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Processed on 05-22-2018
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Analogical record
Feature(s)within view 2006-8-31vVE f509, f510, f520, f529, f530, f532, f543, f551, f563, f569, f591 [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Locus/i within view 2006-8-31vVE k1, k2 [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Range 2006-8-31vVE tight shot [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Orientation 2006-8-31vVE ~N [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]
Description of view 2006-8-31vVE This subview shows the displaced boulders, f509, f510, f520, f529, f530, f543, f551, f563, that sit atop the second apron, f532, revetment wall f569, memory stones, f591, and soils that cover them. It clearly shows that these boulders were deposited after the major stoneworks were abandoned. [Input file: RY01JW.J / RY01JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-8-31 dM L_V19d2227

Photo 2006-8-31 dM L_V19d2227