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Analogical record


2005-9-5 gM.jpg J03t16 [Input file: P823GM5.J / P823GM5.-J

Orientation 2005-8-22gM ~S [Input file: P823GM5.J / P823GM5.-J]
Description of view 2005-8-22gM This view shows the condition of the locus just as excavation began. The locus was located south of the other units in a large flat plaza. There is no surface vegetation on the topsoil, f52, because it had been used as a place to put back dirt, pebbles, and stones removed from the excavation. [Input file: P823GM5.J / P823GM5.-J]

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Photo 2005-8-23 dM L_V18d3042

Photo 2005-8-23 dM L_V18d3042