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Analogical record


2006-10-3 bL.jpg J03t111 [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J

Orientation 2006-9-4aA ~E [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Description of view 2006-9-4aA This is a photograph of the east section of k91, a locus that was excavated quickly to provide sight lines into the main excavation from the south. Expedited excavtion was possible because analysis of adjacent loci had revealed that the first meter of soil below the surface was deposited by wind and water and was relatively free of cultural material. The section of the north baulk, w30, shows a distinct separation of soil features f220 and f225, but this is not seen either in this photograph or in the drawing for the east section, w31. [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-9-5 dM L_V19d2320

Photo 2006-9-5 dM L_V19d2320