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Analogical record


2007-4-7 jW.jpg J03t71 [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J

Orientation 2006-8-17bL ~S [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]
Description of view 2006-8-17bL This view shows a circle, f142, in the NE quarter of k23 formed by fist-sized stones imbedded in a matrix of dried mud. It sits in an area of natural accumulation, f141. It is particulaly noteworthy because it sits directly above a pit dug into the ancient layer of baqaya, f109, that formed the surface of the Third Millennium BA temple mound. and directly below a burned area in an oval of packed soil. This suggests that this particular point retained some significance throughout the entire Mittani period. [Input file: RX31JW.J / RX31JW.-J]

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Photo 2006-8-19 dM L_V19d2142

Photo 2006-8-19 dM L_V19d2142