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2006-9-22 bL.jpg J03t131 [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J

Orientation 2006-9-12bL ~N [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Description of view 2006-9-12bL This is one of three photographs to show the condition of the north ends of loci k13 and k23, prior to excavating through the bottoms of three pits ( a5, a6, and a10). The purpose of doing this was to look for the possible source of the Uruk period seal impressions, a14, beneath the layers of wahal, f152 and baqaya, f109, that sealed them from outside contamination. In the foreground, one can see the lamination, f258, which was subsequently discovered to be the fill of pit, a10. [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-9-12 dM L_V19d2262

Photo 2006-9-12 dM L_V19d2262