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2006-5-9 jW.jpg J03t31 [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J

Orientation 2005-9-5gM ~N [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]
Description of view 2005-9-5gM As the excavation of locus k12 progressed, a large limestone block, f35, was uncovered along the west baulk. Later, it was found to be the northernmost of a N-S row of seven such stones, f72, the subject of this view.. The stones were all at an elevation above the top layer of compacted fill, f34, which we believe formed the surface of the BA temple mound, which was bounded on its outer periphery by the monumental stone wall, f11. It is unlikely that this row of stones was deposited naturally, but its function is unclear. The most likely explanation is that it somehow formed the western boundary of the apron, f10, which was added in the Mittani period. (The wall, f11, and temple mound were probably built much earlier in the Early Dynastic period.) [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]

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Photo 2005-9-5 dM L_V18d3095

Photo 2005-9-5 dM L_V18d3095