File: /MZ/A/J03/D/Q/0410.HTM
Processed on 07-13-2016
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Category 2010-9-13!! unknown [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Definition 2010-9-13jW pottery, q-items [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
A98.NDesignation 2010-9-14mKB f346 [Input file: U914MKB.J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.J. / U914MKB.-J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.-J.]

Description 2010-9-13jW This q-lot contained a relatively large number of sherds, some from large vessels. [Input file: U914JW.J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.J. / U914JW.-J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.-J.]
List of components 2010-9-13jW q410.1 [Input file: UX05JW1.J / UX05JW1.-J]
2010-9-16kF q410-p5 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-16kF q410-p9 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-16kF q410-p10 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-16kF q410-p15 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-19kF q410-p4 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-19kF q410-p6 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-19kF q410-p7 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-19kF q410-p11 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-19kF q410-p12 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-19kF q410-p14 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q410-p1 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q410-p2 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q410-p3 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q410-p8 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-20kF q410-p13 [Input file: J3Z8EW23.J / J3Z8EW23.-J]
2010-9-25dM q410-p-P [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2010-9-26dM q410.1 [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2010-9-26dM q410.1 [Input file: V23LXSV.J / V23LXSV.-J]
2010-9-27jN q410.1 [Input file: UX06JW1.J / UX06JW1.-J]
2010-9-29dM q410.1 [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2010-9-29dM q410.1 [Input file: V23LXSV.J / V23LXSV.-J]
2010-10-7dM q410-p-P [Input file: J3ZA7DVN.J / J3ZA7DVN.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p1 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p2 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p3 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p4 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p5 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p6 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p7 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p8 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p9 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p10 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p11 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p12 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p13 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p14 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q410-p15 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2010-9-13jW k110 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Elevation 2010-9-13jW 9236 @top - 20@bottom [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Space definition 2010-9-13jW m6317 [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]
Size of sides 2010-9-13jW 100 cms East, 291 cms North [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2010-9-13jW q410 sits in f346 (fi) [Input file: UX05JW2.J / UX05JW2.-J]

Time sequencing
Full review of ceramics 2010-9-14mKB Late Chalcolithic 3 [Input file: U914MKB.J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.J. / U914MKB.-J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.-J.]

Full analysis of ceramics 2010-9-14mKB body sherds and shape sherds all typical for LC3. Many sherds are large including one sherd that looks as if it is a base. The coarse LCH ware q-lot includes sherds of 2 "casseroles", one possible jar rim, 4 bowl rims and a body sherd with part of a potters' mark. One LCF bowl rim. [Input file: U914MKB.J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.J. / U914MKB.-J***F109,_F346-FF348._EDITED_BY_JW_ON_925._TC'S_MOVED_TO_FILE_W414JW.-J.]