File: /MZ/A/J03/D/Q/0079.HTM
Processed on 05-22-2018
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Category 2005-8-20!! unknown [Input file: P823GM3.J / P823GM3.-J]
Definition 2005-8-20gM pottery [Input file: P823GM3.J / P823GM3.-J]

List of components 2005-8-20rE q79.1 [Input file: P823GM4.J / P823GM4.-J]
2005-8-20rE q79.2 [Input file: P823GM4.J / P823GM4.-J]
2005-8-20rE q79.3 [Input file: P823GM4.J / P823GM4.-J]
2005-8-20rE q79.1 [Input file: P824GM3.J / P824GM3.-J]
2005-8-20rE q79.2 [Input file: P824GM3.J / P824GM3.-J]
2005-8-20rE q79.3 [Input file: P827GM.J / P827GM.-J]
2005-8-24gG q79.2 [Input file: J3ZA7DVI.J / J3ZA7DVI.-J]
2005-8-24gG q79.2 [Input file: V18LXUV.J / V18LXUV.-J]
2006-4-28jW q79.2 [Input file: Q428JW.J / Q428JW.-J]
2006-8-13hH q79-p1 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2006-8-13hH q79-p2 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2006-8-13hH q79-p3 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2006-8-13hH q79-p4 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2006-8-13hH q79-p5 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2006-8-13hH q79-p6 [Input file: J3ZA615S.J / J3ZA615S.-J]
2007-8-15eI q79.1 [Input file: R815EI1.J / R815EI1.-J]
2007-8-15eI q79.2 [Input file: R815EI1.J / R815EI1.-J]
2007-8-15eI q79.3 [Input file: R815EI1.J / R815EI1.-J]
2007-8-25jW q79.2 [Input file: R825JW.J / R825JW.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-8-20gM k12 [Input file: P823GM3.J / P823GM3.-J]
Relays 2005-8-20gM 197 (40782 49216 - 9091 / Relay location: mid k under E section) [Input file: P824GM1R.J / P824GM1R.-J]
Origin of elevation 2005-8-20gM m4075 (9218) + 167 (height of instrument) - 40 [Input file: P823GM3.J / P823GM3.-J]
Starting elevation 2005-8-20gM 9091 [Input file: P823GM3.J / P823GM3.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2005-8-20gM q79 sits in f34 (fi) [Input file: P823GM3.J / P823GM3.-J]