File: /MZ/A/J03/D/I/0027.HTM
Processed on 05-22-2018
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Category 2010-10-5!! clay artifacts [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]
Definition 2010-10-5jW seal impression [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]

Description 2010-10-5jW A portion of a clay sealing, broken in antiquity. It has cloth and string impressions on the reverse while on the obverse, along one edge, is possibly the impression made by the rim of a stamp seal. [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]

Field Record
Field: definition 2010-9-15jW sl [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]
Field: height 2010-9-15jW 2 [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]
Field: length 2010-9-15jW 4.5 [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]
Field: width 2 2010-9-15jW 3.2 [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]
Field: ware/material 2010-9-15jW cl-dried [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]
Field: color 2010-9-15jW brownish tan [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]
Field: notes 2010-9-15jW possible impression of stamp seal [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]

Volumetric localization
Locus 2010-9-15jW k13 [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]
Relays 2010-9-15jW 2589 (41426 49352 - 9221 / Relay location: center) [Input file: U930JW-R.J / U930JW-R.-J]

Contact association
Type of contact: Earliest events 2010-9-15jW i27 sits in f346 (fill 1) [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]

Spatial aggregation
Nature 2010-9-15jW associated q-lot: 417 [Input file: UX05JW3.J / UX05JW3.-J]

Height 2010-10-5jW 1.9 [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]
Length 2010-10-5jW 4.1 [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]
Mid width 2010-10-5jW 2.9 [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]

Ware/Material 2010-10-5jW dried clay [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]
Color definition 2010-10-5jW gray [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]
Color number 2010-10-5jW 2.5Y 6/1 [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]
Notes on typology 2010-10-5jW This preliminary cleaning and analysis was conducted by jW at the direction of mKB, who will more fully analyze it in a future season. [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]

Notes on disposition 2010-10-5jW Stored in mKB office after photography. [Input file: UX07JW.J / UX07JW.-J]