File: /MZ/A/J03/D/Q/0413.HTM
Processed on 05-22-2018
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Category 2010-9-14!! unknown [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Definition 2010-9-14jW pottery [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
A98.NDesignation 2010-9-15mKB f346 [Input file: U915MKB.J / U915MKB.-J]

List of components 2010-9-20kF q413-p1 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q413-p2 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q413-p3 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q413-p4 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q413-p7 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-26dM q413-p-P [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2010-9-29dM q413.4 [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2010-9-29dM q413.4 [Input file: V23LXSV.J / V23LXSV.-J]
2015-4-28rL q413-p1 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q413-p2 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q413-p3 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q413-p4 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q413-p7 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2010-9-14jW k110 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Origin of elevation 2010-9-14jW m6340 (9368) + 168 (height of instrument) - 31 - 20 @bottom [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Space definition 2010-9-14jW m6316 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Size of sides 2010-9-14jW 100 cms East, 125 cms South [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Starting elevation 2010-9-14jW 9231 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Ending elevation 2010-9-14jW 9211 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2010-9-14jW q413 sits in f346 (fill 1) [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]

Time sequencing
Review of ceramics 2010-9-15mKB Late Chalcolithic 3 [Input file: U915MKB.J / U915MKB.-J]

Review of ceramics 2010-9-15mKB body sherds and shape sherds all typical LC3. One jar neck and part of body, typical bowls and plates, "casserole" all in LCH ware. No fine ware sherds. [Input file: U915MKB.J / U915MKB.-J]
Notes on pottery 2010-9-14jW Several large rims recovered, both aligned vertically. We could not determine the orientation of other smaller sherds contained within chunks of f346 that had been broken off by the small pick. [Input file: U914JW2.J / U914JW2.-J]