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Analogical record
Feature(s)within view 2005-9-17jW f80, f94 [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]
Locus/i within view 2005-9-17jW k105 [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]
Range 2005-9-17jW tight shot [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]
Orientation 2005-9-17jW ~SW [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]
Description of view 2005-9-17jW Closeup of a wall stone at the bottom of the excavated area showing that an ash deposit, f94 directly abutted the wall system, f11/ f80. This is strong evidence that the wall was not free-standing, but rather built course by course and supported with packed fill, which eventually was raised to form the terrace up from the lower monumental wall to the higher temple. [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]

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Photo 2005-9-17 dM L_V18d3126

Photo 2005-9-17 dM L_V18d3126