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2006-9-21 bL.jpg J03t139 [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J

Orientation 2006-9-12bL ~N [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Description of view 2006-9-12bL After the discovery of the Uruk period seal impressions in the NE corner of locus k23, we concluded that they came from material that was beneath the wahal and baqaya glacis on the temple mound. The previous season we had discovered Late Chalcolithic ceramics in a deep probe behind the revetment wall, f11. We reasoned that if we dug below pits a5 and a6 we might add more data as to when the temple mound was built. The photograph shows the first layer, f259, beneath the bottom of pit a6. Contrasting colors and textures support the idea that the fill came from a variety of sources. For example, note the red bricks and the hard earth between them. [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-9-12 dM L_V19d2278

Photo 2006-9-12 dM L_V19d2278