Confluent Features
2007-7-23 – jW
          At one place in the NE corner of locus k23 there was a succession of at least three distinct special-use features, one atop the other. Starting from the top, near the surface was a hard-packed circle of soil with a burned spot in the middle, f136. Underneath was a circular layer of fist-sized stones in a matrix of mud, f142, at an elevation of about 50cm above the wahal surface, f152, of the Mittani rebuild of the temple mound. On the bottom was pit, a6, which was cut into the baqaya surface, f109, of the original BA temple mound built during the Early Dynastic perion.
          It was inappropriate to link these features as an a aggregate because they are not in the same stratum. Likewise, they are typologically different and cannot be linked as an assemblage.
          Although the congruence of these features is possibly a chance occurrence, that location could also have been ritually important. For example, all three elements are just to the east of some deteriorated mudbrick architecture, f215. Unfortunately, excavation ended before the extent and function of f215 could be determined. As such we can only say that the link among the three features to a continuing ritual is a distinct possibility.