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Analogical record


2006-5-9 jW.jpg J03t30 [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J

Orientation 2005-9-4gM ~ov [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]
Description of view 2005-9-4gM One of the layers of compacted fill, f73, behind monumental wall, f11, was composed of tibin, the raw material of mudbricks consisting of clean, dampened soil mixed with chopped straw. This is a photograph of a sample of tibin showing phytoliths and decayed roots. [Input file: P918JW2.J / P918JW2.-J]

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Photo 2005-9-4 dM L_V18d3080

Photo 2005-9-4 dM L_V18d3080