM.J]
Q0162D21S806250 cms East, 100 cms North [S806YM.J]
Q0162D22S8069363 [S806YM.J]
Q0162D23S8069358 [S806YM.J]
Q0162F02S806>5si f0081 [S806YM.J]
Q0163A21S806pb [S806YM.J]
Q0163D01S806k12 [S806YM.J]
Q0163D13S806m4938 (9405) + 150 (height of instrument) - 102 - 10 @bottom [S806YM.J]
Q0163D20S8064706 [S806YM.J]
Q0163D21S806100 cms West, 150 cms North [S806YM.J]
Q0163D22S8069357 [S806YM.J]
Q0163D23S8069347 [S806YM.J]
Q0163F02S806>5si f0082 [S806YM.J]
Q0166A21S807p [S810YM.J]
Q0166D01S807k12 [S810YM.J]
Q0166D13S807m4900 (9393) + 150 (height of instrument) - 110 - 5 @bottom [S810YM.J]
Q0166D22S8079353 [S810YM.J]
Q0166D23S8079348 [S810YM.J]
Q0166F02S807>5si f0052 [S810YM.J]
Q0167A21S807pb [S810YM.J]
Q0167D01S807k12 [S810YM.J]
Q0167D13S807m4900 (9393) + 150 (height of instrument) - 110 [S810YM.J]
Q0167D20S807r208 [S810YM.J]
Q0167D21S807170 cms West, 170 cms North [S810YM.J]
Q0167D22S8079353 [S810YM.J]
Q0167F02S807>5si f0082 [S810YM.J]
Q0168B21S807qi016802 [S810YM2.J]
Q0170B21S807qi017002 [S810YM2.J]
Q0170B21S807qi017004 [S810YM2.J]
Q0172A21S807p [S810YM.J]
Q0172D01S807k3 [S810YM.J]
Q0172D13S807m4846 (9387) + 150 (height of instrument) - 111 - 5 @bottom [S810YM.J]
Q0172D20S807r221 [S810YM.J]
Q0172D21S807350 cms South, 100 cms West [S810YM.J]
Q0172D22S8079348 [S810YM.J]
Q0172D23S8079343 [S810YM.J]
Q0172F02S807>5si f0036 [S810YM.J]
Q0178A21S809pbi [S810YM.J]
Q0178D01S809k3 [S810YM.J]
Q0178D13S809m4714 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 66 - 5 @bottom [S810YM.J]
Q0178D20S809r81 [S810YM.J]
Q0178D21S809300 cms South, 150 cms West [S810YM.J]
Q0178D22S8099347 [S810YM.J]
Q0178D23S8099342 [S810YM.J]
Q0178F02S809>5si f0035 [S810YM.J]
Q0180A21S809pbi [S810YM.J]
Q0180D01S809k13 [S810YM.J]
Q0180D13S809m4849 (9378) + 150 (height of instrument) - 90 - 10 @bottom [S810YM.J]
Q0180D20S809r139 [S810YM.J]
Q0180D21S809350 cms South, 150 cms West [S810YM.J]
Q0180D22S8099318 [S810YM.J]
Q0180D23S8099308 [S810YM.J]
Q0180F02S809>5si f0089 [S810YM.J]
Q0181B21S809qi018103 [S810YM2.J]
Q0182B21S809qi018201 [S810YM2.J]
Q0183B21S809qi018301 [S810YM2.J]
Q0188B21S810qi018801 [S810YM2.J]
Q0189B21S810qi018901 [S810YM2.J]
Q0191B21S810qi019101 [S810YM2.J]
Q0193A21S810pi [S810YM.J]
Q0193B21S810qi019301 [S810YM2.J]
Q0193D01S810k12 [S810YM.J]
Q0193D13S810m4900 (9393) + 150 (height of instrument) - 80 - 20 @bottom [S810YM.J]
Q0193D20S810r237 [S810YM.J]
Q0193D21S81030 cms South, 30 cms East [S810YM.J]
Q0193D22S8109323 [S810YM.J]
Q0193D23S8109303 [S810YM.J]
Q0193F02S810>5si f0104 [S810YM.J]
Q0195B21S814qi019501 [S817YM2.J]
Q0195B21S816qi019501 [S820SE.J]
Q0196B21S814qi019601 [S817YM2.J]
Q0196B21S816qi019601 [S820SE.J]
Q0196B21S816qi019602 [S820SE.J]
Q0198A21S814pbi [S817YM.J]
Q0198B21S814qi019801 [S817YM2.J]
Q0198B21S816qi019801 [S820SE.J]
Q0198D01S814k13 [S817YM.J]
Q0198D13S814m4709 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 85 - 10 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0198D20S814r284 [S817YM.J]
Q0198D21S81440 cms West, 30 cms South [S817YM.J]
Q0198D22S8149366 [S817YM.J]
Q0198D23S8149356 [S817YM.J]
Q0198F02S814>5si f0081 [S817YM.J]
Q0199A21S814pi [S817YM.J]
Q0199D01S814k3 [S817YM.J]
Q0199D13S814m4715 (9428) + 150 (height of instrument) - 107 - 10 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0199D20S8144715 [S817YM.J]
Q0199D21S814100 cms East, 200 cms North [S817YM.J]
Q0199D22S8149385 [S817YM.J]
Q0199D23S8149375 [S817YM.J]
Q0199F02S814>5si f0069 [S817YM.J]
Q0200A21S814pb [S817YM.J]
Q0200D01S814k101 [S817YM.J]
Q0200D13S814m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 65 - 15 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0200D20S814r225 [S817YM.J]
Q0200D21S814100 cms West, 400 cms South [S817YM.J]
Q0200D22S8149310 [S817YM.J]
Q0200D23S8149295 [S817YM.J]
Q0200F02S814>5si f0075 [S817YM.J]
Q0201A21S816pb [S817YM.J]
Q0201D01S816k25 [S817YM.J]
Q0201D13S816m4735 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 136 - 10 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0201D20S8164737 [S817YM.J]
Q0201D21S816400 cms West, 200 cms North [S817YM.J]
Q0201D22S8169381 [S817YM.J]
Q0201D23S8169371 [S817YM.J]
Q0201F02S816>5si f0101 [S817YM.J]
Q0202A21S816pi [S817YM.J]
Q0202D01S816k26 [S817YM.J]
Q0202D13S816m4738 (9361) + 150 (height of instrument) - 136 - 10 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0202D20S8164740 [S817YM.J]
Q0202D21S816400 cms West, 200 cms North [S817YM.J]
Q0202D22S8169347 [S817YM.J]
Q0202D23S8169337 [S817YM.J]
Q0202F02S816>5si f0102 [S817YM.J]
Q0203A21S816pb [S817YM.J]
Q0203B21S816qi020301 [S817YM2.J]
Q0203B21S816qi020301 [S820SE.J]
Q0203D01S816k101 [S817YM.J]
Q0203D13S816m4851 (9291) + 150 (height of instrument) - 113 - 10 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0203D20S816r225 [S817YM.J]
Q0203D21S816100 cms West, 400 cms South [S817YM.J]
Q0203D22S8169254 [S817YM.J]
Q0203D23S8169244 [S817YM.J]
Q0203F02S816>5si f0075 [S817YM.J]
Q0204A21S816pbi [S817YM.J]
Q0204B21S816qi020401 [S820SE.J]
Q0204D01S816k101 [S817YM.J]
Q0204D13S816m4939 (9344) + 150 (height of instrument) - 98 - 5 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0204D20S816r343 [S817YM.J]
Q0204D21S816200 cms East, 100 cms North [S817YM.J]
Q0204D22S8169292 [S817YM.J]
Q0204D23S8169287 [S817YM.J]
Q0204F02S816>5si f0094 [S817YM.J]
Q0205A21S816pbi [S817YM.J]
Q0205B21S816qi020504 [S817YM2.J]
Q0205B21S816qi020505 [S817YM2.J]
Q0205B21S816qi020505 [S820SE.J]
Q0205D01S816k3 [S817YM.J]
Q0205D13S816m4714 (9431) + 150 (height of instrument) - 60 - 5 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0205D20S8163563 [S817YM.J]
Q0205D21S816200 cms North, 150 cms West [S817YM.J]
Q0205D22S8169341 [S817YM.J]
Q0205D23S8169336 [S817YM.J]
Q0205F02S816>5si f0090 [S817YM.J]
Q0206A21S816p [S817YM.J]
Q0206B21S816qi020601 [S820SE.J]
Q0206D01S816k13 [S817YM.J]
Q0206D13S816m4902 (9379) + 150 (height of instrument) - 133 - 2 @bottom [S817YM.J]
Q0206D20S816r224 [S817YM.J]
Q0206D21S81650 cms South, 50 cms East [S817YM.J]
Q0206D22S8169362 [S817YM.J]
Q0206D23S8169360 [S817YM.J]
Q0206F02S816>5si f0080 [S817YM.J]
Q0209B21S817qi020901 [S817YM2.J]
Q0209B21S817qi020901 [S819SE2.J]
Q0211B21S817qi021101 [S817YM2.J]
Q0211B21S817qi021101 [S819SE2.J]
Q0224A21S820p [S822YM~1.J]
Q0224D01S820k101 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0224D13S820m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 91 - 10 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0224D20S820r342 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0224D21S820400 cms South, 100 cms West [S822YM~1.J]
Q0224D22S8209194 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0224D23S8209184 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0224F02S820>5si f0119 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225A21S820pib [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225B21S820qi022503 [S824YM2.J]
Q0225D01S820k15 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225D13S820m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 100 - 80 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225D20S820r216 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225D21S820100 cms North, 200 cms West [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225D22S8209345 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225D23S8209265 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0225F02S820>5si f0040 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0226A21S820i [S822YM~1.J]
Q0226B21S820qi022601 [S824YM2.J]
Q0226D01S820kA18 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0226F02S820>5si f0130 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227A21S820pbi [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227D01S820k15 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227D13S820m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 170 - 10 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227D20S820r216 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227D21S820100 cms North, 200 cms West [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227D22S8209273 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227D23S8209263 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0227F02S820>5si f0131 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228A21S821pb [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228D01S821k13 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228D13S821m3745 (9422) + 150 (height of instrument) - 65 - 20 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228D20S8213745 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228D21S821400 cms South, 100 cms West [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228D22S8219337 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228D23S8219317 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0228F02S821>5si f0060 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229A21S821pi [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229D01S821k101 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229D13S821m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 77 - 10 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229D20S821r342 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229D21S821200 cms South, 100 cms West [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229D22S8219180 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229D23S8219170 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0229F02S821>5si f0119 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231A21S821pbi [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231B21S821qi023102 [S824YM2.J]
Q0231B21S821qi023103 [S824YM2.J]
Q0231B21S821qi023104 [S824YM2.J]
Q0231B21S821qi023105 [S824YM2.J]
Q0231B21S821qi023107 [S824YM2.J]
Q0231D01S821k15 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231D13S821m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 62 - 80 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231D20S821r371 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231D21S82120 cms North, 90 cms West [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231D22S8219307 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231D23S8219227 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0231F02S821>5si f0040 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232A21S821pi [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232B21S821qi023202 [S824YM2.J]
Q0232D01S821k13 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232D13S821m4939 (9344) + 150 (height of instrument) - 114 - 10 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232D20S8213416 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232D21S821100 cms West, 200 cms North [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232D22S8219308 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232D23S8219298 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0232F02S821>5si f0089 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233A21S821p [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233D01S821k101 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233D13S821m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 68 - 5 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233D20S821r355 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233D21S821100 cms South, 150 cms East [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233D22S8219171 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233D23S8219166 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0233F02S821>5si f0119 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236A21S823p [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236D01S823k13 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236D13S823m4939 (9344) + 150 (height of instrument) - 83 - 5 @bottom [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236D20S8234709 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236D21S823150 cms North, 100 cms East [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236D22S8239277 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236D23S8239272 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0236F02S823>5si f0089 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0237A21S823pb [S822YM~1.J]
Q0237D01S823k15 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0237D13S823m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 101 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0237D22S8239346 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0237F02S823>5si f0040 [S822YM~1.J]
Q0240A21S824pb [S826YM.J]
Q0240D01S824k15 [S826YM.J]
Q0240D13S824m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 98 - 80 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0240D20S824r213 [S826YM.J]
Q0240D21S82480 cms North, 100 cms West [S826YM.J]
Q0240D22S8249343 [S826YM.J]
Q0240D23S8249263 [S826YM.J]
Q0240F02S824>5si f0040 [S826YM.J]
Q0241A21S825pb [S826YM.J]
Q0241D01S825k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0241D13S825m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 62 - 5 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0241D20S825r408 [S826YM.J]
Q0241D21S825100 cms West, 70 cms North [S826YM.J]
Q0241D22S8259165 [S826YM.J]
Q0241D23S8259160 [S826YM.J]
Q0241F02S825>5si f0119 [S826YM.J]
Q0242A21S825p [S826YM.J]
Q0242D01S825k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0242D13S825m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 43 - 5 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0242D20S825r411 [S826YM.J]
Q0242D21S82540 cms North, 100 cms East [S826YM.J]
Q0242D22S8259146 [S826YM.J]
Q0242D23S8259141 [S826YM.J]
Q0242F02S825>5si f0119 [S826YM.J]
Q0250A21S826pb [S826YM.J]
Q0250D01S826k13 [S826YM.J]
Q0250D13S826m4849 (9378) + 150 (height of instrument) - 73 - 10 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0250D20S826r312 [S826YM.J]
Q0250D21S826150 cms West, 150 cms South [S826YM.J]
Q0250D22S8269301 [S826YM.J]
Q0250D23S8269291 [S826YM.J]
Q0250F02S826>5si f0060 [S826YM.J]
Q0251A21S826pb [S826YM.J]
Q0251D01S826k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0251D13S826m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 86 - 5 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0251D20S826r380 [S826YM.J]
Q0251D21S826100 cms North, 400 cms West [S826YM.J]
Q0251D22S8269189 [S826YM.J]
Q0251D23S8269184 [S826YM.J]
Q0251F02S826>5si f0144 [S826YM.J]
Q0252A21S826pb [S826YM.J]
Q0252D01S826k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0252D13S826m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 39 - 5 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0252D20S826r408 [S826YM.J]
Q0252D21S826100 cms West, 70 cms North [S826YM.J]
Q0252D22S8269142 [S826YM.J]
Q0252D23S8269137 [S826YM.J]
Q0252F02S826>5si f0110 [S826YM.J]
Q0253A21S826pi [S826YM.J]
Q0253D01S826k14 [S826YM.J]
Q0253D13S826m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 102 - 60 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0253D20S826r184 [S826YM.J]
Q0253D21S826100 cms East, 250 cms South [S826YM.J]
Q0253D22S8269347 [S826YM.J]
Q0253D23S8269287 [S826YM.J]
Q0253F02S826>5si f0040 [S826YM.J]
Q0255A21S826pbi [S826YM.J]
Q0255D01S826k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0255D13S826m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 58 - 10 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0255D20S826r379 [S826YM.J]
Q0255D21S82650 cms North, 400 cms East [S826YM.J]
Q0255D22S8269161 [S826YM.J]
Q0255D23S8269151 [S826YM.J]
Q0255F02S826>5si f0146 [S826YM.J]
Q0257A21S826p [S826YM.J]
Q0257D01S826k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0257D13S826m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 20 - 5 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0257D20S826r417 [S826YM.J]
Q0257D21S826200 cms South, 70 cms West [S826YM.J]
Q0257D22S8269123 [S826YM.J]
Q0257D23S8269118 [S826YM.J]
Q0257F02S826>5si f0142 [S826YM.J]
Q0258A21S826pb [S826YM.J]
Q0258D01S826k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0258D13S826m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 117 - 10 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0258D20S826r372 [S826YM.J]
Q0258D21S826200 cms East, 150 cms South [S826YM.J]
Q0258D22S8269220 [S826YM.J]
Q0258D23S8269210 [S826YM.J]
Q0258F02S826>5si f0120 [S826YM.J]
Q0259A21S826p [S826YM.J]
Q0259D01S826k101 [S826YM.J]
Q0259D13S826m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 12 - 5 @bottom [S826YM.J]
Q0259D20S826r417 [S826YM.J]
Q0259D21S826250 cms South, 100 cms West [S826YM.J]
Q0259D22S8269115 [S826YM.J]
Q0259D23S8269110 [S826YM.J]
Q0259F02S826>5si f0147 [S826YM.J]
Q0261A21S827pbi [S901YM2.J]
Q0261D01S827k101 [S901YM2.J]
Q0261D13S827m4994 (9253) + 150 (height of instrument) - 60 - 5 @bottom [S901YM2.J]
Q0261D20S827r379 [S901YM2.J]
Q0261D21S82750 cms North, 250 cms East [S901YM2.J]
Q0261D22S8279163 [S901YM2.J]
Q0261D23S8279158 [S901YM2.J]
Q0261F02S827>5si f0149 [S901YM2.J]
Q0263A21S827p [S901YM2.J]
Q0263D01S827k14 [S901YM2.J]
Q0263D13S827m3746 (9395) + 150 (height of instrument) - 38 - 5 @bottom [S901YM2.J]
Q0263D20S827r184 [S901YM2.J]
Q0263D21S82720 cms West, 200 cms North [S901YM2.J]
Q0263D22S8279283 [S901YM2.J]
Q0263D23S8279278 [S901YM2.J]
Q0263F02S827>5si f0131 [S901YM2.J]
QI000201BA1S713bl [S716EE.J]
QI000201BA2S7130.4 [S716EE.J]
QI000201BA3S7132.3 [S716EE.J]
QI000201BA4S7131.3 [S716EE.J]
QI000201BA6S713li [S716EE.J]
QI000201BA8S713gray [S716EE.J]
QI000401A21S714bl [S811LR.J]
QI000401B11S714lithic blade with sharp edges. One side is flat, the other is worked and has four different surfaces. [S811LR.J]
QI000401BA1S714bl [S716EE.J]
QI000401BA2S7140.7 [S716EE.J]
QI000401BA3S7143.4 [S716EE.J]
QI000401BA4S7141.8 [S716EE.J]
QI000401BA6S714li [S716EE.J]
QI000401BA8S714light brown [S716EE.J]
QI000401J01S7141.3 [S811LR.J]
QI000401J02S7143.1 [S811LR.J]
QI000401J03S7140.6 [S811LR.J]
QI000401K03S714LI [S811LR.J]
QI000401K05S714light brown [S811LR.J]
QI000401K10S714complete [S811LR.J]
QI000502A20S714laf [S811LR.J]
QI000502A21S714debitage [S811LR.J]
QI000502B11S714lithic object with roughly five surfaces. The largest surface is flat, most of the edges have retained sharpness. The smallest surface is lighter in color and has an unworked surface. It may be a debitage. [S811LR.J]
QI000502BA1S714ls [S716EE.J]
QI000502BA3S7142.4 [S716EE.J]
QI000502BA4S7142.4 [S716EE.J]
QI000502BA6S714li [S716EE.J]
QI000502J01S7142.1 [S811LR.J]
QI000502J02S7142.9 [S811LR.J]
QI000502J03S7141.6 [S811LR.J]
QI000502K03S714LI [S811LR.J]
QI000502K05S714grayish brown [S811LR.J]
QI000502K10S714complete [S811LR.J]
QI000601A21S720kw [S811LR.J]
QI000601B11S720kiln waste with irregular shape and rough surfaces. [S811LR.J]
QI000601J01S7200.92 [S811LR.J]
QI000601J02S7201.8 [S811LR.J]
QI000601J03S7201.33 [S811LR.J]
QI000601K03S720CL [S811LR.J]
QI000601K05S720black [S811LR.J]
QI000601K10S720broken [S811LR.J]
QI001201BA1S716uk cl [S716EE.J]
QI001201BA2S7161.9 [S716EE.J]
QI001201BA3S7163.3 [S716EE.J]
QI001201BA4S7161.2 [S716EE.J]
QI001201BA6S716cl [S716EE.J]
QI001701A21S716bd-c [S811LR.J]
QI001701B11S716circular bead made out of clay with an almost regular shape and a diameter of 2.18 cm, the hole is perfectly centered. [S811LR.J]
QI001701BA1S716bd [S716EE.J]
QI001701BA3S7162.3 [S716EE.J]
QI001701BA6S716cl [S716EE.J]
QI001701BA8S716gray [S716EE.J]
QI001701J02S7162.18 [S811LR.J]
QI001701J03S7160.74 [S811LR.J]
QI001701K03S716CL [S811LR.J]
QI001701K05S716yellowish green [S811LR.J]
QI001701K10S716complete [S811LR.J]
QI001801A20S716caf [S811LR.J]
QI001801A21S716uk [S811LR.J]
QI001801B11S716clay object with a prism shape and no evident function, one of the four faces is longer than the others. There are encrustations on all the surfaces. [S811LR.J]
QI001801J01S7160.33 [S811LR.J]
QI001801J02S7162 [S811LR.J]
QI001801J03S7160.26 [S811LR.J]
QI001801K03S716CL [S811LR.J]
QI001801K05S716black [S811LR.J]
QI001801K10S716broken [S811LR.J]
QI002002A21S716bl [S811LR.J]
QI002002B11S716lithic blade with 3 sharp edges and one flat edge. One side is smooth, the other side is worked and has 3 different oblique surfaces. [S811LR.J]
QI002002BA1S716bl [S716EE.J]
QI002002BA2S7160.8 [S716EE.J]
QI002002BA3S7162.1 [S716EE.J]
QI002002BA4S7160.2 [S716EE.J]
QI002002BA6S716li [S716EE.J]
QI002002BA8S716light brown [S716EE.J]
QI002002J01S7160.96 [S811LR.J]
QI002002J02S7161.97 [S811LR.J]
QI002002J03S7160.3 [S811LR.J]
QI002002K03S716LI [S811LR.J]
QI002002K05S716light brown [S811LR.J]
QI002002K10S716complete [S811LR.J]
QI002003A21S720cl [S811LR2.J]
QI002003B11S720clay lump with irregular shape and rough surfaces. [S811LR2.J]
QI002003J01S7200.95 [S811LR2.J]
QI002003J02S7201.93 [S811LR2.J]
QI002003J03S7201.49 [S811LR2.J]
QI002003K03S720CL [S811LR2.J]
QI002003K05S720black [S811LR2.J]
QI002003K10S720broken [S811LR2.J]
QI002102BA1S716cl [S716EE.J]
QI002102BA2S7161.5 [S716EE.J]
QI002102BA3S7161.7 [S716EE.J]
QI002102BA4S7160.8 [S716EE.J]
QI002102BA6S716cl [S716EE.J]
QI002102BA8S716black [S716EE.J]
QI002103A21S716bl [S811LR.J]
QI002103B11S716lithic blade semi-transparent with a flat base. One of the two surfaces is smooth and convex; the other one is worked with 4 surfaces: the central is concave, the 2 at the sides are oblique and with sharp edges, the higher is roughly worked. [S811LR.J]
QI002103J01S7161.42 [S811LR.J]
QI002103J02S7161.6 [S811LR.J]
QI002103J03S7160.4 [S811LR.J]
QI002103K03S716OB [S811LR.J]
QI002103K05S716black [S811LR.J]
QI002103K10S716complete [S811LR.J]
QI002503A21S720kw [S811LR2.J]
QI002503B11S720kiln waste lot with different shapes. The bigger one is 2.6 cm long, 1.9 cm wide and 1.4 cm high. [S811LR2.J]
QI002503K03S720CL [S811LR2.J]
QI002503K05S720black [S811LR2.J]
QI002503K10S720broken [S811LR2.J]
QI002505A21S720bl [S811LR.J]
QI002505B11S720complete obsidian blade with sharp edges. One side is smooth; the other has 2 oblique surfaces. The one on the left is smooth at the top and worked at the bottom; the one on the right is rough at the top and smooth at the bottom. The blade has a little oblique base. [S811LR.J]
QI002505BA1S717bl [S727YM.J]
QI002505BA2S7170.5 [S727YM.J]
QI002505BA3S7172.9 [S727YM.J]
QI002505BA4S7171.2 [S727YM.J]
QI002505BA6S717ob [S727YM.J]
QI002505BA8S717black [S727YM.J]
QI002505J01S7200.44 [S811LR.J]
QI002505J02S7202.8 [S811LR.J]
QI002505J03S7201.12 [S811LR.J]
QI002505K03S720OB [S811LR.J]
QI002505K05S720black [S811LR.J]
QI002505K10S720complete [S811LR.J]
QI002506A20S720laf [S811LR2.J]
QI002506A21S720door socket [S811LR2.J]
QI002506B11S720broken door socket with an irregular shape and rough surfaces. The object is broken near the central depression that is quite deep. [S811LR2.J]
QI002506BA1S717door socket [S727YM.J]
QI002506BA2S7179 [S727YM.J]
QI002506BA3S71714.5 [S727YM.J]
QI002506BA4S7179.5 [S727YM.J]
QI002506BA6S717st [S727YM.J]
QI002506BA8S717gray [S727YM.J]
QI002506J01S7209.1 [S811LR2.J]
QI002506J02S72013.5 [S811LR2.J]
QI002506J03S7209.7 [S811LR2.J]
QI002506K03S720LI [S811LR2.J]
QI002506K05S720gray [S811LR2.J]
QI002506K10S720broken [S811LR2.J]
QI003002BA1S719kw [S727YM.J]
QI003002BA3S7192.1 [S727YM.J]
QI003002BA4S7190.8 [S727YM.J]
QI003002BA6S719cl [S727YM.J]
QI003002BA8S719black [S727YM.J]
QI003003A21S720kw [S811LR.J]
QI003003B11S720kiln waste rounded in shape composed of four spherical accumulations. The surface is rough but quite shiny. [S811LR.J]
QI003003BA1S719kw [S727YM.J]
QI003003BA3S7192 [S727YM.J]
QI003003BA4S7191.5 [S727YM.J]
QI003003BA6S719cl [S727YM.J]
QI003003BA8S719black [S727YM.J]
QI003003J01S7202.3 [S811LR.J]
QI003003J02S7202.6 [S811LR.J]
QI003003J03S7202.23 [S811LR.J]
QI003003K03S720CL [S811LR.J]
QI003003K05S720black [S811LR.J]
QI003003K10S720broken [S811LR.J]
QI003101A20S727cv [S811LR3.J]
QI003101A21S727bo [S811LR3.J]
QI003101B11S727fragment of a bowl, complete rim to base. The surface of the rim is smooth, but on all the other faces shows encrustations of soil. There are traces of bitumen on the left edge, probably used to repair the bowl during its use, and on the rim some parallel incised lines are visible (possibly a decoration). [S811LR3.J]
QI003101BA1S727cv [S727YM.J]
QI003101BA2S7271.1 [S727YM.J]
QI003101BA3S7277.4 [S727YM.J]
QI003101BA4S7275.9 [S727YM.J]
QI003101BA6S727cl [S727YM.J]
QI003101BA8S727light brown [S727YM.J]
QI003101J01S7271.14 [S811LR3.J]
QI003101J02S7277.58 [S811LR3.J]
QI003101J03S7276.24 [S811LR3.J]
QI003101K03S727CL [S811LR3.J]
QI003101K05S727very pale brown [S811LR3.J]
QI003101K06S72710YR7/3 [S811LR3.J]
QI003101K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI003201A20S720laf [S811LR2.J]
QI003201A21S720gr [S811LR2.J]
QI003201B11S720broken grinding stone, possibly a pestle, with smooth surfaces and a lengthened shape. The surface shows significant encrustations of soil. [S811LR2.J]
QI003201BA1S719to [S727YM.J]
QI003201BA2S7192.6 [S727YM.J]
QI003201BA3S7194.4 [S727YM.J]
QI003201BA4S7193.2 [S727YM.J]
QI003201BA6S719st [S727YM.J]
QI003201BA8S719gray [S727YM.J]
QI003201J01S7203.8 [S811LR2.J]
QI003201J02S7204.98 [S811LR2.J]
QI003201J03S7203.1 [S811LR2.J]
QI003201K03S720CL [S811LR2.J]
QI003201K05S720grayish black [S811LR2.J]
QI003201K10S720broken [S811LR2.J]
QI003301A21S720gr [S811LR2.J]
QI003301B11S720broken grinding stone with one side thicker than the other. The upper surface is flat and concave and is covered with encrustations. The lower surface is roughly worked. [S811LR2.J]
QI003301J01S72011.7 [S811LR2.J]
QI003301J02S72019.4 [S811LR2.J]
QI003301J03S72014 [S811LR2.J]
QI003301K03S720LI [S811LR2.J]
QI003301K05S720grayish black [S811LR2.J]
QI003301K10S720broken [S811LR2.J]
QI003502A21S720kw [S811LR.J]
QI003502B11S720kiln waste with a drop-shape and rough but shiny surfaces. [S811LR.J]
QI003502BA1S719kw [S727YM.J]
QI003502BA3S7191.5 [S727YM.J]
QI003502BA4S7192 [S727YM.J]
QI003502BA8S719gray [S727YM.J]
QI003502BA9S719kiln waste [S727YM.J]
QI003502J01S7200.94 [S811LR.J]
QI003502J02S7201.9 [S811LR.J]
QI003502J03S7201.32 [S811LR.J]
QI003502K03S720CL [S811LR.J]
QI003502K05S720black [S811LR.J]
QI003502K10S720complete [S811LR.J]
QI004201BA1S720uk [S727YM.J]
QI004201BA2S7202.8 [S727YM.J]
QI004201BA3S7203.3 [S727YM.J]
QI004201BA4S7202.8 [S727YM.J]
QI004201BA6S720cl [S727YM.J]
QI004201BA8S720gray [S727YM.J]
QI004601A21S722gr [S811LR4.J]
QI004601B11S722fragment of a grinding stone. The surface is porous. [S811LR4.J]
QI004601J01S7223.8 [S811LR4.J]
QI004601J02S7228.3 [S811LR4.J]
QI004601J03S7224.4 [S811LR4.J]
QI004601K03S722LI [S811LR4.J]
QI004601K05S722black [S811LR4.J]
QI004601K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI004603BA1S721bl [S727YM.J]
QI004603BA2S7211.1 [S727YM.J]
QI004603BA3S7212.5 [S727YM.J]
QI004603BA4S7211.6 [S727YM.J]
QI004603BA6S721li [S727YM.J]
QI004603BA8S721brown [S727YM.J]
QI004604A21S727gr [S811LR4.J]
QI004604B11S727fragment of a grinding stone. One side is convex and encrusted with soil; the other surfaces are broken with the original shape unknown. All the surfaces are rough and porous. [S811LR4.J]
QI004604BA1S721to [S727YM.J]
QI004604BA2S7214.5 [S727YM.J]
QI004604BA3S7218 [S727YM.J]
QI004604BA4S7215.4 [S727YM.J]
QI004604BA6S721st [S727YM.J]
QI004604BA8S721gray [S727YM.J]
QI004604J01S7275.7 [S811LR4.J]
QI004604J02S7278.6 [S811LR4.J]
QI004604J03S7275.8 [S811LR4.J]
QI004604K03S727LI [S811LR4.J]
QI004604K05S727black [S811LR4.J]
QI004604K10S727broken [S811LR4.J]
QI004702A21S727ta-o [S811LR3.J]
QI004702B11S727two fragments of a tannur, they can be fit together. The external surface is burnt, the upper one shows finger impressions; the internal surface is flat and of a lighter color. [S811LR3.J]
QI004702BA1S721uk [S727YM.J]
QI004702BA2S7213.2 [S727YM.J]
QI004702BA3S7216.8 [S727YM.J]
QI004702BA4S7213.3 [S727YM.J]
QI004702BA6S721cl [S727YM.J]
QI004702BA8S721brown [S727YM.J]
QI004702BA9S721broken in 2 pieces(tannur?) [S727YM.J]
QI004702J01S7273.25 [S811LR3.J]
QI004702J02S7277.47 [S811LR3.J]
QI004702J03S7273.61 [S811LR3.J]
QI004702K05S727reddish brown [S811LR3.J]
QI004702K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI004801A21S727gr [S811LR3.J]
QI004801B11S727fragment of a grinding stone, made out of a black and porous stone. The upper part is curved, with rough edges and appears complete although one surface is broken. One side is flat; the other is convex and encrusted with soil. [S811LR3.J]
QI004801J01S7273.69 [S811LR3.J]
QI004801J02S7277.4 [S811LR3.J]
QI004801J03S72710.2 [S811LR3.J]
QI004801K03S727LI [S811LR3.J]
QI004801K05S727black [S811LR3.J]
QI004801K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI005001A21S722gr [S811LR4.J]
QI005001B11S722broken medium-size pestle. One side is very smooth, the other is encrusted with soil. [S811LR4.J]
QI005001J01S7224.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI005001J02S72210.3 [S811LR4.J]
QI005001J03S7226.2 [S811LR4.J]
QI005001K03S722LI [S811LR4.J]
QI005001K05S722grayish black [S811LR4.J]
QI005001K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI005101A21S722cl [S811LR4.J]
QI005101B11S722clay lump, possibly a tag with no seal impression. One side is concave, on the other side there are two depressions, possibly made with the palm of a hand. [S811LR4.J]
QI005101BA1S721cl [S727YM.J]
QI005101BA6S721cl [S727YM.J]
QI005101BA8S721black [S727YM.J]
QI005101J01S7222.4 [S811LR4.J]
QI005101J02S7225.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI005101J03S7223.5 [S811LR4.J]
QI005101K03S722CL [S811LR4.J]
QI005101K05S722black [S811LR4.J]
QI005101K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI005103A21S722gr [S811LR4.J]
QI005103B11S722fragment of a grinding stone flat on one side, convex on the opposite side. [S811LR4.J]
QI005103J01S7226.1 [S811LR4.J]
QI005103J02S72211.2 [S811LR4.J]
QI005103J03S7228.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI005103K03S722LI [S811LR4.J]
QI005103K05S722black [S811LR4.J]
QI005103K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI005301BA1S722uk [S727YM.J]
QI005301BA2S7221.9 [S727YM.J]
QI005301BA3S7223.7 [S727YM.J]
QI005301BA4S7223.3 [S727YM.J]
QI005301BA6S722cl [S727YM.J]
QI005301BA8S722brown [S727YM.J]
QI005501A21S722kw [S811LR4.J]
QI005501B11S722kiln waste with an irregular shape and a porous surface. [S811LR4.J]
QI005501J01S7221.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI005501J02S7222.8 [S811LR4.J]
QI005501J03S7222.4 [S811LR4.J]
QI005501K03S722CL [S811LR4.J]
QI005501K05S722green [S811LR4.J]
QI005501K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI005601A21S817cl [S819SE2.J]
QI005601B11S817small fragment of burnt clay with an irregular shape. It has several surfaces, one of them is a breakage one; the edges are sharp. The external faces are quite smooth; where it is broken, the item has a red color. [S819SE2.J]
QI005601BA1S722cl [S727YM.J]
QI005601BA6S722cl [S727YM.J]
QI005601BA8S722brown [S727YM.J]
QI005601J01S8170.9 [S819SE2.J]
QI005601J02S8171.3 [S819SE2.J]
QI005601J03S8171.2 [S819SE2.J]
QI005601K03S817CL [S819SE2.J]
QI005601K05S817reddish gray [S819SE2.J]
QI005601K10S817broken [S819SE2.J]
QI005901A20S727sp [S811LR3.J]
QI005901A21S727cs [S811LR3.J]
QI005901B11S727piece of carbonized wood [S811LR3.J]
QI005901BA1S722sm [S727YM.J]
QI005901BA6S722wood [S727YM.J]
QI005901BA8S722brown [S727YM.J]
QI005901K03S727WOOD [S811LR3.J]
QI005901K05S727dark brown [S811LR3.J]
QI005901K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI005901K90S727the wood has been touched during the excavations, should not be used for C14 analysis. [S811LR3.J]
QI006001A21S722gr [S811LR4.J]
QI006001B11S722fragment of a grinding stone, the surface is black and porous. [S811LR4.J]
QI006001J01S7226 [S811LR4.J]
QI006001J02S7229.5 [S811LR4.J]
QI006001J03S7226.7 [S811LR4.J]
QI006001K03S722LI [S811LR4.J]
QI006001K05S722black [S811LR4.J]
QI006001K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI006002A21S722gr [S811LR4.J]
QI006002B11S722grinding stone fragmented flat on one side and convex on the opposite side. The stone is black and porous. [S811LR4.J]
QI006002J01S72211.0 [S811LR4.J]
QI006002J02S72213.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI006002J03S7223.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI006002K03S722LI [S811LR4.J]
QI006002K05S722black [S811LR4.J]
QI006002K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI006201BA1S722ls [S727YM.J]
QI006201BA2S7221.2 [S727YM.J]
QI006201BA3S7223.6 [S727YM.J]
QI006201BA4S7222.2 [S727YM.J]
QI006201BA6S722li [S727YM.J]
QI006201BA8S722brown [S727YM.J]
QI006401A21S722ls [S811LR4.J]
QI006401B11S722lithic specimen with smooth surfaces. One side is flat; the other side is worked and has four different surfaces. Only one edge is sharp. [S811LR4.J]
QI006401BA1S722ls [S727YM.J]
QI006401BA2S7221.2 [S727YM.J]
QI006401BA3S7222.5 [S727YM.J]
QI006401BA4S7222.2 [S727YM.J]
QI006401BA6S722li [S727YM.J]
QI006401BA8S722gray [S727YM.J]
QI006401J01S7221.3 [S811LR4.J]
QI006401J02S7222.2 [S811LR4.J]
QI006401J03S7221.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI006401K03S722LI [S811LR4.J]
QI006401K05S722gray [S811LR4.J]
QI006401K10S722broken [S811LR4.J]
QI006501A21S726ls [S811LR4.J]
QI006501B11S726fragment of lithic specimen with irregular shape and smooth surfaces. The edges are not very sharp. [S811LR4.J]
QI006501J01S7261.5 [S811LR4.J]
QI006501J02S7262.3 [S811LR4.J]
QI006501J03S7260.6 [S811LR4.J]
QI006501K03S726LI [S811LR4.J]
QI006501K05S726gray [S811LR4.J]
QI006501K10S726broken [S811LR4.J]
QI006602A21S727kw [S811LR3.J]
QI006602B11S727kiln waste connected to a pottery sherd. The piece of pottery is smooth and flat, while the kiln waste has an irregular shape and a rough and porous surface. [S811LR3.J]
QI006602J01S7275.48 [S811LR3.J]
QI006602J02S7276.05 [S811LR3.J]
QI006602J03S7275.91 [S811LR3.J]
QI006602K03S727CL [S811LR3.J]
QI006602K05S727green [S811LR3.J]
QI006602K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI006702A20S727sp [S811LR3.J]
QI006702A21S727cs [S811LR3.J]
QI006702B11S727different pieces of carbonized wood [S811LR3.J]
QI006702K05S727dark brown [S811LR3.J]
QI006702K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI006702K90S727the wood has been touched during the excavation, should not be used for C14 analysis. [S811LR3.J]
QI006703A21S726bl [S811LR4.J]
QI006703B11S726lithic blade broken at the two ending parts. It has three different surfaces: one is smooth and concave; the other two are oblique and smooth, with sharp edges. [S811LR4.J]
QI006703J01S7260.3 [S811LR4.J]
QI006703J02S7262.5 [S811LR4.J]
QI006703J03S7260.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI006703K03S726LI [S811LR4.J]
QI006703K05S726black [S811LR4.J]
QI006703K10S726broken [S811LR4.J]
QI006704A21S726ls [S811LR4.J]
QI006704B11S726fragment of quartz with irregular shape and rough surfaces. The color is clear, transparent yellowish. [S811LR4.J]
QI006704J01S7261.7 [S811LR4.J]
QI006704J02S7262.5 [S811LR4.J]
QI006704J03S7261.7 [S811LR4.J]
QI006704K03S726LI [S811LR4.J]
QI006704K05S726transparent [S811LR4.J]
QI006704K10S726broken [S811LR4.J]
QI006705A21S727ta-o [S811LR3.J]
QI006705B11S727five fragments of a tannur, three of them can be fit together. The internal face is smooth and of a lighter color, all the other surfaces are rough and burnt. Only the measures of the three pieces together are given. [S811LR3.J]
QI006705J01S7272.98 [S811LR3.J]
QI006705J02S7274.75 [S811LR3.J]
QI006705J03S7273.85 [S811LR3.J]
QI006705K03S727CL [S811LR3.J]
QI006705K05S727pale brown [S811LR3.J]
QI006705K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI007001A20S727caf [S811LR4.J]
QI007001A21S727gr [S811LR4.J]
QI007001B11S727small pestle, conical in shape with smooth surfaces and corners. One of the surfaces is encrusted with soil; the bottom of the object is particularly smooth from use. [S811LR4.J]
QI007001J01S7274.3 [S811LR4.J]
QI007001J02S7275.8 [S811LR4.J]
QI007001J03S7274.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI007001K03S727LI [S811LR4.J]
QI007001K05S727dark gray [S811LR4.J]
QI007001K10S727complete [S811LR4.J]
QI007002A20S727sp [S811LR3.J]
QI007002A21S727cs [S811LR3.J]
QI007002B11S727two pieces of carbonized wood [S811LR3.J]
QI007002BA1S723cb [S727YM.J]
QI007002BA6S723carbon [S727YM.J]
QI007002BA8S723black [S727YM.J]
QI007002K05S727dark brown [S811LR3.J]
QI007002K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI007002K90S727the wood has been touched during the excavation, should not be used for C14 analysis. [S811LR3.J]
QI007201A20S727caf [S811LR4.J]
QI007201A21S727uk [S811LR4.J]
QI007201B11S727long and thin piece of burnt clay, with smooth surfaces and curved shape. [S811LR4.J]
QI007201J01S7270.2 [S811LR4.J]
QI007201J02S7271.9 [S811LR4.J]
QI007201J03S7270.4 [S811LR4.J]
QI007201K03S727CL [S811LR4.J]
QI007201K05S727black [S811LR4.J]
QI007201K10S727broken [S811LR4.J]
QI008101A21S803ta-o [S804SE.J]
QI008101B11S803fragments of a tannur in very poor conditions. [S804SE.J]
QI008101K03S803CL [S804SE.J]
QI008101K05S803reddish brown [S804SE.J]
QI008101K10S803fragmented [S804SE.J]
QI008102A21S727gr [S811LR3.J]
QI008102B11S727fragment of a grinding stone, flat on one side and convex on the other. The surface is rough and porous. [S811LR3.J]
QI008102J01S7274.28 [S811LR3.J]
QI008102J02S72717.8 [S811LR3.J]
QI008102J03S7279.6 [S811LR3.J]
QI008102K03S727LI [S811LR3.J]
QI008102K05S727black [S811LR3.J]
QI008102K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI008301A20S727sp [S811LR3.J]
QI008301A21S727shell [S811LR3.J]
QI008301B11S727nineteen fragments of an egg shell, of various shapes and dimensions. The biggest one is 3.87 cm long and 2.9 cm wide; all the fragments are less than 1 mm height. The surfaces are smooth but with some encrustations, some of the pieces can be fit together: the break probably is due to the excavations. [S811LR3.J]
QI008301K05S727yellowish white [S811LR3.J]
QI008301K10S727fragmented [S811LR3.J]
QI008301P99S727to paleozoology [S811LR3.J]
QI008501A20S727laf [S811LR3.J]
QI008501A21S727gr [S811LR3.J]
QI008501B11S727fragment of a basalt mortar with a piece of the base and one vertical face. The surface is rough on the external side, smooth and concave on the internal side. [S811LR3.J]
QI008501J01S7273.08 [S811LR3.J]
QI008501J02S72710.26 [S811LR3.J]
QI008501J03S7276.8 [S811LR3.J]
QI008501K03S727LI [S811LR3.J]
QI008501K05S727black [S811LR3.J]
QI008501K10S727broken [S811LR3.J]
QI009301BA1S728ls [S729YM2.J]
QI009301BA2S7283 [S729YM2.J]
QI009301BA3S7284.8 [S729YM2.J]
QI009301BA4S7282.6 [S729YM2.J]
QI009301BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009401A21S803ta-o [S804SE.J]
QI009401B11S803fragments of a tannur in very poor conditions. The biggest piece is 11.4 cm long, 4.2 cm wide, and 1.4 cm high. [S804SE.J]
QI009401BA1S728ta-o [S729YM2.J]
QI009401BA6S728cl [S729YM2.J]
QI009401BA9S728fragment of a tannur [S729YM2.J]
QI009401K03S803CL [S804SE.J]
QI009401K05S803reddish black [S804SE.J]
QI009401K10S803fragmented [S804SE.J]
QI009601BA1S728cl [S729YM2.J]
QI009601BA3S7281.2 [S729YM2.J]
QI009601BA4S7281.2 [S729YM2.J]
QI009601BA6S728cl [S729YM2.J]
QI009601BA9S728small clay lump-sealing clay [S729YM2.J]
QI009801BA1S728gr [S729YM2.J]
QI009801BA2S7285.1 [S729YM2.J]
QI009801BA3S7287.4 [S729YM2.J]
QI009801BA4S7286 [S729YM2.J]
QI009801BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009802BA1S728ls [S729YM2.J]
QI009802BA2S7286.5 [S729YM2.J]
QI009802BA3S72813.3 [S729YM2.J]
QI009802BA4S7289.5 [S729YM2.J]
QI009802BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009803A21S728cl [S823SE.J]
QI009803B11S728clay lump with a semi-spherical shape. One side is flat even if it's irregular and rough; the other surfaces are convex and rough. The external surface appears light brown because of natural soil encrustation, but on the breakage surface it's possible to see the original color, which is black. [S823SE.J]
QI009803BA1S728cl [S729YM2.J]
QI009803BA3S7289 [S729YM2.J]
QI009803BA4S7288 [S729YM2.J]
QI009803BA6S728cl [S729YM2.J]
QI009803J01S7284.3 [S823SE.J]
QI009803J02S7288.9 [S823SE.J]
QI009803J03S7287.8 [S823SE.J]
QI009803K03S728CL [S823SE.J]
QI009803K05S728black [S823SE.J]
QI009803K10S728broken [S823SE.J]
QI009804A21S729gr [S805SE.J]
QI009804B11S729circular grinding stone with one flat surface and one convex. The circle is not complete because the item is broken; in the middle of the stone there is a hole not centered dm. 1.9 cm. It can possibly be a grinding stone re-used as a door socket. [S805SE.J]
QI009804BA1S728gr [S729YM2.J]
QI009804BA2S7284.3 [S729YM2.J]
QI009804BA3S72814.8 [S729YM2.J]
QI009804BA4S72811.5 [S729YM2.J]
QI009804BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009804J01S7294.3 [S805SE.J]
QI009804J02S72914.8 [S805SE.J]
QI009804J03S72912.5 [S805SE.J]
QI009804K03S729LI [S805SE.J]
QI009804K05S729dark gray [S805SE.J]
QI009804K10S729broken [S805SE.J]
QI009805BA1S728shell [S729YM2.J]
QI009805BA3S7285.5 [S729YM2.J]
QI009805BA9S728almost complete shell [S729YM2.J]
QI009806BA1S728gr [S729YM2.J]
QI009806BA2S7283 [S729YM2.J]
QI009806BA3S72813.3 [S729YM2.J]
QI009806BA4S72812.3 [S729YM2.J]
QI009806BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009807BA1S728gr [S729YM2.J]
QI009807BA2S7287.9 [S729YM2.J]
QI009807BA3S72812 [S729YM2.J]
QI009807BA4S72810.5 [S729YM2.J]
QI009807BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009808BA1S728gr [S729YM2.J]
QI009808BA2S7283.2 [S729YM2.J]
QI009808BA3S7287.7 [S729YM2.J]
QI009808BA4S7283.4 [S729YM2.J]
QI009808BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009901BA1S728gr [S729YM2.J]
QI009901BA2S7283 [S729YM2.J]
QI009901BA4S7286 [S729YM2.J]
QI009901BA6S728li [S729YM2.J]
QI009901BA9S728fragment of pestle [S729YM2.J]
QI010101A21S729ls [S805SE.J]
QI010101B11S729flat and smooth stone with a rectangular shape. One surface is encrusted with soil, the other is broken on one side. It fits in a hand, it is possibly a tool. [S805SE.J]
QI010101J01S7293.3 [S805SE.J]
QI010101J02S7299.6 [S805SE.J]
QI010101J03S7296.5 [S805SE.J]
QI010101K03S729LI [S805SE.J]
QI010101K05S729greenish gray [S805SE.J]
QI010101K10S729broken [S805SE.J]
QI010301A21S729bl [S805SE.J]
QI010301B11S729obsidian blade with one side very smooth and convex and one side worked and smooth. The edges are very sharp. [S805SE.J]
QI010301BA1S729bl [S729YM2.J]
QI010301BA3S7292 [S729YM2.J]
QI010301BA4S7291.7 [S729YM2.J]
QI010301BA8S729black [S729YM2.J]
QI010301J01S7290.1 [S805SE.J]
QI010301J02S7292.1 [S805SE.J]
QI010301J03S7291.7 [S805SE.J]
QI010301K03S729OB [S805SE.J]
QI010301K05S729black [S805SE.J]
QI010301K10S729complete [S805SE.J]
QI010302A21S729ls [S805SE.J]
QI010302B11S729lithic specimen with a triangular shape, smooth surfaces and sharp edges. [S805SE.J]
QI010302BA1S729ls [S729YM2.J]
QI010302BA3S7292 [S729YM2.J]
QI010302BA4S7291.3 [S729YM2.J]
QI010302BA8S729light brown [S729YM2.J]
QI010302J01S7290.3 [S805SE.J]
QI010302J02S7291.9 [S805SE.J]
QI010302J03S7291.4 [S805SE.J]
QI010302K03S729LI [S805SE.J]
QI010302K05S729gray [S805SE.J]
QI010302K10S729complete [S805SE.J]
QI010303BA1S729uk [S729YM2.J]
QI010303BA3S7291.3 [S729YM2.J]
QI010303BA4S7290.8 [S729YM2.J]
QI010502A21S729ls [S805SE.J]
QI010502B11S729possible tool with a trapezoidal shape. The surfaces are very smooth and the edges are rounded, only two of the surfaces form a 90 degree angle. It fits nicely in one hand. [S805SE.J]
QI010502J01S7295.2 [S805SE.J]
QI010502J02S7299.9 [S805SE.J]
QI010502J03S7297.2 [S805SE.J]
QI010502K03S729LI [S805SE.J]
QI010502K05S729dark gray [S805SE.J]
QI010502K10S729complete [S805SE.J]
QI010801BA1S729gr [S729YM2.J]
QI010801BA2S7295.3 [S729YM2.J]
QI010801BA3S7297 [S729YM2.J]
QI010801BA4S7296 [S729YM2.J]
QI010801BA6S729li [S729YM2.J]
QI010801BA8S729black [S729YM2.J]
QI010801BA9S729fragment of grinding stone [S729YM2.J]
QI010901BA1S729bl [S729YM2.J]
QI010901BA2S7290.2 [S729YM2.J]
QI010901BA3S7291.4 [S729YM2.J]
QI010901BA4S7291 [S729YM2.J]
QI010901BA6S729ob [S729YM2.J]
QI010901BA8S729black [S729YM2.J]
QI011201A21S803bl [S804SE.J]
QI011201B11S803small blade with three flat and smooth surfaces, two of them are oblique. The edges are very sharp, but the top is rounded. [S804SE.J]
QI011201J01S8030.1 [S804SE.J]
QI011201J02S8031.8 [S804SE.J]
QI011201J03S8030.5 [S804SE.J]
QI011201K03S803LI [S804SE.J]
QI011201K05S803dark gray [S804SE.J]
QI011201K10S803complete [S804SE.J]
QI011401A21S803kwr [S804SE.J]
QI011401B11S803kiln waster that retains the shape of a sherd, it does not have a specific shape but it looks like folded in half. The two half are not stuck together, there is an empty space between them. One surface is thicker than the other. [S804SE.J]
QI011401K03S803CL [S804SE.J]
QI011401K05S803greenish gray [S804SE.J]
QI011401K10S803broken [S804SE.J]
QI011403A21S803cs [S804SE.J]
QI011403B11S803carbonised wood sample. [S804SE.J]
QI011403K03S803CARBON [S804SE.J]
QI011403K05S803black [S804SE.J]
QI012101A21S803gr [S804SE.J]
QI012101B11S803fragment of a grinding stone with one surface flat and encrusted with clay and one convex surface. The base has an oblique break and the top is rounded. The surface is porous and somewhere encrusted with clay. [S804SE.J]
QI012101K03S803LI [S804SE.J]
QI012101K05S803dark gray [S804SE.J]
QI012101K10S803broken [S804SE.J]
QI012201A21S803bl [S804SE.J]
QI012201B11S803long and thin obsidian blade with on one side a very smooth, concave surface and on the other side three surfaces oblique. The edges are sharp and worked, the top is rounded. The color is black but transparent. [S804SE.J]
QI012201BA1S731bl [S806YM2.J]
QI012201BA3S7313 [S806YM2.J]
QI012201BA4S7310.8 [S806YM2.J]
QI012201BA6S731ob [S806YM2.J]
QI012201J01S8030.3 [S804SE.J]
QI012201J02S8033.1 [S804SE.J]
QI012201J03S8030.9 [S804SE.J]
QI012201K03S803OB [S804SE.J]
QI012201K05S803black [S804SE.J]
QI012201K10S803broken [S804SE.J]
QI012601A21S803bl [S804SE.J]
QI012601B11S803obsidian blade with one smooth and quite flat surface and on the other side two oblique surfaces. The base is thicker and more irregular than the top, which is rounded. The edges are worked and quite sharp. The color is black and transparent. [S804SE.J]
QI012601J01S8030.3 [S804SE.J]
QI012601J02S8032.4 [S804SE.J]
QI012601J03S8031.4 [S804SE.J]
QI012601K03S803OB [S804SE.J]
QI012601K05S803black [S804SE.J]
QI012601K10S803broken [S804SE.J]
QI012801BA1S802fg [S806YM2.J]
QI012801BA2S8023.1 [S806YM2.J]
QI012801BA3S8025.5 [S806YM2.J]
QI012801BA4S8022.2 [S806YM2.J]
QI012801BA6S802cl [S806YM2.J]
QI012801BA8S802light brown [S806YM2.J]
QI012801BA9S802body of an animal figurine [S806YM2.J]
QI013403A21S803sl [S804SE.J]
QI013403B11S803three fragments of sealing clay, with the same color (dark gray) and different shapes: two are almost spherical and the third, the biggest, is irregular and curved. Some impressions are visible, possibly finger impressions. Here are given the measurements of this last, biggest piece. [S804SE.J]
QI013403J01S8030.9 [S804SE.J]
QI013403J02S8034.7 [S804SE.J]
QI013403J03S8032.8 [S804SE.J]
QI013403K03S803CL [S804SE.J]
QI013403K05S803dark gray [S804SE.J]
QI013403K10S803broken [S804SE.J]
QI013501A20S803caf [S804SE.J]
QI013501A21S803uk [S804SE.J]
QI013501B11S803clay artifact, shaped as a prism with a rectangular base. The base is broken, the top is rounded with a broken line that begins in the last quart of one of the sides. The surfaces are smooth and the corners are rounded. [S804SE.J]
QI013501B11S803clay artifact, shaped as a prism with a square base. It has rounded corners and it is lightly curved. The surfaces are smooth, on one side there are traces of a red painting. It is possibly a jar handle. [S804SE.J]
QI013501J01S8030.9 [S804SE.J]
QI013501J01S8031.8 [S804SE.J]
QI013501J02S8033 [S804SE.J]
QI013501J02S8034.1 [S804SE.J]
QI013501J03S8031.3 [S804SE.J]
QI013501J03S8031.8 [S804SE.J]
QI013501K03S803CL [S804SE.J]
QI013501K05S803pale brown [S804SE.J]
QI013501K05S803very pale brown [S804SE.J]
QI013501K10S803broken [S804SE.J]
QI013801A21S803ls [S804SE.J]
QI013801B11S803lithic specimen with an almost triangular shape. It has one smooth, convex surface on one side, and on the other three different concave surfaces. The edges are irregular and sharp, the base is oblique and smooth and the top is broken. [S804SE.J]
QI013801J01S8030.8 [S804SE.J]
QI013801J02S8032.9 [S804SE.J]
QI013801J03S8032.2 [S804SE.J]
QI013801K03S803LI [S804SE.J]
QI013801K05S803grayish white [S804SE.J]
QI013801K10S803broken [S804SE.J]
QI013901BA1S803uk [S806YM2.J]
QI013901BA2S8030.2 [S806YM2.J]
QI013901BA3S8031.1 [S806YM2.J]
QI013901BA6S803li [S806YM2.J]
QI013901BA8S803red [S806YM2.J]
QI014102BA1S804cs [S806YM2.J]
QI014102BA6S804wood [S806YM2.J]
QI014102BA8S804dark brown [S806YM2.J]
QI014102BA9S804not touched carbonized wood [S806YM2.J]
QI014601BA1S805bl [S806YM2.J]
QI014601BA2S8050.9 [S806YM2.J]
QI014601BA3S8051.8 [S806YM2.J]
QI014601BA4S8051 [S806YM2.J]
QI014601BA6S805ob [S806YM2.J]
QI014601BA8S805black [S806YM2.J]
QI014602BA1S805sp [S806YM2.J]
QI014602BA2S8050.3 [S806YM2.J]
QI014602BA3S8050.3 [S806YM2.J]
QI014602BA6S805grain [S806YM2.J]
QI014602BA8S805black [S806YM2.J]
QI014602BA9S805single specimen of grain [S806YM2.J]
QI014801BA1S805sg [S806YM2.J]
QI014801BA2S8051.2 [S806YM2.J]
QI014801BA3S8052.3 [S806YM2.J]
QI014801BA4S8051.7 [S806YM2.J]
QI014801BA6S805cl [S806YM2.J]
QI014801BA8S805black [S806YM2.J]
QI014801BA9S805fragment of sealing clay maybe with impression [S806YM2.J]
QI015201BA1S805bl [S806YM2.J]
QI015201BA2S8050.5 [S806YM2.J]
QI015201BA3S8051.8 [S806YM2.J]
QI015201BA6S805ob [S806YM2.J]
QI015201BA8S805black [S806YM2.J]
QI016802BA1S807shell [S810YM2.J]
QI016802BA2S8072 [S810YM2.J]
QI016802BA3S8072.5 [S810YM2.J]
QI016802BA4S8072.1 [S810YM2.J]
QI016802BA6S807shell [S810YM2.J]
QI016802BA8S807white [S810YM2.J]
QI017002BA1S807bl [S810YM2.J]
QI017002BA2S8070.6 [S810YM2.J]
QI017002BA3S8074.4 [S810YM2.J]
QI017002BA4S8072.2 [S810YM2.J]
QI017002BA6S807li [S810YM2.J]
QI017002BA8S807brown [S810YM2.J]
QI017004BA1S807organic sample [S810YM2.J]
QI017004BA8S807black [S810YM2.J]
QI018103BA1S809tool ct laf [S810YM2.J]
QI018103BA2S8094 [S810YM2.J]
QI018103BA3S8096.6 [S810YM2.J]
QI018103BA4S8095.3 [S810YM2.J]
QI018103BA6S809li [S810YM2.J]
QI018103BA8S809brownish gray [S810YM2.J]
QI018103BA9S809fragment of lithic tool [S810YM2.J]
QI018201BA1S809bl [S810YM2.J]
QI018201BA2S8090.6 [S810YM2.J]
QI018201BA3S8095.9 [S810YM2.J]
QI018201BA4S8093 [S810YM2.J]
QI018201BA6S809li [S810YM2.J]
QI018201BA8S809brown [S810YM2.J]
QI018301BA1S809shell [S810YM2.J]
QI018301BA3S8091.9 [S810YM2.J]
QI018301BA4S8091 [S810YM2.J]
QI018301BA6S809shell [S810YM2.J]
QI018301BA8S809orange [S810YM2.J]
QI018801BA1S810bl [S810YM2.J]
QI018801BA2S8100.2 [S810YM2.J]
QI018801BA3S8102.1 [S810YM2.J]
QI018801BA4S8100.8 [S810YM2.J]
QI018801BA6S810ob [S810YM2.J]
QI018801BA8S810black [S810YM2.J]
QI018901BA1S810cl [S810YM2.J]
QI018901BA3S8103.5 [S810YM2.J]
QI018901BA4S8103 [S810YM2.J]
QI018901BA6S810cl [S810YM2.J]
QI018901BA9S810clay lump [S810YM2.J]
QI019101BA1S810uk [S810YM2.J]
QI019101BA3S8101.4 [S810YM2.J]
QI019101BA4S8100.4 [S810YM2.J]
QI019101BA6S810li [S810YM2.J]
QI019101BA9S810unknown lithic artifact? [S810YM2.J]
QI019301BA1S810kw [S810YM2.J]
QI019301BA2S8101.2 [S810YM2.J]
QI019301BA3S8106.4 [S810YM2.J]
QI019301BA4S8103.5 [S810YM2.J]
QI019301BA6S810cl [S810YM2.J]
QI019301BA8S810yellow [S810YM2.J]
QI019301BA9S810yellow kiln waste [S810YM2.J]
QI019501A21S816bl [S820SE.J]
QI019501B11S816obsidian blade with a rectangular shape and three very flat and smooth surfaces. The top and the bottom have a triangular section; one side has two oblique surfaces. The edges are worked and very sharp. [S820SE.J]
QI019501BA1S814bl [S817YM2.J]
QI019501BA2S8140.3 [S817YM2.J]
QI019501BA3S8142.1 [S817YM2.J]
QI019501BA4S8141.4 [S817YM2.J]
QI019501BA6S814ob [S817YM2.J]
QI019501BA8S814black [S817YM2.J]
QI019501J01S8160.3 [S820SE.J]
QI019501J02S8162.2 [S820SE.J]
QI019501J03S8161.4 [S820SE.J]
QI019501K03S816OB [S820SE.J]
QI019501K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI019601A20S816caf [S820SE.J]
QI019601A21S816uk [S820SE.J]
QI019601B11S816very fragile piece of clay with a rectangular and curved shape. The surface is rough and the edges are round; one of the surfaces is concave and the other is smoother and irregular. [S820SE.J]
QI019601BA1S814uk cl [S817YM2.J]
QI019601BA2S814202 [S817YM2.J]
QI019601BA3S8147.8 [S817YM2.J]
QI019601BA4S8145.6 [S817YM2.J]
QI019601BA6S814cl [S817YM2.J]
QI019601BA8S814dark reddish brown [S817YM2.J]
QI019601J01S8162.5 [S820SE.J]
QI019601J02S8167.8 [S820SE.J]
QI019601J03S8165.7 [S820SE.J]
QI019601K03S816CL [S820SE.J]
QI019601K05S816reddish gray [S820SE.J]
QI019601K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI019602A21S816bd [S820SE.J]
QI019602B11S816small ovular bead made of frit. The item is broken on one side, and the breakage surface shows the inner white color; the rest of the surface is dark gray with some lighter spots. The original outer surface is smooth and shining. The perforation is centered and has a diameter of 0.2 cm. [S820SE.J]
QI019602J02S8160.6 [S820SE.J]
QI019602J04S8160.5 [S820SE.J]
QI019602K03S816FRIT [S820SE.J]
QI019602K05S816dark gray [S820SE.J]
QI019602K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI019801A21S816gr [S820SE.J]
QI019801B11S816fragment of a grinding stone with rough and porous surfaces. One side is flat, the other one is convex; the edges are round and not sharp. The bottom is flat and encrusted with soil. [S820SE.J]
QI019801BA1S814gr [S817YM2.J]
QI019801BA2S8144.4 [S817YM2.J]
QI019801BA3S81411.4 [S817YM2.J]
QI019801BA4S81410.5 [S817YM2.J]
QI019801BA6S814li [S817YM2.J]
QI019801BA8S814dark gray [S817YM2.J]
QI019801BA9S814fragment of a grinding stone [S817YM2.J]
QI019801J01S8165.2 [S820SE.J]
QI019801J02S81611.4 [S820SE.J]
QI019801J03S81610.6 [S820SE.J]
QI019801K03S816LI [S820SE.J]
QI019801K05S816dark gray [S820SE.J]
QI019801K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI020301A21S816gr [S820SE.J]
QI020301B11S816fragment of a grinding stone, the original shape must have been circular but only one half is preserved. One side in convex, the other is concave and smoother; all the surfaces are rough and porous. The edges are rounded, except for the breakage line which is sharp. The surfaces are encrusted with soil; on the bottom there is a reddish spot that is possibly an encrustation of clay. [S820SE.J]
QI020301BA1S816gr [S817YM2.J]
QI020301BA2S8164.6 [S817YM2.J]
QI020301BA3S81611.2 [S817YM2.J]
QI020301BA4S8167 [S817YM2.J]
QI020301BA6S816li [S817YM2.J]
QI020301BA7S816black [S817YM2.J]
QI020301J01S8165.3 [S820SE.J]
QI020301J04S81611.3 [S820SE.J]
QI020301K03S816LI [S820SE.J]
QI020301K05S816dark gray [S820SE.J]
QI020301K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI020401A21S816bl [S820SE.J]
QI020401B11S816fragment of obsidian blade with an irregular shape and smooth surfaces. Near the edges some working marks are visible, the edges are a;; very sharp. One side is flat and smooth, the other side has two oblique surfaces. [S820SE.J]
QI020401J01S8160.4 [S820SE.J]
QI020401J02S8162 [S820SE.J]
QI020401J03S8161.7 [S820SE.J]
QI020401K03S816OB [S820SE.J]
QI020401K05S816black [S820SE.J]
QI020401K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI020504BA1S816debitage [S817YM2.J]
QI020504BA2S8160.3 [S817YM2.J]
QI020504BA3S8162.8 [S817YM2.J]
QI020504BA4S8161.7 [S817YM2.J]
QI020504BA6S816li [S817YM2.J]
QI020504BA7S816brown [S817YM2.J]
QI020505A20S816sp [S820SE.J]
QI020505A21S816shell [S820SE.J]
QI020505B11S816broken shell with an ovular shape. The surface is smooth but irregular, the bottom is broken and the inner part of the shell is visible. Some spots are encrusted with soil. [S820SE.J]
QI020505BA1S816shell [S817YM2.J]
QI020505BA3S8161.9 [S817YM2.J]
QI020505BA4S8161 [S817YM2.J]
QI020505BA6S816shell [S817YM2.J]
QI020505BA7S816white [S817YM2.J]
QI020505J02S8162.2 [S820SE.J]
QI020505J04S8161.2 [S820SE.J]
QI020505K03S816SHELL [S820SE.J]
QI020505K05S816white [S820SE.J]
QI020505K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI020601A20S816caf [S820SE.J]
QI020601A21S816disk [S820SE.J]
QI020601B11S816clay disk with an almost circular shape, the circle is not complete because the item is broken. The surfaces are flat and smooth, the perforation is not centered and is surrounded with an oblique surface on both the sides (the diameter of the perforation is 0.3 cm). On both the surfaces some scratch marks are visible. [S820SE.J]
QI020601J01S8160.4 [S820SE.J]
QI020601J04S8161.6 [S820SE.J]
QI020601K03S816CL [S820SE.J]
QI020601K05S816green [S820SE.J]
QI020601K10S816broken [S820SE.J]
QI020901A21S817gr [S819SE2.J]
QI020901B11S817fragment of a grinding stone, one side is flat and the other is slightly convex. The surfaces are rough and porous; the edges are sharp, particularly on the two breakage surfaces. The bottom is encrusted with soil. [S819SE2.J]
QI020901BA1S817gr [S817YM2.J]
QI020901BA2S8176.6 [S817YM2.J]
QI020901BA3S81712.2 [S817YM2.J]
QI020901BA4S8175.4 [S817YM2.J]
QI020901BA6S817li [S817YM2.J]
QI020901BA7S817dark gray [S817YM2.J]
QI020901J01S8173.2 [S819SE2.J]
QI020901J02S81711.8 [S819SE2.J]
QI020901J03S8177.1 [S819SE2.J]
QI020901K03S817LI [S819SE2.J]
QI020901K05S817dark gray [S819SE2.J]
QI020901K10S817broken [S819SE2.J]
QI021101A21S817gr [S819SE2.J]
QI021101B11S817small and shapeless fragment of a grinding stone, the original shape is not recognizable. The surfaces are rough and porous, the edges are sharp. [S819SE2.J]
QI021101BA1S817gr [S817YM2.J]
QI021101BA2S8173.2 [S817YM2.J]
QI021101BA3S81711.6 [S817YM2.J]
QI021101BA4S8176.9 [S817YM2.J]
QI021101BA6S817li [S817YM2.J]
QI021101BA7S817dark gray [S817YM2.J]
QI021101J01S8176.5 [S819SE2.J]
QI021101J02S81710.7 [S819SE2.J]
QI021101J03S8175.6 [S819SE2.J]
QI021101K03S817LI [S819SE2.J]
QI021101K05S817black [S819SE2.J]
QI021101K10S817broken [S819SE2.J]
QI022503BA1S820shell(sample) [S824YM2.J]
QI022503BA6S820shell [S824YM2.J]
QI022503BA8S820yellowish white [S824YM2.J]
QI022601BA1S820pin [S824YM2.J]
QI022601BA3S82011 [S824YM2.J]
QI022601BA5S8200.3 [S824YM2.J]
QI022601BA6S820bz [S824YM2.J]
QI022601BA8S820green [S824YM2.J]
QI023102BA1S821debitage [S824YM2.J]
QI023102BA2S8210.2 [S824YM2.J]
QI023102BA3S8211.7 [S824YM2.J]
QI023102BA4S8210.8 [S824YM2.J]
QI023102BA6S821ob [S824YM2.J]
QI023102BA8S821black [S824YM2.J]
QI023103BA1S821organic sample [S824YM2.J]
QI023103BA8S821white [S824YM2.J]
QI023103BA9S821possibly a seed broken in 2 halfs [S824YM2.J]
QI023104BA1S821bl [S824YM2.J]
QI023104BA2S8212.3 [S824YM2.J]
QI023104BA3S8214.3 [S824YM2.J]
QI023104BA4S8211.7 [S824YM2.J]
QI023104BA6S821li [S824YM2.J]
QI023104BA8S821yellowish brown [S824YM2.J]
QI023105BA1S821bd [S824YM2.J]
QI023105BA2S8210.4 [S824YM2.J]
QI023105BA5S8210.5 [S824YM2.J]
QI023105BA6S821li [S824YM2.J]
QI023105BA8S821red [S824YM2.J]
QI023107BA1S821bk [S824YM2.J]
QI023107BA6S821cl [S824YM2.J]
QI023107BA8S821gray [S824YM2.J]
QI023107BA9S821complete brick from a2 [S824YM2.J]
QI023202BA1S821sg [S824YM2.J]
QI023202BA2S8210.6 [S824YM2.J]
QI023202BA3S8212.4 [S824YM2.J]
QI023202BA4S8211.8 [S824YM2.J]
QI023202BA6S821cl [S824YM2.J]
QI023202BA8S821black [S824YM2.J]
QI023202BA9S821piece of sealing clay [S824YM2.J]
R0100D04S72642379 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D05S72641599 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D06S7269350 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D07S726NW [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D07S726pt [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D08S726i12 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D10S726t [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D11S726m3747 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D12S726m3416 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D13S726m3745: 9422+78-150 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D14S726510 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D15S726362 [S728EE-R.J]
R0100D16S726150 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D04S72642104 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D05S72640725 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D06S7269381 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D07S726SE [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D07S726pt [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D08S726i2 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D10S726t [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D11S726m4712 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D12S726m4703 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D13S726m4711: 9457+74-150 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D14S726306 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D15S726437 [S728EE-R.J]
R0101D16S726150 [S728EE-R.J]
R0223D04S80941860 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D05S80941241 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D06S8099340 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D07S809E [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D07S809pt [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D08S809i25 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D10S809t [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D11S809m4846 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D12S809m4938 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D13S809m4714: 9431+59-150 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D14S809434 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D15S809484 [S810YM-R.J]
R0223D16S809150 [S810YM-R.J]
V0015O12S720f9,f13,f17 [S803LR3.J]
V0015O15S720k3 [S803LR3.J]
V0015O22S720N [S803LR3.J]
V0015O25S720North section of k3 with section string in place, showing f9 (topsoil), f13 (accumulation) and f17 (the brick melt at the floor surface). [S803LR3.J]
V0015AO12S720f9,f13,f17 [S803LR3.J]
V0015AO15S720k3 [S803LR3.J]
V0015AO22S720N [S803LR3.J]
V0015AO25S720Shot of North section of k3 without string, showing f9 (topsoil), f13 (accumulation) and f17 (the brick melt). [S803LR3.J]
V0016O12S720f8,f10,f16,f22 [S803LR3.J]
V0016O15S720k2 [S803LR3.J]
V0016O22S720E [S803LR3.J]
V0016O25S720East section of k2 with section string, showing f8 (topsoil),f10 (accumulation) that overlays f16 (the brick melt) and f22 (the ash). [S803LR3.J]
V0016AO12S720f8,f10,f16,f22 [S803LR3.J]
V0016AO15S720k2 [S803LR3.J]
V0016AO22S720E [S803LR3.J]
V0016AO25S720Shot of East section of k2 without string, showing f8 (topsoil),f10 (accumulation) that overlays f16 (the brick melt) and f22 (the ash). [S803LR3.J]
V0022O12S721f30 [S803LR3.J]
V0022O13S721i9 [S803LR3.J]
V0022O15S721k13 [S803LR3.J]
V0022O22S721W [S803LR3.J]
V0022O25S721View showing i9, a ceramic goblet. in situ sitting in the brick fall f30 in k13. No floors were associated with this item. [S803LR3.J]
V0022AO12S721f30 [S803LR3.J]
V0022AO13S721i9 [S803LR3.J]
V0022AO15S721k13 [S803LR3.J]
V0022AO21S721t [S803LR3.J]
V0022AO22S721NW [S803LR3.J]
V0022AO25S721General view showing the ceramic vessel i9 in situ sitting in the brick fall f30 in k13. [S803LR3.J]
V0024O12S723f26,f38,f39,f40,f46 [S803LR3.J]
V0024O15S723k15 [S803LR3.J]
V0024O22S723W [S803LR3.J]
V0024O25S723View showing the emerging of mud bricks walls f38 and f46 forming a corner and the accumulation f26 between this structure and the possible structure f40. The view also shows in the south-eastern corner of the square the accumulation f39 inside the possible room, a1. [S803LR3.J]
V0025O12S723f33,f34,f37 [S803LR3.J]
V0025O15S723k14 [S803LR3.J]
V0025O22S723S [S803LR3.J]
V0025O25S723View showing the pebble and sherd pavement f33 that overlays the stone-installation or wall, f34. [S803LR3.J]
V0025AO12S723f33,f34 [S803LR3.J]
V0025AO15S723k14 [S803LR3.J]
V0025AO21S723t [S803LR3.J]
V0025AO22S723W [S803LR3.J]
V0025AO25S723Sub-view showing the relationship between the pebble and sherd pavement f33 and the stones of f34. [S803LR3.J]
V0026O12S723f27,f30,f41 [S803LR3.J]
V0026O15S723k13 [S803LR3.J]
V0026O22S723W [S803LR3.J]
V0026O25S723View shows the emerging of mud bricks in the north-eastern corner of k13, probably a wall, and a hearth which are both covered by brick fall, f30. In section, one can also see the boundary of the brick melt. [S803LR3.J]
V0026AO12S723f30,f41 [S803LR3.J]
V0026AO15S723k13 [S803LR3.J]
V0026AO21S723t [S803LR3.J]
V0026AO22S723W [S803LR3.J]
V0026AO25S723View of the North corner of k13 showing the emerging of red mud bricks under the brick fall f30. [S803LR3.J]
V0027O12S723f29,f31,f35,f36 [S803LR3.J]
V0027O13S723i11 [S803LR3.J]
V0027O15S723k3 [S803LR3.J]
V0027O22S723S [S803LR3.J]
V0027O25S723Photograph of i11, a ceramic jar in situ before removal with f35 pavement in view which sits on f31. The ash in between f31 and f29 appears to abut f31, and goes under f29. [S803LR3.J]
V0031O12S724f42 [S802LC.J]
V0031O15S724k3 [S802LC.J]
V0031O22S724N [S802LC.J]
V0031O25S724The view shows the tannur f42 collapsed inside, before to be excavated. [S802LC.J]
V0051O12S804f69,f71,f72 [S811LC.J]
V0051O15S804k4 [S811LC.J]
V0051O22S804N [S811LC.J]
V0051O25S804View showing the pavement type c f72 and its relationship with the accumulation f69. in the southern half of k4 is still visible a row of small mudbricks, f71, probably a wall. [S811LC.J]
V0051AO12S804f69,f72 [S811LC.J]
V0051AO15S804k4 [S811LC.J]
V0051AO22S804NW [S811LC.J]
V0051AO25S804View showing the pavement type c f72 composed by small sherds, bones and pebbles in the middle of k4. The shot also shows the accumulation f69 that seems to overlay the pavement f72 toward north. [S811LC.J]
V0052O11S804a2 [S812LC.J]
V0052O12S804f40,f56,f62 [S812LC.J]
V0052O15S804k14,k15 [S812LC.J]
V0052O22S804N [S812LC.J]
V0052O25S804View showing the a2 composed by the f56 and f40. The a2 is a big mudbricks structure for which we have still to understand its function. It has many vertical bricks different in size, shape and conservation. [S812LC.J]
V0053O12S804f56,f60,f61,f62,f63 [S812LC.J]
V0053O15S804k13,k14 [S812LC.J]
V0053O22S804S [S812LC.J]
V0053O25S804View showing the accumulation f62 south of the long mudbrick wall running E-W f63. The shot shows the cobble stone pavement f61 resting on this soft accumulation and its relationship with the mudbrick structure f56. [S812LC.J]
V0054O12S804f22,f24,f31,f35,f36,f42,f43,f45,f52,f68,f98 [S812LC.J]
V0054O13S804i13 [S812LC.J]
V0054O15S804k2,k3,k12,k13 [S812LC.J]
V0054O22S804OH N [S812LC.J]
V0054O25S804General view of the four square k2, k3, k12 and k13 without the E-W baulks and with just part of the central N-S baulk. The shot also shows the link between A18 level and the A20 where we are not arrived yet at the same level, that it's one of our goal for this season. In the western part of k2 and k12 is visible the thick ashy layer f22 and f24 abutting the brickmass f52 and f98. In k3 we have another ashy layer f36 but with some installations like the pavement f35, the tannur f42, the brickpile (?) f68 and the cobble stone pavement f43 that is going north into k13. [S812LC.J]
V0055O12S804f30,f31,f35,f36,f41,f42,f43,f50,f59,f60,f68 [S812LC.J]
V0055O15S804k3,k13 [S812LC.J]
V0055O22S804OH S [S812LC.J]
V0055O25S804General view of k3 and k13 in connection with A18. The shot shows the mudbrick wall f41 running E-W with the earth f59 and the brickfall f30 on top of the accumulation f60. The picture also shows the entire cobble stone pavement f43 and f50 between k13 and k3 and its relationship with the southern installations, toward A18, the pavement f35,the tannur f42 and the brickpile f68. [S812LC.J]
V0056O12S804f30,f31,f35,f36,f42,f43,f50,f60,f68 [S812LC.J]
V0056O15S804k2,k3,k13 [S812LC.J]
V0056O22S804S [S812LC.J]
V0056O25S804View of k3, k13 and part of k2 in relationship with the Mitanni structures in A18. The picture also shows the entire cobble stone pavement f43 and f50 between k13 and k3 and its relationship with the southern installations, toward A18, the pavement f35,the tannur f42 and the brickpile f68. [S812LC.J]
V0057O12S804f22,f24,f45,f52,f82,f98 [S812LC.J]
V0057O15S804k2,k12 [S812LC.J]
V0057O22S804S [S812LC.J]
V0057O25S804View showing the big ashy layer f22 and f24 in k2 and k12 abutting the brickmelt f52, the brickfall f82 and the brickmass f98. The same thick ashy layer is present in the northern section of A18 above the level visible in the background in front of the Mitanni structures. [S812LC.J]
V0066O12S807f9,f13,f17,f31,f35,f36 [S812LC.J]
V0066O15S807k3 [S812LC.J]
V0066O22S807E [S812LC.J]
V0066O25S807View of the east section of k3 with the string, The view shows the topsoil f9 covering the soft accumulation f13 above f17 the ancient tell surface. In the section is also visible the f 31, the interface of the ashy layer f36 and the pebble and sherd pavement f35. [S812LC.J]
V0066AO12S807f9,f13,f17,f31,f35,f36 [S812LC.J]
V0066AO15S807k3 [S812LC.J]
V0066AO22S807E [S812LC.J]
V0066AO25S807View of the east section of k3 without the string, The view shows the topsoil f9 covering the soft accumulation f13 above f17 the ancient tell surface. In the section is also visible the f 31, the interface of the ashy layer f36 and the pebble and sherd pavement f35. [S812LC.J]
V0067O12S807f30,f60,f80,f81,f83 [S812LC.J]
V0067O15S807k13 [S812LC.J]
V0067O22S807E [S812LC.J]
V0067O25S807View showing the pebble and sherd pavement f80 just partially uncovered after the removal of part of the accumulation f81. Next to the pavement f81 has been identified a drain f83 running from east to the north-west in a probable semicircular shape, but the clear boundaries have still to be found. [S812LC.J]
V0067AO12S807f80,f81 [S812LC.J]
V0067AO15S807k13 [S812LC.J]
V0067AO22S807E [S812LC.J]
V0067AO25S807Closer view of the pebble and sherd pavement f80 and the small patch, constituted of red clay with small white inclusions, really small pebbles and few sherds. It is part of the accumulation f81 above the pavement f80 and could be the preparation for the pebble pavement f50 that was above. [S812LC.J]
V0067BO12S807f30,f80,f81,f83 [S812LC.J]
V0067BO15S807k13 [S812LC.J]
V0067BO22S807SW [S812LC.J]
V0067BO25S807Closer view of the drain right to the north of the pebble and sherd pavement f80 n k13. The shot shows the end of the drain f83 built with hard clay, small stones and vertical bricks along the edges of it. This drain is still in part to be excavated. [S812LC.J]
V0068O11S807a2 [S812LC.J]
V0068O12S807f38,f40,f46,f50,f86,f94 [S812LC.J]
V0068O15S807k14,k15 [S812LC.J]
V0068O22S807E [S812LC.J]
V0068O25S807View showing the western edge of the structure with vertical bricks a2 and its relationship with the accumulation f87. The view also shows the southern boundary of the structure with the presence of the mudbrick wall f94 poorly preserved. [S812LC.J]
V0069O11S807a2 [S812LC.J]
V0069O12S807f40,f56,f78,f84,f94 [S812LC.J]
V0069O15S807k14,k15 [S812LC.J]
V0069O22S807W [S812LC.J]
V0069O25S807View showing the eastern side of the structure with vertical bricks a2, after a partial cut of this edge for a better understanding of it. The picture shows the orientation of bricks, clearly vertical and slightly inclined toward north. [S812LC.J]
V0070O11S807a2 [S812LC.J]
V0070O12S807f40,f56 [S812LC.J]
V0070O15S807k15 [S812LC.J]
V0070O22S807SW [S812LC.J]
V0070O25S807Close view of the structure a2 with vertical bricks, cut by us in order to have a clear section to better understanding it. The picture shows a complete vertical brick on the right with a probable artificial hole in the middle and other vertical bricks slightly inclined toward north. [S812LC.J]
V0070AO11S807a2 [S812LC.J]
V0070AO12S807f40,f56 [S812LC.J]
V0070AO15S807k15 [S812LC.J]
V0070AO22S807W [S812LC.J]
V0070AO25S807Close view of the structure a2 with vertical bricks, cut by us in order to have a clear section to better understanding it. The picture shows all the vertical bricks side by side and one on top of the other. [S812LC.J]
V0071O12S807f24,f52,f64,f82 [S812LC.J]
V0071O15S807k12 [S812LC.J]
V0071O22S807NW [S812LC.J]
V0071O25S807View showing the deep ashy layer f24 in relation with the brickmelt f52 and the brickfall f82. In the west, and part of the north sections, it is visible the thick ashy layer, more than 1 meter deep, sloping down toward south and west. [S812LC.J]
V0088O12S816f52,f82,f113,f114 [S824LC2.J]
V0088O15S816k12 [S824LC2.J]
V0088O22S816N [S824LC2.J]
V0088O25S816View showing the bin f113 just discovered in k12 after the partial removing of the brickfall f82. This bin is not clearly visible but it is constructed of gray bricks. The view also shows the very compact fill f114 in wich are recognized some reddish elements, probably part of some kind of installations like tannur. [S824LC2.J]
V0088AO12S816f113,f114 [S824LC2.J]
V0088AO15S816k12 [S824LC2.J]
V0088AO22S816OH W [S824LC2.J]
V0088AO25S816Close up showing the bin f113 and its fill f114 with the reddish clay elements, probably belonging to some kind of installations like tannur, not very well visible in the right part of the picture. [S824LC2.J]
V0089O12S817f82,f113,f114 [S824LC2.J]
V0089O15S817k12 [S824LC2.J]
V0089O22S817E [S824LC2.J]
V0089O25S817View showing the bin f113 in k12 in one picture taken early in the morning in order to show the slight differences of color between the gray bricks of the bin structure f113,the gray compact fill f114 and the gray bricks of the brickfall f82. [S824LC2.J]
V0089AO12S817f113,f114 [S824LC2.J]
V0089AO15S817k12 [S824LC2.J]
V0089AO22S817W [S824LC2.J]
V0089BO12S817f82,f113,f114 [S824LC2.J]
V0089BO15S817k12 [S824LC2.J]
V0089BO22S817W [S824LC2.J]
V0089BO25S817View of the bin f113 and of the fill f114, taken in order to show the small reddish element inside the fill, probably part of a tannur, very badly preserved. The picture doesn't have a very good light. [S824LC2.J]
V0090O12S817f66,f67,f69,f70,f71,f73,f99,f112 [S824LC2.J]
V0090O15S817k3,k4 [S824LC2.J]
V0090O22S817E [S824LC2.J]
V0090O25S817View showing the east section of k4 with the string. The section shows the topsoil f66, a layer with some patches of brickmelt f67 and other layers of accumulation f69 and f70. In the foreground are visible the pavement f73, the mud brick wall f107, the bin f71 and a small part of the pavement f112 in k3. [S824LC2.J]
V0090AO12S817f66,f67,f69,f70,f71,f73,f99,f112 [S824LC2.J]
V0090AO15S817k3,k4 [S824LC2.J]
V0090AO22S817E [S824LC2.J]
V0090AO25S817View showing the east section of k4 without the string. The section shows the topsoil f66, a layer with some patches of brickmelt f67 and other layers of accumulation f69 and f70. In the foreground are visible the pavement f73, the mud brick wall f107, the bin f71 and a small part of the pavement f112 in k3. [S824LC2.J]
V0096O11S819a2 [S828LC.J]
V0096O12S819f40,f56,f84,f85,f108,f120,f125,f126,f127 [S828LC.J]
V0096O15S819k15,k101 [S828LC.J]
V0096O22S819N [S828LC.J]
V0096O25S819View showing the north section of k101. This is not the real north section of k101 but an arbitrary section, from which we started to excavate a2. The shot shows the vertical bricks of a2 on top of the wall f127, next to the big wall with the stone substructure, f84. In the foreground we can see the accumulation f120 and the accumulations underneath, above the pavement f108. [S828LC.J]
V0097O11S819a2 [S828LC.J]
V0097O12S819f40,f56,f84,f120,f125,f126,f127 [S828LC.J]
V0097O15S819k14,k15,k101 [S828LC.J]
V0097O22S819N [S828LC.J]
V0097O25S819View showing the northern section of k101 that corresponds to the south face of a2, before we start to remove it. We can see the vertical mud bricks and the small wall f127. Underneath an section are visible some layers, within which a soft orange bricky layer very soft. In the foreground the mud brick walls f125 and f126 and the accumulation f120 abutting them. [S828LC.J]
V0097AO11S819a2 [S828LC.J]
V0097AO12S819f40,f56,f84,f120,f125,f126,f127 [S828LC.J]
V0097AO15S819k14,k15,k101 [S828LC.J]
V0097AO22S819NW [S828LC.J]
V0097AO25S819View showing the a2 and its southern section, before we started to remove the vertical bricks. The shot also shows the relationship between the wall running south to north f125, and the wall f126, still in part to be clearly defined, below the a2. [S828LC.J]
V0100O12S819f57,f84 [S828LC.J]
V0100O15S819k15 [S828LC.J]
V0100O22S819S [S828LC.J]
V0100O25S819View showing the portion of the pavement f57 outside the room a1 toward west, and the mud brick wall f84. In the north face of the wall f84, next to the burnt stones of f57,between the bricks there is an oblique small channel. It could be part of some kind of drainage system, or more probably an animal hole, where the clay of the mud bricks has been polished from the continuing passage of the animal. [S828LC.J]
V0100AO12S819f57,f84 [S828LC.J]
V0100AO15S819k15 [S828LC.J]
V0100AO22S819S [S828LC.J]
V0100AO25S819Closer view of the small oblique channel inside the wall f84. It could be part of some kind of drainage system, or more probably an animal hole, where the clay of the mud bricks has been polished from the continuing passage of the animal. It has been photographed because of its close position to the burnt stones of the pavement f57, that was allowed us to think about some kind of particular activities. [S828LC.J]
V0101O12S819f40,f57,f84 [S828LC.J]
V0101O15S819k15 [S828LC.J]
V0101O22S819W [S828LC.J]
V0101O25S819View showing the mud brick wall f152, running south to north, probably linked with the wall f84. At the beginning we tought it was part of the a2, but then removing the vertical bricks of a2 we saw that it wasn't part of it. Instead it is part of the room a6, with the function of western enclosure wall. In the foreground are visible the stones of the pavement f57. [S828LC.J]
V0102O11S819a2 [S828LC.J]
V0102O12S819f40,f56,f125 [S828LC.J]
V0102O15S819k14,k15 [S828LC.J]
V0102O22S819NW [S828LC.J]
V0102O25S819View showing the a2 after the removal of some mud bricks on top of the structure. The shot also shows the top of the wall f127, after the removal of the first few vertical bricks from the south section of a2, following the strategy decided before, to start from the south, instead that from the top, in order to have a clear section of the structure. [S828LC.J]
V0102AO11S819a2 [S828LC.J]
V0102AO12S819f40,f56,f127 [S828LC.J]
V0102AO15S819k5 [S828LC.J]
V0102AO22S819OH W [S828LC.J]
V0102AO25S819Closer view showing the a2 after the removal of the first vertical bricks from its southern portion. After this operation is visible the top part of the wall f127, running east to west. [S828LC.J]
V0103O11S819a2 [S828LC.J]
V0103O12S819f40,f56,f127,f131 [S828LC.J]
V0103O15S819k15 [S828LC.J]
V0103O22S819NW [S828LC.J]
V0103O25S819View showing the south face of a2 after the removing of the first vertical bricks. After this operation the wall f127 and the accumulation f131 below the vertical bricks are shown. [S828LC.J]
V0104O12S820f84,f120,f126,f127 [S901LC2.J]
V0104O15S820k101 [S901LC2.J]
V0104O22S820N [S901LC2.J]
V0104O25S820View showing the wall f84 with a stone basement or substructure, still to finish to be uncovered. The view also shows the accumulation f120 abutting the wall f84 and the mud brick wall f126, underneath the a2. [S901LC2.J]
V0105O11S821a2 [S901LC2.J]
V0105O12S821f40,f56,f125,f126,f127,f131,f132,f150 [S901LC2.J]
V0105O15S821k15,k101 [S901LC2.J]
V0105O22S821OH W [S901LC2.J]
V0105O25S821View showing the a2 after the removing of part of the second row of vertical bricks, uncovering a small portion of the stones of the pavement f132. Next to the stones is visible the clay layer f150 and part of the wall f127. The shot also shows a small portion of the mud brick walls f126 and f125. [S901LC2.J]
V0106O11S821a2 [S901LC2.J]
V0106O12S821f40,f56,f125,f126,f127,f131,f132,f150 [S901LC2.J]
V0106O15S821k14,k101 [S901LC2.J]
V0106O22S821N [S901LC2.J]
V0106O25S821View showing the stones of the pavement f132 uncovered in a small portion under the vertical bricks belonging to a2. The view shows clearly the relationship between the stones f132, the clay layer f150 and the wall f127. To the left is visible one stone on top of the wall f125. [S901LC2.J]
V0106AO11S821a2 [S901LC2.J]
V0106AO12S821f40,f56,f120,f125,f126,f127,f131,f132,f150 [S901LC2.J]
V0106AO15S821k14,k101 [S901LC2.J]
V0106AO22S821OH [S901LC2.J]
V0106AO25S821View showing the a2 after the removal of some vertical bricks. The view also shows the stone pavement f132 surrounded toward south by the clay later f150 that links the stones with the wall f127. To the south is visible a small portion of the mud brick wall f126 and the accumulation f120 abutting it. [S901LC2.J]
V0106BO11S821a2 [S901LC2.J]
V0106BO12S821f40,f56,f127,f132,f150 [S901LC2.J]
V0106BO15S821k14 [S901LC2.J]
V0106BO22S821OH [S901LC2.J]
V0106BO25S821Close up of the a2 after the removal of some vertical bricks. The view shows the stones of the pavement f132, the clay layer f150 going underneath, that links the stones with the shallow mud brick wall f127, running east to west. [S901LC2.J]
V0128O12S826f115,f119,f138,f142 [S909LC.J]
V0128O15S826k101 [S909LC.J]
V0128O22S826OH N [S909LC.J]
V0128O25S826View showing the floor f142 to the north and to the south of the accumulation f119 that was on top of the floor all over the small area in shape of triangle excavated this year. This accumulation f119 is still present in the middle of the area between the vertical mud brick wall f115 and the vertical bricks of the brick installation f138. The light was not very good when we took the photo. [S909LC.J]
V0128AO12S826f115,f119,f138,f142 [S909LC.J]
V0128AO15S826k101 [S909LC.J]
V0128AO22S826OH N [S909LC.J]
V0128AO25S826View showing the floor f142 uncovered below the accumulation f119. The shot shows its southern portion between the wall f115, the mud brick installation f138 and the southern baulk. The floor f142 is also in part visible to the north. [S909LC.J]
V0129O12S826f115,f119,f138,f142 [S909LC.J]
V0129O15S826k101 [S909LC.J]
V0129O22S826E [S909LC.J]
V0129O25S826Close up of the floor f142 showing its compact surface with traces of burning and white lens due to organic material. This is the southern part of f142 uncovered in k101, between the vertical bricks of f138, the accumulation f119 to the north, the mud brick wall f115 to the west and the south section. [S909LC.J]

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