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Category 2006-9-11!! unknown [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]
Definition 2006-9-11bL pottery [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]

List of components 2006-9-11bL q328.1 [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
2006-9-11bL q328.2 [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
2006-9-11bL q328.3 [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
2006-9-11bL q328.4 [Input file: Q921EDB.J / Q921EDB.-J]
2006-9-18bL q328.2 [Input file: Q919BL.J / Q919BL.-J]
2006-9-18bL q328.1 [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
2006-9-18bL q328.3 [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
2006-9-18bL q328.6 [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
2006-9-18bL q328.7 [Input file: Q920BL.J / Q920BL.-J]
2006-9-23dM q328.6 [Input file: J3ZA7DVJ.J / J3ZA7DVJ.-J]
2006-9-23dM q328.7 [Input file: J3ZA7DVJ.J / J3ZA7DVJ.-J]
2006-9-23dM q328.6 [Input file: V19LXUV.J / V19LXUV.-J]
2006-9-23dM q328.7 [Input file: V19LXUV.J / V19LXUV.-J]
2006-10-3dM q328.5 [Input file: J3ZA7DVJ.J / J3ZA7DVJ.-J]
2006-10-3dM q328.5 [Input file: V19LXUV.J / V19LXUV.-J]
2006-10-4dM q328.3 [Input file: J3ZA7DVJ.J / J3ZA7DVJ.-J]
2006-10-4dM q328.4 [Input file: J3ZA7DVJ.J / J3ZA7DVJ.-J]
2006-10-4fAB q328.3 [Input file: QX04FAB.J / QX04FAB.-J]
2006-10-4fAB q328.4 [Input file: QX04FAB.J / QX04FAB.-J]
2006-10-4mKB q328.5 [Input file: QX04FAB.J / QX04FAB.-J]
2006-10-4fAB q328.3 [Input file: QZ23GB.J / QZ23GB.-J]
2006-10-4fAB q328.4 [Input file: QZ23GB.J / QZ23GB.-J]
2006-10-4fAB q328.5 [Input file: QZ23GB.J / QZ23GB.-J]
2006-10-4dM q328.3 [Input file: V19LXUV.J / V19LXUV.-J]
2006-10-4dM q328.4 [Input file: V19LXUV.J / V19LXUV.-J]
2006-10-6kF q328-p4 [Input file: J3Z8EW19.J / J3Z8EW19.-J]
2006-10-6kF q328-p7 [Input file: J3Z8EW19.J / J3Z8EW19.-J]
2006-10-7dM q328.3 [Input file: J3ZA7DVJ.J / J3ZA7DVJ.-J]
2006-10-7dM q328.4 [Input file: J3ZA7DVJ.J / J3ZA7DVJ.-J]
2006-10-7bL q328.5 [Input file: QX07BL1.J / QX07BL1.-J]
2006-10-7dM q328.3 [Input file: V19LXUV.J / V19LXUV.-J]
2006-10-7dM q328.4 [Input file: V19LXUV.J / V19LXUV.-J]
2007-7-8mR q328-p2 [Input file: J3ZA7DVK.J / J3ZA7DVK.-J]
2007-7-8mR q328-p6 [Input file: J3ZA7DVK.J / J3ZA7DVK.-J]
2007-8-7kF q328-p2 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-8-15eI q328.1 [Input file: R816EI2.J / R816EI2.-J]
2007-8-15eI q328.2 [Input file: R816EI2.J / R816EI2.-J]
2007-8-15eI q328.3 [Input file: R816EI2.J / R816EI2.-J]
2007-8-15eI q328.4 [Input file: R816EI2.J / R816EI2.-J]
2007-8-15eI q328.5 [Input file: R816EI2.J / R816EI2.-J]
2007-8-15eI q328.6 [Input file: R816EI2.J / R816EI2.-J]
2007-8-15eI q328.8 [Input file: R816EI2.J / R816EI2.-J]
2007-8-18cJC q328.3 [Input file: J3ZA7DVK.J / J3ZA7DVK.-J]
2007-8-18cJC q328.4 [Input file: J3ZA7DVK.J / J3ZA7DVK.-J]
2007-8-18cJC q328.5 [Input file: J3ZA7DVK.J / J3ZA7DVK.-J]
2007-8-18cJC q328.3 [Input file: V20LXUV.J / V20LXUV.-J]
2007-8-18cJC q328.4 [Input file: V20LXUV.J / V20LXUV.-J]
2007-8-18cJC q328.5 [Input file: V20LXUV.J / V20LXUV.-J]
2007-8-30kF q328-p1 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-8-30kF q328-p3 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-8-30kF q328-p5 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-8-30kF q328-p10 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-8-30kF q328-p16 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-10-28kF q328.3 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-10-28kF q328.4 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2007-10-29kF q328.5 [Input file: J3Z8CW20.J / J3Z8CW20.-J]
2008-1-24cKH q328.3 [Input file: S124CKH.J / S124CKH.-J]
2008-1-24cKH q328.4 [Input file: S124CKH.J / S124CKH.-J]
2008-1-24cKH q328.5 [Input file: S124CKH.J / S124CKH.-J]
2008-1-24cKH q328.6 [Input file: S124CKH.J / S124CKH.-J]
2008-1-24cKH q328.7 [Input file: S124CKH.J / S124CKH.-J]
2009-9-28kF q328-p17 [Input file: J3Z8CW22.J / J3Z8CW22.-J]
2009-9-29kF q328-p9 [Input file: J3Z8CW22.J / J3Z8CW22.-J]
2009-9-29kF q328-p12 [Input file: J3Z8CW22.J / J3Z8CW22.-J]
2011-11-4jW q328-p1 [Input file: VY04JW.J / VY04JW.-J]
2011-11-4jW q328-p3 [Input file: VY04JW.J / VY04JW.-J]
2011-11-4jW q328-p4 [Input file: VY04JW.J / VY04JW.-J]
2011-11-4jW q328-p5 [Input file: VY04JW.J / VY04JW.-J]
2011-11-4jW q328-p7 [Input file: VY04JW.J / VY04JW.-J]
2011-11-4jW q328-p10 [Input file: VY04JW.J / VY04JW.-J]
2011-11-4jW q328-p16 [Input file: VY04JW.J / VY04JW.-J]
2015-4-20mKB q328-p2 [Input file: ZA420CJC.J / ZA420CJC.-J]
2015-4-20mKB q328-p4 [Input file: ZA420CJC.J / ZA420CJC.-J]
2015-4-20mKB q328-p7 [Input file: ZA420CJC.J / ZA420CJC.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p1 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p2 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p3 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p4 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p5 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p7 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p9 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p10 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p12 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p16 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2015-4-28rL q328-p17 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2006-9-11bL k23 [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]
Relays 2006-9-11bL 2163 (41734 48770 - 9248 / Relay location: NW corner) [Input file: QX06EI3R.J / QX06EI3R.-J]
Origin of elevation 2006-9-11bL m4011 (9347) + 151 (height of instrument) - 52 [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]
Space definition 2006-9-11bL r2163 [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]
Size of sides 2006-9-11bL 100 cms South, 100 cms East [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]
Starting elevation 2006-9-11bL 9248 [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2006-9-11bL q328 sits in f252 (accumulation B) [Input file: QX02JW.J / QX02JW.-J]

Time sequencing
Notes on time sequencing 2006-9-10mKB many large and thick body sherds, hammer rim bowl, rough rounded base, very few fine ware sherds, 1 hammer rim bowl with a line of deep cord impression on the exterior below the rim. [Input file: Q915MKB.J / Q915MKB.-J]

Analogical record
Photo of view

Reference to Plot 2007-3-21jW p0017 [Input file: R321JW3.J / R321JW3.-J]
2007-3-21jW p0031 [Input file: R321JW3.J / R321JW3.-J]