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Analogical record
Feature(s)within view 2006-8-26eDB f3, f11, f152, f241 [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Locus/i within view 2006-8-26eDB k11, k12, k101 [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Range 2006-8-26eDB medium shot [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Orientation 2006-8-26eDB ~W [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Description of view 2006-8-26eDB This subview shows the west baulks in the vicinity of the revetment wall, f11. Interesting is also the accumulation below the tannur, f3, and above the last glacis, f241. It is about 75 cm thick, uniform in color, and contains a number of sherds, all oriented horizontally. This suggests a working surface where people stood or walked over an extended period of time. [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-8-28 dM L_V19d2189

Photo 2006-8-28 dM L_V19d2189