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Processed on 05-22-2018
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Category 2010-9-24!! unknown [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Definition 2010-9-24jW pottery, q-items [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
A98.NDesignation 2010-9-26mKB f357 [Input file: U929JW.J / U929JW.-J]
2010-9-26mKB f358 [Input file: U929JW.J / U929JW.-J]

List of components 2010-9-22jW q435.1 [Input file: UX05JW1.J / UX05JW1.-J]
2010-10-2dM q435-p-P [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2010-10-6dM q435.1 [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2010-10-6bS q435.1 [Input file: UX06BS.J / UX06BS.-J]
2010-10-6dM q435.1 [Input file: V23LXSV.J / V23LXSV.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2010-9-24jW k13 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Origin of elevation 2010-9-24jW m6341 (9257) + 164 (height of instrument) - 55 - 10 @bottom [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Space definition 2010-9-24jW m6353 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Size of sides 2010-9-24jW 300 cms North, 200 cms West [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Starting elevation 2010-9-24jW 9148 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Ending elevation 2010-9-24jW 9138 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2010-9-24jW q435 sits in f357 (floor B) [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]

Time sequencing
Full review of ceramics 2010-9-26mKB Late Chalcolithic 3 [Input file: U929JW.J / U929JW.-J]

Full analysis of ceramics 2010-9-26mKB Large LCH jar sherds, both body sherds and rim sherds. Because of this I think that the vessels from this feature may be complete and next season we will put them together. Also it may mean that f359 represents part of a well-preserved floor assembly. [Input file: U929JW.J / U929JW.-J]
2010-9-26mKB Ring base of an LCF bowl; buff coarse jar rim with a short straight neck of a globular jar. This shape type is also found in small LCF jars. One hammer-rim bowl. [Input file: U929JW.J / U929JW.-J]